Sunday, 31 March 2013

Marco's Redemption By Lynda Chance

Ahmm ....

Do you know when your reading a book and you just wanna skip a few parts because you wanna solve a mystery or see a decision and can't wait for the suspense? ... well, her it is without the suspense, titled Marco's Redemption.

Well that was a whirlwind of I don't know what ... I know i'm suppose to feel an emotion right now but I am truly and honestly blank -_- *crickets*

Re-written and without all the omissions, this story had potential. As it is now, it's a draft. I am starting to wonder if my copy was an unfinished manuscript because no way that could be a story!

The time span kept getting bigger to the end, there are sooooooo much unanswered questions and unfinished business that it's tilting my head. I can't wrap my mind around who Marco Donati is and all I can come up with is that he has serious mental and trust issues.

Natalie is a case all by herself .... she tries to not be everything that she is, from naive to just plain silly!

There is no depth at all, I got a tiny bit of information about Natalie and I know not a single memorable or intimate thing about Marco except for when he lost his virginity.

The characters were not developed at all and to tell you the truth, I don't know if the story even had a climax, because it struck the same tone throughout. A grade schooler could submit this as a paper, minus the sex scenes.

Event that also, held no steam at all ... didn't even get a damn nipple stiff! Like get something right!

There were hints all over, but nothing was covered and every damn thing was left vague. I still have so many questions and wanna know so much more. I don't even know what he wanted redemption from and if he got it. Things happened so fast that I was surprised to see that I had reach the end, and had to be skipping back to see if maybe I accidentally missed out some pages.

I have completed the book and still don't know what the hell happened in between the scene at the bank and the ending. I wanted to check the time to see if time froze or something, because this book made no sense whatsoever with regards to timelines, situations and decisions.

And the messed up thing is, based on how the book began, I expected so much and thought that we would receive so much from it, but then they got together and it was shit from there!

Everything happened in a jumble with no explanation and before I know it *spoiler alert* she's married with  has four and a half kids ... like WTF tho! *end of spoiler alert*

This was such a promising story, with a disappointing deliverance.

There goes my Sunday!

Color of Forgiveness By Madeleine Beckett

So ... forgiveness all around in this book.

However, it seems that Myra has to always be forgiving Dylan, but afterall, he did say he will mess things up and boy did he mess things up all the time!!

So the usual characters were present, and the vibe was just the same with a very bubble bursting happiness all around.

As usual, Chad kept me stunned and laughing along with Suzie and good 'ol Jeff! I live to hear Suzie's situations on those phone calls. I don't think she could have a better friend.

Jackie kept talking as usual and I am also happy that despite all the struggles, she also got her happy ending.

There was most definitely a ghost and that parted scared me a little with the suspense. Had me turning on the tv to get some company!

I wasn't shocked as to who the stalker was, as it could be expected, but I was still a  little taken aback because I never thought the person was that looney!

I actually like Sabrina in this one and saw her as more than the scheming ex wife. I was thrilled to see that she got a little piece of mind also.

Myra totally kicked ass in this one! I was a little pissed with her when she stuck with Dylan after his melt down, but I was glad how she stood up for herself, her relationship and to the stalker.

Once again, I loved the colors at the beginning of each chapter and was pleased with the emphasis that were stated on specific events of the book, like the birth of their first child.

Even though the book got a little winded for me at some parts, I still think it was beautifully written as we journey with the characters through loneliness, love, grief, heartbreak, fear and so many other emotions.

Events were fully described down to a pin and I only wish that we got a few more lines from Myra's novels.

The epilogues (yes there had to be two!) was some of the longest I have ever read, they seemed like two additional chapters, but they were filled with peace, clarity and happiness, something that this couple and their friends and family needed.

It was good to see the older kids grown up and the younger ones form bonds. Everyone was accounted for in the end, regardless of their fate, and I believe that is very important to any novel especially one full of so much raw and emotional events like this one.

The tributes to MEL were a really nice touch. We should all have a daddy and stepmom like Myra.

This was a nice read that had a lot of elements and layers to it, as the secrets are revealed early and the closures make even the reader feel content. I would definitely recommend this one.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Color of Loneliness By Madeleine Beckett

Who strains their shit .... If that doesn't make you see the craziness that is this book I don't know what will!!

Ok, so Myra is well ... lonely and Dylan is ... well ... angry. Jackie is .... annoying and Suzie steals the show every time!!

So this story is set in Nyssa Oregon and follows Myra as she tries to move on from a really messed up relationship and the loneliness she feels. However, the chick couldn't move to a more lonely place, with no job (yeh, so smart this one ...)

Anyways, she meets and starts bonding with Dylan before and after another tragedy (cause this chick can't get a break). So we follow them as Dylan tries to share his past and Myra tries to get over her insecurities.

The color for each passage was really nice and I swore they would run out of colors, but they stayed true and I was glad for the refresher course in colors and feelings and it was good to learn a few more.

