Monday, 5 January 2015

The Life By Bethany-Kris

I am conflicted after reading this novel because not only did I assume the story was done but that last scene has me sweating and unsure if I wanna read book 3. Seems Bethany and myself has confrontation issues.

I love the Avdonin's and I don't like the possibility of meeting a grown Demyan under those circumstances. Plus, I always like to give this series a break before I dive in to the next, as It allows me time to process and decide on what I just read.

Those who follow my reviews will notice that I was down for a while but I'm back and writing this review required me to read my review on the first book in the series. Turns out it's much of the same but with a few developments, more loss and a more familiar vibe. Some of the characters loss their personalities too. I don't know why!

I lost the Anton that I loved from book 1 and I am not surprise as to his upcoming problems. He got sloppy. As a matter of fact, this novel was more baby centric with Bratva business in the back seat. Romance and family took the forefront and the major conflict and scenes weren't given the delivery they needed to make an impact. They passed liked another chapter or point in the story.

I figured out the culprit; chapters away from the reveal but I have no clue as to the point behind their "master" plan and I hope the next novel might fill in those blanks.

Vine's character also died within all the chaos. As a matter of fact, all the characters got lost in the preparation for the baby and I am not sure why because not only did it not affect them all directly, but where story line is concerned, this book barely had one. It was still addressing things of the past, whilst preparing for the birth of a Russian mafia prince; but that was it.

The sex scenes did nothing for me either and I wished those parts were used to make lasting impacts like the final scene.

It sporadically held my interest, mostly in the end and left me interested in the future of the Avdonin clan. Still, this novel served more as a buffer to the initial arrangement and Anton paying for his sins. It was monotone and weak with noticeable grammatical errors. Still, I will be reading book 3 as soon as I can get over my fear of controversy.

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