Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Rome By Jay Crownover

Rome. It's an up hill battle. There are good, bad and memorable moments. I wouldn't call their story line bad or boring, but it felt weak, when it came to the execution as a couple. I found myself fascinated with everything else going on around Cora and Rome, than I did with the main characters themselves. I was therefore equal parts surprised and not so much, when I saw how and when their story ended. It's a cliffhanger that has nothing to do with them as a couple o.O

At the end of this book, Rome and Cora's story is incomplete, but hold a really great line up for Nash. I know that his book is next, but I don't know what to make of the fact that their story isn't finished, while another is about to start.

I developed a strong interest in Asa. So strong, that part way through this book, I stopped to check Goodreads to find out when we would be getting his story. In case your interested, there's two more to go before his turn :)

Could be  the interlocking system of this series, or the personality traits of Rome and Cora, but I found that we got more of every one's story of past, present and future in this novel as much as we did the lead characters. I like Rome and Cora together as a couple. They just make sense. I did however, favour Rome's POV over Cora's. She had her moments, but I preferred a day in Rome's life. I think I expected much more depth into both their world's that I got, so I chose the better of the lot and that was Rome's. He had more of a struggle than Cora's childhood fantasies. The guy also made the ultimate sacrifice for his woman, nothing says hot than that!

We reconnected with the Archer's and Margot was a lot more melted than before. I just hoped for more time with Joe. Then again, this being an incomplete story and all, might help shed some light on him in Nash's book.

What puzzles me, is that this story stops at 90%. While I never mind the refresher course from 'Rule' and 'Jet', it could have been used to complete Cora and Rome's story. I like complete novels. Even though this wasn't a cliffhanger of Cora and Rome's story directly, it was a cliffhanger nonetheless and not something I noticed much from the novels before. We have always had those what's next ending from this series, but this one was glaringly obvious. It leaves a big what now? o.O

The fact that the next book is entitled 'Nash' I doubt they will be the stars of this show.

This installment held the prefect blend of characters and their issues. Cora and Rome came off so perfect, as a couple, that you just had to pay more attention to the people around them. They were the protectors and as such, they figured out their problems long before the others, even though they had a catalyst or two.

There is a lot of change in this novel and some reminders that I still can't remember witnessing. Guess that's why some series deserve re-reads before you start a new installment. -_-

I wanted more of Rome and Cora issues, but it was good to interact more with Rule again and to witness as him and Shaw try to make a life together. It was also nice that Cora at least, got along with her parent. Their dynamic seemed solid. I initially thought this would be a book strongly focused on PTSD, but I was wrong. I did however like the angle it was taken from.

As always, Remy's memory was kept alive and I really hope that one day Jay Crownover might be crazy enough to give us a book before 'Rule' when Remy was still alive.I love his character without ever meeting him and getting a chance to interact with Lando makes me feel like it would make for a great read! Honestly, I too miss him and wish he was alive.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Return to Poughkeepsie By Debra Anastasia

Beckett Taylor is a murderer. His calling, his craft are destruction and intimidation—whether he wants it that way now or not. He left Poughkeepsie to keep his brothers safe, to keep Eve safe. Set up with happy lives to live, they’re better off without him, right?

But all his willpower crumbles when he hears his brother Blake’s frantic voice on the phone. An unknown enemy has moved in on his old territory, and Livia’s been taken. In an instant, Beckett knows it will take an attack only he and Eve can execute to bring her back. All his self-imposed embargoes are torn to shreds, perhaps along with the new man he’s struggled to become.

“Brother, call Eve. I’ll be there soon.” 

In this emotional and action-packed sequel to Poughkeepsie, Debra Anastasia conjures a tale of love at its most raw and ragged. With Beckett and Eve, how could we expect anything less? But even when it’s messy, not magical, true love perseveres. Real love finds a way—for better or for worse until death does part.

So, I'm from Jamaica. A small island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. When I picked up a copy of 'Poughkeepsie' , I was a little skeptical. I didn't know it was an actual place. I found the cover intriguing but it still left me a little edgy. I wasn't sure if I was gonna like or not, but I fell in love after Chapter 1.

It was unusual, complicated and surreal. Blake the homeless, Cole the priest and Beckett the criminal. Even I had to admit the mix was intriguing! Beckett was like no other book villain, by then, I had read Latrivia Nelson's stories of Dmitry and Anatoly Medlov so I thought I knew scary!

The 'Poughkeepsie Brotherhood series' is one that you expect to be well written and edited. In this, it did not disappoint. There was a story line, past, present, future and realistic elements that gave it that natural spin. The introduction of Ryan? Brilliant and beautifully done! Surely not what I expected.