I was also pleased with the little snippets from Myra's book, as I was just as surprised as Dylan when I heard what kind of book she'd be writing. The story within the story so far seems interesting and well written (If that's even possible)

I am still on the fence about Myra's character as I can't really place her, she is so over the place that her decision at the end of the book doesn't come as a shock to me. Dylan on the other hand, I think would be perfect  if he wasn't so all up in hid head all the time.

Overall though, this was a very vague story that has you guessing a lot and trying to put the pieces together. I am even starting to wonder if their's a damn ghost in this book!

I am glad for the phone calls between Suzie and Myra cause they are the funniest and always have me cackling away like crazy but a little clarity wouldn't kill! I be guessing all the way to the bank and I am in both characters minds.

Whilst we have never met Suzie's husband, the guy is hilarious and I love those phone calls even more so I can get my Jeff fix ... the belly fat story was genius!!

Jackie I think is in the story to drive us all crazy, but I think Myra would be even crazier without the little bubble of sunshine.

The few other inconsiderate players give us a commercial break and well ... I like seeing Dylan pissed ;)

Anyways, over to Color of Forgiveness I go and hope that this all gets cleared up cause I really wanna know what's going on myself!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Light in the Shadows By A. Meredith Walters

Should have got in Clay's mind sooner ...

So, this installment started off slow for me, and I kept saying when will they reunite and what will it be like!
In true Clay and Maggie fashion, it was all about them regardless of where they were.

I have to agree with Maggie an d say I missed some of the drama from book 1, but book 2 held just the right vibe and I could have read the whole story in Clay's POV only, he was funny, witty, charming, entertaining, insightful and the list goes on.

I was saddened by  the events that brought them together, and wish that could have been different. However, I think only a big event could have brought back Clay so we could have this lovely story.

A level headed Clay was much better and while serious issues were highlighted, the other route was welcomed and held just as much interest as the crazy Clay.

The turnaround in most people's attitude was shocking but welcome and the realistic feel this story created was good and kept i very real and interesting.

Maria was tamer than I thought she would be written into the book and I had hoped for Tyler to make another appearance outside of the center but based on his problems, that's probably not for the best.

Clay's decision making was far better than alot of sane and older people and had me wondering if he was even crazy anymore. Being inside is mind was good for me as a reader as I always wanted to know what was going on there, and it also helped me to sort through the decisions he made.

I saw that Rachel and Daniel are still walking on clouds and Jake was quite the inconvenience!

However, while a lot less drama presented in this book, it carried the right pace and mellow that was needed for this installment. The timelines were realistic and the closing was real and even though it had me wanting more happiness for the couple, I was content with how much they had grown and the path each were taking.

Thank you for a real beautiful story about mental illnesses and the people who have and have to be around it. Ways to deal were highlighted and a piece of hope was placed on each page regardless of the situation.

Could have asked for more in the ending, but I'm content with what I got and proud that some of my assumptions for the end was right on point.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Avoiding Intimacy By K.A. Linde

Chyna's story ... hmmm

Not certain why this story was called avoiding intimacy because Chyna was intimate with almost everyone she came in contact with (girl included).

If compared to the other books in the series, this one wasn't as exciting as the life that Alexa leads. I wasn't enthralled by the sex scenes, because the emotions of this book were very cold.
Don't get me wrong though, I love Chyna's character and she had her moments, but I just didn't feel this one.

Her declaration at the end didn't give me the tingles, I actually never believed her. However, some of her sex scenes were hot and left me all bothered!

I am not sure as to the deal with the Milan portion of her life, as it just ended abruptly and stayed that way. Not sure if we will get a small view in the last of the avoiding trilogy.

I got confused at times when it came to going between past and present, because she seemed to always be messing up with like two weeks the most in between the crazy stunts she pull!

Adam was a child. I actually preferred his character in Alexa's stories and felt that he lacked little to no presence throughout the book ... actually, I'd have preferred is she ended up with Marco, as there would definitely be a story there!

But even with that being said, I still didn't connect to Marco. He was an Italian designer who was into kinky things and had a real temper! Dominating doesn't even come close and while Chyna did him wrong, his vengeance was mean and childish. There could have been better ways to get her back than wielding your influence, it's low if you ask me!

To sum it all up, it was a manageable story because the first two books helped you to transition to this novella, but the characters were distant and cold and the events were monotonous a lot, but with a few spicy scenes.

I'd read it, but bare in  mind it's a novella, so don't expect the punch that the other two books provided.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Avoiding Responsibility By K.A. Linde


And Lexi has redeemed her self for the win!

Talk about perfect follow up, you got it right here baby!!!

So as usual, Lexi has the craziest week any individual can have while we are also taken back a year in the past, for our usual past and present catch up (great  writing style btw ...) were we get to see her and Ramsey's (still don't like this name) year of being together as well as the month they spent apart and how they re kindle in the present.

However, my girl Lexi got her groove back ... and this time the dreaded phone call wasn't so dreaded and she awoke in the arms of a sexy ass man! (minus his controlling qualities ... but who can't this chica tame ;) )

I was thoroughly surprised that Jack/Lexi situations were kept to a minimum and that we got to focus on the awesomeness that is Lexi and Ramsey!

