Friday, 31 May 2013

Dare You To By Katie McGarry

Way to close out my May with another good book by Katie McGarry.

There is something about her writing that ... it holds just the right vibe. It's never too fast nor slow. It keeps the proper pace and with everything that's happening, she finds a way for you to totally bypass a previous problem and focus on the current one without even a thought. It's like she captivates you so much into this story that you can only focus on word to word and page to page as you go.

I swear she would have lost the momentum she had with Pushing the Limits, but she held that reign with Dare you to and while it wasn't as intense as Pushing the Limits, it was just as good in its own category and I loved every minute of it.

I love, love, love Beth and I am glad she got to keep who she really was from Pushing the Limits. She didn't magically turn BFFs with Echo and she kept all the spunk that made her Beth. Nothing changed with this girl's personality, despite the changes that eventually came.

It was good that Echo, Noah and Isaiah were blended in this book, and we even got a scene that was totally focused on Noah and Echo without overpowering what was Beth's story ... in other words, really loved the hammock scene. It brought back memories from Pushing the Limits and that was really good nostalgia.

I must say I was surprise when I found out that Beth got a new love interest in this novel, as I swore she would wake up one day and realize the love that Isaiah has for her. Still, I liked Ryan's character from the teaser we got at the back of Pushing the Limits and he some how grows on you throughout the book.

And so we come to the topic of Ryan Stone. The biggest gentleman you could meet (Psy would be proud ;) ). His *aheem*  (clears throat) ... situation was a change and I was glad for that realness and difference when it comes to teens and having sex. He wasn't sex crazed and that helped a lot to differentiate him from the previous characters from this and most YA series.

The angle that Ryan's character was taken from was done really well and all that country charm wasn't lost on me either. I was glad for his POV and I love his determination and passion to everything in life.

The bottle of rain scene was a solid one and one of those memorable scenes that just has you replaying it over and over in your mind. This boy's charm knew no limit and that was an incredible feat that made this character what he was.

The minor characters from this book who belonged more to Ryan's side were easy to warm up to ... except for maybe Chris. He rubs me a little!
I am soooo in love with Logan's character and especially when he put Chris in his place at the last game scene. I would love a book for him. Preferably with him in college though. I could revisit these characters from the rural area again.

Isaiah got dealt a blow in this one and for that I wasn't too pleased. But I love the control and suave that his character exudes. He has this vibe about him that you just love and while I see where he's gonna be contending with a preppy girl, I would have totally prefer him with a rough around the edges girl like Beth ... but we'll see.

Still, great story about family, loyalty and trust. I believe those are good themes over the basic one of love and lost any day. This book was written beautifully and the emotions that were pulled from this book was real, raw and wonderful all at once.

I can't wait to get into Crash into you to see what trouble Isaiah gets into, because I could follow these characters around all day!!

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Crossing the Line by Katie McGarry

I don't know if it's because I took Katie's playlist to heart and I am listening to Time after Time at the moment, but somehow I feel like this is a preview to an actual novel ... or maybe that's just wishful thinking (let me know). But I really loved and connected with this story and it's "Letters to Juliet" feel. ( Not that I'd know, I never watched the show)

Still, I liked Lincoln initially more than I liked Lila and I believe that there's could be a really good story if given the chance .. it's not too late :-)

Either way, eventually throughout this novella, that was good novella length and quality, I fell in love with the characters that are Lila and Lincoln.  I love the bits and pieces from their letters at the beginning of  each chapter and I got so much emotions from such a short novella that its crazy!

I loved the paintball scene and I believe that's what cemented my love for these two, especially Lila. It made me want to re-read Pushing the Limits so I could pay more attention to when she mentioned Lincoln in that book. It's too bad their story only got a novella because it was a good one.

Our little Echo fix was nice and it was good to get a shout out to all the characters, even if they weren't all present.

Lila is snarky, witty and a little crazy, but you can't help but love her OCD ways. While Lincoln seems even sexier on paper than Noah. I could see myself falling in love with this awesome boy and I would read his story especially with his dysfunctional family.

Really good novella this one, and Katie McGarry deserves her props for a short and sweet story about two  lost people trying to find their way ... I really hope they do.

P.S. ... Still holding out for a novel on them :-)

Jet by Jay Crownover

Jet and Ayden ... hmmm .... I must say, I expected more sparks from these two. I won't say I hate this one, but I guess I expected the high I got from Rule and Shaw's story. This installment was tamed even without a comparison and I believe some of the premise that were set could have been better executed and blown this book out of the water!

Still, I always love a book that introduce and re-introduce me to new and old songs. I'm eclectic in my taste, so I love music based novels and being the awesome musician that he is, Jet's character provided just that while Ayden allowed me to get back to my country music roots. ( Listening The Band Perry right now) :-)

Once again, the piercings and tattoos were explained down to the very last detail, and that's part of what I love about a Jay Crowner novel. She isn't trying to make these men bad and say "Here, he has a tat on his arm!" ... She goes in depth. She make me feel like I can really see this tattoo come to life and I love that!!

Where the piercings are concerned, I have always been a fan of piercings and in salute to book 1 and to ring in starting book 2, I finally made up my mind and got another piercing *wink* (I'll let you guess where) ... P.S. could use some help where pain tolerance is concerned :-(

But anyways ... loved the characters as always and I swear from anyone other than Rule or Shaw's POV, Rule seems like a beast in this novel!! All the old characters were back and we even have the addition of Asa who I could totally see getting his own book, even if we only got a glimpse of him. But I do believe, that this series has a long way to go so I'm holding out on that one.

Jet was a little more .... let's say passionate ... than I expected, but I also liked the reverse in roles between his and Ayden's relationship. It wasn't cookie cutter and while a lot of surprises or shock wasn't lurking, it was still a solid novel that wasn't Rule level, but not bad either. It's one of those comforting just good enough novel.

Ayden was totally not what I expected based on her personality from book 1 and at times I wanted to smack her! Some how, she grow on me without me even noticing and next thing I know, I am liking her. She was different and the twist was nice. She wasn't your usual female protagonist and while the difference conveyed so much emotions, from boring to infuriating and everything in between, you still didn't mind going on to the next chapter.

Cora was overly highlighted in this book to me, and I assume that's with the on coming book.  I totally preferred Jet's POV to Ayden's unless I wanted to know what she was thinking.

The way Jet and Ayden's family problems were portrayed, was disappointing and I thought it could have been better portrayed to give us the best from both situations. I just felt a lapse in those parts and expected a lot more. I guess the beating from book 1 was enough violence for Jay.

Asa, even with the short time that he was given, was a nice addition to the book. He had charm, charisma and just screamed wild time!!! Jet's epilogue got me more honed in on this character.

Nash got a back seat in this one, but Rowdy got to shine and once again I was surprised as to the change in these characters as we switch novels.

The sex scenes were a lot tamer than I expected with the heat between these two, and while I get the theme of unrequited love from book 1, I never really understood or decipher the facade theme of book 2, or maybe I am just getting the themes mixed up .... idk!

Still, solid novel with your usual fun loving and awesome characters living it up and loving life in Denver.

Not so pumped about Rome and Cara's story, but by time it's out I'm sure I will be getting a copy because there is something about this series that keeps you coming back!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Proposal By Katie Ashley

Well, this installment was better than the last. The characters had more depth, and the story even though still a little winded at times, was more organized.

