Monday, 30 September 2013

By Referral Only by Lyla Payne

I liked this story. As a matter of fact, I love this series. It's nice to see college boys, of their caliber, in their element, as oppose to drinking booze, partying and starting fights constantly. It's not that they don't do all those things, but it's the quantity and even the quality. As ruby suggested, they'd probably pay somebody to do their dirty work.

Cole is quite the proper English gentleman and I love that his character stuck with his role. I never once doubted him but rather spent most of the book wondering what his secret was. I have to say that it is a rather heavy burden of guilt that he will carry around for the rest of his life. Still, I loved the addition of the Scotsman.

Ruby is complex. You love her, you hate her, you admire her. There is more to her than meets the eyes. She does frustrates you with her self loathing, but her logic and handle on situations range from sarcastic to admirable and even down right ludicrous. She doesn't mince her words nor forgive easily. (Toby can testify to that)

I loved her strength, nonchalance and free spirited behavior throughout this novel. The theater moments were nice touches also. Lyla Payne is an author that does nothing half way. (Just check her website for this story) She commits to her endeavors and it shows throughout this and the other books in this series.

She gave us in depth tennis commentary and as much art as we could comprehend when we met Quinn and Emilie. Therefore, she didn't hold back with regards to theater when it was Ruby's turn. We got lines, auditions, rehearsals, lingo and everything we needed to understand or interpret a scene. We were never left confused or unsure of our characters place and talents.

The sex scenes might not have been as hot as I would have liked. I can also say that I don't get that instant connection with Cole and Ruby, but I do love the time they spend together and can see them as  a couple. They compliment each other well and made for great balance and entertainment.

It was good to get updates on other character from book 1 and to meet upcoming leads. I wasn't Sebastian's biggest fan from 'Broken at love', but I saw a different side to him in this installment. I'm not sure, but Blair seems like she might be going up to the plate with that one. Maybe I'm wrong, but I am warming more to his character and would love to see what his story would be.

Regardless of the moments where this story felt long and stalling, I liked the relationship dynamics and loved the idea behind Ruby's online venture. It takes time and patience with this story, because you will love and hate it sporadically through your reading. The thing is, the Whitman University series is well written, researched and executed. It is not an attempt at writing, it is writing!

Fun, friends, theater, love and the life of the next generation of rich is what you get in this novel. While not the easiest to warm up to, it keeps you interested and waiting for the next big thing. 

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Not Your Fault By Cheyanne Young

Well then ... hmmm. I am gonna blame the disconnect, with me and this novel, on the reviews I read before actually reading this story. It's not that the premise or characters were all that bad. It's more the writing and delivery. I am one confused ball of emotions because I doubt there is a complete important scene or train of thought. If Delaney feel too lazy to finish a thought or sentence, it all ended there.

There are a vast amount of conversations waiting to be expounded upon. We left in the middle and start of important conversations and discussions and we just didn't bother to revisit them. This obviously didn't help much with clarity also, because most of the time was spent in the mind of Delaney, as oppose to having an actual conversation, or in this story case, confrontations.

There was a major disconnect between the characters within this novel. I could hardly believe their reactions and emotions. The build up was so weak. The whole story seemed speculative if you ask me. I lost my own train of thought a million times over.

The children of this family seem to either be dead, drop-outs or heart broken and just gliding through life without much purpose. Then you meet the parents who are both currently doing their PHDs and I'm like ... "hmmm ... interesting. Very interesting"

Delaney seems like a cool chick. She has sarcasm down to a 'T' and her logics aren't really logical at all, but you role with them nonetheless. If anyone, I understand a relationship that has done it's time, but you don't know how to let go.  She seems to have the most awkward moments in her relationship with Nathan. Some bordering on ridiculous. (Couch sex scene) Her relationship also seems to be 5 or 6 years worth of space saving, as she is rather cold to it all.

Speaking of years, the author seems unable to lock into one or maybe she counts differently, not too sure. The time differences don't add up, but that's the least of the worries, with this confusing story that kept going ... to where, I still don't know o.o

I didn't really take anything away from this story because I don't even know if anyone forgives him. After all, he did kill her brother o.O

I understood the premise and lesson that the author wanted to teach us, but it seemed like she was a little intoxicated when writing this novel, because it came off totally unplanned and seem to be just "winging' it. It felt like you stumbled through this story. Sorting and trying to put everything together, to just throw up your hands in the end and walk away. I literally feel like I been stumbling.

Irrespective of the delivery and lingering taste, I wasn't bored or shouting out borderline bad! It was just ... there. It didn't convey much. It didn't draw you in, but it didn't run you away either. Maybe it's the length, but it was a bearable read.

Great premise and base but not so excellent of a delivery. Life, passion, emotion. I don't know. It just needed some anxiety, apprehension and overall shock or drama. A mini fit by the mom was practically the highlight and the moment she closed her mouth it all went back to the plain Jane story it's been throughout.

I wanted to like this one, but it needs to be revised and re-written to convey more of a story and not a relay of barber shop gossip.

Make Me Yours By Kendall Ryan

Kendall Ryan definitely knows how to write a passionate sex scene. I will forever "clench" at the name Cohen! To be honest, I wanna sit and just read that one sex scenes over and over again!

I loved this novel. I love Liz/Eliza. I love Cohen. I love the reversal of roles. I love Bob. I love everything about this novel and the sex scenes with or without penetration were all intense and meticulously presented and executed. Passion and heat were visible all around. Even Ashlyn and Aiden had their time in the spotlight.

Speaking of, it was great to catch up with Ashlyn and Aiden, as well as, to get an update as to his memory and to finally get into the psyche of Liz. Cohen's struggle was done beautifully also, regardless of his reasoning.

I loved Liz from 'Unravel Me' and I love her even more in 'Make me Yours'. Her horny inner monologues were hilarious and her unconventional relationship with Cohen was complicated but real. I felt their connection. Their sexual tension and compatibility was off the charts hot!!

Their subtle moments and the opportunity to watch as their relationship changed and turned into more than friendship, was written to excite and pull alot of different emotions from the readers. The journey, even though it took place mostly in Cohen's flat, was a good one that kept you interested at every turn.

Cohen is perfect. He's even the perfect virgin if that makes sense. His will power rivals that of a monk! I was equal parts apprehensive and giddy to read about a virgin that is a guy, as this is my first, and I am proud to say that I was not disappointed and his story surpassed my expectations.

Regardless of the elephant throughout this novel, we didn't focus solely on his vow of celibacy. We got to know both characters as individuals and as a couple. It lingered but didn't over power. When the time came though, I was as horny as they come and felt more than your usual deflowering sex scenes. I'm not sure if it's the reversal of roles, or maybe it's just Cohen, but it got me dripping!!! ;)

There wasn't an influx of drama and the moments spent apart were bearable. This novel was never over done and kept it's comfortable, easy to read pace throughout it's entirety. I was never bored or deterred. I kept checking my percentage, hoping we could add just a little bit more, because I loved watching Cohen and Liz interact, even without the sex. Those were just really good added bonuses.

Don't judge this book by it's cover or blurb. It is funny, witty and fill with a good, "vocal" group of friends who make you comfortable as you go on their journey. Love was the least of my worries in reading this novel, because the connections were there off the bat and the comfort level had you captured from beginning to end.

There was love, forgiveness, friendship, trust, an insane amounts of lust and sex scenes that makes us all wanna bag a virgin! There was never a dull moment and I enjoyed the story and journey of Liz and Cohen. He wasn't an experiences alpha-male, but he was an alpha-male. He made me wanna cross over to the good side if they produced guys like him.

I'm sad to see this series end, but I can't wait for the next Kendall Ryan novel!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Lifeless By J.M. LaRocca

This story reminded me of a police report or statement. We spent a lot of time in the mind of Scarlett and conversations were few and unnecessary all at the same time. When there were conversations, they were of little to no importance and the things we should have spent time discussing were never touched.

I felt no connection between the characters, especially where it mattered, with Kade and Scarlett. Their back stories and relationship were not believable at all. I will give them the first sex scene, as it was hot and got you going. I felt like this story kept going to dead ends and had no identity or direction. The emotions are flat, the relationships are speculative and the amount of time spent talking with or about Jess could have actually been used to create some passion or connection with  Kade and Scarlett.