The cameo of Clark was funny, witty and a really lovely addition to the novel. I see Ms. Linde had a soft spot for this character :)

The showdown of the groomsmen and Lexi in the suite was a really good and necessary touch, I felt the power with every step she took. Sometimes it's all about getting it all out there and standing your ground.

The addition of Parker, I think balanced out the love/hate past both Lex and Ramsey has. So while I know what the chick is hoping to accomplish, I don't mind her presence as long as she doesn't over step her boundaries.

The way Alexa stood up for herself throughout the book, but especially at the end, made me very proud and I had to do a fist pump for her. They say sometimes if we could see the world out of someone else's eyes, it'd be totally different, and I think that final Bekah/Jack encounter did her in and gave her the push she should have gotten from day one.

I really love Adam for Chyna and as I go over to Avoiding Intimacy, I really hope it works out, because he is exactly what she needs and deserve and  I like the pseudo-friendship between him and Lexi.

When it's all said and done, we had a few cliffhangers, as I wanna know if Brandon just faded out of the book, I wanna see if Bekah  really went ahead with the wedding and I wanna see what it's like when she's pregnant (which is only a matter of time with Jack's sex drive and Bekah's scheming ways). I also really wanna see what happens with the Parker situation and I really wish Lexi and Ramsey can get some quiet and be blissfully happy! Thank you for a good ending to transition to the next installment.

P.S. Missed my lyrics in this one ...

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Avoiding Commitment By K.A. Linde

This book makes you wanna slap a bitch!

I'm not certain why it's titled Avoiding Commitment, because these two were very much committed to lying to everyone and committing to cheating on everyone they are with. They might not be able to commit to other people but they surely commit to each other.

If there ever was  fool in love, it was Alexa Walsh and if ever there was a player who considered no one but him self, it was Jack .

Call me a cynic but was this girl one of the three blind mice? I almost didn't wanna finish because this girl made me want to slap the shit out of her!!!
Isn't love suppose to lift you up and shit? Cause this love is a train wreck! And the sad part about it is that this chick is hot and gets some of the most amazing boyfriends, so I can't fathom how one idiot continually allows her to degrade herself and feel like a damn fool!

This was a drama filled story that left me angry so much but I couldn't help finish reading it. I liked the contrast from years before and the present and how they were basically making the same mistakes over and over again.

I found that sometimes I prefer the past and other times I craved the present. The span of time was very realistic but it still hurt me to see that this woman couldn't see this idiot for what he really is!

Jack is such a coward and I honestly believe that he loves her and want her, but he seems to want everyone else around him also.

Bekah, Bekah, Bekah ... If ever there was an idiot it is her. Let's begin with the fact that she is engaged to the biggest liar I have ever come across and the fact that he'd have sex with anything in a skirt and yet still, she think it's a prize!

I am 100% sure that even if they have kids he will continue to cheat on her. He can't help himself. I honestly believe that this man is sick and need help! Better yet, he needs to be single. I can't see how much damn charm this one man can have to hurt so many women over the years!

I believe that Alexia will always be his kryptonite but not even her can fully bring him to his knees.

Ramsey's .... the jury is still out on this one. The glimpses I got of him wasn't enough to let me know if I want him and Alexia to be together.
Even though she was to part to blame for some of the hardships she went through, cause she's old enough to know right from wrong, I really want this girl to find the right man to treat her with some damn respect so that she can know what real love is suppose to be like.

Chyna is just ... the most real and supportive friend ever. A friend who doesn't judge and tell it like it is, is a person I want in my corner any day!
She will drop everything at a dime for you and that's all you can ask for in a friend!

In the end, I really wanted to be proud of Lexi when she finally stick it to Jack, but what it took to take her to that decision I don't believe was enough and took her too damn long to open her eyes. I really wanted to be proud of her but honestly I couldn't feel it.

However, I'm glad that she finally came to her senses and I'm heading over to Avoiding Responsibility to see if Lexi can redeem herself in this one. Cause she really needs some redemption!

P.S. really loved the lyrics at the beginning of the chapters. Had me singing a few!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Young Love Murder By April Brookshire

Not another teen book for sure!

So Annabelle is an assassin hired to kill Xavier Sanchez and Gabriel Sanchez is his son ... can you say drama!

This book contained a whole more drama than your regular teen novel, but that's probably because it contains a lot of murder by people who are ether barely reaching or just reaching 21.

We are taken on a journey as Anna tries to complete her job of killing Gabriel's father and keeping his love.
We are literally taken all over the world, were we see different countries and culture and get to solve these ridiculous puzzles and clues to go from one mystery to the next.

Let's just say that Gabriel and Anna's story is a very ... strange one! Throw in a bunch of trigger happy teenage killers and you have one hell of a story!

I loved the series of events (even the bad ones) and how we got to see it from both Anna and Gabe's POV.
I was a little worried with the amount of drama in the first 28% of the book, but I was quick to find that the drama never ends, and it only gets better!

The supporting characters were always introduced at the just the right time to make a scene dynamic!

I was a little surprise after Gabe and Anna's disagreement that more retaliation wasn't taken on Gabe and again when they met in Greece.

