Thursday, 31 October 2013

Consume Me By R.F. Allie

I am disappointed. Between the grammatical and spelling errors, abrupt ending and basic lack of point or purpose, this book failed in my opinion. It was boring. It lacked vision, originality, purpose, cause ... it lack spark! I finished reading this novel because I kept procrastinating to finish, so I figured it's time I start a new one.

It's size didn't help either, because if it was short and boring then that would be different that it being so long and boring. Short, we could have said maybe it needed some more pages. Long, it just needed a re-write and a lot of editing.

The author used a lot of proper words in place of the usual dialect. I have no problem with this, as I am all for learning new things, but sometimes they came off as odd and didn't help the story in any way. I also thought, that someone who spent so much time on a detail like word choice, would have spent some time to get her characters names right. There was a heap of mix up between the main characters surnames. Don't use two 'D' named surnames if your gonna constantly mix them up. It's just wrong, and confusing as hell!

I hated the nicknames between Clea and her friends. Her character also never appealed to me and I was unable to relate or really warm to her. She was confident but unsure. Shy but bold. At times, she is on top of the world with how confident she is and a next she is escaping in the back of a cab because she thinks Landon is about to breakup with her. She almost seemed bipolar. She also occasionally has self esteem and money issues when she feels like it.

Landon is a cliche. His personality didn't shine because he didn't have one. He could have been any dominant male billionaire. There was nothing to separate him from the rest. Irrespective of their similarities, Christian Grey is no Gideon Cross. Then again, 'Bared to You' is no 'Fifty Shades of Grey'. However, 'Consume Me' tried to hard to fall into almost all the patterns of billionaire alpha male novels.

The main thing it had to separate it was it's lack of direction and bland cliffhanger. I  have no clue what to expect next and I don't care. It all seems inconsequential and boring if you ask me. The story kept going and I kept waiting and nothing happened. I can't even notify a proper climax.

The drama wasn't drama. The ex that seemed to matter is more a family friend and the ex that might be a hurricane to this relationship was fleetingly mentioned. I don't know, but I am not impressed nor was I entertained. I had a few laughs, but that's about it.

Clea has a large variety of friends, that vary in every aspect of her life and the ones closest to her are like family. I love that set and believe that they were the redeeming quality of this novel. If they weren't calling her by those ridiculous nicknames, then I had a good enough time with them.

I also believe that most of the conversations started out of no where and went no where. This whole book seemed pointless. However, I like giving chances and I would like to get to know these characters, especially Landon. So I will wait on book 2 to see if this series might get better.

I'm not even going to mention the sex scenes. Let's just say it was bearable. As is, this novel is just an idea in need of proper execution. Her french was good also, so she gets points for that.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Denying Heaven By D.H. Sidebottom

Let me start off by saying that the basics were obviously there. I won't discount her talent, as I have fallen in love with her many series. However, this particular installment didn't do it for me :(
The thing I like the most about this story, was the final song they sung together in the shower. That has always and will be my jam, so you can imagine I sung it instead of reading the lyrics :D

The reason this story fell off for me, might be the reason others fell in love with it, and that is fine. But I got annoyed. First, at trying to figure out what everyone was hiding. Second, at the back and forth between Bulk and Spirit. Third, at the constant presence of Sal and his goons. Fourth, the need for death in every installment. Fifth, the very weird and also inconclusive ending. And those are just to name a few.

I think the whole series is slowly tanking with each novel. Maybe a break and rejuvenation is needed for this one, because I am in no way interested to see Romeo the commitment phobe, and his on again off again relationship with treacle.

I expected more maturity and control from Bulk's and his story, all I got was an immature man shying away from his responsibilities. He was a douche! There is no going around it. He was like a mean drunk without actually being drunk. I felt nothing for him and that ending was just so unnecessary and eerie. What genre is this? Paranormal romance? x_x

I didn't pay much attention to Spirit before this novel, but I do know that I felt nothing for her either. This I think, is my main problem with these characters. I could not relate and they annoyed the ever loving Christ out of me! She is a druggie alcoholic and nothing changed that at the end of the day. None, and I mean none, of their main debilitating issues have been fixed.