Scarlett's a confusing character. I didn't hate her, but I never connect with her either. Actually, she didn't connect with others in this story either. I spent half the time embarrassed for her and the other half wondering what she is doing or what she will do. Have to say though, she ain't predictable!

I don't really know Kade as a character, even with receiving his POV.  He was like the rest of the story, flat and vague. The times he was present in this novel were few and far between, that lead me to believe that maybe he wasn't the love interest after all.

Scarlett falls in "love" and it was hinted that Kade might have whispered the words, but I honestly feel that by the end of this novel, everyone forgot, Kade and Scarlett included. There was too much and too little tears. I just couldn't get a balance with this story. The make-up regimen was too much. I believe that when a book can take half a page to describe getting ready, then it definitely has too many pages on it's hands!

I like Jules. She's a real down for the count friend. Jess is like a pinata space holder. Even when the girl ain't around they are talking about her. My point is, the petty things were overly elaborated while we kept waiting for the main story to kick up some steam.

At around 80% of this novel though, I did sit up and take notice as I felt a little hidden story begin. But then it fell again and before we know it, we are getting a two POV cliffhanger ending. I have to say that they are interesting enough endings for me to want to know what is going to happen.

To sum it all up, this book lacked passion, emotion and identity. There was a standard undercurrent of anxiety with the amount of uncertainty floating around, but the story line was weakly developed and the connections just didn't do it for me. I hope we get a lot more action, passion and conversations from the next book.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Undescribable By Shantel Tessier

I love Sam and Slade! There is something about their story that captures you and makes you forget about the length of this novel while you focus on their story.

My emotions change from percentage to percentage. I spent the first 35% of this book laughing out loud at the antics of both Sam and Slade. Especially Slade. I could live in his head forever and not get bored.
I also loved his love sick puppy routine and never once got annoyed with his passion, uncertainty and overall confusion with his relationship with Sam.

Like most romance plots, this story had already been told. I however, believe that Sam and Slade put their own spin on things. I have always loved reversal of the unexpected in stories. Even though we have read books, about the broken girl and the stable guy, I like that Sam was broken but not shattered.

If not for key moments within this novel, you would have never known the depth of her despair. It was also good to see the guy sweating buckets waiting for confirmation of a love he so desperately desire and a girl having her head on her body enough to know the repercussions of love and be cautious with revealing all her cards. I am sorry that she couldn't have gotten all she wanted and tragedy had to struck for that moment to be shared. But as I always say, "Better late than never."

Sam is a streak of pink in a dark or bright sky. She brings her own flavour and I love the confidence she exudes. I am also appreciative that she didn't try to play the hard to get card and just gave it up already! For some stories ... maybe. For this one ... nah! I know a perfect fit when I see one, and they are a perfect fit.

This novel is a light hearted one that try not to dwell on the heavy. The most time Sam and Slade spend apart is probably two days and you don't have to dread the heartbreak-I-am-moving-on segment. As I said, light and fluffy guys! You read this book when you just want to relax and enjoy a good love story without all the bells and whistles. I'd recommend reading this book with a glass of wine. It will surely enhance the experience.

Slade is a  not so complicated guy who is straight to the point and don't cut corners in his pursuit. I, personally, have never seen him in the role of a ruthless defense attorney and have only ever gotten a glimpse of his playboy ways. But his loyalty is unfounded and his love for Sam is unrivaled. I could read about these two all day and still want more.

Therefore, I am a little apprehensive that there is a book 2, because I believe things were left perfectly despite the circumstances. I really hope all we have to do is iron out a few kinks in this relationship and no obscene break up or anything of the likes. I love them too much and if they can't make it, who can?

Don't let the title or cover fool you, (No offence Okay Creations or Sarah Hanson) but this is a good read with a small amount of editing issues that can be easily overlooked.

Love, friendship, acceptance, peace, joy, laughter is just a few things you get from this novel. It might not be dark and twisty or overly sweet, but it's definitely a good enough read that makes you forget for a few, while you take part in the swell that is Sam and Slade's love. For a little added bonus also ... *drum roll please* .... no cliffhanger :D

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Arrangement 10 By H.M. Ward

DWL ... I don't know. Truly! I am in stitches here! Hilarious!

No. I am not laughing because this installment was funny. I am laughing because H.M. Ward has showed the side of readers that she is sticking with. I mean to be rude when I say this, because writer's block must be a bitch for you to break up a one novel story into 10 parts and still have more! Get some inspiration or fresh material already!

For those of you who are wondering, NO. This is not the final installment. For a while there she had me, and I was thinking, "Way to rush it Holly!" But it turns out that was just a facade to let us believe in an ending that is non existent.

Honestly, I would have taken the too fast abrupt ending over the cliffhanger. I don't see the point in stretching out this series. It isn't that interesting. And the little angst that tide us over until this installment was a fluke that could be handled by Mel. At least one of my guesses as to the culprit was right -_-

Though I must say, ask and you shall receive, because we definitely got, an out of left field, new story line, amid the mess that is still Avery's life. I wouldn't even say Sean, because his life seems just fine! He is the protector of all things Ferro family related and he seems to enjoy being papa bear while the real one acts like a junior cub. (Read 'Damaged' and 'Stripped' for a view of this "Father Figure')

So ... this story span, let's say two days, to be nice and all. It was hurried without seeming rushed and it contained your usual Avery shenanigans and inner monologues more than before. Her quirky thoughts were funny at times, but then bordered on stiff and annoying, because we still can't tie down a solid plot for this series. I am starting to think about checking a few blogs to see if anyone has interviewed H.M. Ward as to her thoughts regarding this series. Such as, where she will be going with this story, as well as, if it will ever end.

At the end of this novel, I see she has decided to throw in the cousin. So I guess that eases her conscience of using Ferro Family instead of brothers. If you haven't read 'Stripped', you wouldn't know who I am talking about.

While the basics are there for a good novel and obvious professional editing is visible, we still aren't going anywhere. When we do look like we are on the road to another plot, there is a commercial break and the next installment picks up but veers in a completely different path. Not that going in a new direction is bad, but then the road is a dead end also ... and it's like ... when will this maze end?!

This book is like a commitment phobe. Tie it down and make a story and stop with the short story snippets as it is clouding the story trying to be portrayed. Thanks to my memory, I can remember as far back as 'The Arrangement' book 1, but for those who don't have that time to invest, what will happen there? Are we to leave this series until all the volumes are finished then we read them all at once?

I can admit that this is not a bad story or premise, just awful execution! There is something to this series that I saw in this installment in both Sean and Avery. If they could just get it right and try to give this series an identity, then it could be off the charts hot! As is, it is too short, takes too long to develop and possess no identity whatsoever. I guess the good thing is we never know what's gonna happen next. o.O

P.S. ... Sexy cover as always!

Fueled By K. Bromberg

Your a chatty one aren't you Ms. Bromberg o.O

This story was long. It obviously wasn't lost on the author of it's length either, as it was noted in her chapter long acknowledgement. Felt like the beginning of another story actually, but I digress.

There was a constant tug-o-war with this novel, that lead into the very predictable ending. Still, I can acknowledge change, and there was change. I liked the character more than I did in 'Driven', but I also got frustrated and tired of them frequently. I blame that though, on the length of this novel and the repetitive conversations, situations, solutions and all round merry-go-round of it all. It's the same issue, (yes singular) from chapter to chapter, and we could have been done with this eons ago! At least 50% of this novel could have been chopped because it was the constant uncertainty with regards to Colton's feelings. You get tired of it, and just want it to all be over.

However, this is where the double standard occurs, because it is this length, repetition and uncertainty that added that real world feel to this book that made it believable. The stubbornness of a female and the inability of the wronged man to get through that thick wall we erect when we get hurt by said man.

I had asked from my last review of book 1 for Colton's POV, and while it helped much with some uber important scenes, at time it felt like a space holder. If your gonna do it ... commit.

Growth was slow and occasionally I wondered where this story was going, because once again, the repetition of the one set of issues was too much. Especially with the time frame. I don't even know if six months passed in between this novel. And for once, I would have liked for this story to end on a good note. These cliffhangers are maddening! Expected, but infuriating nonetheless. I assume he's alive, being in the final installment and all, but give us a good ending for once man! Even though it's probably too late for that plea now.