Either Ms. Brookshire has a little assassin blood in her or she has a very active and bordering on real imagination!

I appreciated the letters Gabe wrote Anna when they were apart for two years, and for a minute there had the same belief as Gabriel. I had my doubts, but I still wasn't sure.

The relationship with Anna, Jackson and Simon, while an unconventional one, I truly adores. (Maybe even envied) Afterall, who wouldn't want a little spy action in their life!

I'm glad I had the chance to read this one, because it's definitely not your normal teen book, and this one will keep you on your toes.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Poughkeepsie By Debra Anastasia

Poughkeepsie ... what a little town!

If I had the backing of Beckett and Eve I'd surely move there :)

This one had me thinking a lot in the beginning and as the story unfolded, so did the lives of every character involved ... surprisingly, except for John.

Poughkeepsie is mostly centered around Livia and Blake with their unconventional meeting and how their life unraveled and linked with all the other characters.

The different elements of this story were welcomed and some what fascinating as well as enlightening. The relationship between all the characters flowed naturally and the loyalty and brotherhood showed between Blake, Beckett and Cole are stronger than most families I know. (The vomiting scene!)

I can not reckon how a man in Blake's position managed to stay so centered and sane and kept me laughing more than the other characters who were more stable than himself. He brought a certain aura to the story that no one else could. It was nice to see a male character over analyze a relationship for a change.

Within this story, you some how found a way to love even the murderers who were a bit extreme if you asked me, but that's also what made you love and admire them even more. (Go Mouse!)

This story was filled with an overwhelming amount of emotions that left you drained one minute and energized diving head first the next. The story line, characters, events, setting were on point and beautifully executed. No stone was left unturned!

I'm normally not a fan of narrative writing, but I believe that it was very necessary in this book, because with such a diverse cast, one person could have never told this story. I've never read anything like this and I am so pissed with myself that I waited so long to try this book after getting so many recommendations!

The characters of Cole and Kyle were polar opposites and I still can't understand them, but such is life!

Beckett and Eve I believe should have their own short story because these  two are fire!! If Eve took my man I would concede victory because c'mon the girl has it all! #teameve

The mix with social media was a little off for me, but it was manageable. I found it down right hilarious everything that came out of Breckett's mouth, especially his texts. I could listen tot him all day!

I know that technically justice was or is on  the verge of being done where Breckett is concerned, but I would have just loved if the book could have been written for him to find his peace and happiness too. It's only fair, even though I know he has some sins to attest to, but a fighting chance would have been nice. Ain't asking for his baptism, just a little salvation!

This one will give you a good emotional kick! A lot of things to experience in this book and I am glad I had the opportunity to read it. Makes me think more than I use to when I see a homeless person, it also reinforced my mantra of seeing people but not really knowing who they are. We should all practice to show love regardless of who the person is and I hope that in reading this book, we can all walk away a better person, or heading in that direction.

Thanks for a really good read!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Whew! I really worked Google translate with this one!

Still ... I am on the fence not certain which side to climb down on.

The book was real, I'll give it that, but I just didn't get the connection I was looking for. It was devoid of most emotions or at least devoided, (not sure if it's a real word) , me of most emotions.

The conversations between Brittany and her parents were, flat, non-emotional and very surreal if you ask me. I never once saw a family. If that was the aim, it was brilliantly executed!

So ... the Spanish ... hmmm .... that was a love hate relationship. I loved learning bits of Spanish, but it got annoying at times when it was a full on sentence and I have to type it out in Google translate. I understand the element it adds to the book and while it is truly appreciated, it was also truly frustrating. But it's charms won me over, so I think I'd love to do it again because to get a good story and get a language lesson in one sitting is rare indeed!

I think the story line was a nice twist from your usual high school stories, and it was Alex's side of the story that I looked forward to the most. He kept me on my toes and if you really asked me, brought out most of the emotions that I felt in this book (which were few).

Brittany ... Brittany ... I'm with Isa on this one, it is definitely possible to dislike her character, but then on the other hand you just can't. I was annoyed and pissed with her decisions a lot of the times. I feel as though she is very naive and her naivety is what got *spoiler alert* Paco killed.

The supporting characters, had their times, but I believe that if Sierra and Doug were completely excluded and Paco and Carmen given more parts, it would make one spicy book!
I am also really sorry that * spoiler alert* Isa and Paco didn't get a chance to even get their own story ... because I believe they out of every one else in this book deserved a sequel all for them!

The end of the book, I felt was really rushed and the timeline for the epilogue was just ridiculous! Made even more so by the fact that it wasn't even about Alejandro (I like his given name) :) and Brittany.

However, it wasn't as enticing as previous reviews led me to believe, but it surely caught and kept my attention though. Especially with all the Spanish all up in there!

Not so certain if I would continue the series, but I have an open mind and think that if you don't mind a real story, with a few bumps on the way, then it's a comfortable read.

Monday, 18 March 2013

The Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle

This was another of those don't judge a book by it's cover ...