If I was Spirit, I would go get some help and have more pride within myself, because I saw her as nothing more than an alcoholic coke whore. I mean to be harsh, but not mean. Still, that doesn't discount from the fact that these characters have some really bad habits, that are still that ... bad habits!

Irrespective of my dislike for the main characters, and my new found indifference to Boss and Jen as both individuals and a couple, I enjoyed getting updates on Jax and Eve. Funny how I wasn't their biggest fan when this series started, and it now turns out that they are the best couple so far in this series, and that's saying something o.O

All over the place, too many loose ends, to many inappropriate and just for fun sex that lacked conviction, passion and intensity. It was half done and not what I expect from a D.H. Sidebottom novel. If it's one thing, she always nails the sex!

I can say there were moments when I was warming to both main characters, but then they did it again and I just gave up on it all. There was too much of everything in this novel and ironically it ended with not much. Being the masochist that I am, I will wait around for Romeo to mess it all up with his time in the lime light.

Until then folks ...

Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Wrong Billionaire's Bed By Jessica Clare

 It's Jessica Clare, what else do you expect?

Another well researched and executed novel. However, I'm sorry Reese, but Audrey is boring :(

I love her resolve and I even love that she is in love with love. I have no doubts about her personality and I understand her back story, but it's still boring :( Her story is the shortest so far in the series, in every aspect, and she fell in all the molds of the billionaire romance genre. Still, when she became the equivalent of Gretchen I thoroughly enjoyed those moments. Ain't nothing like a fiery ginger to get you going ... ask Reese :)

Reese is not what I expected but I actually like what we got from his character. He never try or did fit in any molds. He was Reese and the only one from the group who seem more real and approachable. I thoroughly enjoyed this couple more when they were  fighting and aggravating each other. I really wish we could have gotten more layers, locations and time like the novels before in this series. Regardless of Audrey's bland character, this was still a good, solid story in continuing this series.

I am speculating that Daphne and Cade might be next in this series, and I must say that I have melted a little to the character of Daphne. I would have loved to spend some more time with her to see if I could relent more to her personality, but we will see when her time comes.

I believe this series follow a pattern of stiff vs. wild and it was nice to see wild portrayed in both characters this time around. Their little bets also added to this story as flair was needed with Audrey's no nonsense personality.

It's safe to say that Hunter and Gretchen still hold the title for best book in this series, because Reese and Audrey's story is hardly what I expected. I would have loved some more to this story. I keep thinking that if we could have experience NY Reese ad Audrey style, it would have been a better story. The cabin was too .. let's say uninspiring. It felt safe and boring and I fell asleep a couple times. I must say, her aim of bringing across a subdued Audrey worked, because I craved for those moments when Reese was introduced into the story.

I am starting to match Jessica Clare with strong stable stories. Even though this one could have used some more energy, it had the basics of a good story and kept you interested enough to want to finish.

There are some intense sex scenes and I love the intimate moments between Reese and Audrey. I lived for those! I just wish they could have more time and drama to fuel this story to the level of the novels before. However, I do love them as a couple and hope to get updates in future novels. It also seems the club is turning out to not be a Billionaire's Boys Club anymore. By the end of this series, a new name might be in order.

As always, I loved our little Gretchen and Hunter moments as I still hold a flame for those two. Not the most liveliest of novels, but you won't be that disappointed either.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Beauty and the Billionaire By Jessica Clare

I knew it! I called it, I called it!! Spectacular! This novel deserves ever star it receives.

I was never bothered by date, time, weather, nothing. I just wanted intimate moments with Hunter and Gretchen. I love them together. I can't repeat it enough, but I am inexplicably, all consuming in love with these two as both individuals and a couple.

This is romance. This book brings you back to your Disney days! Beauty and the Beast don't know about this kind of love and passion. :D
The build up, anticipation, angst, chemistry. The whole plot was great and captured me from beginning to end. I couldn't and didn't want to put this book down.

I wasn't sure of the specifics as to what to expect from this duo, but I got it and more. The only thing I could ask for, was a more solid ending. I had no problem with the ending, but I would have loved an epilogue or even more changes and updates. I feel as if we ended with many possibilities and no concern.

