Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Sempre By J.M. Darhower

To all the people who told this author she would never amount to nothing or couldn't write, TAKE THAT!!!

The awesomeness that is Sempre! What's a good romance story without some gun, drugs, betrayal and violence?

I was totally caught up in this book till I forgot to eat and do work. I just needed to see what's next. It all seemed so real and not fabricated or too forced.

I love the characters and how the story was built. Getting a glimpse into the minds of so many of the characters was awesome and really helped with the development of this story.

I am so sorry that so many had to die to keep a secret that eventually came out, but I guess it adds to the story and gave the fuel the characters needed to get through each day and trial that came, and boy were there plenty!

Carmine Marcello DeMarco makes me swoon every time he speaks Italian. I just only hoped I could have caught him in the action more than we were privy to but I guess that's due to the path the book was focusing on. Still, I'd let him take me any damn day!

Slavery and human trafficking are serious issues that still plague society today and affects not only blacks, but all races. It touched very close to home and I am grateful I got the opportunity to read a story about struggle and consequences of your decisions, in a world were second chances are few and rare. It allows you to enjoy the freedom and small gestures that we are afforded everyday, that we take for granted.

Within the seriousness of this message, there were laughs all around and I never give up an opportunity to learn at least a few words in another language, especially culture and lifestyle. I am all about learning and this opportunity was the perfect one.

I wasn't sure who to hate and who to like, but as I went along, I felt so engrossed in this story that I feared trusting anyone and still not sure about anyone but the characters in the immediate circle. (la famiglia)

Minor characters were few and barely lasted due to the high level of killings, but the few that remained were necessary and the ones that could have been avoided weren't much of a bother either. I however, felt like it was just a book about the main characters as they are the only one you could trust to be alive after a chapter. (RIP Nick)

I feared for Dr. DeMarco every time he left the house, whilst I wish Dom and Tess could just drop off the map so as to never be in danger. I also wish for a different life for Carmine and Haven, as I think it's about time those two got a break! As such, I am dreadful of a book 2. I know a lot of unanswered questions are present and this story is far from over, but my I am so afraid to venture into a book 2 because of so much that can be at risk!

Regardless, I was glad I finally took the leap to read this amazing story and I am grateful for all I learned and appreciate a lot more of the little things in life, based on the struggles the characters faced in this novel. This in no way felt like 500 pages and I wanted much more while being apprehensive of what's to come.

Impatiently waiting the return of Carmine and Haven's amazing story about lost, love, struggle, trust, betrayal, freedom, determination and so much more.


Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Edge of Never By J.A. Redmerski

Ok, so honestly, this was a lovely story, but it wasn't an I-can't-put-this-down novel. It was interesting, it had  a really nice plot, characters and got you going a few times.

It's obvious that the author tries not to be conventional, so the POVs don't move chapter to chapter, it changes when she feels like changing it.

The story I must say was a beautiful one, about love, pain, challenge, illness and finding yourself amidst all the crap life throws our way. If only we could all hit the road like Camryn and Andrew.

I loved the different elements to this story, but so much was hidden until the very last chapter (literally), and then it was all piled on us.

The epilogue-like ending (once again she is standing outside the box) was welcomed, even though it gave me a little mini heart attack in the beginning, but then everything seemed unrealistically rushed and it has me wondering if that's why there will be a book 2.

I must however note that I wish it just ended as is, because not only don't I not want these two to have any more problems, but rushed or not, it was a good and fitting ending to Camryn and Andrew's story. If anything, they should have given Blake and Natalie their story.

There were a few highlight worthy lines, especially by Andrew, and I was pleased that we got the story from both ends. I just wished we would have learned the problem sooner and get to embark on that journey with them, as I believe it would hold more interest than the carefree one we were presented with.

I realize a predominant theme of wanting everything to be abnormal. I-love-you's weren't spoken and it was all easy breezy fun with a hint of death, sadness, longing, lies and liberation. This aspect though, was welcomed and the ability to get a piece of Greek mythology gets me every time!

We didn't really get a chance to connect with the other characters, especially when Andrew and Camryn hit the road, but I am not so sure if it's a missing element or something that was better done without.

The middle of this story was heavy with unnecessary chatter, that could have been replaced with some excitement or something memorable, as the author seems to like to take her imagination a step further.

Anyway, this was a nice story, that lagged in the beginning then got so intense and real in the last chapter (literally), just when I was really getting into it and all sorts of emotions were being drawn from me.
Regardless, I can't wait for book 2 and hope we get a little bit more passion in this one!


Friday, 26 April 2013

Twisted Perfection By Abbi Glines

If ever there was a cliffhanger, here it is!!

For the love of all that is holy I fail to understand why authors end books like this. I now have a million questions that can't be answered until fall 2013 ... like wth?!?!

Where to begin ... Della is awesome and Woods has taken on a whole new view for me. He came off a little creepy in the Fallen too far series, and I thought it'd transcend  over to Twisted Perfection, but it turned out that Woods is awesome and better in bed than Rush. Actually, the boys dirty talk is down right filthy and I love it!!!

The usual characters were in this one, with the exception of Rush and just a brief view of Blair. I liked the addition of Tripp, as with each novel, more interesting and loving characters are added to this lovely series. I would love to live in this town if I had thee people as my friends, and it's not about the money.

Abbi Glines is a seasoned writer and it pretty much showed here. This was definitely a twist where Rosemary is concerned, as the addition of Della touche on a real subject with a lot of possibilities ahead. This story could go in so many directions that the cliffhanger just leaves me even more frustrated.

Death seems to not be a fear or care for MS. Glines because she isn't afraid to have death within her novels. This one was no different and I think that is what made it even more real.

Since the introduction of the Rosemary crew, parents were more interwoven into this novel, as it showed a different relationship dynamic and therefore made it seem like it's own story, and not so much as a continuation of Fallen to Far series.

Angelina is a thirsty ass bitch! Like getting a clue is a thought she is unfamiliar with. The girl is the epitome of desperate  and yet still she flaunts the fact she can get anyone she wants.

It was also good to see that Jace and Bethy were still going strong. Maybe those two will get a book because I would love to see some Jace and Bethy sex for sure!!!

Overall though, this was a well written installment within the series and I love the character of Woods and Della together, it's dynamite!

This story covered love, life, mental illnesses, hope, dreams, friendship and so much more. I could continue reading about these two, as they are definitely not your normal couple, but you can definitely feel their love.
That is why, I hated the cliffhanger and I am trusting in Ms. Glines to not break Della and Woods, because this turn of events is a serious one with a lot of repercussions.