This book could have been half the number of pages that it occupied, and the need to continually go in depth with the lackluster sex scenes became annoying eventually. I believe that even without some major happenings of the last 20% of this novel, I could have been satisfied at 80%, as it just seemed force the rest of the way.

Aidan (got the name correct this time) ... was still his awesome self and I was amazed at his self control and resilience with regards to the unnecessary Pesh situation. Which bring me to a recurrent though where I kept wondering if I was the only one who found it strange for this man to be trying to court a 6 months pregnant woman who was basically living with her baby father. Call me crazy, but this just plain 'ol wrong!!

Still, the characters remained true to themselves, both good and bad ... Emma is still a selfish, pretentious wench who hides behind being a prude southern bell and Aidan's potty mouth reigns still. Casey was still trying too hard, and Connor was the life of the party whenever he got to grace our presence.

Whilst I won't ever knock anyone's life experiences or lost of a love one, whether alive or not, I must still say that I expected more from Aidan's secret as to what makes him tick and I was disappointed in the find, regardless of the situation.

I loved how Noah stayed relevant throughout the entire novel. It's like he was there without even being in the womb. Also, it was good to see Beau's continual loyalty to Emma.

The little flashbacks were also a great addition and it was always good to go in the mind of Aidan.

There was laughter occasionally throughout the novel, and I must say a few of the jokes were better this round. Even had me cracking up a few times on the bus.

With that being said, I can honestly say that this was better structured and executed than The Proposition. Still, even  with a better quality, there still seemed to be something that was missing to take this book to another level.

So I will say I liked this installment a little bit more, but still, this story lacked that something all great stories have to push it to that next level and boy did I wanna find it in this book, but it just never happened. Still, I was quite entertained and pleased with the second book!

The Party By Katie Ashley

Well here is a surprise! The free novella is way more awesome than the first novel.

Aiden was a dream in this one and Emma was a royally, pretentious and selfish wench (Basically, Emma)!!!

Connor had a little bit more character to him and unfortunately, Casey was still dish water.

I liked the gaps that were filled and to finally get a glimpse of the confrontation at the infamous Christmas party. Though I must say, I believe this book should be read after both book 1 and 2  as the opening chapter totally gives away the happenings of book 2.

Still, this was a real novella material and length, and I prefer it so far in the series. Can't wait to start book 2 with the prospect of quality and quantity getting better.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Cautious By E.L. Montes

*sighz* ... I wanna do it ... really and truly, after that acknowledgement and author bio, I really wanna do it because E.L. Montes seems like a great woman ... but I pride myself on being honest (... at least when it comes to my reviews) ... This is just Disastrous all over again with a different name. Frankly, I don't see why this couldn't have been in the first book, because both stories take place over a span of probably 2 and a 1/2 years if even so much. And the epilogue of Cautious was just a one year lapse.

Still, I don't know what it is about the characters that made me sign up to read Jimmie's novella. It's like despite the awful conversations and set up, you still wanna see what happens and you still tolerate some of the characters.

I believe the plot for this story is a really good one, but the way it was written was just down right awful. For the love of me, I can't understand why Marcus continues to cuss as much as he does when he is in his own head, and at least Mia had some redeeming qualities in this one as I flat out didn't care much for her in the last one.

Honestly, and I must say it again, awesome story line! Even if it has been done before, there is something about the story line in this series that's just down right great! But the execution was poor and needed a lot of guidance.

Most of the jokes were lame and there was so (emphasis on the 'so') much unnecessary conversation and descriptions ... I'm like "Cut it out already!" I already know that your gonna sit in the passenger seat that obviously has to be at the front beside the driver that is your man as obviously Jeremy and Megan are gonna sit in the back like they asked the night before ... get to the real points and stop stressing on unnecessary stuff!!

The relationship dynamic that is Jeremy and Megan was ... idk ... but I wasn't interested and would rather if little nit picks of unnecessary events between the two were left out. It honestly did nothing for the story except fill space like most of the unnecessary conversations and explanations.

Elle was a charm and part of the reason why despite my indifference to the series, I can't wait to read Jimmie's story, because Jimmie is awesome and I love my Elle fix!

I have once again gone through another book and still not know how to feel about Marcus DeLuca, even with a glimpse into his mind. I don't hate him like Mia, but i don't love him like Elle either. He's just there and I guess he'll just stay there because honestly ... once again, I don't know (Totally get how Mia felt)

But, as the smoke cleared I found that the scene of the bust wasn't too bad in regards to Mia's account. After that, I was indifferent again. (Maybe it's getting it from Marcus POV, idk!)

Still, I have faith in E.L. Montes because she does know how to think up a plot. So I will try another of her novels and pray for the best, because the Disastrous series as it stands is just not my cup of tea!

P.S. ... I don't even have a clue as to why it was titled Cautious ... but ok !

Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Proposition By Katie Ashley

So ... let's start by saying that the premise for this book is ludicrous. Different, but ludicrous none the less. No proven cheating commitment phobe is gonna have a baby with a woman, just because he wanna get some sex. (It's nice, but not that nice!!)

With that being said though, I must say that talking about sex in the context of the novel, was hilarious at times. The casual air as well as pre and post sex conversations were weird but funny.

The story itself was .... meh, not much character, development or point, but you did get some laughs and culture. The characters were manageable throughout, but they still got on your nerves occasionally and the conversations were shot to hell, but still, for some reason, you still persevered. It's like walking down a lonely dark road but without intensity of actually doing that deed (Don't know if I made sense just now)

Some of the jokes were stiff and half of the time I didn't know whose POV I was getting. We kept swaying between the two main characters, and sometimes it got confusing.

The kids little pool party was funny. Otherwise, there wasn't much to latch on to. After the first baby making scene, the sex was tolerable at best. It wasn't bad, but it didn't make my flag fly high either.

I'll however hand it to Aiden with his sexual prowess. He ain't no Nicholas Jayzon or Christian Grey, but the man could hold is own.

I'm not certain what to make of Emma, it's obvious she's a nice girl, but I just never really connected with her. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate her or anything but girl needs to grow a backbone and stop taking shit from people.

Loved Jenny btw ... and she wasn't even a major character. Connor and Casey were like dish water were best friends were concerned, and Connor was MIA for most of the novel, then he just pops back in! (really felt like a draft to me)

You barely went outside the Emma and Aiden bubble and I must say it's a nice bubble when they don't talk much. P.S. ...  damn the man can kiss!

Overall, it wasn't a bad book, but it wasn't all that great either. It had mediocre conversations and barely anything substantial to grab on to. Could have been a comedy due to some aspects of the story and the general plot, but still it fell flat to me.

Maybe next time ...

Saturday, 25 May 2013

The Devil's Son By Jennifer Loren

Now, we have entered uncharted territory ... This book has up and become a paranormal in the blink of an eye and honestly I don't know if I want to continue from here or what.

I love the characters and have grown connected to them all, but now the crazies have popped out and I know not which box to put this all in.

One minute I am reading about love, sex and drugs and a next in comes magic .... wtf! is not even a suitable expression as to the jumble that is my brain right about now.

I am mentally exhausted from the turn of events in this book and the fact that there should be a rule in this book that states that if a body isn't seen before it is buried, then chances are the person is still alive.

At first I was glad for the trip down memory lane where we got to see Nick when he was being called Nicky and to finally get some connection for Lena, Ryan, Elijah, Luke and even Dwayne (those were funny beginnings). It was even good to get the background around Franky.