If my review so far seems lacking in enthusiasm, that's because it is. I personally wanted more Beckett and Eve time. I also missed Mouse like never before. His impact was all over this novel, from the cover to the acknowledgement. I hated most, if not all of the kidnapping scenes, because while they were fantastic, I still had this feeling like something was missing. Those blow me out the water elements from book 1 weren't present and all the kidnappings had me confused. Maybe it's the momentum and pace, but something is just missing for me.

I won't say I was bored, because I was surely not. This is one of those action packed, fast paced, you can't blink or you might miss something novels. I loved the characters and their personalities differ for sure. Humour was present and I actually like the antics of Mary Ellen and Primo. I loved every inch of this novel, but I just needed more Beckett and Eve. I assumed this would be their time to shine and rule Poughkeepsie. I love a bad Beckett!

My favorite moments in this novel were the times spent with Eve and Beckett. I love their fierce, unforgiving love and even without Mouse they make an awesome team who can't be matched. I also promise Debra, that if anything happens to Eve, I shall come after you -_-

Within this novel, is a sentimental moment between Cole and Kyle. That letter should be framed and given a place in the Smithsonian! I'm not a crier, but it got me a little teary and my heart beating like crazy. To move between sentimental and rugged moments so flawlessly is a gift that is portrayed throughout this novel. My feelings are mixed and my emotions vary from high to low. I just can't get a read on it all!

All who survived to see another day got their reintroduction and some even got a new path. We were introduced to new, interesting characters that I know will be critical to the upcoming novel in this series.

Then came the sneak peek and I officially hate Debra Anastasia! (Just kidding)!!

C'mon Debra! That sneak peek was like giving a kid a lollipop, saying 'psych'! and taking it back. It is cruel and unusual punishment. I demand a recount! Something, because to wait until the end of 2014 for that continuation should be a crime!

It's impossible to cover the extent of this novel and it's events in one review, you will definitely need to get a copy and experience 'Poughkeepsie' from the eyes of those who love and hate it.

Even though it's missing an unknown element for me, I can't call this story bad or boring. It was detailed, thorough and gave us more than we needed at times. We got to see Eve in her element, a changed Beckett (unfortunately), Kyle all grown up, Livie as a momma bear and Cole as always the priest. The whole gang is here and you surely don't want to miss Eve and Beckett's raunchy, borderline insane sex scenes.

I also love the mouse nod on the cover, see if you can figure it out ;)

If it packs such a punch now, can you imagine when she adds chemical X to the next installment? o.O

Take a peek, you won't be disappointed!

Author Bio

Debra Anastasia is busy, just like every other mom. There's dinner, the dogs, the two kids, and her violent IBS--which is under control thanks to medication except for occasional multi-tonal farts. Her first love and crowning achievement is her thriving career as the weirdest mom on the block.

Her writing started a decent handful of years ago when--along with the animals and humans in her house--the voices of characters started whispering stories in Debra's ear. Insomnia was the gateway to plots that wouldn't give up, wouldn't let go. Now they stalk her everywhere. Halfway through making lunches, a twist takes hold and--fingers full of peanut butter--she finds somewhere, anywhere to write it down.

She's eternally grateful to Omnific Publishing, which has now published four of her books: two in the Seraphim Series and two in the Poughkeepsie Brotherhood Series, as well as her novella, Late Night with Andres. That one is special because 100% of the proceeds go to breast cancer research. (So go get it right now, please!) She also very much appreciates her open-minded readers, who embrace everything she has to offer, with a focus on anti-heroes and bathroom humor.

Debra lives in Maryland with her family. You can find her at and on Twitter @Debra_Anastasia. But be prepared ...

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Undefeated By Scott Hildreth

I think I should get a medal for completing this novel. It's only fair. This book is like a romance novel parody. Every one is all zen and insightful. It's like a monastery. Especially for the first half. There is the womanizing, idiot of a best friend and the hot blonde, bombshell who works at a coffee shop and has the confidence of Ms. Universe. Their's even the bad ex. Problem is, it's all came off fake, confusing and laughable.

This is like a Drake album, 'Nothing was the same'. One minute someone's eyes are blue, the next it's grey. Sometimes two years pass then it reverts to only being 6 months o.O

It is clear as day that a man wrote this novel. I always thought I would never be able to know the difference, but believe me, I do. Terminologies, sex scenes, fighting scenes. All the manly elements of this novel were detailed, while the feminine traits were more of an ode to the men in this novel.

I'm not trying to be sexist or rant on this author and his work, but c'mon! This was a badly phrased, developed and delivered novel. I went back and forth between rolling my eyes and dying with laughter from the sheer embarrassment I felt for the characters and the story.