I'm getting heart failure just waiting!!


Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Real By Katy Evans

Holy sex on a Remy stick!

Remy's character had me from beginning to end. He's so strong but fragile all at the same time and I don't know if it's because I am listening one of the many mentioned songs from the book, but I just fell in love a little bit more with Remington Tate!

His character was NOT the typical bad boy. He had his medical problems but he was never overly pushy or forceful towards Brooke and I admired that. He was written with such a level head despite his major faults that I won't disclose because I think it's good for you guys to find out as it's a major turning point and set off a lot of things within this complicatedly real story!

I loved the musical interactions and the way how when he did express his self, it was so real, direct and intense! The man stir some things in me that very few male book heroes ever have.

He reminds me of Clay from Find you in the Dark and every time Brooke describes him I squirm a little. The image of him when she gets back from her meeting with Nora is so stimulating I have yet to forget!

When Brooke and Tate finally got down to connecting, I highlighted my kindle like a crazy person! The man might not talk much, but when he does boy does he blow me out the water with his approach and words. The man is awesome!!

I was surprised that the explanation of a lot of the physical training wasn't over done or grate on my nerves. I enjoyed the knowledge and believe it was written with the right amount of explanation, as to not overwhelm or bore.

I had to read until my eyes literally closed or until I saw 100% on my kindle as I just could not tear away from this story.

Surprisingly, the story was narrated by Brooke but all I could want and think about was sexy Remy and it's not just for his look, it's for his attitude, charm, wit and just being him. He didn't have to say or do much to be relevant or spark something. The man is just an Adonis if you ask me!!

I liked the fact that Brooke didn't play hard to get, but she was easy without being too easy and I admired that. There was little fight in that department and that made the story even better, as they connected without sex and all the other angst that normally accompany romance novels.

Remy's self control was through the roof and I admired his discipline and determination. The man is all round admirable!

The end scene had me a little conflicted as I love these two together, but I believe for once that Brooke should have been made to suffer a little for her decision. I have no problem with Brooke, but I am more inclined to team Remy and I think that she is a very coward person who puts book heroines her age to shame, as oppose to other characters that I have read about with the same problems at Remy.

I just wanted to hold and hush this Adonis because Brooke is so not woman enough to handle him!

Ok, so I am fully aware that I have spent half of this review praising Mr. Tate without an elaboration on much more, but what can I say! Everyone else within the book paled in comparison to him, even Brooke, seeing as how it was told from her POV.

The other characters were only mentioned as necessary and I am fine with that. I was completely surprised that a book with only 13 chapters could hold and keep me like this story. I thought it would be short, but I didn't even notice or pay attention to the length. I just know that I wanted more Remington Tate.

It was a really good story, with just the right momentum. Sex scenes were crazy as hell and I craved the conversations Remy and Brooke had, more than I craved anything else in the story. It was real and it flowed.

I am surprised as to the outcome with regards to the fights, but I guess it's one more element that makes this book they way it is. Unexpected things happen frequently and they are for the better. They take the characters to a new height, as it twist what you thought you knew to give you what is real (yes I know I am overusing this word).

I totally hated the title of the book , because it seemed so corny, so I wasn't even gonna read it, until I started to get into it and I believe the guy on the cover doesn't do him justice!

This was a beautiful story about pain (both emotionally and physically), love, lost, acceptance and the world of mental illness. I loved the concept and can't wait for book two. I'll be salivating like a dog until then!


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Rock My Bed By Michelle A. Valentine

Didn't see that coming at all!

I thought this story would have been a continuation after the proposal in Rock the Band but this starts at the Texas concert and I am totally glad for it, because it also cleared up a lot of questions and suspicions from Book 1. (I never understood Aubrey's reaction when she was first introduced to the band.)

I love Riff and Aubrey story. It's not shy or reserved. It's in your face and real. These two don't hold back and together their like dynamite!

I had no idea Riff had any problems at all and my heart broke for this character and the guilt that must have been eating him alive. He redeemed himself to me as a good character because initially I thought he was bad seed because he was so intent on getting back at Noel that I thought he would try to have sex with Lanie, but I see he was otherwise occupied ;)

We also got more of the twins and come to find out that they are a cool set a guys. It also finally helped me to differentiate between the two. I honestly never noticed the different hair colors until now.

I love that we still got our Noel and Lanie fix. And got some behind the scenes from Book 1 while at it. Riff is a great guy and friend and him and Aubrey go together really well!

Isaac completely shocked me in the end. I figure he would naturally get hurt by Aubrey, but c'mon , the guy was relentless even when she made her reservations clear as day! And then there he goes getting angry when the inevitable happened. He basically took advantage of her vulnerable state then gets pissed when she came to her senses.

The sex scenes were a little more intense than Noel and Lanie' s, and initially didn't carry the raw passion those two possess, but it totally held its own and even threw in a level of kink. I believe that if time was spent to make them more sensual it would a total knock out! However, I loved Aubrey's approach to sex.
Still, I don't think sex scenes are Ms. Valentine strong point.

It was good to learn Riff's story and real name and to watch this couple grow into each other and I love the way they interacted. I found his need to have her call him buy is given name totally sexy and hot and I must admit I jump a little every time she said it. And it ain't even all that of a name, but the premise behind it is totally hot!!!

A front row seat to Lanie and Noel wedding was awesome! It was tastefully done and a good addition to the novel. It expounded more than I would have like seeing as how it was Aubrey and Riff's book, but their little gestures were cute.

Their IM and E-mail exchanges were witty and a nice little touch to close the distance. It didn't make them feel very far away.

However, once again the book ended rather abruptly without much dialogue but seeing as how there are two more books to come, I guess we have another continuation on our hand.

Can't wait for the twins story, I know they're gonna be an awesome one!


Sunday, 21 April 2013

Broken at Love By Lyla Payne

If you have a complete hate of tennis, don't bother reading this book, because there is a whole lot of tennis themed events and tennis references.

Something about Quinn's story reminded me of Nick in the novel 'The Bet'. Not only the competition, but the family life and fall backs. The only thing missing is the ruthlessness.

Even though it was another college themed novel, this one strike a balance of both academics and party. While not going in details and taking us within the classes, it highlighted what was important at the necessary time and didn't overwhelm us with the wealth of the characters.

I believe the story was a steady and stable one until the end where it just began to speed up and then it was all a rush to finish it off.

Quinn was your usual bad boy, without the tats and bikes. He was quite the country club kind, but with a dream other than living off his trust fund.