Once again, secrets loom and I swear you could smell fear with every page you turn.

The update into the present was matched beautifully, and it was good to get an update on everyone, even Kayla's father if not especially him.

As the story continues, we seem to see Nick more to the forefront as the other characters, even Kayla is fading into the background. It's as if we started with a crime love story and stray into sci-fi. I have always said this story felt more like a TV series than a plain 'ol novel and it is proving that more.

While I say kudos to Ms. Loren for pumping more than one genre from a book, I believe the story has now strayed from it's original path and my continuation with it is circumstantial. I am mostly just not sure if this is a road I would have want these characters to take and if I want to take it with them. Actually, it makes me a little upset that the story took this path. I would have suggested writing a different novel with different characters to get across this story line, as this set isn't it!

Still, the initial stages were good and the writing style for this novel has grown substantially. I only hope that it gets better and we don't lose the vibe and characters we have grown to love from book 1, as the author ventures down this paranormal road.

Friday, 24 May 2013

The Devil's Revenge By Jennifer Loren

Will it ever end .... ? Idk! But I know that it's a good little fix when you need some action.

Team Nick and Kayla were back with a vengeance!! Bonnie and Clyde has nothing on these two!

This book series keeps getting better and complex. New characters have arrived and we are getting the opportunity to learn more and build a better connection with the older characters. Nicky is growing up and some new additions are added to the family. Even the secrets are better kept.

If possible, Kayla got even more badass and I fell even more in love with this character. She just has this air about her that you can't help. I swear I feel like I am watching a TV series when I read this book.
Because of this though, sometimes this book got a little winded, but not in a bad edited way, just more of a get to the point way!

Still, this book was written better than the first and a lot more momentum was present. I was jittery, anxious, impatient and so much more, waiting on Nick and his team to strike.

While I didn't get the Ryan, Nick, Kayla love triangle I had initially hope for, Ryan still got hiss HEA (well, as much as this series affords), and I am definitely not pleased with the choice he got. While I think it is noble and out of the box who was picked for his mate, I didn't find it necessary in a story like this and see where future problems will arrive by her shortcomings. (No offence)

Brady and Lena were given more roles this time and we start to feel those bonds tighten. Nothing like a little gangster loving :)

Nick was back with revenge and goal on his mind and I'd be damned if he didn't complete it. He was ruthless, charming, mercurial and everything else that makes up Nick Jayzon. The man could star in any book or dream of mine any day! To get a love like his and Kayla, people would kill.

I must admit that the earlier scenes were pretty obvious, but not enough to detract from the greatness that was this second novel. I felt like I was in an action movie half of the time and the addition of the new men only made the team stronger and better. It also aided the novel, as we finally got some answers and sort through some of the mess from the past.

Elijah is great and I hope we have some more from him in book 3. He had a certain life and feel to the novel that was definitely missing. I have fallen in love with the characters as I progressed through this book and God knows I can't lose any of them now.

With that, I am a little apprehensive to go into book 3 and I hope for the best as I continue down this journey that seems to only get better. 

The Devil's Eyes By Jennifer Loren

Where to start ... ok ...

I get it, the whole concept. But still, it got very winded and some very obvious outs where there as well as a lot of cliche and unnecessary drama.

There was never a chapter without drama and honestly with the way this book ended, I really hope she tells Nick to go fuck himself! As brave as he seems to see himself, I think he's a coward for his decision in the end.

Kayla is an interesting character. I think she could be a badass business owner if she wasn't falling fool for Nick all the time. I loved her character and how she handled herself. She knew how to be bad in bed and a lady in the streets (might as well embrace the cliches!)

Initially, the story wasn't exciting and the banter was childish and lacking but then it got better and before I know it, we were going down the long unnecessary path again.

Mixed signals were all around and I am not certain what is really going on and why an unnecessary shit storm was created in this one. I was gunning for a happy ending but then in walks Ryan and I don't know ....

Ryan is awesome and I love him as a character. He is mysterious, sweet and a character I wish had emerge earlier in the book instead of the times invested in some that died eventually.

Nick is ... Nick. I don't know what to make of this character. He is definitely an enigma. I had no reason not to be completely in love with this character, until his decision in the end. Hopefully, book 2 has some redemption!

Vagueness was an issue for me in this one also, as I still don't really know a lot or just couldn't bother to put some things together. (Just wasn't worth my time)

I believe that the times we spent in Nick's mind were just place holders as not much really happened, and became a crutch for a downing story. A lot of things needed to be cut and a lot of things explain in more realistic details and time frame. (No way you can relay 5 minutes worth of information on a 1 minute phone call)

Seeing as how people didn't stick around long in this story, the few that managed to keep there lives weren't bad but the only ones you were given a chance to connect with were Kayla, Nick, Ryan, Luke and Exie to an extent.

Overall, this story had the bases for a good story, but needed to be cleaned up a little as most emotions could be guessed from a mile out. Not much surprises, and I was oddly disappointed that due to the nature of the novel, I never expected the sex and crime scenes to be lacking like they were. Didn't get me going much!

It seemed like the author was shy to delve into the life of crime and sex and that I found that turn out to be counterproductive and that's what took away from the novel.

Anyhoo .... still I shall venture into book 2, because I don't like unfinished business and I am hoping for a little more Ryan action somewhere in there !

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Dangerous to Know & Love By Jane Harvey-Berrick

Wow! What a book.

I am a little surprised by some reviews that suggested that this book was a DNF and how bad it was, but I saw neither. Initially, I saw the potential for it to become a DNF, but if you stuck around a little longer, it got better.

This was a well researched book with lessons throughout, despite the presentation.

I will admit that this book hard a super bad (No pun intended) and slow start, but after Daniel's confession, it got better. It picked up a pace and maintained it throughout.

I was able to relate to the characters and the story on a level. The details placed within this story was done really well.  I never found any information lacking or to be too much. It striked just the right notes and chords.

I'll  admit that I found the writing style weird and sometimes a bit confusing, as you don't know when you were gonna slip into another character's mind in the middle of a conversation. Still, at times it was good and helped clear some issues sooner rather than later.

Be advised not to form any impressions from your first meeting with these characters (maybe except for Shauna and Kirsty) because first impressions are wrong and these characters continue to surprise you.

This was definitely a long story, but it was also a journey to help Daniel through the struggles within his life. It was a welcomed change, as the troubled bad boy actually had some serious issues that warmed your heart and at times brought tears to my eyes (I could never imagine)!!!

But even with the heavy, it still had a light air about it which brought on the fun, witty side of the novel with accompanying characters like Cori and Rodney.

I fell in love with the character Rodney, he had a certain vibe about him that I hoped could have grace the pages of this book sooner.

It at times felt like we were watching a movie instead of reading a book. The visuals were done beautifully and the only thing that could have made it a little bit better, was if the sex scenes weren't so limited in descriptions. But I kind of get the need to keep it on the level it was at, due to the vibe of the book and Lisanne's experience.

Lisanne character was too good to be true. I so know the feeling that must have been going through Daniel's head. She had her downfalls, and initially I could see myself not liking her (first impressions again), but overall, she was a good, strong character minus the unnecessary tearful moments.

Lisanne's parents were great in the parental department and did not seem forced or unrealistic at all.

Totally love Pops and grandma!

Zef was a hot headed idiot but u still loved him when it all boil down, and his fate turned out to be the best choice for him.