We got to find out more about Colton in this installment, as well as, to meet his family, however brief, and to get an update as to their views on his relationships. It was also good to know that Quinlan has a good side. I still believe more could have been revealed or solved in this novel, as oppose to piling it all in the third book. But with the length of the novels in this series, she might just have it covered.

I personally still can't connect with Rylee like I would like to. I don't hate the girl, but she isn't easy to relate to, for me at least, regardless of her selflessness and the way she reacts to her boys. I want to connect with her, but I just can't seem to get it. Maybe the next book will help.

Still, it was good to see her grow a spine within the pity party that is her life. Even though her self-esteem issues annoy the hell out of me, I loved those moments when she stood up for herself, Colt and their relationship.

There were sweet touches to this novel, like the substituting of love, and it was good to finally get the meaning of A.C.E. ... have to say it was killing me to know also. And as always, I adore a book that incorporates music, especially the way K. Bromberg does for Colton and Rylee.

Despite how I feel about the main characters separately, I can't deny that I love them as a couple and would love for them to STAY this way throughout the next book. Stop testing them so hard man! You about to break them.

Lengthy or not, there was definite growth to this novel, as well as, the character of Colton, Zander and even Shane. I loved the progress, even as slow as it was, and I can't wait to conclude this series. Colton is in a better place and Rylee is strengthening. We might just have it all in the final installment. A lot of pressure, but I hope Ms. Bromberg is up to the challenge!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Uncovered By Amy Silva

For a person who tries to stay clear of making enemies, I sure know how to rack them up! I say this, because I am about to write a bad review that I really wish I didn't have to do. However, the integrity of my blog and myself, leaves room for nothing else.

I like Amy Silva. After one e-mail, I can see that she is a good person. Still, she either needs some Beta readers, or need to get some better ones. This novel was not well written at all! I kept waiting for the end to see where all this was going and I wasn't surprised with our ending, as I was about the editing. After about chapter three, I got use to the dull and flat, but I had hold out hope for better editing by the end. (Weird, I know)

The editing in this book is atrocious. I am starting to wonder if it was edited at all, or if it has something to do with the copy I was given to review. Grammatical and spelling errors littered the story from beginning to end. The conversations didn't flow and sometimes became painful to read.

Actually, the dialogues lead you to believe that English is the author's second language. The pronunciations and sentences sounded more realistic on the characters with accents and foreign descents. The spelling errors though were what got to me the most. It had me asking where this story was typed and edited ... in notepad perhaps? Almost everything these days, except a notepad document, has spell check. At first, I thought it would be an one time error, but they just continued throughout the book. For a set of characters who likes to drink 'champagne', they sure don't know how to spell it!

There was also some ridiculous slip ups like the lead male character giving the dog ... *drum roll please* ... a glass of water? o.O

To add insult to injury, this is not one, not two, but three persons POV and focuses on a set of couples. Both Kate and Jace, as well as, their besties Olivia and Ben. As cliche as this is, I wouldn't have mind, but then I ask, "Why were they added?" or at least, "Why were they present for Jace and Kate's first date?"

I have no clue where this story started and where it ended. I don't know how much time passed, I don't know how and when they fell in love, I don't know when Xavier became a criminal, how he got away, how the pseudo epilogue was developed with it's irrational and unrealistic solutions. It's all a big blur.

We were switching between characters, scenes and everything alike at lightening speed. There was no time to slow down and assess. Add the awful grammatical and spelling errors and it's a recipe for one confusing disaster of a novel.

I persevered through this novel, because I wanted to be a fan of Amy's work and to at least be tolerable of this series. I would have preferred to have a cliche story that bore me out of my mind, than have one that seemed more like a really bad and unfinished manuscript. Even better editing could have given this book a extra star for me.

This story was a struggle to read, comprehend and believe. Things happened too fast, and the time it took to sort through the mess of unedited chapters, I lost the story line including the few "hilarious" moments. I don't even know why sex scenes were thrown into this novel, because they did nothing and held no sway whatsoever. Honestly, we could have done without them. Those times could have been used to edit the rest of this story.

I am really sorry I have to give such a negative review of this novel, but it really is a bad one. It is in need of the basics of a story, editing, emotions, time, effort, understanding. Too much is missing to make this a good story much less a series. Hopefully the continuation will be better, but this one was really bad to the point of being unreadable.

* Copy provided by author for honest review*


Killing Sarai By J.A. Redmerski

So ... I honestly don't mind a good assassin novel or the trained deadly female kind. More power to women and all, but while this novel was written well, with few grammatical errors, a passable technique and the basics present, it just fell off half way through for me, and never really got back up to the promising start.

It was all too easy and carefully planned. Truth be told, I think a change in blurb is necessary, as there was no danger lurking around the corner as suggested. While I awaited the climax, major face-off scenes and horrendous acts of betrayal, I got half of that.

I still don't know where the climax was, because it seems one story stops and bleed into another. It felt like two different unconnected tales. One story ended in Texas and another began in LA. They were in no way connected. The major face-off, as I am now literally realizing, was short, and obviously unidentifiable. After all, I just figured it out o.O  The betrayal ... not so much a betrayal. Once again, much too tame for the premise of this novel.

I don't hate Sarai's character, but I don't really understand her either. After leaving Texas, I feel like she is lost, and in turn, so are we. I can't put my finger on what will happen to and for her. The obvious plot was not used, but then a substitute was hardly provided. I see promise within her character and I hope she gets an identity within the sequel.

Victor. Another enigma within this novel. I know not of his drive, logic, direction. Not even his loyalty is steadfast. Speaking of, I would have loved to get a glimpse of this employer that worships him so. I liked that this book eventually became a dual POV novel, because I was dying not know what was going though his mind. But then, I expected more from the mind of such an in tune, meticulous and highly recommended killer.

I expected to be in awe of his thinking as he executes a mission. Maybe I had hope for a taste of Evan Arden from the 'Otherwise Alone' and 'Otherwise Occupied' novels. Now that was inside the mind of a killer!

Victor, while starting out admirable for his skills and talents, fell off course after being in his mind for a couple chapters. This is where the double standard has occurred for me. I wanted to know what was going on in his head, when I got it, I was disappointed and would have prefer to not have known how easily he was tricked throughout this novel by the desk bunny.

Irrespective of how my review may come across, I liked this story. Maybe more in the initial stages, but I liked it nonetheless. However, I feel as if it should have ended in Texas and we await the fall out of both their actions within a next novel. Literal action scenes were also lacking and the ones that were described, were lackluster in description. Some, to the point of unbelievable (not in a good way).

Victor's mind, reaction and the perception of others clashed throughout this novel. He was what everyone saw him as, but everyone had a different view. I believe this story lacked a proper direction and execution. The angst was too little for a story of this kind and magnitude. Much was left to be desired but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I would still read book 2, especially to see what becomes of Sarai and to see what her misplaced vengeance shall achieve.

Sometimes, I wished Victor had put a bullet in her head, but maybe her anger management issues will make way for a great sequel. Can't wait to see what's on the horizon for them both.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Unattainable By Madeline Sheehan

Consistent. Even with a minimum amount of drama that I usually get from this series, it was still good and didn't fall off track. Once again, we get a slice of everyone. Even Dirty gets his time under the sun. ZZ's bad luck tripled and Deuce scared us there a bit. I don't think the Hell's Horsemen MC would be the same without him.

Tegen and Cage got annoying occasionally, and I found myself looking forward to our Eva and Deuce tidbits, as well as, our times with Dirty and Ellie. I have to say I was confused as to her presence in the beginning, but then their story began and I was a little caught between being terrified of Dirty or pitying him. The man really is dirty, and not just physically.

This was definitely the most tamer version of this series to date, or maybe it was all the crazy going on in 'Unbeautifully' that had me pumped for a little Cage action. However, Tegen and Cage kind of fell flat for me. There was a whole lot of screaming, shouting, hating, sexing, shooting. There was so much between them. But just as with all the books before, Ms. Sheehan knows how to and what to do when pairing, and these two fit, just like every one else before them.