Saw this book for a while and thought it'd be one of those all out cheesy novels ... got a little cheese, but it ain't too bad ;)

Regardless of Tru's betrayal, and complete lack of self control around Jake, I liked her character. If she was to be compared to Keira from Thoughtless, I'd say she's a 100 times better.

I like their honesty and I love how the music was different but still mainstream and you could relate to them (Mr. Brightside fan :) )

Tru's inner monologues were funny at times and I think she was a very rational and easy to love character.

Jake is a dream (literally) ... I find it hard to believe that he waited twelve years for one girl that he could have found all along and the thoughtfulness that he possess is just out of this world!

The writing style was plain and normal, and grammatical errors were plenty and all over, but it was manageable and I got through okay.

I really wish the other characters were expounded upon a little bit more, as I feel that the supporting characters barely said anything or existed at all, but I still love the open and non judgmental relationship they all had.

The sex scenes were few and not steamy at all (sorry!) ... based off the descriptions of the sex scenes, they could have been omitted and the story would still go on.
For a self proclaimed bedroom man, Jake was made out to be such a softy in bed and even Will's sex seemed more spicy, whilst still not described to get you going at all.

For a book set in England, it was really lacking in the form of an English experience, and could have easily been set anywhere a hotel and Starbucks is. Only specific land marks in Europe, differentiated the locations traveled.

I felt the book was a little rushed and with a few more pages and a lot of supporting characters interventions and dialogues, this could have been a blow you out of the water book!
A lot wasn't explained or written for you to feel and relate, and as such, some very important parts, like Jake's drug habits and family relations were not delivered like how I would have wanted.

Other than the attraction, (and even that at times), the feelings and emotions weren't boring, but they were definitely flat.

With that being said though, I still would read book 2 and I just hope that the time is taken for us to feel with the characters and get a better rock experience.
It was a bittersweet ending, because even with so much lacking, I still wanted more of Tru and Jake!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Point of Retreat By Colleen Hoover

What the butterfly just happened?

How is it possible that I fall in love with these crazy characters all over again and don't even feel like Julia is really gone?

If ever a set of people to have tragedy and handle it with the utmost grace and resolve, it's the characters of Point of Retreat.

I had no Point of Retreat in this one. I literally start reading it the moment I got it (10:30pm) and didn't retreat until my Kindle said 100% (2:40am)

The introduction of Sherry and Kiersten was not in the least bit awkward and the fit in perfectly and the story just continued to flow.

Whilst I missed my Avett Brothers quotes, it was not too shabby to be in the mind of Will Cooper. Who knew sappy guys brains could be so level? Still, I would have preferred it from Layken's POV especially since she just lost Julia and I love that Will's mind was always a mystery to us. The clarity from earlier events in book one was appreciated and for that I can't be too mad.

Once again, the drama was ever present and so many issues were broached in this 300 page novel and all were rectified with clarity and grace. I am starting to believe that Ms. Hoover has a talent for solving any problem (maybe she has a purple clip) :)

I found myself at one point really pissed at Layken because like ... c'mon! It's Will were talking about here. He mad a bad move yeah, but no need to break up the whole chess game!

I was glad that Eddie and Gavin were kept in this book and the family bond that these group of eclectic people formed. Their unconventional ways were conventional to them and it was refreshing to see a weird set of people show you that life can be normal for everybody, it's just that we all have different normals.

The events and situations in this book might be unreal for some, but reality for others and I am glad I had the opportunity to read this book, because if ever a time come when I find myself in any of these situations, I would love to re-read this book and know that life goes on, so to butterfly with it all!

My suck for this week was that I didn't read the Slammed series sooner and my sweet is right here, now that I have found it!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Slammed by Colleen Hoover

What did I just read and where can I get more ???? o.O

And how did I not know about The Avett Brothers and why have I only just discovered them? Where was this treasure buried ... in the Ocean or the Lake?

I'm tryna find a character to hate and I can't (not even Javi) because Colleen Hoover is a damn genius who turns, tragedy and drama into everyday life that seems as simple as brushing your teeth.

This book could have gone in soo many different directions, due to all the drama or drama inspired events, but they were written to be executed perfectly!

There was an emotion that I am pretty sure I should have felt throughout this entire book ... sad. I just couldn't do it until the literal end letter of the book and its not because I should, it's because the situation also made me sad.

Wow ... I was blown away with all the different situations and emotions portrayed int his book by more than one character. I was also thoroughly pleased that whilst they weren't college-aged or adults, they were already or turning 18 so the extra stress of counting down to the big 1-8 were avoided.

I loved every poetry piece in this novel and I knew I would from the first piece was introduced.

This was not only a novel, it was a manual on life! (Deep stuff, I know! )

Her writing style once again was thoroughly appreciated, because I looked forward to my few lines from The Avett Brothers to start me off and even played the song on Youtube in the background whilst I read (Nerdy, I know!)

I was schooled and sent home to my momma with this one! I was just losing faith in YA novels when I decided to try Slammed as my final one before I switch genre and now I am back and hungrier than ever to invest all my free time in this drama, especially if it's written by Ms. Hoover.