Overall, this was a great story about love, lost, determination, acceptance and life on a hold. Emotions ran rampant and most of your usual college cliches were absent and that was welcomed. It also helped with the realistic aspects such as age, decisions and surprisingly even restrictions.

I enjoyed Daniel's banters and every time he had to explain his situation to someone new, even if it was profanity laced. I totally understand his anger and while he really should look into anger management classes, it wasn't as  annoying as other reviewers made it out to be.
There was so much going on that his bursts of anger were the least and took a back seat for me.

Plus, to top it all off, it wasn't full of an overwhelmingly amount of angst and petty teenage drama. The fact that it was a full book that had no cliffhanger ending nor tried to capitalize by calling itself a series, was a lovely bonus that maintained that quality about this story.

Sad to see this one end, because I will surely miss Daniel and Lisanne. This was a beautiful story and the passion and energy that went into it showed.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Pieces By Michelle D. Argyle

Sighz ... there is no way to write this review without spoilers because the biggest spoiler of all was the biggest turn off  ... so unfortunately, here goes my first ever spoiler review.

First, let me start off by saying that the basics of this story were great. They were hardly any  grammatical errors and the conversations flowed wonderfully. Penmanship, grammar wise ... it was all good!

But plot wise and decisions .... not for me! They weren't shitty, but they just didn't invoke much from me. I think it's partly due to me anticipating a whirlwind romance with Jesse and Naomi. I think we would get to step out of the box and do the unexpected where we see a supposed Stockholm Syndrome patient showing that it is possible and not just a disease.

The usual characters were back, without a few and the addition of some new faces. One very unwelcome one in particular ...

.... And in comes Finn! The bane of both myself and Jesse's existence.
All bias and expectations aside, Finn is a good guy, but I just didn't connect with him. Maybe in another novel I could have, but Finnegan (like really!) was just not for me and maybe that is mostly due to my expectations.

Naomi with Jesse is something I wanted to and could read. Naomi with Finn is ... meh and Naomi with Naomi is annoying and sickening. Her backbone is absent and if she would have gotten her head out her little rich girl ass enough, she would see her mistakes and how blah she came off across paper.

I expected so much more out of a trip to Italy and I can honestly say that I never ventured into this novel to get a stuck in the head novel about Naomi and no closure about nothing else. I honestly believed that we would get so much more in this one. There were so many windows to jump through and instead of taking one, Ms. Argyle used the door ... disappointed I am.

It's hard to believe or better yet accept Jesse throwing his life away to be with Naomi because she made him believe that she was deeply in love with him and waited on him. Then after he sacrificed it all for her, they make a TOO clean break and we spend the next couple months in Naomi's stupid head with boring topics, conversations and decisions only for her to end up with damn Finn that no one invested their time into developing a relationship with?!?! ... yeah ... I am pretty much pissed!

Well ... there is nothing to do now and the story has ended, so we just got to accept it for what it is but I do wish we could get a book about Jesse where he is over Naomi and living somewhere exotic with a woman that deserves him! (Pick me please!!!)

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Unbeautifully By Madeline Sheehan

I know I should be repulsed by the events and actions that take place in this series but damn it all to hell I can't!!

It's like it keeps getting better ... with every book I can't help but to crave more!!

This one was totally different from a POV stand point ... between Ripper, Danny, Deuce and Eva's POV  I never got lost and all I wanted was more ... like I was thirsty and milking a friggin cow!!

Wow !!! ... another amazingly written story in the series. Everyone was present and accounted for with just as much if even not more drama. I so wanna read this book again, even if I know what's behind the doors.

Ripper is fucking awesome and I love him!! Scars and all!! Dude open his mouth and I just want to come!! He is damn awesome!!! I craved his scenes. Being in his mind and around his presence was extraordinarily good. He's just ... *sigh*

ZZ ... damn ... he might have been dealt the shittiest hand out of everyone else but I hear he has a story so hopefully he'll get his HEA ... or whatever that means for a Hell's Horseman because Madeline Sheehan is a twisted lady!!!

Deuce was still present and I was glad to see he never changed one bit! He was still Deuce and no amount of Eva's pussy could change that. ( I swear this book brings out the crude in me). It was good to see him changing without changing (totally confused myself), and to see the fall out of Frankie's actions.

No gaps were left empty. They were all filled, whether we liked it or not.

Danny ... got to say I never expected this from her of all characters. She was always such a breathe of fresh air and sunshine ... the dark things that she went through in this book were shocking and I must say I barely get shocked by Ms. Sheehan because you almost always know to expect the worse with her.

It was also good to get a glimpse of Preacher even if we never got to delve back into the heart of NYC.

Got a taste of Cage in this one again and I am salivating like a dog again! *sighz* ... Honestly, Tegen would be crazy to give that up!

Cox and Kami were up to their crazy antics as usual and the club continued to receive it's share of drama as we got re-acquainted and familiar with other members of the club.

This installment carried all the good and bad vibes from book 1 and opened up so much more. I loved every letter down to the last full stop in this novel. I was never bored and this novel was never lacking!

Ms. Sheehan did it again with an awesome installment in the Undeniable series and I really hope she reconsiders an ebook for book 3 because I don't think I can ever get enough of this series.

The language, the culture, the people ... it's all real, raw and ready to be read!

Monday, 20 May 2013

Up to Me By M. Leighton

Another great roller coaster ride with even more secrets and twist. I wouldn't be surprised if people start raising from the dead in the next one, because you just never know who's gonna show up.

A lot more action and anxiety was present in this installment and Olivia and Cash are finally getting over some of their issues from book 1 ... knowing these two and the amount of time they spend in their heads, it's only time before new issues arrive though.

There was a shocking and welcome addition to this installment who I'm not too sure what to make of yet. Still trying to trust him.

Queue up Gavin and his sexy awesomeness because never did I think the other club manager could be so sexy and hot ... I say give him a book Ms. Leighton! *wink* ...  I wanna see this particular bad boy fall in love!

Marissa was back and definitely more likable, but as I said in my previous review of book 1, I never really hated her initially. And I really hope with this new addition, we might see some changes with her in book 3.

My girl Ginger was still present and in full swing!! She makes me wanna rock out with my cock out !!! (If I had one that is ... )

Cash was back and even better than before! This man gives me the chills in a very very good way!! I think if he looked at me I would probably just come on the damn spot!!

Olivia was awesome as always and kept everyone together if you ask me. I love this character and it's not because of how she was written, it's the crazy things she say when she's in her head. (Priceless!!)

The sex scenes in this one were definitely more creative (VIP Room scene) and smoking hot! They might not be BDSM, but dirty talk from Cash is surely filthy! He makes me wanna beg him too!!

Throughout though, this book wasn't as sexually based as book 1. The relationship dynamics have settled and now danger and secrets loom all around. It's as if we switched from romance to drama and suspense within the same story ... once again, value for money is Ms. Leighton's theme.

I loved this story as much as I loved the previous one and its for all kinds of different reasons. This is definitely not the same story as Down to you and I am teetering on the edge waiting for book 3 because I definitely need my Davenport, Townsend, Gibson fix!!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Down to You By M. Leighton

Well aren't u a cunning one Ms. Leighton!

Twist galore at the end of this one. I don't even know what to make of it all. At first I was thoroughly confused and then I felt like Olivia was a little slut who needed to pick between the two brothers because who messes around with twins at the same time and even sleeps with them ??? And then down to about 85% in comes the secret and I'm like wtf ?!?! Who does that .... and then obviously, with that came me going over every scene between Olivia and Cash and Olivia and Nash.