Regardless of her crazy tendencies and her penchant for blowing up in any and everybody's face, I love Tegen. I don't see a better 'Old Lady' our future Queen of the club. She might not know it yet, but she got balls and know how to stick it to anyone. She is a force to be reckon with, and I love her inner ramblings. Even the outer ones ain't so bad. :D

She keeps you on your toes and you never know what she will do next. Her emotions are all over the place and I love her fight, as well as, her decision of still wanting to stay away from all things MC, even if she wants to marry and have babies for the MC royalty.

Cage is not what I expected, but as always, someone I could work with. He seems just as angry all the time as Tegen, and he honestly doesn't know the first thing about relationships. I do however love his attempts. I love his passion, determination and even his need for acceptance from Deuce, that I had no idea he needed. His inner and outer monologues were just as hilarious and his impulsive decisions added a certain excitement to his chasing of all things Tegen.

I think this series might be driving me a little crazy, because I find after 'Unbeautifully', I wanted Dorothy's threesome first. Now, I wanna bypass them, to get to ZZ. I have no clue what will happen to this guy, but I wouldn't wanna be him right now! He seems to always be on the wrong side of everything relationship wise, both when acknowledged or assumed. But then again, years of living with someone is hardly an assumption. Still, the man should stay away from all things West family related.

I don't know what to tell you, but this story is good, and the series is great! It never fails to deliver no matter the amount of time passed. We always get to re-connect with characters, starting all the way from book 1. With each book comes progress and a new future on the horizon. This series and novel earns it's weight in stars, and even when it tampers down on the crazy, it never fails it's original goal of shocking, exciting and confusing. The emotions overload alone will kill you!

I can't wait to continue this series, because it only gets better as time wars on. I also don't know how much time we have left with Deuce, but I will cherish every last drop.  I have loved this man throughout this series and I can't wait to get my hands on more of this raw and crass series!

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Ruin By Rachel Van Dyken

Wes, Clay, Remy ... I might need some professional help, because I tend to gravitate and love the sick book boyfriends. Mental or otherwise.

Wes is dying ... if that doesn't make for a good and bad story, then I don't know what does. The thing is though, he is more than his illness. While the ending of this story was a little bit too religious for my taste, I still enjoyed this story, as well as the characters.

Anyone can throw a story together and expect sympathy for a sick character, but only a few can make it as good as 'Ruin' was and make us completely forget the bigger picture at hand. Even with updates and reminders, we get to focus on Wes and Kiersten and not their short comings.

I love Weston Michels. I just love his sunny disposition regardless of the thunderstorm that looms above his head, and I love how he brought everyone together and kept it real all the time. I don't know if it's the clock that was counting down his life, but he sure knew how to enjoy each moment and take every situation head on!

He kept me snickering and all out howling with laughter from beginning to near end. After all, the end was no joke. He was an insightful character, that had me reevaluating my life. To top it all off, he wasn't an emo, cliched stereotype, which bring brings me back to the list of guys at the beginning of this review. They seemed normal and for the most were.

He was just a regular guy with a life threatening disease trying to navigate his last year of college and the beginning of a relationship with the ever sarcastic and entertaining Kiersten.

Speaking of, I also adored her character. I loved her reactions, as well as, philosophies. If you think about this book, like really think about it, this was more Wes's story than Kiersten. The blurb had me leaning towards Kiersten, but the story had me craving Wes.

I loved their inner monologues at the beginning of each chapter, and how it prepared us for what was ahead in said chapter. Gabe and Lisa were welcomes additions also, but I find myself wanting to know what their story was, and if Gabe might be gay. I don't wanna stereotype, but he was more feminine than a playboy. Maybe he will get a book ... who knows!

While small and not very exciting, I liked their pseudo bucket list and I am glad that Lisa and Gabe got to partake in some of the challenges.

I have seen other reviewers say this story is too sweet and perfect, or other things of the sort.While I believe that everyone is free to their own opinion, I have to be 50/50 on this one. This is a sweet novel, regardless of the death looming. Still, with such a thing looming, I believe that the right direction and battles were included. This novel didn't need unnecessary drama. It had just the right mix.

There might not be any fights or only a small amount of anxious moments, but you were kept guessing and anxiety rips you apart as you try to figure out his illness and the possibilities. This was  subtle, and to the point romance. Even with the never ending fairy tale aspect to it all, it still rocked.

I'd also like to apologize to the author for my snickering and wondering if sarcasm gave her the name Uncle JoBob. It's actually a real name folks, and he is very ill also. Even the dedication was beautiful. Subtle but sweet is my reaction to this novel. I am so glad I wasn't disappointed. Maybe Wes will let me count his abs as a bonus :D

Capture Me Slowly By Joya Ryan

This story had the potential, but not such a great execution. I liked Emma's character, as well as, Rhys (even though I still don't know how to pronounce his name properly). I believe that they could have passion and a lot of fire between the two, but they lacked that necessary heat as well as purpose to make me believe their connection. Her epiphany techniques were also rather ... uninspiring. Either she doesn't breathe a lot, or when she does she could find oil!

I was a fan of the initial slow and steady pace, but then the middle of this story felt like we were stalling. The reveals were lackluster and the ending was too rushed. It was so rushed I expected a cliffhanger adn was thoroughly surprised to get a HEA at like literally the last two pages. That's what you call on the edge ;)

I understand her situation, but even a passing conversation with Meg would have been nice. Afterall, she is the female in the series that she is friendlier with. Might I say also, that I find this odd, because I don't even remember them having a fleeting conversation, before they were roomies and BFFs. Kate might have been believable, but Megan kind of threw me.

Updates were few and stagnant as oppose to how we left 'Possess me Slowly'. Even then, I didn't mind as much. Then things kept shifting, and still, that was fine. But then after a while, you have to ask, where exactly is this going? When will the action surrounding Emma's situation begin?

The climax of this novel was unexpected, but subtle. Too subtle. The action scenes of this novel, that we expected from beginning, was so fast and dismissive. She barely even did half they things she was taught. I would have also liked to see who came in after him, and the motions of this guy's demise. Guess with her dying and stuff, it wasn't as important ... for who, I'm not sure.

It also baffles me, that for a self-proclaimed big brother, who understands her life, Adam is rather absent. Life threatening injuries and she wakes up to her sex buddy mom? o.O ... Or whatever he was at that point. Adam seems to take a big back bench in this novel, and even though the why is revealed later on, I still believe he was too absent. Maybe a dual POV would have helped. But now we will never know.

I have ended this novel with the basics, and feel as if I still don't know Emma and Rhys as individuals. This has always been a fast series that broach the necessary, but I still walked away feeling some sense of peace or knowledge of the characters and their future paths.

While I understand their back story, I don't really know them. I also get the sexual tension, and feel that they are comfortable as a couple. But they are so comfortable, they could be sex buddies and nothing more. They are friendly. The passion wasn't as intense between these two and I honestly expected more from the sex scenes. Maybe that cupboard scene was the most intense and I blame it on him crushing her with that Adonis body that was hinted throughout.

I liked the little self defense sessions, and hope that there are some truth to it, because knowledge is power wherever we garner it. But all together, this book felt flat for me. Emma's snark and nonchalance did so much and no more. Mase obviously is a lazy stalker, because Rhys plan wasn't that good.  Rhys seemed like a book boyfriend you could fall head over heels with. He just wasn't elaborated upon enough for me to get that connection.

Emma is to the point, in your face and I admire her penchant for deflecting and reacting the complete opposite to situations throughout the novel. But once again, this didn't help the development. It still fell short with lack of passion, intensity, proper mystery and basic satisfaction. While there was potential, the delivery left too much to the imagination. Maybe there is a novella or continuation in the works, I don't know. I think when this book ended, their story was just about to begin. Too bad we couldn't be a part of it.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Contingency Plan By Latrivia S. Nelson

I am a big fan of Latrivia Nelson's stories. I love the 'Chronicles of young Dmitry Medlov' and I am head over heels for the Medlov Crime Series. But even I don't know how to interpret this story. o.O

I felt the real and gritty moments that Latrivia is known for, and I even felt the story book moments that are also expected from this story and author. While I had no problems reading this story in one sitting, I still don't know what to make of it all. I didn't hate it and I don't not like it either (totally redundant), but I just don't understand it enough to pick a side.

