Monday, 13 May 2013

Restoring Jordan By Elizabeth Finn

I think it's safe to title this one. Restoring Jordan and Adeline. Both characters were confused and sailing in the same boat at the same speed. Both feeling the same thing but too afraid to say it.

There was something about this story that even with its cliches and obvious turn of events, you are still interested and skipping a little ahead to see what's next. I would blame it on the risque sex scenes (especially rain scene), but it's more than that,

Which brings me to the frequent, responsible (yes, responsible!) and steamy sex scenes all over the damn book!!!! This was by no means BDSM sex, but it was so passionate that it had me
shivering at times. As unbelievable as it begun, it grew it's momentum and that's what kept me going.

You saw a development and even though at times you wanna shout at the characters, you still love them.

This was by no means a fairy tale until probably the end, but it had fight, reason and realistic elements. There was no hand outs, it was all earned. Compassion was few and real life situations were present throughout.

I was pleased that the characters did some work and not just lay around crying and sexing all day. This story was about creating situations and seeing them out to the end. There was hardly a table left unturn.

I love the characters of Adeline and Jordan. They were awesome together and I felt their connection. There was more to them than the usual electric charge and with that, came a passionate love story.

You couldn't help but love Adeline's confidence, innocence, wit (resume scene) and sarcastic retorts throughout. (Dinner scene was funny)!

I was a little disappointed with the last issue of the epilogue as though its a natural progression, it seemed rush and wasn't true to the characters I came to love. I believe that even if a little more time span was added, it would seem more realistic.

The minor characters were blended well and there was little to no unnecessary characters and conversation. There was no page filling, it was a well elaborated story. That focused solely on the main characters and their feeling as they try to do the best with what they have.

Expect some of your usual cliches and situations, but give this one a chance. It's a little soft and more on the relax side, but it's still a good love story minus the abundance of angst. Might not be a hit, but it's good enough for its genre.

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