Note: I was always rooting for Cash from the beginning.

Lovely story .... written with all the right moods and moves. Had me guessing, suggesting and down right shocked throughout. Wrinkled brows was my expression throughout this novel.

A lot of things were kept secret and never revealed until the right time. I swear you never know where this book was gonna go. You keep guessing and almost always coming up short.

Nash ... he had his moments. Made me like and hate him all at once because I'm not too sure that I wanted him with Olivia because of his easy will to just dismiss Marissa. (Even if she deserved it)

Cash .... God damn if I don't want a piece of that! Think I fell in love with the character from the first scene that I read in the back of a Courtney Cole book. He breathed a certain life into the novel and had a bluntness about him that was good for the novel.

When I found out they're secret I was  like ...."shit! He must be tired as hell and a too good if you ask me liar!"

Ginger is awesomeness all around!!! I want me a friend like Ginger!

Marissa I assume was suppose to be the evil witch of the west, but honestly, the chick wasn't around much for me to hate her and if anything, she was wronged more than anyone

Anyways, this was a great novel written with just enough suspense and drama. The secrets were beautifully kept to the point where you never even remembered that  something was suppose to be nagging away at your mind.

I am disappointed that their happy ending is about to be shattered, but I think I have enough faith in this author to trust her with their story for it to be a good and enthralling one. She seems to know how to give you 2 maybe 3 stories in one, which is definitely value for money!!! :)

I can't wait  to begin book 2 to see the new troubles and spend some more time with Olivia, Cash and Nash, because these three know how to get a story going!!!

Barely Breathing By Rebecca Donovan

Somebody help me out here to understand how after everything she has gone through, she made the decision that she did at the end of this book .....

I know everyone wants a HEA for her and Evan but Emma was a real bitch with that end move! Personally, I think he deserves better. Maybe not Analise, but better!

I liked Jonathan character and I believe that the discovery in the end was  just to make him look bad and abruptly allow her to make a decision.
He was  a good guy and should never have been added the way he was nor victimized in the end. We all fail to see that *spoiler alert* except for the final scene in `Reason to breathe`***  ... Evan is always running away when she needed him the most.

I have to say this installment was much better than the last. It showed Emma managing her freedom and life after Carol. There were more emotions other than sadness and also gave her a taste of life outside of high school. A lot of things were clarified in both present and past and we got to see more dimensions to Emma.

However, it was clear to see that this book's focus was based solely around Emma as Evan and Sara was absent a lot and that placed a strain on those relationships.
Still, she was the same Emma getting into all sorts of trouble and man do I wanna smack her across her damn face frequently!! (P.S. people in this book should try not to make a big production of their birthdays)

Rachel was a breathe of fresh air, when she wasn't drinking or sleeping around. Minus the not loving her child, and the drugs and alcohol or the fact that she is just down right crazy, she's a cool mom!

We also got to delve more into the Mathews and McKinleys. A lot more adults were present in this installment and some advises helped while others were the catalyst for really bad decisions.

Overall though, this was a better book than the first and gave us a lot more as well as showed the growth of the characters we loved from Book 1.

I am a little skeptical about book 3 because I don't know what to expect or what I want to expect. Book 2 left me so confused as is most cliffhanger  books, but this time I'm not rooting for anyone. Just waiting to see the dumb mistakes Emma is about to make and her illogical logic behind it all.

I swear this girl pushes away the people with the things she need most in life and has a magnet for the bad.

Let's see if life in college is any different. (Doubt it ...)

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Reason to Breathe By Rebecca Donovan

I am at a lost as to where to start with this one ...

Carol is sick!!! ... I honestly don't believe she is pure evil. I refuse to believe that and will come to the conclusion that she is sick and needs some help.

A whirlwind of emotions were portrayed within this book. It's been a while since a book brought tears to my eyes, but this one did. I am such an emotional ball of mess!! (This is sooo unlike me)

I understand the premise behind her decision to stay regardless, but I m still pissed that she wasn't more vigilant living in a house with  a crazy woman. Her guard should have always been up and m,aybe we would get more interesting scenes in the beginning like we did in the end.

I loved how this story was written and portrayed. The characters were written wonderfully and it held so much more than most books that are set in a high school. I contribute that strength and difference to Emma!

She is not your usual high school student. She is way beyond her years. She even makes me wanna be more and I am not in her situation.
This story reminded me so much of 'The Coincidence of  Callie and Kayden' except that Emma and Evan were more the college students and Callie and Kayden the high school students. (No offence Jessica!)

Regardless of her abuse, she was strong and independent. She never allowed her situation to determine what she wanted. She was determined and took some risk that had me shaking in my boots not wanting her to. (Park scene)

I connected with these characters. Each had their own story and even though Evan seemed to have the perfect life, that didn't make you hate him as a character or see him as too perfect. He was imperfectly perfect ... if that even makes sense o.O

Sara was a delight and of the best best friends out there in literature land. She held a certain feel about her that was transferred lovely to the the novel. I believe she deserves a book herself as she has issues that might not have been predominately portrayed throughout the novel, but was still present.

I felt like I went through every minute of the day with Emma and I never got bored. Explanations were granted were necessary and I believe that the novel held just the right balance with not too much explanations and just the right amount where necessary.

I was thoroughly pleased that for a high school based novel, sex wasn't running wild and serious issues were addressed. It stilled had that light - hearted care-free high school feel, but it was also so much more.

George is .... the jury is still out on this one because I don't know what to make of him feigning ignorance. I'm also still trying to process how I feel about Emma's mother and maybe throughout the rest of the series I might be able to clear the fog that is currently overtaking my brain from this emotionally twisted novel.

Either way, this was a great novel. It held just the right tones and emotions. It had me up then down and all about. I loved all the characters (except crazy Carol) and the writing was near flawless! My emotions were all over the place and I didn't mind quite a bit. I kept skimming pages to see if something bad is going to happen before I revert to the pages I missed.

Once again, great book and I can't wait to get to book 2 to clear up what happened next because I am dying to know what now ...

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Of Blood and Bone By Courtney Cole

So ... I stumbled upon this book at the end of 'If you Stay' and I had to give it a read and I am so glad I did.
It's not what I usually read, but this one just sunk it's teeth in me and wouldn't let me go!

Once again, Ms. Cole is fantastic at getting your attention when she starts a story. I wanna know just as much as the female lead character and I don't mind the glimpses we get into that of Luca Minaldi.

I love the location, as it was good great to get out of the usual USA scene and venture to a country with different culture, people and settings. It wasn't your usual college campus or downtown city within the U.S. and it was great! (felt like taking a vacation)

The development and twist were unexpected and Courtney did a good job of never giving anything away until the characters themselves find out. I was hardly ever one step a head and it was refreshing! I liked that I had to be on my feet with this one.

However, I must say that this author continues to shy away from conversation. I noticed it in her previous book and it is here again. We spend a lot of time in the minds of the characters, and even though once we get dialogue it is fairly good, I still believe a little bit more conversation could be had within the novel.

The first sex scene was primal and intense and due to the nature of the novel, I would have hope the sex scenes to follow would be as such if not a little more when she found out his secret, but once again they seem to have just been mentioned into passing through the mind of the characters.

At times, the story felt rush like we were trying to fast forward to a point and I am not sure if this has anything to do with the author splitting up the story into parts and not trying to give too much away.