Emilie was .... She had all the makings of a goods girl, but she also had that confidence factor that I love in a female character. She's not afraid to let it be known how she feels and what she wants.

The sex scenes were definitely tame, and just got around to basic description. It wasn't anything to get your blood going like most New Adult novels these days.

All in all, this was a solid read, it might not have emitted a lot of sparks, but it had its moments and is definitely a reliable and steady read.


Blackbird By Cheryl McIntyre

Always loved Mason and Hope!

This was a nice little mini story about what happens after Mason decide to stay in Ohio and the first couple of months they spent in college.

Hope's obsession with sweets is still there and I love how she and Mason just seems to click!

It was good to see Guy again, as these characters have always been unique and awesome. I'm also glad that Park wasn't left out. He isn't a bad guy. He was totally blindsided and was in love with Hope ... who wouldn't be!

This was really short, spicy, sweet and to the point in total Hope and Mason fashion. Nothing was under wraps and it was good to see a young couple work things out the way these too and once again, it's always great whenever we get a dose of Guy.


Saturday, 20 April 2013

Surrender By Melody Anne

Well, well, well ... I had different feelings throughout the book and I still do. I am once again annoyed that everyone seems to only write trilogies which is basically one book split in three, because there is no difference or new situations, just a continuation.

I love Ari ... she's strong and real. She doesn't play games and she says it like it is. She ain't sitting about crying over men and love. She is fighting for her mom and that is more admirable than anything.

Rafe is ... an enigma. I hate him, then I love him. Sometimes I think he's gonna finally acknowledge what he could have in Ari and then bam! The crazy is back with a vengeance!

The ending of this story left me a little on the fence. I know it's not a given that she will turn him down, but I sort of want them to have their time while I think his ultimatum is a really shitty one and sometimes we cross lines that we can't go back across and I feel like with that final scene, Rafe did.

However, after reading the consequences series, he might just get redemption because sometimes authors work like that.

The sex scenes weren't explosive nor were they vanilla. They weren't elaborated on to the point of total stimulation, but the occasionally stirred that need that sex scenes produce and were fairly modest in my opinion.

I loved how we got a slice of everyone who mattered and I believe that some scenes could definitely have been elaborated on more. It's like at points in the book, the author was in a race.

Rafe almost rival Anthony Rawlings from the Consequences series and best believe that ain't no picnic race!
The man is complicated and his logic makes no sense when it comes to relationships. It's unfathomable that he was so moved that it turned him ice cold, but nonetheless, his strong will might just be both an advantage and disadvantage.

I understand some fans reservations when it comes to Ari's end decision, but if he is to finally realize what he can have with Ari and if she decide to give him a chance, I truly hope she draws him to hell and back because he damn well deserve it!

The man showed a side of him that I would never expect, as I found myself liking him one minute and despising him the next. He really shows the thin line between love and hate!

This book was about life, love, struggle and every day situations with a twist of fantasy. We also got to see how men deal with heart break and relationships, from a half rational POV. It might not have been healthy, but at least he wasn't just sleeping with anything that walks.

I admire Ari's strength and determination and hope she finally gets a stitch of peace in book 2, as she truly deserves a break. It's as if as the sun starts shining for this girl, the rain clouds come and shred it all!

With all that being said, I can't wait for book 2 in the series to see the decisions that were made and the consequences that followed.


Friday, 19 April 2013

Damaged By H.M. Ward

I like Sidney and Peter. When they are together, it's not all sparks, but its comfortable and ... just right! Their like a mellow river.

I loved the beginning of this story. Had me laughing in the first 1% of reading and I know it definitely had potential.

So, maybe it wasn't explosive or keep me on my toes until Dean's entrance, which was short lived, but it just had this stoner vibe to it were you like the characters and I just chill with them. They didn't need to go over board or extra, their conversation, at least Peter and Sidney's conversations were very natural and they just flow. I could listen to them banter all day.

I believe the conversations Sidney had with the female characters in this book, with the exception of Ms. Strickland were very dull and stiff and quite unnecessary if you ask me.

Another thing that was a peeve for me, was the continuation of referring to the characters by the first name in everything! it's like pronouns didn't exist, it's all ... "Peter touch me" then "Peter kiss me" then we went to the bedroom and "Peter laid me down" ... I'm like ... ok, we get it, his name is Peter! It's as if the author forgot words like him, his and he.

I like Mark and I wanted to see what the author was gonna do with that angle, but it's just lingering for now so I'm not too sure as to what's happening there.

Millie ... hmmm ... I don't know. The expected major minor characters were not really utilized and I found myself gravitating more to Tia. Not that Millie was bad, but either she doesn't wanna pry, or she's a very laid back almost non existent friend!

The swing club moments were lovely and I could almost picture it, as I am a total sucker for that dance genre and I enjoyed the time spent doing the swing.

I was kind of thrown off when Peter began a very important explanation then stopped half way and the book has completed and we still don't know what really happened, or at least I don't know what happened and while I have an idea, I'd rather not speculate and get it from the horse's mouth himself.

Overall though, I liked this book, it was a very laid back read that had a few giggle moments in between chapters and had a very strong start, that lagged a little in the middle with a jolt at the end and signing off with a little mystery.

I really wish the book could have just continued so we could keep the momentum, but everyone wants trilogy these days, so I'm gonna stick with it and hold out to see how these two sort through the challenges coming.


Thursday, 18 April 2013

Surrender Your Love By J.C. Reed

Oh lordy!

Where do I start ... hmmm .... *sigh*

It could have potential if it was re-written. i just wasn't feeling the characters or the dialogues. I think I spent too much time in the head of Brooke (I had to look up her name again because she was so forgettable).

She was a conflicting character and the male interest only graced us when she found the time to get out of her own head. And when he did, he didn't convey much.

I also hate the fact that she was so senseless when it came to Jett, it's like ... bitch get some sense! phew!

There sexual chemistry was non existent and the sex scenes were rushed if you ask me, also, they conveyed little emotion or anything for that matter and his lines were corny as fuck!

I can honestly say that I got interested when I reach to the end and saw the obvious twist, as I wanted to see how the author would write out the obvious twist, that I already solved from he brought her to Italy.

However, it was not revealed in this book and I am not too sure I wanna wait on or read book 2 to find out. I think i'd rather read a spoiler review, because honestly I don't know if I have it in me to sort through the shit that is Brooke's (remembered this time) mind again.

I understand in the author letter at the end that this book is close to her and I would never want to devalue that, but honestly this book was horrendously bad.