Grumpy or not, Eldon is awesome! He is not your usual family butler. He is impersonal, grumpy, straight forward and he was a great input to this story line. He gave as good as he got and kept us laughing and on our toes. I'm sorry he couldn't have seen the light, but that's what makes him who he is and I would have him no other way.

Igor was back :) I really love that crazy cat! His role is small, but he also adds to this story. Honestly, the only irrelevant character I saw throughout this story was Daphne. Maybe she will end up with one of the guys. I sort of hope not. I already don't like her very much so it will take a miracle to convert me to her side.

I loved Gretchen in 'Stranded with a Billionaire' and I knew she would not disappoint. I am proud to say she is my favorite character within this series and I can't see no one to top her at the moment. Maybe Hunter. I'll mull it over some more :)

She is outspoken, crass, direct, funny, witty and her seduction techniques and dirty talks have you confused. Yes, confused, because your laughing when you shouldn't and smirking more than you are sad or turned on.

She shocked me as being the epitome of a romantic, but I still love her. I adore the insight into her writing process of 'Astronaut Bill', however silly the whole story was. It felt like being in the mind of a writer and I loved that. You were taken on a thought process and lifestyle, however ridiculously or loosely portrayed. Everything within this novel felt real, raw, primal and showed the level of research and execution placed in this novel.

Hunter had his many predicaments. He is the epitome of quirk and recluse. I loved that we finally got his back story, whilst we got to experience the intimate moments between him and Gretchen. To watch as they built their bond and acted on their feelings was great and held no cliches of your usual billionaire romance.

Hunter's inexperience and recluse manner gave this story a certain air and character. We only went to the poker table once, but I liked the vibe. It was different from previous meetings. I am still no warmer with the other members of this club, but this wasn't about them. Hopefully in time, I will yearn for their story like I did this one.

I loved that our focus was more on the relationship than on Hunter's scars or money, as is most billionaire romance novels. The sex scenes held the right amount of lust, love, admiration, chemistry and intensity.

Overall, the writing in this book was brilliant and the characters kept you intrested and filled with all sorts of emotions. I can truly say this is the best book so far in this series and I will miss Hunter and Gretchen.

Beat of the Heart By Katie Ashley

First, I gotta say, that cover is so AJ. The cocky smirk and all is totally the embodiment of the sexy as sin drummer!

Now, let me start off by saying thank you to Katie Ashley for not giving us another tortured rock star. He was the committed, stable goofball who didn't shy away from emotions or basic communication. Honestly, I felt bad for him frequently and agreed with Mia that he deserves better than her.

Mia .... one word, 'crazy'! There is girlfriends with insecurities and then their is Mia. She is in a class all of her own and with her fiery attitude to friends and family, she sure act like she has battered woman syndrome, because all the bad guys in her life are the ones she trust inexplicably!

There was sex overkill in this novel. They sex and sex and sex like there was no tomorrow. I kept waiting for the handcuffed to the shower scene and when it came, I was thoroughly disappointed with the action that caused it in the first place and the side Abby chose in this battle.

While this book toed the line precariously between too much sex and just enough, there was also a lot of background, personality and an influx of culture. Sicilian and Mexican together is one spicy combo, tamales be damned!

We also got a lot of history with both Mia and the band. AJ in all his perfection didn't need that complicated life story to cement his character. He's a catch. Actually, I still don't think Mia is good enough for him, but then I'm not the author. o.O

You got the back story of the band and got to fast track to their success, as well as, Jacob's Ladder rise in the country music arena. I am always glad for Abby time, so it was good to spend some time with the fiery angel from 'Music of the Heart'. I am still holding out on the stories of that band also ;)

I love a smooth cross over with stories, even if it's not from the same author. With that being said, kudos to Katie for mixing a character from 'The Proposition' into 'Beat of the Heart'. He's not one of my favorites, but it was good to see him and for Mia to ask that million dollar question I had from that series where he and Emma was concerned.

Even though they are so young, I love the constant inclusion of the kids. Jude was a little M.I.A in this than the one before, but it would be uber cool if we even got their story. In other words, this series is so good, I don't mind it extending into characters later.