The arrival of Luca's brothers, especially Damien, was welcomed and I wish he would stay a while, because I gravitated to his character for the brief time he spent once again in the mind of Eva.

A glimpse into Luca's mind when the 'affliction' took over was a nice addition and I only wish we had more.

Anyways, this was a great story that might be themed as paranormal romance, (I'm not sure) but I know that it was a different and refreshing read and with a little bit more dialogue, it could have been great.

The impromptu cliffhanger ending was very much unappreciated and did make me want more, as well as make me want to break something. I really wish authors would just give us a full book and be done with it.

Anyhoo ... in closing I'd just like to say: "It's all in the scotch"!! *wink**wink* (Hope I'm right this time!)

Monday, 13 May 2013

Restoring Jordan By Elizabeth Finn

I think it's safe to title this one. Restoring Jordan and Adeline. Both characters were confused and sailing in the same boat at the same speed. Both feeling the same thing but too afraid to say it.

There was something about this story that even with its cliches and obvious turn of events, you are still interested and skipping a little ahead to see what's next. I would blame it on the risque sex scenes (especially rain scene), but it's more than that,

Which brings me to the frequent, responsible (yes, responsible!) and steamy sex scenes all over the damn book!!!! This was by no means BDSM sex, but it was so passionate that it had me
shivering at times. As unbelievable as it begun, it grew it's momentum and that's what kept me going.

You saw a development and even though at times you wanna shout at the characters, you still love them.

This was by no means a fairy tale until probably the end, but it had fight, reason and realistic elements. There was no hand outs, it was all earned. Compassion was few and real life situations were present throughout.

I was pleased that the characters did some work and not just lay around crying and sexing all day. This story was about creating situations and seeing them out to the end. There was hardly a table left unturn.

I love the characters of Adeline and Jordan. They were awesome together and I felt their connection. There was more to them than the usual electric charge and with that, came a passionate love story.

You couldn't help but love Adeline's confidence, innocence, wit (resume scene) and sarcastic retorts throughout. (Dinner scene was funny)!

I was a little disappointed with the last issue of the epilogue as though its a natural progression, it seemed rush and wasn't true to the characters I came to love. I believe that even if a little more time span was added, it would seem more realistic.

The minor characters were blended well and there was little to no unnecessary characters and conversation. There was no page filling, it was a well elaborated story. That focused solely on the main characters and their feeling as they try to do the best with what they have.

Expect some of your usual cliches and situations, but give this one a chance. It's a little soft and more on the relax side, but it's still a good love story minus the abundance of angst. Might not be a hit, but it's good enough for its genre.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

If You Stay By Courtney Cole

Strong and steady start just the way a book should be started! It had me from the first paragraph which I re-read and laughed my ass off. It was all going steady and strong and then they started dating and it slowly got confusing, boring, regular until it's like the author just gave up on writing a story anymore.

I am utterly shocked and disappointed that this story ended at 87% when so much more could have been elaborated upon as oppose to a reconciliation straight into forever with a vague description of the in between ... like wtf? what happened? I was really feeling this one and then before I know it, it all goes to shit!

Still, I can't completely hate on it, because it had a lot of strong points. The issues were real and portrayed beautifully. My only concern was that I think Pax's dive into the past should have been told from his POV. Still, it was done lovely and still had me on the edge of my chair.

Not that I have anything against Mila, because the girl is amazing, but I found my self preferring the story through Pax's POV and only wanted Mila's side when Pax wanted to know what she thought.

Pax was great character. He was strong and strong willed, focus, driven, witty, funny and I honestly believe he held most of the weight as to why I read this story even when I saw it slipping. That also makes me terribly upset as to what we got for his last thought. I expected and wanted more.

All the other characters were plain and insignificant if you ask me, which leaves me thoroughly surprised as to the abrupt fast forward of book 1 and the utter shock that book 2 is about two totally different characters.

Note to everyone, Pax is not a Pussy! (his words, not mine) and I must say I loved every delectable inch of this character. (my words) ;)

The sex scenes lack so much passion it was ridiculous, but thank God for the kitchen scene, because it was one of the few passionate ones, and in total I think it's just 3. (Not really sure).

The climax/conflict was a really good one and not your usual go to drama, but the execution was poor. It was vague, rushed and held no excitement at all. As a matter of fact, it was all summed up in the epilogue by the wrong character with basically no gusto! It was the center point of the novel so I was shocked, annoyed and frustrated all in one.

This was one of those epic novels that reached 60% and just threw it all away by coming cliche and rushed. I can't even understand what causes this most of the time.

Overall though, the plot was good, the characters strong and if not for the route the book eventually took, it would be one of the greats. Still, it taught me a lot and brought across a whole lot of emotions and issues that we all tend to pass by in live. Good novel, just needed a little bit more push to be great!

This Girl By Colleen Hoover

Another great one by Ms. Hoover!!

Once again, we are catapulted into an amazing story from Will's POV.
I am unable to wrap my head around how she made a familiar story seemed so new and it had nothing to do with how long it took between reads. This was 'This Girl' and not 'Slammed'. It conveyed different emotions, decisions and it even unearthed a few secrets that we weren't privy to even in book 2.

The main poems and a few new ones were added and as usual, they were just as awesome when they were first read. It's hard to read  a poem in this book and not feel nothing, even if it's boredom! :)

A new writing style was developed for this one and it's one I seem to see popping up around a lot of late. Mixing the past with the future was genius and gave us two amazingly different stores in one. The present wasn't devoid of emotions as a mere recollection, it had it's own arguments, decisions, situations (pool scene)  and level of emotions. It was beautifully written and mixed at just the right point. Nothing unnecessary was used and the points that were highlighted had and set just the right tone.

Everyone was once again highlighted in this one and it was good to see a little more grown Kel and Caulder even with a little Kirsten in the mix. (I butterflying love this girl!)

Julia's memory was always kept in tact and it was good to see the relationship that was built between Will and Julia and how his opinion was of consequence to a lot of decisions made.
It was also good to delve a little into Will's mom and dad as well as past, as we were rarely able to get a glimpse into Will before the accident.

Regarding the event they were celebrating, I found it strange how they chose to pass the time, but I soon found that Ms. Hoover with her creative sense was giving us two stories in one. It's never all heart and flowers for Will and Layken and I was glad that even without the over the top drama, they still had their moments. She found a way to subtly give us an amazing and new story while clearing up unanswered questions of book 1

The characters stayed true to themselves and it was great to take this incredible journey with them, because even without sex, this is an awesome book about love, life, family, friends and amazing poetry! You not only get a story, but you get recommendations (new Avett Brothers fan!).

There is so much to learn within these stories and I am truly sad to see this series end. I could so do with two more books for a grown up Kel and Caulder. *hint**hint*

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Down London Road By Samantha Young

Another good one from Samantha Young ... it's not as good a story as Until Fountain Bridge, but it's more like on Dublin Street, but with Jo instead of Joss.

Jo ... I must say I envisioned something totally different for Jo's story, but I must say I was still thoroughly pleased. A lot of family drama but it's not done to create that feeling of annoyance or dread when abuse is described. It focuses more on the positives but with a more subtle approach when necessary.

The usual characters were present and for that I was grateful, because they didn't fade into the background like accessories. They were pretty much showcased throughout the book and it was nice to keep in touch with everyone from the previous books. It made it more real.