For what it lacks in content, originality and conviction, it had in potential. There were spurts of all the missing elements occasionally, but the story still felt jumbled and was inconsistent in it's delivery. I was bored and had to read this novel in segments to be able to complete it. If I had attempted to read this novel in one sitting, it would probably turn out to be a DNF.

Kase annoy me as a person and I keep wanting to write the letter 'y' at the end of her name. It's apparently pronounced 'Casey'. She has all this spunk and sarcasm in her head, yet still, she spends 10 years as a beating stick -_-

She never completely salvage her character for me, but she became tolerable, especially when she stood up for herself. Her nervous habits were laughable and not in a good way. This chick just annoys me to no end. Obviously, she has her zen moments, that's when I just have to roll my eyes and ask where was Confucius all those years you spent beaten and bloody? o.O

Shane Dekkar is a character of potential and possibly my favorite. I didn't however, like his character until he fell to the ground, in a puddle of crazy. He has a solid back story that only needed some good development. His character is one of the more potential filled aspects of this story. He has many unique quirks about him, that didn't get the chance to shine. They could have been strong distinctions for not only his character, but this novel.

Surprisingly, this isn't your normal fighter novel. We hardly spend any time watching Shane train and the usual floozy's were missing. That tidbit intrigued me, it made me wonder if jealousy is a stronger emotion for women than for men. Written by a man, I expected more brawn than brain, but this novel was so much brain that it became cheesy.

Ripp is also an interesting character and I wish we could have gotten more one on one interaction with him and Shane. His one POV, as he carried out his criminal act, was hilarious and well executed.

I know the aim or point of this novel. I get the abuse, struggles and safety blankets of it all. I just don't think it was delivered well and it left much to be desired. A story line of great potential but a jumbled, uninspiring, borderline cheesy delivery. Maybe next time Scotty!

Monday, 17 February 2014

She Has Your Eyes By Elisa Lorello

Andi and David have settled happily into Andi’s Northampton home, but David wants more. He wants them to get married. Their discussion is put on hold when Wylie, a fifteen-year-old girl, shows up in their backyard, bearing news that takes David’s mind off the future and sends it spiraling into the past. Reeling from David’s news, Andi receives a startling announcement of her own, one that leads to a relationship with her estranged mother. As Andi and her mother get closer and Wylie weaves her way into their lives, Andi finds solace in an old comfort: her ex-fiancĂ©. With the past threatening to eclipse their future, the timing for a wedding is all wrong. But if Andi knows anything about timing, it’s that there’s no time to waste.

I remember reading 'Faking it' and 'Ordinary World' and how I loved them both. I also remember how I felt at the end and none of them evoked the feelings I have for 'She has your eyes'.

Don't assume you know the content or progression of this book, because you will be wrong! I surely was. The entire series reads as complete stand alone's and this one is no different. You never feel cheated or short changed after reading a book from this series.  Closure and content is too mild to describe the feelings I got from this story.

Maybe I am getting older or its the material and genre of this novel, but this is what I have been looking for in the longest while! The problems are every day struggles that transcends to the pages beautifully! It's nice to take a break from young adults and traverse the world of womanhood. The over 35 crowd can be quite spectacular :)

This is reality, even if in the end, is the better side.

Andi and David has stayed true to their characters throughout this series and watching them acclimate to the problems thrown their way is great. But even with the changes, we are thrown in the past with a little Devin/Cutrone madness occasionally. The thing that could have made this book scorching is more detailed sex scenes, but that wasn't even necessary. Their story stood on it's own without the help of sexual gimmicks. There was enough good content, issues, momentum and struggles to last us a lifetime!

I love Wylie! She is a riot! If anything, I would have loved to spend more time with her character. She is not what I expected and she definitely contributed spice to this novel. She came in like hurricane force winds and kept her momentum throughout. Her personality, reactions and presence was a great addition and I love when she fell in the role of a typical teenager. Trish seems just as awesome!

Separate and apart from the obvious main issue of this novel, we got to clear mistakes of the past and curve our way to the future. We even got a wedding in the mix :) English lessons were prominent as always. For anyone interested in details, you will love this book. If you don't learn anything after reading this novel, then you should probably read it again ;)

This book did something for me that 'Ordinary World' didn't. It helped me understand and appreciate Sam's character for the first time. I still don't approve of it, but I understand it.

Andi's relationship with her brothers have always been solid, but we get some one on one time with her mom and that was more precious than anything else highlighted in this novel. Even with death plaguing the fringes of this novel, it never once felt like 'Faking it' or 'Ordinary World'. There is evolution and growth. You are transported to a different time in both Andi and David's life. You get to see them struggle to find their footing, as both individuals and a couple.