There is love, passion, dedication, perseverance, banter, laughter and a heavy dose of Italian and Mexican culture and language that will have you enjoying every page of this courting of Mia and AJ. It is fun, light and humorous for the most part. Don't expect the tortured soul POV, this is AJ and he's in love with love :)

Friday, 25 October 2013

Stranded with a Billionaire By Jessica Clare

Layers. It's a thing I love. There is many things within this story, but you can't say it didn't have layers and stages, however short was the time frame.

I loved the beginnings of this tale. Their first meeting and even their time spent in a hurricane ravaged resort. They clearly had more fun than I expected. It held your attention and kept you interested as they navigated the desolate resort.

As overpowering and cliche as I expected this story to be, it held it's own and didn't fall to the mold of cheesy billionaire romance. I can also say, that regardless of the elaborate homes and lives they lead, their wealth was placed on the back burner for me while reading this novel. All I saw, was a girl trying to find herself and a guy with intense trust issues.

I can tip the scale in favor of Bronte, personality wise, because I felt like we got her POV more so than Logan. As such, I felt more connected with her than Logan. However, not to be outdone, Logan is one billionaire I admire. From the initial meet there was something about him. Even being in his thoughts was a mystery. His outlook, reaction, even his actions are unpredictable and ever changing.

With regards to their little club, I got more of an  understanding, as to what it is through Hunter's eyes than Logan's. It makes no difference to me and I think it doesn't rather add or detract from this story. Maybe I will understand and appreciate it more as I go, but as is, it doesn't move me much. Their activities seem innocent and until otherwise, I feel no real effect from said club.

Gretchen is quite the addition to this tale. I am not sure how I feel about Audrey, because she seems a little cold and detached. Igor, even with his small appearances, fascinates me and I would love more moments with this hideously intriguing cat :)

By the end of this novel, I was able to distinguish each member of  this group and form my opinions. This attest to the fact that this book was well written and held many of the basics of a good book. The missing of the many cliches, that normally riddle these billionaire novels, left me ecstatic and I got to thoroughly enjoy the story of Bronte and Logan.

I am much more in tune with my philosopher's and I love that effort and research was placed within this novel that could have fell to it's mediocre genre. There were stages that were executed well and except for an overly long sex scene, I found passion and comfort within their relationship. Bronte's quirky, fun side also helped with the vibe of this novel.

I wont' say there weren't a few cliches and predictable moments, but no one is perfect. This novel held it's own and  brought across it's own story and characters. It's a diverse group and I can't wait to experience more.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Music of the Heart By Katie Ashley

This story had a great beginning and held it's momentum. I can honestly say I got frustrated and annoyed with Abby frequently and Jake ... there is no excuse for his behavior.

However, I do love the band and their time spent with Abby. As unrealistic as the time frame was, especially with their pasts and current actions, I believed in their relationship to a point. I also love how much focus was placed on the music and it was good to see a music couple vibe with and off each other. I have to say it was a necessary and appreciated change.

Abby is like literally the perfect girlfriend. I swear she was the next creation after Adam and Eve. She was their child before they sinned. To top it all off, she sure knows how to deck herself out in all white. I adore her character in all her purity and sent from heaven persona. Still, I believe she became a push over. While she didn't lose her fire, it dimmed in some very important times within this novel.

Reading this novel is like a wave. It's up, it's down, it's hot, it's cold. At times you are really engrossed in the story and the characters and a next you are just lagging. Thankfully, those lagging moments didn't last long.
There is something about this story. While I know I wasn't overly in love with it, I also feel like I more than like it. I place most of that on the great beginnings and the original interactions of Abby and Jake, as well as, the other band mates.

Jake's POV did crack me up occasionally. His outlook was also more genuine in the beginning than the end. His handle on Abby was interesting to watch. It wasn't overly done to the point where they bicker constantly, it was constant, smooth and transition beautifully.

Truth be told, most of the story began to slide when they decide to move pass friends and into the couple zone. Everything after was sickeningly sweet, predictable and a tad unrealistic. Then again, this is the author of 'The Proposition', so this is expected.