Cam .... hmmm .... another deliciously handsome caveman was added, but this one barely had a filter on him and a twist with the usual hero was present and didn't detract but added to the plot. It was a different take as oppose to the other books, but it was still Jo's story and it was a cute, funny and witty read.

The sex scenes .. whew! Idk, but so far Cam has over taken the others, because his dirty talk is filthy and the way he touches Jo scorches even me! It's not S & M but it's still explosive explosive. It's deep and meaningful sex that is totally hot and have you feeling so much things by a few lines and looks! These two know how to have sex with your eyes.

I loved the silent conversations that were passed throughout the book, Jo and Cam made a good team and their relationship was open (not in that way), which left little to try and sort, so you could just enjoy the relationship with them. However, secrets still lingered and challenges were ever present.

It seems Club 39 is becoming an era and I will definitely miss it, as it seemed like THE central place throughout all installments.

Malcolm was a great character surprisingly for his role, and I am so sorry he had to get hurt, but I somehow wouldn't mind a couple more books from this series. I don't know if it's the series or the writing style, but Ms. Young writes comfort books that you can't help but curl up with.

Cole was highlighted in this one and I totally fell in love with his awesomeness (jail bait I know). But I could see a book for Cole. I'd definitely read that one!

Overall, you got updates to the previous characters, a scorching hot romance and a story about abuse, love, friendship, family, trust, faith, strength, determination and worth. This is a good comfortable read on any day.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Dirty Red By Tarryn Fisher

Leah oh Leah .. Johanna Smith I know not what to do with you!

Who is this author, these characters and what is this story?! These people are manipulative, obsessed, and down right fucking crazy and I loved every damn minute of it!!

I am always Team Olivia, but I gotta hand it to Leah that she knows how to hold her own and is pretty funny if you ask me. Also, she seems to have a lot more daddy issues that Olivia and my God is she a bitch! I'd also recommend that someone tie her damn tubes!

But with all that's said and done, I still can't down right hate this girl. Honestly, I can't hate any of them. They all have their own hidden agendas, but I honestly believe that if they would all just tell the damn truth in a while, that they could all be happy ... but then we wouldn't have anything to read :)

This installment was just as good as the first one, and not slightly better or less better, but on the right level with the right tone just a lot more drama and secrets where as Olivia's story laid it all out there for you and went way back.

If Thief is a continuation of this story but from Caleb's POV, then Ms. Fisher has created a hat-trick and score for her!! I am doing something I very rarely do, and I am going to go ahead and give her props for an unreleased novel, if it's under the circumstances I hope for and I pray to all that is holy that she keeps the same pace and not veer of course because I have a lot of faith in this series.

Ms. Fisher kept through to her reminiscing and mixing the past with the present, that was once again beautifully done with taste and class. So much was filled in and I am pleased that even an unlikely character from book 1 was also featured in book 2.

Estella has a world of crazy to get over and I send up a  prayer for her because she will definitely need it.

I was glad for some clarity on some scenes from book 1 and to get both Leah and Caleb's feelings to compare with Olivia's. To see how far Olivia has come made me swell with pride and beg that Ms. Fisher leave her out of the crazy that is Leah and Caleb's marriage. I so want her to be happy!!

The addition of some new characters, especially Sam and Seth were great additions and added just the right tone and balance to this amazingly written and composed novel.

Olivia and Cammie were ever present and ever awesome and I got to see how crazy Leah really is, but damn it the girl had it hard and I just really wish she would give up on Caleb and find better because she deserves it and it would do her a world of good.

However, if the last lines of this novel is anything to go by, a storm is brewing and I would want to be in a next country when this one comes, because all these people are good at is hurting each other and themselves.

To sum it all up, this was a just as awesome as the previous novel, and will have you shocked, angry, confused, sad and a whole lot of emotions within these complicated 265 pages. Buckle down for this one because it surely is a roller coaster ride!

The Opportunist By Tarryn Fisher

Olivia Kaspen you are a diva in my book!!

The characters were different, especially Olivia. She wasn't nice and she never agreed to nor try to be and for that I fell in love with this character. I went as far as to try and justify her actions (the Jessica Alexander situation).

I loved the concept and I was thoroughly surprised with the twists in the end of this one. The flashbacks as it relates to the present was done in good taste and it helped strengthen the story line and characters in my book. However, I was thoroughly sadden by the ending and totally confused if I wanna be happy with my girl or if I should kick her ass for settling but I am just not sure.

Cammie is a dream and a kick ass girlfriend to have in your corner! With that said though, these chicks are crazy and I would not wanna be on the receiving end of their conniving plots because they take no damn prisoners!

Turner was a retard and I have no idea what his purpose was he just got on my damn nerves!

Caleb, Caleb, Caleb ... you wronged and I still giving you the right because if ever there was a sweet boyfriend, it is Caleb Drake and what I also loved about this character is that he never tried to hide his little evil ways either and he wasn't the total golden boy.

I rarely ever compare books to each other or try to recommend a book based off one I just finish reading, but if you liked the 'Avoiding Responsibility' series, you will definitely appreciate this, as it's  'Avoiding Responsibility' with a better heroine (No offence K.A. Linde)

Once again, I stumbled on a story that moved further than two years and I was glad for the growth as it set the right tone and allowed me to understand and get to love and appreciate the story as well as the characters.

There was no rush and the story was told perfectly, with even a touch of crime along the way. It had great interactions and conversations. The wit and humour were never far away and I kept wanting more. I paused at 25% to get some work done and when I took it back up I never stopped until it said 100%

This is no fairy tale but neither is it crass or vulgar. It sets the right tones, leaves you fairly confused and satisfied all while a million things happened around you.

There was no need to pair everyone up and flood the heroine with an array of friends to maker her feel better about herself. Olivia was strong, confident and everything you could ask for in a woman! She has one friend, and that's just enough!

I go on to book 2 with a little apprehension as I don't want anyone to get hurt and I really want the dust to settle and stay but still, on I go as I just can't get enough of Olivia Kaspen!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Crush By Nicole Williams

It's a love/hate relationship with this one as is with the other two in the series.

I have patiently waited for the release of all three (3) books in this series and it's fair to say I was not disappointed. It was exactly a Jude and Lucy story. It had a little less drama than Crash and Clash, but it had a realistic amount that showcased not only how far they have come, but help to catapult them into adulthood and situations that arrived within the story.

A thing about this series that I am glad for, is that I normally hate trilogies because I see them as a way for authors to try and cash out using one story, but with this series, that wasn't the case at all. We got to grow up with the characters, and not just the main ones.

We got to see more of Holly and Little Jude and it felt good to know that it was the same story, but in different stages. The characters remained, but the concept changed and life progressed. We were taken on a journey from two kids on a beach in the summer, to high school where dreams were built and relationships were tested, where we moved on to the struggles of college and the strengthening of a love that's so sure, some would kill to get. We then ended up here to where life outside of the education system is beginning for Jude and Lucy and they did it in true Jude and Lucy style with no reservations. (P.S. Remembered these details without re-reading the first two book which I haven't read in probably a year)

As always, there was someone trying to get in between this epic love, and they were totally shut down! The main thing I love about these two, was the trust they had in each other (regardless of Jude's reaction to Lucy's news). I never doubted these two, because even with miles apart, they were always true to the couple we came to love in Crash.

Having India and Thomas also thrown into the mix was awesome. I loved that Holly finally got a break and that the tradition of Friday Night Dinner Parties lived on.