If ever you are having a sad, mad, bad, whatever ... just a day, then this is the book for you!

I believe the combination of Ms. Hoover and the Avett Brothers was a dynamic one and I am thrilled to have not only found another favourite, but found a good band and different outlook on life ... yep, I got that and much more from a book that I ignored for months because of the cover that I thought was lame. Goes to show life really wants us to fight it so we can get to the good parts!

Stop being lazy and get a copy of this book so you can get to the good parts that might just help lift a fog that's in your life right now.

P.S. I'm off to read book 2, Point of Retreat, now. I really wished they could have just ended how they did in this book, but I have hope, faith and trust that Ms. Hoover won't break Layken and Will's heart, because all our hearts would probably break too and I wanna stay a fan :)

Wait for you by J.Lynn

Some call it cocky but I call it confidence .... words to live by for Cam Hamilton.

So, Avery is a survivor and Cam is as understandable, persistent and loving as they get.

My emotions are kind of mixed on this one.

This story held a flat note to me, but for some reason, when it ended I still wanted to know what's next ... (makes no sense to me)

Anyways, I liked the dynamic of Avery and Cam's relationship. The playful banter was welcomed and the multiple ways to have sex without actually having sex was welcomed and gave me a few ideas ;)

I understand that she needed friends, but the characters of Jacob and Brittany (especially Jacob) were kind of unnecessary and I would be good with just Cam and Avery for this book. (Actually, Avery alone would also be just fine) It could have been an autobiography told by her and not acted out and I'd be just good.

Avery is a stand alone character that doesn't really need anyone to make her interesting, she does it all on her own and some of the best parts of the book for me, was the ones she had with herself.

I connected with one character in this book, Avery!

I never felt the relationships and other characters that much, but Avery kind of did it for me and I'm good with that.

The storyline is one that have been written and read over and over again, just one that was actually legally binding, so it didn't really hold much excitement for me.

However, in the end I was pleased with this story, and felt like I could connect to a friend like Avery. More closure would be nice, but I'll settle with this one.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Boycotts and Barflies by Victoria Michaels

Totally unlike me. but I took 4 days to read this book.

Anyways ....

It wasn't a complete bore, but it wasn't the most heart stopping either. With little to no drama it mostly made me laugh.

I'm not too sure where the climax of this book was, and so my emotions on a hold were either funny or flat.

I honestly believe that all of them failed the boycott before the end came, because as far as I can see, they were all dating, which was the number one rule of the boycott anyway.

Personally, I hate third person writing, because it seems very impersonal. As such, I wasn't a fan of the writing style.

The characters were there, but I didn't really connect with any of them. At the end of this book, I had some laughs, got some ideas and completed a book, but that's about it.
I never connected with any of the characters and I could go on reading, but not because I want to, but because I didn't really feel a closure. Like what happen after the winner of the bet is revealed and their prize is claimed?

I got some laughs, but I wasn't too feeling this one. a little more emotion could have been placed in this. It was really flat and not what I expected at all .. like where's the spice?
Afterall, its suppose to be a book about a boys and barflies boycott, but all I got was six unemotional people trying to make it seem like they are still in a bet that they all pretty much lose the day they met.

Still, don't knock it till you try it!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

Well, let's start off by saying Happy Birthday to me, and it was an utmost pleasure to finish reading this incredible (wink) novel, on my birthday.

I guess sometimes reviews don't lie.

The story line, while not the most original, was executed brilliantly!

Apart from a few times when I wasn't aware of the switch in a scene, I thoroughly enjoyed Sky aka Hope and Dean's journey.

This book whilst about sexual abuse, is also about how beautiful the mind is designed and the capabilities of that of a 5 year olds brain.

I was glad that each character was an individual and didn't have to rely on anyone to show their true colors.
I appreciate the eclectic mix of characters and their lifestyles.

I honestly love Sky, because minus the tragedies and bad decisions she made before she found Holder, she is what most teen girls who are bullied should aspire to be.

I love the sexy, strong confidence that she oozed and I was honored to have gotten the story from her POV, as it was refreshing and filled me with a lot of emotions.

Holder was an intense character and as such, these two were emotionally light years ahead of that of two 17 and 18 years olds.
He was passionate, sincere, loyal, trustworthy, mature and above all, rational! (hardly find that in teen dramas these days)

I loved this book from beginning to end and appreciated the writing styles (even down to the hours, as I have never experienced that writing style before).

I believe that Ms. Hoover made a very serious and troubling every day occurrence, into an intriguing and well written novel that peeled back the layers and got you to understand down to the core.

I liked the three way link between Karen, Sky aka Hope and Les. It showed not only each character's struggle, but the different paths, similar situations can push us.

Whilst I am sorry for the path Les chose, I am fully satisfied with the outcome and events of this book.

Not everyone could get justice, and this was by no means a happy ending, but it was closure and at the end of the day, it's all I need from a book!

P.S. Happy Birthday to me :)

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Forever Mine By Elizabeth Reyes

Well ...

I'll admit I was a little bored in the beginning and thought about stopping and delete this book.