The surprise for me was the inclusion of Andrew in the story. If you don't remember Andrew, then you need not worry. You will by the end of this novel. All I will say is, he shook this book and no one, or at least I, didn't even remember him. I will not though.

A more mature crowd would understand and appreciate this novel, but anyone can give it a go. It is real, concise, detailed and leave you wanting more while feeling satisfied. Women's Fiction has a new face, and her name is Elisa Lorello.

Elisa Lorello was born and raised on Long Island, the youngest of seven children. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth and eventually launched a career teaching rhetoric and composition. Elisa spent six years in North Carolina, where she split her time between teaching writing to university students and publishing her own work. She has since returned home to the Northeast. Elisa is the author of Kindle bestselling novels Faking It and Ordinary World, Why I Love Singlehood (co-authored with Sarah Girrell), and Adulation. Faking It, translated in German as Vorgetäuscht, also spent three consecutive weeks at #1 on the German Kindle Bestseller List. When not writing, Elisa is an unapologetic Duran Duran fan, Pop-Tart enthusiast, walker, and coffee shop patron, and she can sing two-part harmony.

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Saturday, 15 February 2014

A Million Guilty Pleasures By C.L. Parker

This novel started out much better than the first. It's safe to say it hit the ground running! It was one event, tragedy and discovery after the next. We finally got to meet Lanie's parents and we got to see Lexi in action as the great manipulator. We met Mack and that man ain't no fool.

The commentary, humour and progression was integrated well. We even got David Stone's POV. It's nopt hard to understand his motives and to be truthful, I don't hate the guy. I actually think his narcissism is hilarious! Lanie agrees ;)

This turn, I was prepared for Delanie the sex fiend. However, I still don't approve of her inner sexual monologues. I believe that no female over the age of 13 or 14 should use the words "Wonder Peen", "Double Agent Coochie", "Assterpiece" nor "Ridonkabutt". Especially with the amount of times she says them. I loved how she knew what she wanted and asserted herself as such. Their secret rendezvous were really hot, not that they ever had problems in that department ;)

Half way through this story though, it kind of fell off the wagon and began to lapse. Funny thing is, there was so many content to be expounded upon then, but we were just lingering. In an unnecessary limbo for a while. Waiting on what? I still don't know! 

The consistent interest, wit and humour it started with digressed slowly, until it became all about the sex. Not that I mind, but I believe that this story is good when it comes to conversation, that the sex filled scenes could have been less. There was content.

I love Lanie and Noah as a couple but I would have loved to spend more time watching their relationship grow, instead of the insta-everything that happened with them. The different paths they were given, half way through, didn't hold much conviction or elaboration. It would have been nice to experience the separation from both their POVs. Spending some more time with Lanie's father would have also been awesome. He is also funny, witty, observant and not what I expected.

The moment the main issues from 'A Million Dirty Secrets' were cleared, it all fell flat. It turned into sex, sex and more sex. I know it's suppose to be an erotic novel but I think this story could stand without the excessive sex. 

Even though I love them as a couple, I missed them as individuals this time around. I still don't fully understand the personality of Noah and I miss the regular insights into Lanie. ( I consider us friends) :D
Spending time with Dez, Polly and Lexi were great and definitely recommended!

I believe this series has all the elements for a great five star novel, but it's best moments were delivered sporadically and was inconsistent in it's delivery. While I knew what the the climax of this novel was, it wasn't very convincing or had the impact I predicted and hope for. I expected more of a fight from everyone, but especially David. His character was quite the douche, but he added an unknown element and possibilities that could have been explored in more details.

This is a quick, sexual read for those who don't mind an abundance of in depth and detailed sex scenes in comparison to additional content and scenarios. It is not all sex though, as the issues of this novel are weighty, they just aren't delivered with enough conviction.

Great characters, great sex and a promising story line. I wouldn't call this book boring, but I would say it didn't live up to it's full potential. There were too many important issues and scenes that were skimmed over in favour of detailed sex moments. No matter how hot their sex is, their conversations are so much better!

Friday, 14 February 2014

And the winner is ...

So, I had my first give away and thanks to you awesome readers in the book community, it was a success! ... For me at least  :)

I would like to say a big {{{THANK YOU}}} to every one who entered or supported my give away in one form or the other. Your contribution is greatly appreciated!

I wish every one could win, but there can only be one!

Without further ado, the winner of our 'Looking for Love Valentine's Day Give Away', who will win an ebook copy of 7 unconventional romance novels is ... *drum roll please* ... RACHAEL EMERY!!!!

Thanks again everybody for your support throughout this give away!!!