Regardless of his intentions, I had no problem with Anton as an addition to this cast, because he only strengthened that lovely bond that was built by Jude and Lucy. And even though I hated these two names initially because of what they represented, it grew on me and I loved everything Jude said "Luce"

I loved to see how sexual Lucy became as she has truly grown from the girl she was on the beach. And while they're sex scenes weren't full of all kinds of kinky things, it was still hot and their dirty talk made me all hot and bothered! To sum it all up, I love Jude and Lucy (yes together...)

I believe this was a great end to a lovely book series and I just wish we could have gotten to seen Wyatt and Lucy's mom one last time. A wedding would have been nice too, but after all, it's Jude and Lucy so all those two need are each other.

It was so weird to see so much changed while so much remained the same. This I think is a commendable feat for a writer. To allow me to feel apart of the story even after all the time that elapsed and all the changes that were made.

Anyways, great end to a good series and I am thoroughly pleased with the development and projection. This was smooth and precise writing from an author I can now say is seasoned in this business and I give Ms. Williams her props for another great book!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Breathe Into Me By Amanda Stone

Hmmm .... I honestly don't know. I am at a lost as to where to start.
The story wasn't enticing nor did it capture my attention that much, but it also wasn't  a total bust either.

I'm permanently on the fence with this one. I don't love it, but it's not the worse either. It is a definite cross between an almost good novel and a high school English Literature book report.

Kane ...  Hmmm .... he was ok. But not much came from him. It's like he was necessary to have as a love interest but that's where the line was drawn. You didn't get much about or around him. He could have been a kick ass character if he was given the chance.

Kelsey .... she had her moments. There were times when the dialogue was ok and flowing and then it just totally veered off course. Around half way through the book, it seemed that the editor forgot to review a couple chapters, because there were so many editing errors.

Once again, you barely got anything from the supporting characters and the classroom scenes were vague and unnecessary. Most of the story felt like a manuscript with ideas, waiting to be expounded upon.

The major fight that normally accompanies a romance novel was monotonous and didn't strike much of a chord for me. The big climax that came literally at the end of the novel, was so fast paced without much build up or surprise. Everything went off in a flash and before you know it, you have reached the epilogue which is really just one page of the main character at a grave talking about nothing much in particular.

A few closure was awarded to us in the epilogue, but it wasn't much and surprisingly it was enough, because not much went on with the story to begin with.

The romance and sex scenes weren't much. They were pretty much basic like the rest of this novel. You don't even know why the guy did a 360 with his personality, he just did and all of a sudden he's a saint and all is right with the world. Like I said, total manuscript in need of passion and drive to make what could be a fairly decent story.

I think if this story was re-written and edited properly, with a little passion, action and thought, this could have been a  better novel. But as is, it didn't do much for me. It was very stiff and needed to cut back on the unnecessary things that were explained, and to allow the more important things to be elaborated upon.

Friday, 3 May 2013

The Upside of Letting Go By Nacole Stayton

Slow down! That's a very fitting advise for the author. I felt like Haley was ranting throughout the entire book and as such I didn't get much depth or emotions from anyone. It was all so rushed.

I know I read a book sometimes and I really want to get to the meat of the matter but the anticipation is what blows it out of the water. I admire the authors projection of being straight forward and to the point but i gotta be like put the brakes on that  just one minute! Like allow me to process A before moving on to B.

It was like being in a sprint. You got no time to process much and very frequently I move from the middle of a serious situation into 3 weeks or months later with a summary of all that took place.

The book span over maybe a 4 or 5 years period and it still felt like she just stepped off the bus to me. I don't know where anything started or where it ended. The potential to be a wonderful story was there but it was smashed by the urgency of everything!

There was so much going on with no depth and no structure. I don't know when they decide they like each other, when they decide they wanted more. I just know one minute she runs in him, the next he is carrying her and couple hours later he has his tongue down her throat. It's like listening to a record playing in slow fast forward.

I honestly can't pinpoint a character to say "Hey I loved this one!" but that's only due to the urgency placed on each scene. However, I believe major potential was present if the opportunity was given. I can say Lucy's character was a good one and I would have loved to see much more development on her part as she had a little fire that just needed a little fanning to blaze!

The connection Haley and Kyler (hated his name btw) shared was a little extreme if you ask me but I get where it help and it grew on me a little.

The humour and steamy sex level in this one was a steamy 0 and boy did the opportunities arrive. (14 year old sister in law can definitely read this). I hardly believed most of the emotions the characters professed and I was utterly shocked as to Haley's career path. I swear based on her past she would have one up to try and find a cure or something.

School was pretty non existent in this one and due to the rush I have no clue what happened where, just a big blop dropped on us in the end sort of like a summary ... really idk ....

I actually loved Jude's character and believe he brought so much to this one, much more than the main characters. I was actually pissed with his outcome as for an author who believed in happy endings, Jude seems to get an ass kicking from life often!

It's safe to say that this was a very good story with a lot of every day occurrences and very good messages, wrapped up with a good plot and a lot of potential. If only it was rewritten with a lot more passion and some one pressed pause to slow it down a little and cut out the unnecessary segments (fry chicken scene), it could have been a good one!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Extreme Love By Abby Niles

Extremely boring and annoying would be a better title for this one.
Unrealistic, uneventful with one full MMA fight is what this one provided. I was so drawn in by the book cover and the blurb that I thought this would be a really good one!! So you can imagine my shock when I start reading and wanna stop.

Not one to practice giving up on a book in the first couple chapters, I stick through it and boy was I disappointed!!

Take out the girl best friend, the heroine, the opponent and everything else and leave the hero and the gay best friend and his boyfriend, and I would have at least given this 4 stars but as is, I'm wavering between 1 and 2. It wasn't even a fairly satisfying read.

I got the whole weight loss struggle and proving a point in your given field or passion, and I was therefore behind them 100% as I struggle with both at some point on my life, but Cait was annoying and Dante was awesome! I literally read the book just for him and really wish he would realize that Cait wasn't and still isn't worth it.

Some  main characters (like the girl best friend and coach) grew very insignificant and annoying. There was little development of these relationships and characters, and as such I hardly followed these relationships so was therefore shocked at the outcomes in the impromptu and unnecessary epilogue.

On the bright side, the editing wasn't bad and the grammar was near impeccable! So there are pluses there.

I understand that alot had to be conveyed over two months, but not much developed, other than Dante is a love sapped fool and Cait is an annoying girl who I am surprised haven't killed herself yet from sheer self doubt and lack of confidence in everything.

The woman is so depressing I am surprised she teaches a weight loss class. She had me mapping out how fat could she possibly be, to just throwing in the towel and thinking that she either looks like Shamu or she's average and just looking for attention!

The fights were not intense nor extreme in the bit, and I honestly thought I'd get more, but I must note that I loved how she initially described the fight between Sentori and Dante when it just began. But as usual, Cait arrived and it all went to shit!

I don't even wanna get started with the unnecessary and unrealistic kidnapping nearing the end of the book If your gonna commit to a situation and emotion, just do it! The whole half cock, half effort was just annoying and had me face palming alottt!!

The epilogue just had me in a wtf state, because it was not needed nor did it do much. It seemed like literally a folder leaf of information with an 8 months later attached note, aka, unnecessary!

Give me Paul, Jack and Dante any damn day! Cause if not for those three, this story would be a total bust.

It's safe to say this one definitely wasn't for me. However, give it a try, it may be your cup of tea!