Eventually, I stuck through it, but it still didn't redeemed itself enough.

It had it's moments and I got a few laughs, but I just couldn't see the red that Angel saw, this book was written in 2010, men and women as friends is very much common, and the over reaction and reluctance of Angel and Sarah was unfounded and kinda silly.

I loved Sydney's character and thought the book would have been so much better if he was in it more frequently.

I'd trade the usual high school drama for this plot that was very weak I believe.

I loved the few laughs throughout the book, especially the antics of Romero but all in all, this story was very flat for me.

Still, don't knock it till you try it!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Gamble by Kristen Ashley

Thorough !!!

This book was like a literature present. You had everything tied up in
a beautiful bow.

There was love, romance, drama, suspense, comedy. There was a scene
and chapter for every one.

Important and daily issues that face a wide array of people were
touched and sorted beautifully!

I loved Max and Nina chemistry and I completely adored Nina' s character.
It was a welcomed change from the usual young love and swooning.

Even with her neurotic ways and rambling, she was a really good
heroine and her witty banter and conversations with almost everyone is
to die for.

I was  also such a big fan of Niles, his role was hilarious and If one
thing I would have wanted, is for him to have a one on one with Nina

I loved the conversations Nina had with Charlie and how at the end we
got a peek into Max' s mind as well as Anna.

Whilst at times the conversations felt unnecessary and could have been
removed (hence the word thorough), they eventually added to the grand
scheme of things.

This book mellowed me out much and I looked forward to curling up with
this one.

The mystery was just that and had you making guesses right to the end.

I loved each character and what they added. This was a fantastic and
well written book.

I am officially a Kristen Ashley fan and can't wait to continue my
Colorado Mountains collection!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Reckless by S.C. Stephens

There's this bittersweet feeling you get when you follow a journey through years, and it's come to a close. That's exactly what I am feeling right now.

Last year I thought March 5, 2013 was a ridiculously long time and now I'm wishing I could go back to June 11, 2011 when the 1st Thoughtless was released, so I could enjoy this love story again and feel everything I have felt for this trilogy.

I must admit that the tension and drama within Reckless, while could have been more, with all the possibilities, it was tamer than the previous books. However, I still couldn't get enough of Kellan and Keira (yes Keira too, obviously she's the narrator, so without her there wouldn't even be any Kellan stories)

I appreciated how the stories developed from a guy and a girl embarking on life together, to a group filled with so much love and support that with them you would need nothing else in this world.

This book is a look at the guys life as success takes a hold of them and Keira struggles to be a strong wife for Kellan while he struggles to do what's best for the band.

I absolutely loved Keira in this installment, she was fearless, confident. This was the one book that I didn't wanna bitch slap her, which she got anyway (Isn't karma a bitch!)

I loved how we got more involved in not only Keira and Kellan but the other characters. Everyone's past and future were highlighted or hinted at some point in this novel.

I got to see in the mind of an author, while I visit a rock show and still got my Griffin fill (I'm actual a fan of Griffen :) )

Whilst I will agree with a few people when they say this story wasn't as thrilling if compared to the previous installments, it held it's own and even with tragedy, betrayal, trust issues and so much more, they all prevailed and formed relationships that some people would kill just to get a hint of.

I loved the few lyrics that we were privy to in the novel and was glad to see that Kellan still had his little trail games that always kept me smiling with Keira also. I could feel the love these two share and the determination the Kellan possessed to make his marriage work with Keira.

With an ending that seems a little unstable to me, as I could definitely see myself diving into a Book 4, I think they all deserve their happy ending and I am glad to share this series with a fabulous set of characters.

The growth, changes and struggles that each book portrayed, I was thoroughly pleased and sated and would really just want one favour .... atleast a novella from Kellan's POV would be awesome!
For I sure wanna know what goes on in that pretty head of his.

I think I will definitely re-read this series as some point like I did with Fifty Shades of Grey, because I just can't and don't wanna get enough of Kellan Kyle.



Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Black Butterfly by Sienna Minx


I was thoroughly pleased with this book to the point of staying up late to finish reading and giving a review about it.

I'm not too certain how I stumbled upon this book, but I am glad I did, even if I was a few years late.

At first I was skeptical about the different POVs especially when written as a narrative, but I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled by the stories.

I was extremely glad to have the perspective of the different characters to understand what drove them and it made you understand the story and characters more.

The relationships blended together perfectly and it was a nice romantic tale with, a lot that seems like a little, dramatic scenes.

This one had me thinking what next and got me so on edge at one point I couldn't take a break without thinking what would happen when I turned the page.

The maturity of the characters and the situations were welcomed and made me less likely to hate the story.

However, there area few unanswered questions that make me wonder if there will or is a book 2 (haven't checked yet)

Still, I was glad to be enlightened in so many different career paths as the characters took this wonderful journey.

This was a really good read and I think this one will definitely make me a Sienna Minx fan!


Monday, 4 March 2013

Epic Fail by Claire LaZebnik

Epic Fail was an Epic Rush (And not what you are thinking)

I honestly expected more based on the reviews I saw of this one and the two chapters I got at the end of reading 'The Trouble with Flirting'.