The characters were shallow, I didn't even realize I was reaching a climax or end until I looked down at my percentage, because I kept reading hoping for something dynamic to happen or at least one event or sex scene, anything to shock some life into the damn book.

Anyways, it's safe to say that this was a very boring book with a story line with potential if it was probably written differently or ... idk something! But as is, it just did not cut it for me.

I'm trying to find one thing I like and unfortunately, nothing comes to mind. I am really trying to surrender to my conscience and find at least one thing but ... I am drawing blanks here.

Still, if you are one who likes to ride the pony at least once for yourself, have at it but this one wasn't for me at all!


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Blindfolded Innocence By Alessandra Torre

So, what I get from this is a woman's journey as to how she ended up naked and blindfolded in a room with two men, living out her current sexual fantasy and boy did I love it! (At least the fantasies parts)

I must say I love Brad and Julia. They aren't your everyday couple or love story. I have read books before, about people with voyeuristic tendencies, and I really wish we could have gotten some more where these two were concerned. It would definitely have been what dreams are made of.

I love a good sex novel, but hate it when it's over done. This wasn't. I love that the author knew when to stray from Julia to Brad or from both to a totally different character that you would least expect to get their say. 

An even mix was maintained throughout this story and it wasn't written a typical and was in no way conventional. There was no unrequited or suppressed love and no hidden agendas. It was plain, straight and right to the point all around.

There were some colorful characters, namely, Alex. He wasn't given much of a part, but his little piece was nice and add a certain calm tot he whole situation. There was no conforming in this book. It was definitely not a fairy tale and didn't try to be one.

The Vegas portion of the book seemed more like months than a weekend and I was surprised to see debauchery written which such tact.

I don't know if Julia considered herself a girly girl, but I don't and I loved her the way she was. She wasn't a tom boy, but she wasn't making goo goo eyes or pining over anyone. It was like a breath of fresh air, finally a female character who gets it without slutting around. She was strong and made her mind be known, while still eliciting a lot of hidden pleasures throughout the book.

Brad was an interesting one. I am sorry I judged him, because he was no regular lawyer story boyfriend, which technically he didn't take on the title until literally the last page!
He didn't feel the need for no over the top romantic gestures nor did he think he had to say I love you to close of a novel. The man was straight and quite captivating if you ask me. I really hope Book 2 doesn't see him becoming a push over, because I love him they way he is.

This book was a little tease and I loved the story line, characters and road it took. I am not too sure if I hate the ending, as it seemed so abrupt, but I am not sure if I wanted it to continue, because a whole whirlwind of problems could accompany the decision made in the final scene.

However, I will say I am thoroughly pleased I stuck through and gave this book a chance, because I initially thought it would be boring with little to no progression. It surprised me though and gradually built into a good and solid story.

Kudos to you Mrs. Torre!


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Beautiful Stranger By Christina Lauren

And this is how it should have been done in the first place!

Bravo Christina and Lauren, because you finally wrote a book I was thoroughly pleased to read.

Bennett and Chloe's story was annoying and boring and had me wanting to bash all of them head in together while Sara and the hot Brit, aka Max is a breath of fresh air with a dollop of spicy and sizzling hot!!!

Sara is the opposite, but with tact. She isn't swooning, but she ain't slutting either! The girl is adventurous on Friday nights and a mouse by day!

I love how this book focused on Max and Sara and being in both of them head was overwhelmingly awesome! I couldn't have asked for it a better way!

I had no unanswered questions and when I got down to 80% of my book I was sad because I wanted more.

These two knew how to add sex with meaning and without all the extra crap that authors find necessary for an explosive sex scene. And best believe each sex scene was built to be memorable!

These two played it by the ear.They were mature, sensible and the built on a good, steady relationship. If every woman had a man like Max, we'd definitely smile more!

This was like an episode of Sex all over the City, and definitely had no old broads or excessive drinking and fucking heels everywhere you turn. This book stayed through to it's sex theme with an element of surprise and sensuality, while teaching you how to pick up the pieces, trust and let your inhibitions go. Vicariously living through these two it what I did all day reading this book.

The conversations were real, the events were relevant an not just placed to take up space. The other characters were funny and witty and weren't written in just to take up space. They had a purpose and they served it well.

The occasional movie references, especially the Titanic one (which I noted and highlighted) were hilarious where they were written and didn't come off as too forced or cheesy.

Even the unrealistic parts of the story, like his mother's job and the places they had sex, was welcomed and was so abnormal, that they became normal and had me wanting to try a few spots ;)

The story also wasn't rooted in America, and showed some of Max's roots, and I have always been a sucker for anything English, whether it be the food, culture, language or just the men, I always love a good English anything! (Except maybe Winter)

You learned and grow with the characters and it definitely allowed you to bond with them and feel what they felt. This wasn't just a sex filled or crazy over the top love story, it was a life story.

I loved the story's progression and even though I didn't want it to end and is having Max and Sara withdrawal right now, I can safely say this was a well written and edited story with just the right balance throughout.

I can honestly say, lay off the fan fic ladies because you got a gem right here without any help from another authors book. This was not twilight nor any remnants of it.This was Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren!


Disastrous By E.L. Montes

Hmph ..... well that was ... dull.

Unbelievably to the 100 degree with no real emotions or feelings. Like what the hell though? I am sure much better could be done. I am not even sure where to start.

Either she was the easiest and lamest lay (which is believable) or Jeremy is secretly gay. Because no way in heaven can you sleep with a guy for months and then wake one day and say let's be friends and bam! Your friends and its all good in the hood.

So much potential could have occurred here if only it was written differently. I honestly don't even know where to start or what to make my grievance about first. Is it the fact that this career focused young lady spent a summer at a law firm and we only heard about one case which she briefly discussed?

The unrealistic and uneventful relationship that span over a four months basis, that seemed liked a damn eternity?

This story had underlying elements that didn't even bring me in the way I assume it was intended to. We barely got a view of the law office and the mobster side of the story was vague, and didn't really spark much if you ask me.

I found it hard to believe half of the conversations and emotions that took place. I didn't hate the characters though, I just disliked the story telling and the dialogues. It was very poor and extremely rushed.

A confusing prologue, a beautiful start and then the characters began conversing and I was like hell fuck it! Just stop this shit now!

My favorite character was Megan and the girl popped in the last 10% of the book and I would really rather focus on her than all the characters who are suppose to be the focus, mainly the half naive, half annoying character that is Mia. Half the time I don't even know what the girl is mad about and I don't even wanna  get into the enigma that is Marcus DeLuca.