Years in this book was treated like days and I kept counting on my fingers to make sure I got the time difference correct. In retrospect, this whole story is split in three parts. Their beginnings, their secret arrangement and their reconciliation. None of these times passed without a span of eight or eleven years in between. And with their age, that's some time.

I loved them initially and felt like they just both didn't fight for each other.  But then my emotions swayed between all of these characters, because I would have believed this story more if it ended differently. The situations were semi-every day life choices and results but the ending was story book 101.

Charlie ... I prefer her alias, is actually lovable. She might not have the best reasoning's or make the best decisions, but I do love her character. She is a feminist, but a more subtle one, and I also love the shift in balance where a woman was in power, as oppose to the husband. This was another conflicting situation that brought about the many complex layers to this story.

Build ups and problems were so of this world. They were real, gripping and open to so much interpretations, but the end result kind of left me stumped. It's also not what I come to expect from Latrivia, because as fair as she is, someone always draws the short straw.

All the men in this book were near perfect, even with their many imperfections. Alex was ... let's chalk it up to lonely. He had no excuse for his behavior, as loneliness in my book,  is never an excuse. Honestly, he is a prick! His reasons were invalid and as medieval as it gets. Grow a pair and support your strong willed wife, instead of dipping in another pool for Christ sake! I know she was wrong also, but so was he. Thing is, he started it first! (childish I know, but truth nonetheless).

And then we get to Sully. I think he got too much of an easy ride, and was the catalyst for every single messy situation in this book. Or most of them anyways. But still, you love the whole lot of them. They are not perfect. They make serious mistakes that mess with their children lives, and if you look at this from a practical, and not romantic way, the twin boys got the short end of this stick. They are now in unfamiliar territory, and they in actuality lost their family, to invade a new one. They might not feel it now, but by they hit their teens's sure to show.

Overall though, if you erase the too sweet ending, this was a good book that kept you interested, whilst highlighting,  some every day issues. There was angst, pain, friendship, love and above all else ... forgiveness. A ridiculous amount of forgiveness actually!
Maybe we should overlook the status quo and try to be more like the Mendoza/Orrin bunch. They sure find a way to figure it all out.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Sometimes It Lasts By Abbi Glines

Wow ... so it took me the span of prolly say two, almost three days, to complete this book. I won't blame it all on the book, but at the end of this novel, I don't see the necessity of this installment in the 'Sea Breeze' series. We could have moved on to another character.

Cage was the first bad boy I fell in love with in this series and I was rather upset when I got a watered down version of him in 'While it Lasts'. At least we got a glimpse of the Cage York sarcasm we love in this novel.

Cage loves Eva. Everyone knows this. So why this story? ... not too sure. It even span a stretch of 6 months, that I hardly felt or acknowledged and gave us a serious death in between ... but why? In the end, it was rather anti-climatic when it mattered. The reveals were as flat as pancakes, and don't even get me started on the epiphanies -_-

Was there even a struggle or purpose or ... I don't know, something! What's with all these crazy plots just thrown together to make a subtle book about Eva and Cage. It should have probably been titled 'Eva and Cage's first major fight'. Even the climaxes were flat.

Still, it will always be better than the first book in this series. It was good to catch up with the gang and to see how everyone was adopting from the last book till present. I also loved that we had growth, and that we weren't thrown back months, but kept moving forward.

I am confused though as to Eva's reaction to her daddy's death. I expected at least a "shrill wail" if you know what I mean. Is it the time she got, or did her father not hold as much merit as Josh? o.O

She almost withered away pining over his death, but her father's death was done in such as a passive manner. She was shiny new Eva throughout and the most emotion she showed belong to her relationship status with Cage.

Cage was still his love sick self since meeting Eva, but I loved his times away from Eva, when we got some of his sarcasm that made me fall in love with this character initially. His POVs held more interest for me, but I still loved them both.

I in now way intend to bash this story, but I do feel as if this story was rather tame for the next in the series, as well as, for being that of Eva and Cage's. They elicit so much passion, uncertainty and a whole other range of emotions that I find it hard for them to lose so much of that spark with this novel.

This might not have been Abbi Glines best work with regards to plot reveals, anxiety and passion. But it was good enough to read without wanting to give up on it. It was nice to reconnect with all the characters and see things fall in place for the continuation of this series.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Perfect Regret by A. Meredith Walters

I didn't hate it, but i didn't believe it either.

Meredith is one of those writers like Abbi Glines who stump me. They have series that rock you so hard you crumble! And then they have ones that are so lackluster that you have to return to the cover to check if this is the right book and by your favorite author.

Now I know 'Find you in the dark' and 'Bad Rep' series are polar opposites, and I in no way expect them to convey the same feelings or emotions, but where was the passion in the book?! o.o

Riley was so pretentious and snarky that I still don't believe her. And just like Garrett, I end the book waiting on the other shoe to drop. Honestly, I don't know why he bothers, because her valid reasons are the ones overlooked and Damien seem like a better option. Garrett is too sweet and cool for the walking sarcasm that is Riley Walker.

Sarcasm is all good and well, and I love that Riley had a come back for everything. I am also pretty sure the girl can fight. Irrespective of my feelings, regarding her treatment of Garrett, I loved her character. She was steadfast and unyielding. She wasn't mushy and I actually believed the moments she tries to behave like your typical college female. But for all the believable snark, I just didn't get the passion from her and Garrett's relationship. I personally think it would be better if they had started a relationship and we got to see Riley in her full on strong persona as they navigate their unlikely relationship.

When I decided to read this book, I thought we were getting a book about Cole. I confused him as being the lead singer. When I found out who he was, for the love of me, I couldn't remember much of his character from 'Bad Rep', other than he had the party house. But after reading this novel, I don't think I can forget him. He is deep, soulful and the most passionate thing in this whole novel.

I loved his stolen Riley moments, as I like to call them, and the way he expresses his feelings. I also love that he wasn't a total love sick puppy, as well as, his penchant for keeping everyone calm. The boy couldn't care less what tomorrow would bring! If I had the inkling to get a tattoo, I would get his. His words are true and stayed with me throughout the novel. I loved his indifference when necessary and I believe that he is the perfect match for Riley. I just wish their chemistry could have been developed more.

Somewhere along the lines of this novel, a death occurs and a character we love goes off the rails almost dying herself. What I want to know is ... why? They didn't make that much difference to the story line or the lead characters. The death wasn't even mourned properly, if at all. It was done in passing and felt rather light and unimportant in the grand scheme of this novel. It was not an epiphany nor did it bring about one. All it did was add another layer to a connection that needed more than dying words to be strong.

As for the substance abuse story line ... once again, why?! It held no merit. We still don't know what caused it to start and I am not sure how it even ended. Then again, I guess almost dying will make you do just about anything -_-

It was good to reconnect with all the characters and see where they are headed, even if for this particular set of characters, I don't see some of their paths as the smarter choice ... but then again, I'm not their mama!
This was a good enough story for you to read without wanting to throw away the book. But as short as it was, it felt too long, and nothing of significance really developed by the end of this story.

I don't believe this love connection nor do I feel their passion. This was a sarcastic filled novel with one chick dishing out rejection like Sunday dinner. Still, I won't give up on this series, because I like Meredith Walters as a writer and maybe the next tale in this series will be better.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Freeing By E.K. Blair

Let me note two important things going into this review. Firstly, this is my first M/M romance novel. Yup guys! Just popped my cherry ;)
Secondly, I was already sold and comfortable with Mark and Jase coming into this story from book 1. With that being said, I still loved this story and felt like I was reading a completely different series. I actually couldn't wait for the intimate moments between Jase and Mark. No, I'm not just talking the sex, even though that was done so tastefully. If you are a M/M romance virgin, this is a good book to start with.

I was a little apprehensive about the sex scenes, as much as the relationship layout of it all. But after a few kissing scenes and the first sex scene between Mark and Jase, I found myself looking forward to more of those. (Yup! now I'm talking about the sex) I'm not sure if it's the taboo feeling of it all, but I can admit that I kind of liked those scenes. The intimacy, uncertainty, passion and unadulterated lust was quite a potent mix. You just saw a  couple and nothing else.