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Savage Delight By Sara Wolf

You have got to be kidding me! All the time. All the time Sara Wolf, all the time! Sighz ... yup! It's another profanity cursing cliffhanger ending. It was almost predictable this time, but it still left us in the middle of a big life altering situation. As to where we are going and the so called happy ending, I can't see it! o.O

On the bright side, we learnt a lot more about Isis, Nameless, Sophia and Jack. Everyone else is utterly confusing and I don't see the need to even try, so I don't bother. This story is churning in a blender with a million situations, outcomes and characters. It's one big mess and I can't see it all straightening in one book.

Isis continues to be her crazy self and that's putting lightly. However, we finally get to see what lays beyond the sarcasm, wit and random acts of craziness. She is old enough to sleep over with a guy and be the crutch her mother needs, but her personality is that of a twelve year old. I will never understand that.

This story will annoy you. Especially if you don't read it in one sitting. The characters are immature and the conversations are petty, confusing and random. There is though, many moments of laughter, clarity and deep seeded issues that occasionally appear more mature, than the intended age group.

The revelations are very anti climatic and the major shockers continue to be the literal ending. I truly don't understand half of what I just read, so I left this novel more confused when I began. I do know though, that I liked it enough, to want to read the next. I love the characters of Jack and Isis but Knife guy will forever have my heart :)

We got Jack's POV this go. Sporadic as it was, it had it's moments of clarity also, when it wasn't repeating the exact thing that we read before. It is hard to explain, but the most annoying traits of these characters is what draws you to them in the first place.

Jack is a thick block of ice but I love when he describes his feelings for or towards Isis. Isis is annoying, plain and simple, but her witty comments and comebacks help to keep this twisted, confusing novel afloat. Each character play their roles well, but I still can't put together the pieces of the puzzles that is this story.

We finally spend some time with Sophia, but don't expect much on that front either. The chick is coo coo crazy and I don't see what every one else does in her. A part from her being the block between Jack and Isis, the girl is pure evil and quite the manipulator. Her act at the end of this book, I believe was strategically done, to make the rift even bigger between Isis and Jack.

This is a dark, twisted tale of high school kids who behave like 30 year olds with major Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys complexes. Nothing is what it seems and revelations are revealed in the blink of an eye without any build or release at the end. It's a cluster of everything that's crazy and I can't wait to find out what happens next.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Sex Love Repeat By Alessandra Torre

I'm a big Alessandra Torre fan. Just ask Alessandra Torre ;) Despite being a fan of her work, I won't lie. I loved it ... until the end :(

With that being said, just give her the crown already, because this lady is the queen of quirky, unconventional, out of this world, unusual but works, romances! If you are looking for a little taboo, look no further than an Alessandra Torre novel!

This is a great and unusual story with a great set of characters. The story line is filled with enough drama to keep you occupied right down to the last page. I am going through chapters, like there is no tomorrow, clutching at every word. The end wasn't even poorly written, it just wasn't the one of my personal hopes and dreams :(

I never fail to enjoy an Alessandra Torre novel and this one was no different. I loved the characters, the development and the effortless switch between Madison, Stewart, Paul and Dana. There are so many climaxes within this story, that you can't possibly be bored! Just when I think this story has peaked, one more situation is added and I am leaving wanting more.

There is not one character in this book I dislike. Everything within this novel seems so effortless and leaves me believing that I can try a little three some  ;) The story is written beautifully and you can't help but love the taboo of it all.

I never liked one guy more than the other, until it came down to a decision. Then, I started to really see the one I favored and had the strongest connection with. Unfortunately, he wasn't the chosen  :(

The sex scenes of this novel were concise, if possible, and to the point. Doesn't mean it lacked passion or fire either. Every sex scene, detailed or not, was filled with emotion and passion, even up against a wall in a bathroom, with the other guy a couple steps away. See what I am talking about? Drama!  I connected with all the characters and I was never once bored or bias.

The surf terms in this novel were ridiculous and I wonder if they are real or made up. The fact that I don't know, is another testament to this novel. Everything felt real and even the impossibles were filled with potential, when Alessandra Torre writes it and her characters portray it.

I adore the guys of this novel! They are both hot, adventurous, spontaneous and get a girl wet without even trying! It is impossible to pick one, so I understand Madison, I would live the fantasy too. Especially if I had permission.

Stewart is the powerhouse, workaholic who gets you going with a look and Paul is the relaxed surfer that allows you to enjoy the natural beauties of life. When they combine? *fill in the blanks*

This story isn't edgy or dark, but it is unconventional, inappropriate and so right! The taboo is removed and all you can see is the love story within. If any problem I have with this novel, it's the ending. I felt that a decision was made too quickly and the emotions I felt for these characters were dismissed with too much ease. It didn't feel rushed, but in essence, it was.

