Saturday, 3 May 2014

Nameless By Claire Kent

Today is a Saturday. First one in May 2014 actually. I got up, talked with my mom, read couple pages of a book I have been reading since Wednesday, had some breakfast, got back to reading, read some more, wash the dishes, spread my bed, took a shower, got dressed for work, went to work, did work, had lunch with my friend while he introduced me to a new Vegan restaurant (good ones are hard to find in Jamaica), then I continued reading the same book, finished reading said book and I am now embarking on writing a review of that book. What's happening later? Well catch that in the next installment.

The above, was the tone and progression of this novel, using my actual day. Every minute and unnecessary detail was given. Never mind the fact that they had plain 'ol Jane sex, it was detailed! You know normally when the non BDSM sex scenes seems quick, because it is summed up to not make the book drag? Well, this one wasn't. Every single itch was detailed! I won't say a couple never got you a little moist but c'mon! They ain't changing it up so why must I read every detail of this? At this point, I could tell when Erin was gonna come and how.

At 40%, this book had accomplished issues and solutions of a full length novel, but without any of the passion or meaning. It certainly had conflicts lining up til the end, even if it was from the main characters themselves, against themselves. Then if that wasn't enough, she decided in the end, to drop the most infuriating woman in the world back to square one in a technical sense.

I don't know much about Seth, but I do know that I prefer him to Erin. The man spoke the least and had the least impact on the story. We could literally do without both Erin and Seth with how independent this story and it's main characters were. Seth was impersonal, cold, distant and never once completely let go and be vulnerable. Yet still, in comparison to Erin, I would take him any day.

Erin is annoying and I got tired of her very quickly. The frustration and inevitable indifference where she was concerned came later. All this made it even harder to read, because she narrates the whole thing. She is infuriating, obstinate with a capital 'O' and frankly, I think she is rather selfish and only cares about herself and her baby. I keep waiting on them, especially her, to get a little personal with the readers but they were so distant. The only person able to feel their love is them and their baby.

I can't fully call this a romance novel because the romance was minimal. I struggled to reach the end, because the chapters are gigantic and the story flowed as more a text book than one of leisure and pleasure. I have read books about strong willed characters before, but these two never allow you to see the soft side. Even when they are showing it, it's rough and in need of a good polishing!

I must commend the author though, because even with it's rather large size, I can't remember seeing a grammatical or editing error. It was the work of an English teacher, which I found out in the acknowledgement.

Yes, you are going to get bored, because they are like an every day family trying to get through a one night stand baby and the feelings of their past and present. I read stories to escape real life and get as close to it as possible without it being all too real. This story was all too real. If I wanted every day problems, I'd film my life, minus the baby drama -_-

I think the pregnancy process was detailed well and gave us a blow by blow of Erin in labour. Don't expect the shortened version, because you will be there with her through every contraction and the results after.

If you have the patience and are a fan of stories that are more real than fairy tale, then you can pick up a copy of this novel. For me though, I need a light, novella now to help restore my faith in regards to romance novels, because this was too impersonal and I have seen business deals more personal than this story.

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