I loved that we got to recount scenes from 'Falling' to get Jase's POV, and the only thing that could have made this novel better, would be at least a  chapter from Mark's POV. I would really love to see what he thinks.

Who knew that Jase had all that and more going on though? ... certainly not me! o.O
He always seemed so confident and secure in his relationship, that I was surprise to see that doubts lingered beyond the surface. Even Mark had quite the outing and trip back home. I loved his family and the time spent to also give him a little background.

Speaking of, I loved Mark then and I love him even more now. The guy might be my favorite character from this series when I think about it. He is compassionate, passionate, talented and brings a certain zen and calm to this novel. He is the glue that holds everyone together when they threaten to fall apart.

Shockingly, the upset I felt towards Candace for hiding the truth from Kimber, I totally understood coming from Jase's POV. Going over views from a different side really made a difference. I felt like I was meeting everyone again and in a different light.

There is a balance in this novel with regards to Jase and Mark's relationship. There is drama, no questions about it,  but at the same time, it's not blown out of proportion. Maybe same sex relationships are the best, because these two totally get each other o.O
There were no unnecessary hissy fits, for which I, was personally grateful. The hurt, avoiding, heart break scenes were getting too played out in novels these days, so I was glad for the reprieve. Still, when one occur, it was sorted by both guys and a decision made. I'd fight with Mark any day, it was hot! I love his easy will to forgive and the way his presence fills any room he is occupying.

We got to see both sides of the coin as it relates to being openly gay and that helped with the progression of this novel. We saw challenges, bullying, which I believe had even more impact, because it was from females instead of males, and we got a great love story in the end.

Another tidbit I was grateful for, is that regardless of their sexuality, they remained men. No one behaved feminine or try to be more of a female. They were both strong, funny, witty men, in love with each other. There was no need to be anything else and I loved that. Even playing for the same team didn't deter them from behaving like a bunch of guys who hang out and sort through regular relationship issues as any heterosexual couple.

There was love, laughter, strength, acceptance and friendship all wrapped in this lovely package that was Jase and Mark's story. I couldn't have had a better first, because these guys gave me the best M/M romance experience and for that I can't wait to try another ... my mind is open and ready!

P.S. .... gay or not, that guy on the cover is steaming hot!!! I'd definitely love me a slice of that!! :D 

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Seduced By Melody Anne

Ian is one crazy man, Rachel is extremely unlucky (for now at least). Lia is annoying and frustrating. Shane is too complicated to dissect. Rafe is Rafe and Ari is still Ari. And this is all their stories in one.

There is so many layers to this story. But then, it's six lives ... so it has to be a lot. You are basically getting three love stories in one and sometimes I needed a microscope to see and understand the love. But boy did it all end with one infuriatingly ridiculous bang!

I will admit that either I am getting too familiar with these characters, or a level was set that wasn't met for me within this installment. It eventually picked up, but it didn't hold that original flare that this series normally provide. We took a while to get into the real theatrics and obstacles, and even then, this was extremely mellow. Even the pseudo cast away scene seemed more like paradise than a frightening experience. To be honest, it felt like a really good vacation .Not even the characters wanted to go home o.O 

I missed Rafe's penchant for toeing the line of good and bad and Lia annoyed me to no end. I must not love her as much as Shane, because I gave up on her a long time ago.

This story picks up two years later and as such, I expected much more. This was so tame and I have gotten use to the wild, unorthodox shocks  that are the Surrender series by Melody Anne.

On the bright side, we got to spend more time with Rachel than before, and we got to find out more about Shane, irrespective of how unrealistic his double life is. I know we never spent much time with him before, but this secret life is really out there and unexpected!

I loved Rachel's character and story, even if I think Ian is as crazy as they get, and I have no clue how the man moves from hot, sexy and charming to archaic and quite possibly frightening. There story is one I really look forward to following. I would have preferred if we were done with Shane, Lia, Ari and Rafe's story, and could shift out focus to only Rachel. Afterall, Lia been wanna jump Shane's bones since forever and it's time Ari and Rafe just seal the deal before he turns back into the hulk and she changes her ever unsure mind.

Even being a much tamer version of this series, we still got a cliffhanger ending where NO one is happy or get what they want. Surprisingly though, I have no problem with this, as I love these set of characters and don't mind spending time with them. I am also comfortable with this story because Melody is a romantic, so we know the destination. It's the journey and route that has me puzzled. Still, I can't wait to get to the end of this fantastic series to see how Rafe and Ian can sort through this rather disturbing ending. Throughout the drama and stories within, Rachel and Ian are by far the most interesting, even if they didn't leave us with that crazy ending.

To soften the blow, we don't have that long of a wait, and I can't wait to get to the end of this series. I really hope that we get back that intense, unexpected story line this series is known for. I need dominant Rafe, Ari the minx, bubbly Rachel and lustful Lia. Shane is for another time and Ian is a little crazy. So we'll see where they go from here.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Beautiful Bombshell By Christina Lauren

Hilarious! These guys surely know how to spend a day in Vegas. It's hangover on sex with a little less excitement, but still good and true to the Beautiful series charm, wit and laughter.

I believe that with each book, this series gets better. Throw in Max Stella and you have perfection! The accent, the lingo, the raw sex appeal and humour that is this man never ceases. I actually prefer his chapters to Bennett's, but then, Max Stella just owns everything, including chapters in a book! His presence is formidable.

Another element of this series that improves for me, is Bennett Ryan's character. I wasn't the biggest fan of 'Beautiful Bastard', but this series got me back with Max and Sara and I have grown to steadily like the character of Bennett as each installment is released. I also  look to his and Chloe's unconventional relationship, as the rock of all relationships throughout this series.

I am not sure if it's reading the first three chapters of 'Beautiful Player' before reading this novel, but I am now seeing a completely different Will than the one I met in 'Beautiful Stranger' and I have to say I am already in love with him!! Nerd or not, he is hot and quite  the conspirator.

This series is a prime example of improvement and consistency. As we go on this journey with this eclectic group of friends, it only gets better and more interesting. Sara and Max, are the poster children for spontaneity and Bennett and Chloe are unquestionably questionable. Yup! Redundant as can be but true!

This was quite a day in Vegas and it certainly felt like more of a weekend than a couple hours. I laughed a lot throughout this novel and loves the antics and theatrics that don't usually accompany Bennett. It was a different side that I surely enjoyed.

I loved this day in Vegas and can't wait to get my hands on book 3 because I am already in love with Ziggy, and Will's smarts is hot and filled with possibilities!

This is a great consistent series and I can't wait for the rest!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Uncockblockable By Shay Savage

The funny thing is, I began reading the Evan Arden series, because I stumbled on this book on Amazon and found it to be the silliest title ever, so I decide to take a look :)

Surprise, surprise, I wasn't disappointed. Neither was I from this short slice of Nick' s life. It was entertaining and a little cliche with a speedy ending, that didn't convey the deep feelings it projected, but therefore came off as unrealistic. Still, it doesn't deduce from it being a nice novella that occasionally crossed into some scenes from book 2 in the Evan Arden trilogy. It was also nice to see Evan through another's POV except for Lia, and yup! he is as intimidating as suggested.

Nick is quick on his feet and has an answer for everything. He definitely makes being a  professional bum seem like a dream job, and the guy seems to be 100% uncockblockable . I don't care what he says, but the man is like a bounty hunter ... he always catches his mark!

His own personal female Achilles heel of sorts has nice eyes, but then ... that's it. Oh yeah, she might be Russian too. Not really sure. We don't know much about her, but she seems like a cool down for the count kinda chick. I'd have loved a full novel for them, where Nick gets a work life of sorts and Melina keeps him on his feet.

Regardless of the aim behind this installment, and the speed with which it was conducted and executed, it was nicely written with just the right emotions, fun and laughter. If not for the writing, at least get a copy for the aim. Cancer affects us all at some time in our lives. Help someone if you can!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Otherwise Occupied By Shay Savage

So that's what a jaw dropping, need a time machine ending looks like O.O

I swear I went to my bed and had dreams about the outcome of this book. I keep asking myself "What the hell was that?" o.O How do I get more now, and how in heavens is she going to get him out of this? Not even your everyday mob book has this straight forward you did it ending. I don't see the way ... please Shay, show me the way out of all of this!! Please tell me that was a crazy dream and we are gonna wake up, because .... I don't know ... I am rendered speechless!!!