I though the man would be one of those swoon worthy character but either Mia doesn't know how to describe well or all we need to know is that he smells good. I fell no connection whatsoever with none of these characters and  they definitely don't shock or get my motor going.

The unnecessary fights and drama was just eye rolling ridiculous and got me thinking why the hell is all this necessary. It's like the characters, mainly Mia, tried her best to be upset at every little peeve. I totally didn't get this fire they talked about.

The mobster side of the story was in no way scary and the fact that everyone could hide a weekly dinner from a supposed best mobster in Boston, had me damn baffled, annoyed and thinking that I could do better to inject fear into people than he can.

Anhyhoo ... not the best of stories, but being a glutton for punishment and being as how I am on sick leave, with not much to do but read, on I go to cautious, warrant it is out, to see how these people can frustrate me even more.


Monday, 15 April 2013

Undeniable By Madeline Sheehan

Raw, Raunchy, depraved, angst .... it's just some words that come to mind when I think about this book.

Deuce and Eva are ... I don't even know. The characters are like none I have ever read about before and I am surprised as to if this is what biker books are about, this being my first one.

I didn't hate it, but I must say it shocked my pants off a few times. This really is no love story. It's a story alright,  just not one that I was expecting.

The yearly developments were nice and gave us a better look as to this crazy complicated relationship, but the events, the language and the characters were ... let's just say different!

This book took everyday occurrences and more and laid it all on these two characters.
Eva has had enough trauma to last anyone a lifetime and Deuce is well ... Deuce!

All the characters had their place and fit well in the middle of this mess called a love story or whatever genre it drops itself in. I was pleased that a major character was minor in the crew, and absolutely loved his character  minus the debauchery.

The conversations were very colouful and the sex scenes left little to the imagination. This book was about being hard and showing it. There was no playing around or flirting. It was all raw and saucy!!

Frankie was an interesting character who I believe that if helped earlier on the book, would not have come to the fate he suffered, as I believe he was mostly a guy in love who had serious abandonment issues. I believed his character add a certain level to the book that no other character would have been able to add.

You got a more in depth look into the organization of the 'Horsemen' than you do the 'Demons' but it was still enough to make you like and dislike both sides. And the fact that you got both main characters POV was an added bonus, even though I was confused as to why Eva's POV was from her and Deuce's was narrated o.O

I must admit though, a lot of times I was either in shock or disbelief regarding a situation or decision and hate and love poured out of me in equal measure for the main characters. They both had their share of screw ups and God knows you wanna forget the past but these two were either really screwed up or crazy in love. ( I have yet to decide which,  it might be a bit of both)

This book had an air of openness and freshness to it and I absolutely adored Chase and Kami's marriage, even if it was shit! There were no secrets or round about with this story, it was straight, plain and got right down to the facts.

The way the men spoke to women and around children was a little disturbing if you ask me, and the titles bestowed upon the women as well as the men's blatant respect for fidelity was shocking. Especially, some of the women's stance regarding their husbands ways.

It's as if the constitution of marriage was just that ... a constitution! In retrospect, the only faithful man in the book was the most crazy one of all who was mentally unstable (now this was an utter shock!)

There were a few scenes that I believe was totally unrealistic, and others that I thought were so sensitive that they might not have been elaborated on, but they were (i.e, rape and sex then killing scene).

This book wasn't your usual drama filled book, it was real, raw and down to the point and it surprisingly caught and kept my attention because I read it in one sitting.

R rated isn't even enough for this book, but definitely go into this one with your mind open, because just as the author hinted in her blurb, 'This is not a typical love story'!

- http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/16112098-undeniable

Beneath This Man By Jodi Ellen Malpas

Well that was intense!

Just when I think Jesse has got his shit together, he ups and do more shit!

Ava is one complex character. The girl never does what I expect of her and I fucking love her for it! Both her and Jesse keeps me on my toes!

Shout out for the use of Pumped up Kicks by Foster the People as that is one of my all time favourite songs and band. Had me singing along even when that section was finish.

I was glad to see the usual players and get a more in depth view of The Manor ... mixed feelings all about for me on this one! It's part of what I expected but still lacking in some ways for me.

Peanut butter was back! :)

I totally got the concept and the title and was pleased that this installment ended on a high even with trouble lurking. The continuous cliffhangers were killing me!

The sex scenes while still explosive were fewer, but still as satisfying and validating. And it was good to see Ava take control in one. Girl was good!

While not from Jesse's POV as I would have liked, I was thoroughly pleased and will be having Jesse and Ava withdrawal!

I am impatient to see how it all ends, and I hope for a little less problems for Ava and Jesse. They deserve a little peace. Can't wait to get to the last book to wrap it all up.

This is a beautiful story with rather interesting characters and I am glad I stumbled upon it, because it hit just the right spot!

There were a lot of elements to work with and through and they were beautifully developed and executed!

I love the fact that you can see the characters growing and the questions been answered as well as the integration of family.

While still being Jesse, he has really grown in this installment and I would really love to see him and Ava's character grow to be more comfortable with each other, so when the series conclude, there will be no doubts as there is now.

This installment had a little more drama than the last and I can just imagine the drama the final installment will entail. There will be a lot to overcome and I can't wait!!


Saturday, 13 April 2013

This Man By Jodi Ellen Malpas

That man indeed!

Intense was the theme of this book and confusing as ever!

So .... I totally got the main truth but there is so much unanswered questions also. I am a little surprised that Eva didn't get the main truths, as they were clear as day, but I guess I never have Jesse around to distract me.

I loved  this storyline (even though I am not sure where it is going right now) and the characters. I have yet to find one to not like, (even Sarah).

I kind of wish that we could have gotten a little of Jesse's POV, because I would have love to get a view of what goes on in  The Manor as well as Jesse's mind.

Ava is a gem! I love her as a character. She has just the right balance and ration, even when she's getting a sense fuck :)

I was thoroughly pleased with this novel! Especially the UK culture and language. I am glad for a book not set in the US. A little difference is always appreciated.

As a fellow peanut butter lover, it was good to see a character as addicted as I am!

The supporting characters were also really good and intertwined beautifully!!! John is hilarious without even trying and Sam is definitely one to like ... the jury is still out on Drew.

Tom, Victoria and Sal, even Matt were good additions that didn't over power Eva and Jesse's story.

I totally love Tom's character. (He's my soul mate) :)

The secret treasure hunt might be dangerous, but totally hilarious and I love the ringtones. I even sang a few that I knew.