Honestly, I still don't understand a lot about this relationship and the parties involved. It is all one big mess, that you will have to experience to understand. What I do know, is that Alessandra does a great job of navigating and sensitizing readers to the content of this novel. Even if you don't get it, you love it!

I really hoped for a separate book for one of these guys, but as I said in the beginning, I'm a big fan of Alessandra Torre work, so I'll just wait on the next smasher! :)

Monday, 10 February 2014

It's Valentine's Day!!! ... Almost!

Hey Guys!

It's the shortest but longest month of the year. {{{FEBRUARY}}}

At least, that's what I believe. This month is packed with so many celebrations that I can't keep count any more! One special day that I personally never forget, is Valentine's Day! No, I'm not a hopeless romantic, but it is my mother's birthday! Happy Birthday Mom!

Separate and apart, there is some of us that love the dark and sometimes unconventional side of love. For you, I present our 'Looking for Love Valentine's Day Give Away'!!

Yup! You saw right. Enter for your chance to win 7 ebook copies of 7 unconventional but memorable love stories to kick off your Valentine's night into the weekend.

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  • 5. 'Freeing' By E.K. Blair
  • 6. 'Fixed on you' By Laurelin Paige
  • 7. 'With or Without him' by Barbara Elsborg

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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Tangled By Emma Chase

I'll be the first to say that when I started this book, I thought about stopping. The writing style is not one that I fancy, I still don't, as I prefer a straight from my POV kind of read. Told from Drew's perspective, the narration was interactive. We were given time to process and examples to match. In the process, we got to see Drew as a teenager. We relived important moments with his family and friends, while we got to create new memories with Kate. That helped in giving us very detailed scenery and descriptions, with the help of some photos throughout.

I don't know how much time passed, because we were moving back and forth throughout time so much, that the seasons just lapsed. I remember at one point, it being Thanksgiving, but that's about it. By the end of this novel, it all felt new to me. Regardless of the new car feel, I knew and understand all the minor and major characters and their personalities. We didn't spend much time with the other characters, as we did with Drew and Kate, but Drew does a great job of incorporating every body. Even Jack :)

I love Drew's character. He is honest, at least to me, funny and witty. He has his rules and beliefs and I love that he wasn't love struck from beginning to end. He stayed true to his character, that made for some hilarious narration. I certainly felt like I had a front seat ride to their relationship.

The disadvantage of Drew's humorous narration, is that in the end, I saw Kate more as a friend or new budding relationship, than a let's jump the broom kind of  thing. I could spend the whole book reading about Drew trying to get Kate, as oppose to Drew and Kate being together. As a couple though, for however short, they are perfect for each other!

This story brings another angle to the independent woman and to long term relationships. It's one that's overlooked and it was given a new take from both Kate and Drew's perspective. Kate's ambitious and driven. Billy is misunderstood and Drew is a typical man in his position. I also love Dee Dee and hope that the upcoming book would have been about her and Matthew. 

This novel is fair. Billy got to prove himself and he was quite the competitor. There was only an inkling of uncertainty throughout this novel and I think it contributed to the overall plot.

I was kept interested and intrigued, even without much fuss or unique moments. There is definitely cliches, especially in the conclusion of this novel. It's all one big readable contradiction! There is not much memorable moments for me to gush about, but I did like the story line and development. Drew's mind is a place of fun, laughter and memories galore.

The sex scenes were explosively delicious, especially that first one! I also believe that the romantic gestures and break down of romance films were nice. They were each memorable and significant.

Overall, I think this is a nice, one sitting read. You will be entertained and interested, if you can stick out the first two chapters at least. I think that it missed the mark, in having that one major stand out moment, to leave us craving the next edition. It's not a fast paced, in your face, straight laced romance, but it gets there in it's own time and is definitely not a bore. Kate and Drew are perfect for each other and you won't be disappointed watching them mess up and get it right.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Arrangement 13 By H.M. Ward

Well, that was a nice dose of betrayal and heartbreak all wrapped in a pretty peanut filled box. I frequently as myself why I even bother with this series, but at this point, some answers are needed. We have passed the volume 10 line. What's next? Let's get over this issue and move on to anything else!

The basics of this series is known. The writing, scenes, details, it's all impeccable. The problem is development and progression. We desperately some. Even the monopoly scenes were discussed at length.

I have now received my refresher course in Monopoly, but I am left completely confused and wondering what will happen next? Who can I trust? When will this madness end? Where are we going? The questions are endless. This was, another couple hours spent with Sean and Avery, that felt like a lifetime.