This book should be a poster child for real PTSD, symptoms, progress ... just everything! Things were cool, calm and collected. We watch Odin and Evan go through their days, and get to see Evan in his element, and how far his loyalty goes to Moretti, as well as, what he will do to complete a job ... then bam! ... Out of no where, the guy just shocks the panties off us all and then we get a preview that could be anything. I am so frustrated at this point!

I kept wondering when superman would meet his kryptonite, but I never in a million years expected it to be himself. Don't blink when reading this book, because you will miss something important!

This was a much bloodier book than the first. Evan is more of his nonchalant self that I fell in love with. There is something about his all round detachment that I feel comfortable with and boy the guy can build a profile! His talents are wasted, because the guy is a genius ... so naturally he was one incident away from becoming a certified criminal or crazy ... at this point, I don't even know.

I liked Bridgette ... or whatever her real name is. I didn't even miss Lia because how can you miss someone that you spent one day with? I never got that strong a connection from them, but I was beginning to like her and the prospect of him settling with her.

I ended this book thinking than Jonathan still hasn't got his Ferris Bueller shirt. This was a sad ending that you honestly don't feel until you are off the adrenaline high from the final scene. Honestly, I'm still twitching!
Even though our main character tries his hardest to not feel or develop emotions for anyone in this novel, the few that has his respect got mine too.

There is no bells and whistle with this guy or this story. It is straight to the point, in your face, shock you out your boots kind of tale. There is no remorse, HEA and up until that last scene, no justice. I was starting to wonder if it was turning into a Gotham City and needed a Bruce Wayne for Evan Arden only. Not that he'd mind, the guy seems to have no regards for death or life for that matter.

I swear, if the man even thinks about killing you in this novel, it happens before the end of this book. And the funny thing is, this is a short and to the point story that actually depicts PTSD overwhelmingly well. I believe this version more than most. The development, trigger, reactions and everything in between.

I don't know how, but Shay Savage has found a way to give us a long distance love story, while depicting war effects and the "fixer" side of organized crime. It was never overly laden with mob talk and procedures, but it was beautifully written to never leave us lacking. Every page was important, entertaining or intriguing.

I am sure there might be points to this story that I am missing, but it is so much that I am a little overwhelmed. Still, I would recommend this book, as it will leave your jaws on the floor by the end. Evan Arden is _____ (I'll let you fill that in)

Monday, 9 September 2013

Otherwise Alone By Shay Savage

Short, sweet, spicy and different. Evan is as crass as they come, but he is obviously intellectually superior and this adds another element to the beginning of this short and spicy story.

This novella last the span of maybe a day and a half, but boy is it entertaining, and you get a lot of background, personality and even laughs in between. This is a good taste test for the rest of this story, and even though I don't know much about Lia, I can't wait to see how this awkward and unconventional relationship will blossom if any at all. It might not be a happy ending for this one, but you are comfortable and content enough to wait and see what happens next ... or at least I am.

Lia is ... a strange creature if you ask me. While I love that this story will be in Evan's POV, I sure would like to get some of Lia's uninhibited thoughts. She is obviously one of the wild ones and I can see the challenge and entertainment she will carry to this story.

Even the rough and demanding sex scenes of this novel was passion filled between these two strangers, and bouncing pennies or nickels off asses is just plain ridiculous and hilarious at the same time.

This is a sweet intro into Evan Arden's life and I can't wait to get more. I love a novel narrated by a male character, and with Evan's aversion to pleasantries, I can't see this doing anything but winning! Get a copy guys, because Evan Arden gets you going in all sort of ways!

Against the Ropes by Sarah Castille

Good story, just unnecessarily long with no real direction, depth or pace. I enjoyed it. but I got lost a lot and there were a few inconsistencies that stood out, especially their text messages. While a nice tough, the format left you scrambling at times to figure out who is talking. I definitely had to re-read those a couple times.

The story needs an identity. It took the characters literally voicing their concerns, for me to get what their problems were, and even then I never understood where we were going or what was happening. I didn't even know a serious break-up occurred at all, and then the reunion seemed like she just hadn't seen him in a couple hours ... o.O
Mac's epiphanies were also really anti-climatic. I had to re-read them to get what she got, and I still didn't feel the emotion or passion. She was so carefree and fluttering through life on jokes that her declaration of love left me scratching my head ... like when did that happen? O.o

However, I felt relaxed within this story, mainly because it took on a comedy vibe throughout. Makayla's inner monologues were hilarious, and her clumsy nature and sense of humour kept you cackling. Some places within the comedy, you begin to wonder what is happening, as it seems to be stalling for what ... I'm not sure. It's all funs and games and barbarian speech, but I can't really pinpoint or file this story. We leave with a sense of incomplete, and I can't really tell you a solid emotion I got at the end of this novel.

Makayla is hilarious. She is the life of the party. She brings the laughs and hardly ever reacts how I expect. It took reaching half way through this novel, to see that she isn't all about being the life of the party, but she is also broken. However, I don't feel it with her. She just seems like the ride or die, sunny disposition chick. It essentially made it feel like a wayward plot thrown in last minute. Sorry ... I just didn't feel it.

Max/Torment is ... two people who I don't really know or get. I am so confused! I understand the notion that he lives a double life, but what I don't fully grasp, is why and how? It's not like he dons a cape at the gym. It's obvious he is the same person so how is this a secret?

I like Jake. I am still on the fence about Amanda. But I could definitely read a book about Jake, and enjoy his personality and beliefs. I actually felt the most passion and emotions, in this story, out of an exchange between Amanda and Jake, and it happened over a cell phone ... power of chemistry there! :D

Loved the fight scenes and how in depth we got when it was time to watch Torment train the other fighters. Once again, Mac injected some humor and that only elevated the scenes. I have to say, there is something to fighting when told by Makayla!

It's safe to say that this is a good book about an array of emotions, trust being a main point. But I still feel as if something was missing, and direction and depth needed. Too much humor didn't allow me the time to understand and interpret the characters and the story. I spent more time laughing than feeling. I have no problem with this, but it just made the serious events of this novel pale. Still, this is a great novel that's guaranteed to give you some laughs!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Do Us Part By Alessandra Torre

How did she do it? I have no clue. Alessandra Torre is my new queen of novella and mini series writing. I love every minute of this series. I have to say, I was skeptic about a rush of an ending, because of the books length, but hot damn she did it!! :D

It all came to a head and more. Candy impressed me and I am glad she took some initiative and protected herself. Even if she also betrayed him in the process. Let's face it ... he deserved some of it.

We got to see the turning points throughout this story, and believe me, there was more than one. I am still trying to figure out how she placed so much information in so little pages and still give it meaning, foundation, climax and all. Something that even 300 page novellas can't seem to do.

Okay, okay ... I will be the first to say that I have fallen in love with Nathan. *sighz* ... yes, he has hooked me with his incredible sex, voyeuristic tendencies, cold indifference and down right lack of knowledge with regards to Candy's feelings.

That must have been the funniest, most intense, hot and sexy marriage counselling session ever known to man. Boy would I have loved to actually see that. Aroused doesn't describe that kiss, as well as, Candy and Nathan's continual lack of care for privacy. This series will bring out the crazy in anyone!

Still, I would have loved to get more from Drew. I want to know his feelings towards everything, as well as, what will now become of his life outside of finding the witch that is Cecile. I already thought she was not worth the effort, but she just proved that ten times over.

Even though this series span a mere 3 months, it was exciting, intriguing, intense and the sexual chemistry was blowing the top off this book. We got foundation, suspense, mystery, love, hurt, sex and sarcasm (that flowers scene had me snickering like a Cheshire Cat). I was hooked from the first to the last word of this novel. I was never bored and my skin prickled continually with excitement. I just couldn't and still can't get enough.