While not as vocal as I would have liked, the other band members were cool. A little absent personally, but nice nonetheless. The character of Bree stumped me, as I saw no purpose for her. Initially, I saw potential and a story line with her role, but then she literally came in like a hurricane and then exit.

I would have also love some more time with Abby's brothers and their music, as well as, I would have love to get their stories as oppose to the other members of Runaway Train.

As rock star novels go, this is a solid PG one. It kept a thin line between realistic and unrealistic and it was fun toeing that line. Irrespective of the predictable moments, I was thrown occasionally and it was good to not get all perfection from the characters. Finally, a book that portray what might actually happen when someone loses their virginity!

Still, a solid one, that keeps you interested and carries a really good vibe as rock star romances go.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Anonymously Yours By C. Shell

She has an idea. Mine you, not a very original one, but an idea nonetheless.

This could have easily fallen to the pattern of your usual romance novels, but them it's like the author just gave up and broke off the series. Just when I began to actually see the usual cliches of a story breaking free, she goes and mess it all up with a conflict that isn't even a conflict and a really nosy boss that I have no clue as to her intentions. Like why then and what do you get out of bringing that to her? o.O

Though I must say, there are unique moments to both Kelly and Daemon, like their bickering and intimate moments. I even love her group of friends. Sasha is fierce and Tony quiet. At least he isn't gay. No offence to the gay community, but it's nice when a character can have a really good male friend who isn't broken beyond repair or tonguing guys in his down time. Bypassing the cliche is always welcomed.

Kelly doesn't really intrigue me as a character, but she keeps me interested. Her pizza and anything diet has gotten to me throughout this story and have had me craving the combo in the middle of my work day. Otherwise though, a character that I got such a great start from, faded as the book continued.

Daemon got an unnecessary chapter, but I am in no way closer to the character. He is your usual alpha-male that growls all over the place, but otherwise ... nothing. I don't hate him, but then I don't know him either. He falls into the alpha male role and was never taken out.

We didn't get the time to develop personalities for the characters, or to get a solid foundation in the present, or enough background information to sate me into believing in this novel. It was rather basic. Just when I thought we were going somewhere, it abruptly ended with unfounded betrayal. I know betrayal and that wasn't it. Dude didn't even know you then and where the hell is Gary to add to this story? If your gonna embrace the cliches, then go all out or don't go at all.

I really wish I could have gotten to dig further within this story, to get comfortable with the characters and story line, but that never happened. Predictable and abrupt are two words that come to mind when I try to describe this story.

There are moments that make this story it's own, but it still didn't deliver, even on the level of a novella. I hope book 2 might help to set this story on a different path and give it an identity, as I am unsure of what it currently is, aiming for or going. Even filled of cliches, it can be better.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Simple Perfection By Abbi Glines

Holy smokes Abbi! You weren't kidding about those twists were you? o.O I would seek guidance also, but really? Of all the plot twists? I'd have even preferred a love triangle. Then the way you seem ready to desecrate that memory with Tripp's return is making me dislike you a little -_-

I liked this story until that "twist" in the end. It was your usual Rosemary beach flirty laid-back tale. Then a wicked 360 was thrown in this story that didn't make me appreciate it. It more threw me and had me feeling like there is a huge gaping black hole to fill in this series. I have no clue where we go from here and anywhere we do, won't be the same. Rosemary beach has officially lost the appeal it initially held for me.

I always turn to this series for it's light beach side feel and it never disappoints as it did it's job again with this installment until that wicked end curve ball that will take me a while to get over if ever.

Anyways, it was nice to get a different aspect from Della and Wood's relationship. It was nice to see Della strengthen a little, even if she too the total coward way out for a while. I always have a soft spot for quirky characters and Della is as quirky as they come and I love to see her retain her personality while finding herself. One of the many "twists" that was introduced to this story heavily impacted both her and Woods story. That one, I never mind as much, as it gave them a clean slate of sorts.

Woods was his usual Della obsessed self, but it was good to see his decisions and to watch him step up within the club. I also learned that to make Woods hate you is a serious matter. Boy can carry a grudge like no one else I know!

The whole gang was more involved in this installment than before. It was great to get everyone's input and to watch the bonds that tie this tight knit group together. Even Bethy got a chapter of sorts for herself. Though I must say, I am a little on the fence with my feelings for her at the moment.