This book was so good that I have few complaints and the sex was fucking explosive! Jesse can take me any day of the damn week he wants! The man makes me hot just by opening his mouth. And even though they go at it like rabbit's, each is so ingrained in my mind that you can actually separate them and remember each . Which is totally crazy, because they go at it a lotttttttt!!!

I'm glad that everyone's life was blended so well and I really hope Ava and Jesse get their happy ever after because no one deserves it more than them.

I just really hope we can uncover some more secrets and finally get a hold on this man, because after an entire book I am still not sure who is Jesse Ward and my God do I wanna know!

On I go to Beneath This Man. Crossing my fingers for a little Jesse POV  and clarity - ish , because this book is a cloud of mystery when it comes to this man!


Thursday, 11 April 2013

Rock the Band By Michelle A. Valentine

Redemption for Lanie! .... courtesy of Noel obviously!

I'm glad the novella was by Noel because I could take so much and no
more of selfish Lanie.

This book made me fall in love with Noel all over again .... how sweet
can a guy be!

I love that we got to see the band again and it totally cleared up my
mind about Riff ... he's a keeper alright!

The twins were blended in more and while short and sweet, it had a
really nice fill!

I'm glad we got to meet Noel' s dad in this one and got to see how he
interacts with both parents.

Once again, the ending left sooo much for you to ponder on, I would
say Ms. Valentine isn't too keen on endings, they are always so

Even with a shadow being placed over Striker, I still like him and
believe that it's just one more guy too good for Lanie.

However, it was a sweet little novella that hit the spot. Can't wait
for Riff and Aubrey' s story!


Rock the Heart By Michelle A. Valentine

Lanie is a first class bitch who so totally doesn't deserve Noel and
he is a fool for not seeing that.

I believe he had the right idea in the beginning but then he became a
wuss and it was all down hill from there!

This girl is the most selfish person ever and she is all for herself.
She sacrifices herself for no one. Not even the guy she says she love.

This story had so much potential if only Lanie wasn't in it! That
hitch makes you wanna cut somebody! Namely her.

Putting my hatred for Lanie aside, these rockers minus the twins are
total pussies! Excuse my French!

I think under different circumstances I could really like Riff ... but
he was always portrayed as such a conniving person that I'm not even

This book was totally centered around Lanie and her selfish ways.
Therefore, unless she's interacting with them, you hardly get to see
or develop something for the other characters.

The twist in the end was not expected, I'll give it that, but it was
so anticlimactic that it just bombed in my opinion!

I hear people comparing this book to The Mighty Storm and Sinners on
Tour. I have never read Sinners on Tour but I can say now that other
than the childhood connection, this book is in a world by itself.

A good rocker book is the Thoughtless series and The Mighty Storm
series ... this was a book about a selfish girl who got fucked in the
end by the one thing she lets rule her life and even then by the grace
of an awesome man like Noel, she doesn't have to lose it all.

I believe Noel can do better and I'd even pick Sophie' s lying ass
over Lanie for Noel.

I've honestly read and seen better rocker novels. The only reason I am
forging ahead with the novella is because I love reading about Noel,
even if I have to get it from Lanie' s POV.


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Fighting for Flight by JB Salsbury

Refreshingly different!

So ... i was kind of in a rut before reading this book so I was looking for YA but not the cliche kind and so i stumbled across this book and I was hooked from beginning to end!

These characters are different from your usual YA characters and their personalities shined throughout and took you in a different world where you not only feel the emotions, but you get to know the characters on a very intimate level.

I was very pleased being in both the minds of the characters, but sometimes I find myself wanting to hear from Jonah more than Raven (lovely name by the way).

The setting and plot was different and a lot of guessing I did, was wrong, but I still didn't mind the outcome.
Most scenes had me on my toes sweating my palms away like Raven.

I loved how the characters careers were expounded on in details and had me believing that these really were passions, as I get to share in what drives each one.

The minor characters were beautifully intertwined and the conversations never strayed to just shooting the breeze or passing time, it was all relevant and sometimes had me laughing while other times have me sweating and eager.

Blake was a great addition and the supporting team really helped in the conveying of a scene.

The sex scenes were descriptive in just the right way! They probably end a little prematurely for me :) but they were still satisfying and got me going a little.

The realness of these characters showed and events and decisions seemed very much real and not forced or made up. I believe that an immense amount of research was done for this book, because nothing was left out and things were most certainly explained all the way in details.

I loved that there were no overly rich people who couldn't run out of money, and that adds more to the realness, as it created a barrier for the characters to cross and made the story more interesting.

The prologue was a very important part of the book, and for a person who doesn't really dig prologues a lot, is saying much about me.

My favorite scene was the fight, it was so intense and to be in Jonah's mind at that point in time took the scene to another level. I believe that taking that scene from his POV was the best decision for the book and I totally adored being in the mind of a fighter like Jonah.

This was a thoroughly researched and beautifully executed novel that I am glad I got the pleasure of reading, I am looking forward to the remaining books in the series.


Sunday, 7 April 2013

Connected By Kim Karr

This one had a very strong start and I felt like this might be a promising one because of all the elements you were promised at the start.

I was into it a lot and very much conflicted as to who I should like or if I should like both. It was a steady journey and then ....

Before I know it, people are dying, unconventional reunions are happening and I am thoroughly confused and just skipping through each chapters wondering what is going on, whats the outcome, when are we gonna be made privy to the big secret that River holds.

I absolutely despise the lyrics at the beginning of the chapters, especially when we reached the chapter to 'Breakeven' because that is one of my all time favorite songs. I believe that she should have found a way to deliver the correct and proper lyrics or just don't do nothing at all!

The song choices throughout the book was lovely and I was uber excited for the Kellan and Jake nods because those are to of my favourite books and book characters and I loved the shout out to other YA authors. It was noble and commendable if I might say so myself.

The complete switch of narrative from Dahlia to River was confusing and had me wondering why and when would we hear from Dahlia again.

Conversations were ... awkward to say the best and didn't really flow or convey much for me. Sometimes it was down right annoying to be privy to a conversation that could have surely been edited out of the book.

I honestly believe the climax came at the end of the book, while one of my thoughts turned out to be right and I was starting to feel the book again, and just like that it ended and I was told fall 2013 with a 10% mark left on my kindle and two totally unrelated stories from two totally different authors ... yeh ... disappointed doesn't even begin to voice what I feel and how I can feel the confusion coming with the rightfully titled book 2, Torn.

With that being said, I found a lot of elements to this story that I loved, and the music selection was eclectic and awesome and just what I listen to on a daily basis. That familiarity was welcomed and loved.