So to say I was swiping away looking for more pages when the story ended would be an understatement.

It's like there was a challenge to fit in a story within 309 pages.

I wasn't disappointed with the story, as I have come to learn that Mrs. LaZebnik is a precision writer who definitely knows how to write a good story, but I just expected a little more depth and time.

While it's similar but different in alot of things I have read, I think it was well written but could use a little more strength for all the characters as I still feel like I hardly know them.

Not my favorite read of the week, but a nice read nonetheless.

I would really like to finally read a strong and lengthy novel from Mrs. LaZebnik, as I adore her writing style and whoever edits her books is a genius, as errors, of any sort, grammatical or otherwise is none.

I feel like the book ended with two much questions, I would love to know the level of Jules and Chase relationship, what Chelsea did when she found out about Derrick and Elise, a lot more on Georgia and even Layla and Kaitlyn as well as Gifford would be welcomed.

I just felt like the story abruptly ended.

I wasn't even afforded the chance to feel any form of emotion about this book or form  a bond with any of the characters.

While a well written book, I just didn't get much for this book, It was shallow to say the least and nothing, not even behaviors or otherwise was sorted out for us the readers.

I didn't even figure out where the climax of the story was until now when writing this review I figure it was both at the beach and premiere (just tryna help a reader out)

Still, don't knock it until you try it!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Trouble with Flirting by Claire LaZebnik

This was a great flirty read.

It wasn't over done and was done in very good taste.

I enjoyed this entire book and was surprised when it all ended. I actually felt like the characters and wanted more, even though I know that anymore would have probably spoilt the book.

It was edited beautifully and had no excess scenes.

I loved the character developments and how even though three (3) of the characters knew each other before, it still seemed like a first encounter into what could become beautiful friendships.

I love Harry and Franny (hate that name) characters, and how unorthodox their relationship developed. It was full of cliche without actually being cliche (don't know if that made any sense)

I think the characters handled their selves very well for the age group and I almost forgot they were 17 and 18 year old.

The small and not overly exaggerated theater moments were welcomed and done with a lot of finesse and class.

It was a pleasure to know that even with the drama (which was very low key), they were all still able to set their differences aside and be friends. Their maturity was remarkable for a teen filled novel.

Not being full of angst and too much teenage love scenarios, this book could easily be read by readers who aren't too fond of this genre.

I also appreciated that it wasn't full of sex for a summer book and that these characters would make any parent proud.

I also enjoyed the first two chapters of Epic Fail at the end of the novel and have decided to give it a try.

Never read anything from Ms. LaZabnik before, but I am so far impressed and look forward to another novel from her.

I know a good read when I see one, and this one is a good read!

Cloud Walking by A. Meredith Walters

Cloud Walking was more a synopsis of Find yo u in the Dark from Daniel and Rachel's POV

With no real depth or emotion, this took me about three (3) hours tops if even so much to finish read it. (and no, it's not because its a hundred page novella)

I really think that if Rachel and Daniel were to get a story, it should have been in a totally different setting with much more depth (Afterall, the girl waited 12 years to get the boy!)

Still, it had it's moments and surprises that I never even knew existed. (Like Daniel's talk with Clay).

While this novella answered little if any question, it was nice to know what Daniel and Rachel spoke about in the cabin, even if it wasn't much nor what I expected.

I still believe Find you in the dark is a lovely, well written novel and any little bit of insight into Clay and Maggie is always welcome.

Guess we all don't like love that's only about Cloud Walking.

Always a sucker for a little Bi-polar love :)

Find you in the dark by A. Meredith Walters

Riveting! (Always wanted to say that)

This was totally unexpected! I judged the book by the cover and expected another angst filled teen drama novel but I was thoroughly surprised, shocked and pleased.

I was a 75% fan of Mrs. Walters after I read Bad Rep, but I will definitely read another book from her if it's like this one.

This was a well timed, written and polished novel that made me want more without being too jittery.

I believe that Clay and Maggie story was beautifully written and executed.

I always like to learn from a novel and this one touched so many subjects.

I even teared up at some parts near the end.

I really am glad I didn't judge this book before I gave it a read because I was really pleased with the structure and look forward which much anticipation for the sequel.

Let's just say I couldn't get enough!

Thank you Ms. Walters for a well written novel with just the right balance.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Trust in Advertising by Victoria Michaels

Trust in advertising indeed!

Whilst a little overly wordy for me, it kept my attention so all in
all it was a good book and is worth your  time.

I am surprised Ms. Michael's doesn't work in advertising because this
book focused so much on the work aspect than it did the romance.

For a minute, I thought the book was a manual for beginners in advertising.

I didn't really feel the chemistry between the hero and heroine and
actually didn't despite the bad (girl in this case).

She was refreshing and much more exciting than the female protagonist.

I thought the series of events, dialogues, and jokes were stiff like
the male protagonist.

I also believe that everyone's POV was unnecessary.

Regardless of my many peeves with the book, and the lack of passion, I
still don't mind reading this one.

Give it a try!