Jace was always the reliable friend in the background, but I really felt for him in this installment and it had nothing to do with his predicament in the end. Jace is a lovely character and his moment of ranting on Woods porch opened his character in a light I never saw him before. If even a novella, I would love a look into Jace.

Rush and Blake, the originals of this breezy series were present and accounted for also and it was good to get an update as well as, preparation for Grant's story. I expect it to be exceptional!

I can truly say that 'Simple Perfection' kept up it's niche that we know this series for. I just believe that the story of Della and Woods was overshadowed by the ending of this novel as it didn't match the vibe or theme and completely stole their spotlight. It seemed more like a novel trying to transition the change of this beach town, but at the end of the day, I could care less about Della and Woods and just keep wondering ... what now?

The basics are present and you are sure kept attentive. I won't discount this series as anything else, as it was another Abbi Glines production that was just right as always. In shaking things up, she has stumped me a bit but I still love this series and can't wait to see how she handles this shake up she has created.

P.S. Anytime she wanna introduce and alternate ending, I am game. I'll completely disregard the other :(

Monday, 21 October 2013

'Til Death By S.C. Stephens

I just love this author! She has a way of making it seem like you are reading a book from a completely different author or series with each installment. Her writing style is not definitive and her characters are a rowdy, eclectic group. Everyone's personality is defined and I am never confused as to anyone's position within this story.

I definitely skipped some pages and back tracked a few times in reading this novel. It was unavoidable. I couldn't wait to see reactions and discussions. I wasn't sure as to what would happen and for a while I viewed it as a life after the fairy tale. When the angst kicked in, I was definitely kept on my elbows! (lying down to read and all) ;)

Emma definitely kept us entertained with her POV and I honestly didn't need Teren's like I normally wish from a novel. I loved the character developments and the continued depth and dedication within this novel. It was marvelous to see the kids in their cutesy stages and to also have their inputs. The whole time I was jonesing for their book! I can't wait to start after finishing this imperfectly perfect tale.

Even Tracey and 'Hot Ben' had more input and contribution in this story. It was good to see Ben in action as he stepped in his role as Teren's only best friend. This story ended perfectly. It was well documented and executed. I felt at peace. I was satisfied and couldn't have asked for more.

I fell in love even more with Teren and Halina of all people. The different developments in both were astounding. I would have loved if Imogene got her own HEA, but she seemed to have found a kindred spirit in Emma's mom and together with Alanna, they will make quite the trio in upcoming tales of the twins.

It was nice to also get more familiar with the L.A. clan. Starla was enlightening as ever and Jacen lost some of his edge. Who knew? :)

Regardless of his role, I liked Malcolm. He was funny, witty, intelligent and would have made a great addition to this 'nest' of sorts. With each installment, comes another fascinating character in this series and Malcolm was the highlight in this one for me. He was a real villain, but with a twist.

Getting to experience a conversion also added to this superb novel. The details of this series rivals most and kept it's momentum from beginning to end. Even the moments of happily ever after were done to keep you interested. Maybe it's the waiting on the unknown, or the literal sense of comfort that this clan bring, but even the subdued moments got to me. I was always entertained and interested.

If not for the continuous mention of fangs, skin temperature and the numerous dinner dates, this could pass for a normal romance suspense novel.

Once again, there is not much to say about this installment, because it was beautifully done! I have no questions, just anticipation of seeing the twins grown. Even if I wasn't aware of an upcoming book in the series, I would still be completely satisfied and sated. I also love the transition from Emma and Teren's story to Julie and Nick. The possibilities are endless and I can't wait to continue with this group of wonderful vamps! This is paranormal done in modern chic ... nothing is what it seems! :)

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Bloodlines By S.C. Stephens

This was another concise and detailed story in the life of Teren and Emma. Honestly, I wasn't as worried as I should have been, but there were a few more angst filled moments than those in 'Conversion'. I guess babies make everyone a little jumpy.

It was good to get another situation out of this series and to be so apart of the birth process from conception to delivery. I felt like her birthing partner :)

Once again, details in this series were superb! This must be one of the most in depth novels I have ever read. At times, I was annoyed because I just wanted to get to the answers, but the anticipation surely helped and other times I just skipped ahead before coming back to the details.