I honestly didn't really feel the connection between River and Dahlia, and so I am very much confused and found it hard to understand their feelings.

I believe separately, I love both characters as River is a really nice and thoughtful guy that I honestly can't place, because he seems more like an accountant that a rock star ... he seems to not even be interested in his chosen career which is very odd.

Dahlia is ... different and her mood swings and freak outs are ... different. I am unsure of how to place this character because she is all over the place.
When reading from her POV, she is unsure, confused, sad and all sort of bad emotions and when you get to see her from River's POV, she is so sure, confident and seem like she is the put together one and he is the broken one.

The other characters seemed inconsequential and were barely given the time of day, when they were, I found them unnecessary. They themselves have some secrets that they need to be relieved as I completed the book not really knowing anything and any one in depth enough to feel much for them.

The end narrative was a little but not complete surprise and the one thing that got my blood going again, but just as it begun it was over.

There are so many different secrets and twist to this story that you are not sure which one to focus on and apparently the author decide that none would be revealed in this installment either.

So, here I am waiting for book 2 and hoping it's the last of the series or at least something will be revealed, because this book was very unsatisfying and I wasn't so interested to wanna read a book 2. It's mostly just to finally get some answers.


Saturday, 6 April 2013

Walking Disaster By Jamie McGuire

It's like reading a totally different story about two different characters.

As soon as he started to describe certain scenes, I remembered it from Abby's POV but it ddidn't detract in no way, if anything, it enhanced the scene and shed a new light.

I always wondered what was going on in Travis's head and my was I shocked to find out that he really was the aggressor. I thought he was subtle, but a mastermind behind the scenes is what he was.

I was glad to see the dynamic of Shep and Travis and a lot of filler scenes were added, that made this story uniquely Travis's own .

A lot of things were learned about Travis that I knew nothing about from reading book 1 and I fell in love with this character all over again!

I was always Team Travis, even from book 1, and I found myself hating Abby at parts in the book, because boy did she have issues! Drama should be this girl's middle name, especially for someone who tries to stay far away from it.

Even with scenes from book 1, told by Travis, it was very much different and a few dialogue that wasn't present in book 1 surfaced, and we went deep within issues and skipped over others that were closed from Abby's POV and didn't need to be re-opened for Travis book.

I loved the relationship between Travis and his family, especially Trenton and the opening scene was a good way to further explain the dynamic that is the Maddox family.

I thought I would get bored, because I would basically be reading over a book I already read, but it kept me thinking, piecing things together and making conclusions like I never saw the situation before.

Travis was one to get down tot he nitty gritty in his descriptions and his anger was more than I ever knew he had. The insights into his mind during the fights was welcomed and allow you to see that he wasn't just some crazy badass, but a well trained and meticulous fighter who planned all his moves.

The extension of after the wedding, told by Travis was a welcome added bonus scene and I while I was sad as to the outcome for Adam, I was glad for the views after the eloping, because I was wondering how everyone would react.

The epilogue was a little unexpected but so much like Travis and Abby! I already love Jessica and James and I could not have picked a better job and ending for Travis and Abby ... anything else would be less.

I am a little disappointed that we only got a hint of what happened with Shep and America, which isn't anything really solid either, and now I wondering if it's what my crazy mind think!

Anyhoo, I loved this installment and believe justice was rightfully done to this novel. Thank you for a great love story!!!


Thursday, 4 April 2013

Fever By Maya Banks

Never know how much I love you, never know how much I care
When you put your arms around me, I get a fever that's so hard to bear
You give me fever - when you kiss me, fever when you hold me tight
Fever - in the the morning, fever all through the night.
Sun lights up the daytime, moon lights up the night
I light up when you call my name, and you know I'm gonna treat you right
You give me fever - when you kiss me, fever when you hold me tight
Fever - in the the morning, fever all through the night.

I get the title Maya! ... God do I get the title!

I am just gonna dive right in to the scene that knocked my pretty little socks off, that stucked with me throughout the whole darn book - it was when Ash asked her to "Open up for me Sweetheart- god damn if I didn't wanna open up!!! I know this was Jace story but my word Maya you almost had me wanting her with Ash after that line!

So ... finally it's Jace time and I am utterly surprised as to not only the dominance level, but the fact of how much of a sap Jace can be ... totally surprised that he was the pursuer of this all. I totally pegged him for a commitment phobe! 

So, as I already relayed my naughty thoughts on Ash's words, I must say I am no longer a book threesome virgin! You popped that cherry Maya and ain't nobody I would have prefer to done it, because it was damn fantastic!!

I read the rest of the book, but with every chapter I kept referencing the one night the characters wanted gone, and it was the night of the damn awesome threesome that did all sort of things to me ... *fans*

I was glad to see some of the suspects from 'Rush' and I was utterly pleased that it wasn't just cameos like everyone else has fallen off the map, it was a continuation, just from a different perspective. We caught up with everyone and everything, down to business deals and it felt more comfortable, not having to get reacquainted with the previous characters, it sort of all just flow into one. Like skipping from a chapter to the next, instead of a whole book.

Hands down, until I read Ash book, but Jace is currently the best in bed and I would let him dominate me any damn day of the week! The things he says in and out of bed and the things he do makes me shiver every time I see they bout to get it on!

A very emotional, enlightening and realistic story was this one. It should different elements of struggle, trust, loyalty, unconditional love and so much more. There were more elements to this installment that the last and these characters created more realistic drama that you could relate to and sympathize with.

There was never a chance to be bored or lag, this book was wonderfully written with everything in mind and covered all the bases. 

There were a few time where even I was embarrassed for the sentimental things Jace said and did, but having both their POVs, like a behind the scene look made it much better!

The drunken scene was hilarious and one of if not the most light and free moment within the book, separate from the end.

I must say though that I was thoroughly disappointed that a preview for 'Burn' was not saddled to the back of this one, because I am now #teamash and I am craving 'Burn' more than I craved the two previous books.

I can honestly say I enjoyed reading this book and the sex scenes were awesome as well as all the romantic, tension filled dramas throughout.

I definitely recommend this one!


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Until Fountain Bridge By Samantha Young

Adam and Ellie's epic romance story.

This was a really creative, interesting and compelling way to direct a story, and I found myself going through a whole lot more emotions with an 8 chapter novella than I did with On Dublin Street.

It was good to have a complicated uncomplicated romance (don't even know if that made any sense). It made you relax and enjoy a journey that ended with more than expected.

The sex scenes were just what I expected and a few times that Adam touched Ellie, I found myself shivering too.