I was, one of the many persons, jonesing for Sean's POV. I didn't dislike the scenes from his POV, but I am a little disappointed in the quantity and the quality. It didn't help much and felt like a major let down for me. As far as I am concerned, Avery could have told those scenes also :(

We are no where closer to getting some answers. I am not intrigued, as much as, I just want to get to the point. How do you even edit a video with someone else? It's not a photo. Sighz ... I don't know! o.O

There is more death, clues, sex and lies. It's the standard installment of 'The Arrangement' series, but with a few twist. It's the standard cliffhanger, confusing, edge of your seat-not yet ending that leaves you scrambling for the release date of the next volume.

I don't believe this to be a bad series, but some more substantial content is definitely needed now. We are at volume 13 ... when will we get some answers? It's clear this series will remain in its current format, but how about we get some other issues, characters, scenery, solutions? Idk, just give me a complete volume with new occurrences and an ending with some answers.

Monday, 3 February 2014

The Arrangement 12 By H.M. Ward

Ok, so apparently I spoke too soon and jinxed it :(

We are back were we started, jumping through volumes, with no true purpose or vision. I am 100% confused. We are given tidbits and content that we already read. When we finally get some fresh content, we turn the page and see an excerpt for another Ferro novel, then we are asked to leave a review. Asking eager, upset readers for reviews, when they are looking for content, might not be the smartest thing. I am now apprehensive about reading volume 13, because when will 14 be out? o.O

The story line is still intriguing and the endings definitely leave me wanting more. Literally. o.O

We make another cross between series and go back in time to Jonathan's novel. We get to spend some time with Sydney and Peter, whom I still believe, has the best series within the Ferro family series. I was left wondering though, if I need to start reading Trystan's story, because chunks are now missing. While they don't affect this story much, they sure would help.

A little twist at the beginning of this novel has me breathing better since the last installment, but that ending just had me crazy once again. I am confused and this whole series isn't getting clearer. A little clarity at the end of these volumes would be wonderful. Just once!

I have lost count of time, but I doubt this series has span a year yet, if even six months. One thing this series has going for it, is it's secrets. I know none nor do I have any idea. This is all one big mind game that seems to tease you as we progress.

A saving grace for volume 13, is that it will initially be from Sean's POV. I have been craving that since I met him in 'Damaged'.

There is not much difference between this volume and the last. We have literally moved on a couple hours again and obviously a team of ninjas are after Avery and Sean. Let's see how it progress. As it stands, this series has yet to change direction or style. I can probably plot the next volume and how it will end.

My opinion, take at least a month break between these novels so it doesn't feel like you are wasting your money. Who knows, by then, they might be on sale :)

Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Arrangement 11 By H.M. Ward

Either I have figured out the secret, or this is the best written installment since volume 6. Time. If you make enough time pass between reading these volumes, it won't seem as long and monotonous as it was becoming.

I am starting to understand and tolerate Avery and Sean more. But as we gain, we also lose. It seems we lose a very important character in this installment and I have to say it will leave you a little shaken. This is a huge impact on the story line, at least for me, and I can admit that I was occasionally scared throughout this installment. The secrets are stored tightly under lock and key and a constant cloud of darkness seems to always be over Avery and Sean's head. My main question now is, will they ever find light?

In finally accomplishing something, since 'The Arrangement: Volume 6', it had to once again end as a mind game, opening a flood gates worth of buried issues for both Sean and Avery. It just seems to go on and on for these two.

However, for the first in a long while, I am craving the next volume. I can just imagine what this will do to both the main characters and I can't wait to see how we move on from here. I am actually excited about 'The Arrangement' again, would you look at that? :)

I am still apprehensive though of this story. When will ever end? It's like we are digging up every hole from the past to try and stop the future and present. I must say, these are some strong characters, because I would have thrown in the towel eons ago.

This will be quite the test for Sean and Avery and I can't wait to see how they handle this problem after their last conversation and declarations.

Don't be fooled people, it's still short and spans a couple hours. There is a limited amount of conversation and the sex scenes seems to be rampant and public. It will hold your interest though, and allows you to see Avery and Sean take the next step, the only way they know how.

Short and spicy. You are more inclined to like it. Avery shows us why she is the only woman right now, who can get through to Sean Ferro and Sean Ferro gives us a peak into his thoughts. Once again, I would really love to get into the mind of the Ferro men. Elusive doesn't begin to describe them.

Take a look. For those who went on a hiatus of the series, like moi, they can get reacquainted and interested. For those loyal followers, there is finally some action after that down period. It's got an interpretation for everybody.

Meeting Trouble By Emme Rollins

So, it's not the perfect ending, but it's surely an awesome book.