To make matters better, there is a double ending. Value for money? I agree! I also have to give props to Miguel Kilantang Jr who did the covers for this series ... dude! Seriously? There is so much said in the eyes of these people that I am floored. I feel like I could sense what lay ahead just from the eyes on the cover of these books. I finally understand the saying of eyes being the windows to our souls. A lot of cliches validated in this series. From a fools in love to the windows to our souls.

I loved this series, the characters, the development, scenes and yes, the passion, lust filled, heart attack inducing sex scenes. No one got tied up but those descriptions knocked my body heat out the park! This was a spicy little miniseries that leave you wanting more while getting just enough. Grab a copy and get your fill of Nathan and Candy, I guarantee you will love the ride!

Till Death By Alessandra Torre

It's like I am reading a different story every time. There is never a dull moment in the diary of Jennifer Ann Dumont.

With that being said though, I am not so sure I am on board with her final plans. I feel this book, as well as, her emotions taking a turn and I think she is treading dangerous waters. I for one, prefer when she is in the shallows and away from harm. Nathan is an emotional ice box in love with a betraying ghost. $100 Mil or more, the fact that someone who is suppose to love you will do that with no remorse, should be a sign. Which just makes him the literal fool in love (That song never had meaning to me until now)

I can say though that I am warming to his character, but I am in no way at the point where Candy (Yes I still call her that) is at. I am still apprehensive and have only found that with communication, he can be liked as a person ... anything else? Is just pushing it.

Drew ... Drew ... Drew. This guys is in a very snug spot! Regardless of his intentions, as well as, their martial situation, he has done a grave wrong. I am starting to believe his family blood is that of betrayal. I know he has good intentions, but that doesn't make none of his actions right. But somewhere in this all, I am loosing my faith in the passion between himself and Candy. He is becoming a really good place holder. I ain't even gonna lie, these men know how to get a girl wet! Their demeanor, dirty talks ... sometimes just their presence, have you wanting to hike up your skirt and get some!

The voyeur in me is totally loving these sex scenes as they go along. I feel it every time Nathan touches her, talks to her and boy do I wanna come too. He might belong to someone else, but in those moments. He is hers.

This story line is one of loneliness, love, devotion and struggle. Both characters are staring down the barrel of these emotions, and darn it but Alessandra Torre is swaying me to pick a guy, especially one that I planned on hating.

It feels like it is just beginning, but apparently the end is on the horizon, and I feel like I will be panting for more by the end of this book. Lines have been drawn and so much is at stake. I can't wait to get to the conclusion of this story, to see who has the winning hands. A fine game of poker is about to be played and I hope Candy has the winning hand!

Saturday, 7 September 2013

To Hold By Alessandra Torre

I am blind. I have no clue as to where this story is going, but I just can't seem to stop. Pick a side. Figure it all out. Who is who? Who am I loving? Who am I hating? Will she leave this story alive? Will she even leave with a man? What is going on?

I am filled with so much questions and I am dreading the answers, because I am in a place where I need to know, but I am afraid to find out.

We have spent so much time in the mind of Candy, more than we have conversations or interact with other characters in this novel. But once again, at no point in time do I mind. I am 100% sure that had I not stumble upon this novel when it was complete, I would have gone crazy waiting for the other books to be revealed. Just as you are getting cemented, you are uprooted and thrown for a nine!

I wanna hate Nathan! God knows I do. And I want to love Drew. Honestly, I do. But I am so confused. I don't know who to trust, and the vows that this book is placed from is so serious, I am terrified to continue.

We aren't solving world peace. We aren't even falling in love. We are just navigating this forest that is Candy's life. What brought her to this point and what will take her away? Questions ... so much questions is garnered from this novel and I am tearing down everything to get to book 3, because the stakes are raised and someone is about to get burn!

Development whilst slow, is definitely coming. And we see that so far with each installment, expect something different and a piece more of this novel to fall into place. The luxury of being just a wife is getting to Candy and I can't wait for the blow up. I just really hope she gets the better side when the smoke clears.

To Have By Alessandra Torre

Never have I ever read a book where I don't find out the name of the characters until the literal last page of the novel, and this doesn't phase me in the least! To tell you the truth, I was so caught up in this story, that I was surprised when it ended. I kept looking for more pages.

This is not my first read by this author, and I am starting to see a voyeuristic side to her writing. She likes to either watch, or be watched. And make no mistakes about it, her heroes aren't Christian Grey and there will be no change of heart. It is their way and you will gladly adjust.

I know nothing of the male lead in this novel, other than he is male (obviously), rich (obviously again) and confident beyond all others. Few men can have sex in front of their employees, regardless of their jobs, and this one can do it! While those are vague descriptions of who he is, I feel like I know this mystery man that has probably spoken 5 times in this one sitting. Without a contract, I would have never known his name, but I am still intrigued by this man and can't wait to see what makes him tick! It's like the best treasure hunt game ever!

Candy ... I feel more comfortable calling her this ... is a spicy, loner hooker. H.M Ward should take some notes. This is a prostitute and short series, done in style and class with mystery, intrigue and excitement within four books, and I ain't even pass book 1 yet.

I don't really know this girl either, but I do know that she is going to shake things up and I can't wait to see what this girl gets up to, because I can see trouble on her forehead from a mile away! I am so excited about this novel I am itching to get to book 2.

This is foundation, intrigue, sex and everything that is bad all wrapped up in a 70 page novella. I don't have much yet, but I feel like I have it all. This is merely an introduction to Candy and Mr. Dumont but this entry was smoking hot and I can't wait to get my paws on the others. The definition of promise is this series and I can't wait to dive in!

Addicted to You By Colina Brennan

Short, spicy and sweet. What more can I say? This is a simple, to the point, drama free novel that still keeps your entertained and snickering occasionally.

We get a back story within this novel, as we traverse the present. We get to see as Leah winds down sex addicts anonymous, and Will begin his study of this strangely composed group of addicts. I loved all the characters as well as the sessions. The group was not what you expect and that made it much more fun trying to figure out their sexual preferences. I am glad that regardless of the amount of sessions visited, that each session was different, and held a little more piece of this puzzle, for not just the major, but the minor characters.

Will is ... different. Initially, I thought he might be a nerd. He seemed rather shy, reserved and c'mon ... dude owns a cat -_- (No offence guy cat lovers out there!) ... but mix that all together, and I have to say, I was a little suspicious. Anyway, he proved himself to be awesome and quite the Adonis! He was patient, funny, witty and intriguing at times. I loved his relationship with Finn, as well as, their conversations and comrade.

Speaking of Finn, I adored his character and honestly can't wait to read his book. He is the artsy type, but I think I can manage. He has spunk, wit, talent, and to top it all off, he's bisexual! Doesn't get any better than that! ... totally digging this dude! He brings drama and humor of his own kind, and is definitely the life of this party.

Leah is not your usual shy, bad, or indifferent chick. She is all of the above. Maybe with exception to the shy part. She is an ice queen, but god do we love her! She brings fire to this novel, and keeps us laughing with her facial expressions, indifference and all out death glare. I'd want to be this girl friend, but I don't know if she'd go for that.

This story was more than the sex, and actually possessed literally ONE sex scene! If you are reading just for the sex, then you will be sorely disappointed. Though I must say, that even without a mass amount of foreplay, the one and only sex scene was passionate and got me stirring a little ;)

Even little Elijah played his nine year old role well. If anything, I would have loved to spend more time with these characters, and see Leah get some form of challenge with regards to her Scot. Which might I say, had a totally hot accent!!! You might not be able to hear it, but the tidbits of lingo gave me the warm and fuzzes all over! In all honesty, this novel made you feel sexed without having any. It was sensual, deep and light all at the same time. We were never too serious, but we still got a good story without having really bad writing.

To sum it all up, I loved this story. I might have wanted some more drama or a challenge that lasted longer than a mediocre week, but I was kept interested and enjoyed going through the paces with these characters. There was banter, wit, excitement, surprise ... truth be told ... even disgust. But it was all in great fun and humor. I loved the integration of all the characters and I have to say that we got a great novel from it.

If your looking for a chill, laid back read, then this is it. You don't get too deep, but you aren't in the shallow end either. Can't wait for book 2, because I expect a whole lot of drama from Finn and Kat!