I loved how you got a map of Ellie's life from such a tender age and this girl has so many layers that each time you peel back one you love her more (afterall, if Joss can love her, who can't?)

A few scenes from On Dublin Street were re-enacted from their POV and it made it feel like a whole new scene, and surprisingly the health scare made me much more calm to hear it from Ellie than it did from Joss. it's as if Joss was more terrified than Ellie.

As sweet as she is, Ellie also showed that things were done to her from a tender age and that just like the other characters, she made mistakes and poor decisions (the virginity story was sad!)

Either way, you still love her and she and Adam's story was full of different elements and made for a lot more interesting of a read than that of Joss and Braden (yup! no lie)

I believe this novella started well and ended at the correct point in time. It was excellently written and other than a few editing errors, it was flawless!

Thanks again for a great novella and I look forward to Down London Road, cause I wanna see what Jo gets herself into this time.


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

On Dublin Street By Samantha Young

Note ... I'd have moved in the penthouse but I get the whole significance of Dublin Street.

So ... this was a change ... #teamJoss!!

I loved the independence that Joss possessed minus the reasons that caused it and how she executed it. She was smart, funny, witty and I could live in  that girl's mind forever and not get bored!

The kind of confessional feel when her therapy sessions would emerge mid situations within chapter was really nice and had me laughing a few times and guessing others. It was refreshing, welcomed and gave just the right reprieve.

James short entrance was like a whirlwind and I totally love James for his bluntness! Friends like that are few and reminds me of my best friend (she'd die if she heard I call her this)!

Rhian, even over the phone, was just as enlightening and I am really sorry that we didn't get more than one face to face scene with her.

Braden Carmichael is a dream! The man is sexy, charming, funny, witty and so intense that even I needed a little Braden breather!

I adored this story line as it was similar but different with it's executions and turns. Even the overbearing scenes were done with finesse so they didn't seem so much.

Whilst the sex scenes were pretty basic (compared to some young adult novels out there), it didn't subtract from the book and the time length and descriptions were satisfying with just the right note.

I loved the relationship Joss had with Ellie and Braden's family, and the whole family was very much welcoming and you could feel that.

Ellie and Adam were a nice little mix to the story and I can't wait to get a peek at their little novella, as I believe they are just as intense.

I was surprised at the outcome, as i thought that crazy Joss story could never possibly end the way it did, afterall, she's Joss!

I appreciated the element of surprises throughout the story and dialogue flowed very easily and never left you bored or trying to edit out unnecessary parts.

All in all, I enjoyed my time on Dublin Street and felt as though Scotland was given a lot of justice by this phenomenal writer who placed a twist on a love story and made it different while satisfying.
The heroine was that - a heroine - and for that, this story kept me interested and guessing trying to see what crazy Joss and Braden would do next.

- http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/15760001-on-dublin-street 

Monday, 1 April 2013

Never Too Far By Abbi Glines

Score 2 for Abbi Glines!!

So ... here we have the usual characters in another of Ms. Glines summer romance continuations and everyone seems to be having their happy ending except for Blaire and Rush ... Blaire now has a big ass secret that she is trying to keep from everyone, especially Rush.

Things take turns for the worse and better and while Rush keeps being Rush and messing everything up, Blaire is still being the most mature 19 year old in the world (occasionally) as they try to make it through the remainder of the summer and plan their future.

I love the fire in Bethy and how she's always there for Blaire. I'm also glad she got her happy ending, and a novella would have been just awesome for her character.

I loved the role that Woods played and I finally realize that he is one of the good guys! #teamwoods

Grant was his usual present while being absent self and Nan was a bitch as always!

It was good to hear the real story and to see the conversations between Rush and Blaire's dad as well as Blaire and her dad.

The jump back to Alabama was also welcome and Granny Q was a hoot! a nicer, wiser old woman can't be found.

Cain .... he definitely had good intentions and I must say his infidelity ways was more funny than sad.

There seem to be alot of forgiveness and closure with this novel, so I am not too sure as to why a book three for Rush and Blake is in the future, but I hope these two finally get a break, cause their drama level is ridiculous!

As usual, Blaire kicked ass in this book and even though I was a lot annoyed with her in the beginning of the book, I once again warmed up to her, because c'mon ... Blaire is awesome!!!

This book hit just the right notes and the series of events flowed easily and unnecessary dialogue was never present. It was all relevant and I thoroughly enjoyed every ounce of this book.

I just really wish we could have gotten to see Blaire give birth, but with a book two, I am hopeful.

Rush will always be a screw up and Blaire will always be the rational one that keeps them together ... a better dynamic has never been known.


Fallen Too Far By Abbi Glines

And Abbi with the save!

After reading Breathe, I had decided that I wouldn't be reading another Abbi Glines novel, but I am glad I am so open minded *pat on the back*, cause I adored this one!

I'm still on the fence as to the fact that they are legally brother and sister so they shouldn't even be together, but let's hang that one out to dry for a while.

So .... I totally love Blaire! Really wish we could meet Valerie if she was anything like Blair. She strikes just the right note at the right time. She's on point with her emotions and not afraid to show what she feels on her sleeves. Theirs no corners with her and I just love it!

The fact that she owns a gun, knows how and actually pull it a few times, makes her even more badass!

I keep gushing over this book mainly because I love the character of Blaire with her attitude and charisma ... the girl is totally loveable!

Now onto Rush ... weird ass name but ok. I love a guy with just the right amount of piercings, so he definitely does it for me.
I love is confidence, and the banters that he and Blaire had in the beginning of the book.

That peanut butter scene was hilarious!!!

Anyways, I was glad that I found out the secret with Blaire as it gave the book a different feel. However, I think this tale is so entangled I don't know if they can ever climb out of this web. I sure know I don't want Blaire hurt again ...love her character too much!

The other characters played their parts well, and I am still a little confused as to Woods (another weird ass name). I don't know if he can be trusted or if he has ulterior motives.

Nan is a grown ass bitch who needs to grow up before someone (namely my girl B)buss a cap  in that ....

This book was beautifully written, and all I could ask for was a little insight into the brain of Rush Finley. But even then, I think the story is also made much better because it was told only from Blaire's POV.

We got to experience everything with her and I am really nervous to move on to the next part of the series, because all I want is happiness for Blaire and I don't want one soul to make her sad, not even herself!

In my eyes, Ms. Glines had redeemed herself for me with this one. It's definitely not your usual summer romance and drama filled novel. I just wish they weren't steps, because one less problem is so needed within this story.