It's a once in a lifetime dream come true that could blossom into so much. I think this book could be titled 'The Most Perfect Weekend with a Rock Star'. I learned more about these two characters in a weekend, than I do with some 400 page novels, that last months and years. The emotions were real, the conversations flowed and the sex was great!

Some how, Emme Rollins found a way to roll up a lifetime worth of events and feelings into one weekend, without giving it too much of a fairy tale ending, or making it seem compressed to the point of bursting.

I love Rob and I love Sabrina. Both as individuals and a couple. Their 'Happy Accident' was believable and their weekend adventure left me feeling ecstatic. I craved their conversations, because it had context and base. Every minute spent with them was interesting, exciting and memorable.

I hardly ever read rock star romance novels about the doting fans and what their reactions would be like if they got the opportunity Sabrina got. I don't know about any one else, but I love this representation and progression. Minor characters were unnecessary after the initial meet. Traversing this story with just them and no one else was better than I imagined. This novel didn't even end with much closure, but I don't care. I think it's the perfect ending for them, and I would be lying if I said that I might dread a book two spoiling the chemistry and note we left this story on.

When the realistic moments of a novel stand out, as oppose to the fiction within it all, I admire and commend that. We all know that it's a once in a lifetime opportunity/chance, but we don't feel it throughout. I was too caught up having a good time with the characters.

I have never read a Emme Rollins book before this one, but I would call myself a fan. I love her writing and attention to details. I love how every moment seemed real and none of it a dream. I kept wondering what Sabrina and Rob was talking about, because the reality was so good. I lived for every chapter and never wondered about the end.

If you are looking for a nice Sunday afternoon read, where you get to roam Detroit with an impractical practical mega fan and a not so complicated but deep rock star, then pick up this book! You won't be disappointed ... or at least, I wasn't :)

Inner Core By Sigal Ehrlich

I love improvement. I think it's great when a book two shows signs that an author either listened to the readers or has grown a little more confident in their writing. While some issues that I had with the previous book lingered and new peeves arise, I got answers and even changed my mind about a character.

I still don't feel as connected with Daniel as I do Hayley, but I do love them as a couple. Inspite of the unrealistic events, I love Hayley's uncertainty. It however, made the ending, seem rushed to me. Her level of uncertainty could no be cured so fast. Regardless of the circumstances. That's why I was pleased to here the time lapse in the epilogue. It might annoy some, but I believe her reluctance is the average human female behavior and reaction to the series of events in her relationship. Believe me, I know!

We finally got Daniel's back story with regards to his father, but that still doesn't help me with fully understanding his character. Instead of closing the novels, I think his POV was crucial to this story. He should have been given a few chapters. Especially his time in Thailand.

The irony of this novel being called unnecessarily long, by yours truly, is that I also feel that more was needed. The important things were fleeting, while we spent so much time listening to Ian talk crap. We got every irrelevant conversation, even if it's to discuss fats and carbs. o.O

There were so many major issues and situations, that were thrust into this novel, that could have brought it up a notch in climax and content. Unfortunately, those were the ones that were barely discussed.

Once again, their arguments made me snicker and laugh. Meeting Brad seems redundant at this point and I can't understand some extra baggage, that were thrown into the mix of everything. It's like she was trying to find content, while she had so much unused ones in the end.

Hayley and Daniel is not your conventional romance novel couple. I once again praise Sigal for the to the point sex scenes. The theme for this series to me is realism. It tries to keep events, conversation and the overall vibe of the book as real as possible. I can definitely see the more reserved and commitment phobe women relating to this.

I did bored, to the point of falling asleep a few times. The story lagged frequently, but I always found tidbits to keep me moving. I now want to learn more about Tasha, as she is an interesting character. This, I wasn't aware of, until the end of this installment. Maybe it's my need for substantial content that had me paying closer attention to her friends. o.O

I'd have loved some more interaction between her family members, especially Steven and her dad. A visit from Isis, under normal circumstances, would have been great also. To share in the overall end products of their relationship would have also added to my liking this book a little bit more. Instead, we got  a monotonous drag then a fast paced, running to catch up ending.

At 85% I'm wondering what book three will hold, then I realize that this is it for the series. I don't know what else could be added at this point, unless we are going to breaking off in novellas for Tasha and Ian. Every possibility was literally covered in the last 5% of the book. It might sound like a lot, but after reading for so long, you ask yourself what happened to the other 95% of the book? Why couldn't we have shared these happenings then?

It's safe to say this story is closed, but the journey there just doesn't allow you to feel it. We got some clarity from book 1, but it still leaves much to be desired and a few lingering queries. Not an overall boring book, but a tad confusing and jumbled. It gives the vibe of being condensed so it could fit as a two part series.