It's nice to see Teren move from the metro sexual vamp he portrays throughout 'Conversion', even 'Hot Ben' got in on the action. As this novel progress, the secrets and unknown seem to get less and more respectively. I am truly interested to see what will happen in 'Till Death' . The possibilities of this series are endless! The fact that even the kids get their own book is rather comforting. There is something about this series that remove itself from the paranormal and makes you focus on the normal issues of a normal couple.

I am a little disappointed as to Emma's situation by the end of this book, as I thought it was a unique trait that separated this novel. But then, it also added another unknown element, that kept you on your toes throughout this novel, more than the previous.

There is hardly any issues with this installment or series overall, as it seems the author took the time to research, develop and execute this story from beginning to end. There was never a lapse in momentum or quality. I love a well put together novel and I got that from this series. I don't know what it is about paranormal novels, or maybe it's just this one, but flaws are few if any.

Once again, the usual vamp induced angst was bare minimum, but all the other issues present made up for that ten fold. There is a certain comfort in this nest of vampires. The fact that Emma can now fill in most of the silent talk also helped to heighten the vibe of this novel.

For a pregnant woman, she really kept up this novel from her semi bed ridden perspective. I wasn't bored and never wavered in my interest in this clan. While not much more insight into the Teren/Adams clan was given, we learned more about this unique brand of vampires developed by S.C. Stephens and even met an eclectic group in the hills of L.A.

With each installment, the possibilities and characters change. There is the introduction of new and really old characters. Even a sexual bond to rival all others. It's a time of changes and I can't wait for what the next book will hold for this breed of vampire and the life they try to lead.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Conversion By S.C. Stephens

Well, my journey in YA Paranormal continues with 'Conversion' and once again, I am pleased :)

I don't know if it's my indifference to the genre or my love for all books S.C. Stephens, but I really liked this one. It was more of a comedy than a paranormal for me. Maybe this is what I appreciate, as oppose to a die hard paranormal fan, who live for the angst and suspense of it all. Everyone likes a little bad vamp here and there!

Emma is hilarious and Teren is ... let's just say special. He's a little mini Edward. Though I see no Twilight influence within this novel. It is all S.C. Stephens and her eclectic, yes eclectic, group of vampires.

Once again, not being a paranormal junkie, I enjoyed the light note of this novel. The seriousness of it all only hit us in small bouts and for all intent and purposes, we saw more of a new couple struggling through a budding relationship and pressure from a dying breed of vampires. Or so they thought ...

Anyhoo, this was a comfortable angst free read. The usual drama was kept to a minimum and only literally at the end were you kept on your feet wondering what's next. Honestly, in true S.C. Stephens style, I had no clue about my assumptions and whenever I thought I had it all figured out, something completely different happened.

I loved all the characters and I wish I could have seen Halina in action. After all, this is a vamp paranormal. A little human binge is required I believe. Still, I didn't mind the little bouts of real vampire life and desire that we got closer to the end.

I loved getting a new breed of vampires and I love even more the human side of Teren. Their easy relationship and moments spent together were sweet, romantic and unlike most vampire novels. There was never the 'I'm too good for you speech' and I loved Emma's strength and reactions to different situations as they arrived.

As always, this author is not one to skim on the descriptions and I felt connected and apart of this story throughout. Details were given for every and any thing and I appreciated the unorthodox beginning as to what Teren was and Emma's reaction. As I said before, this book started off with laughs instead of angst. They seemed normal, and if not for the few moments of fangs being bared, I would completely forget that this is suppose to be a paranormal.

While I never got that scorching passion I love in a romance novel, I liked them together as a couple. They were easy to love and feel comfortable with. I was interested throughout this novel and was glad for the line between normal and paranormal that we toed till the end. Normalcy I think lessen the angst and drama of being a paranormal novel. After all, the man drinks cappuccinos and has a dog name Spike o.O 

Friday, 18 October 2013

A Chance for Charity By S.L. Baum

So, I'm not much of a paranormal reader, but a girl needs to change it up once a while, so I did with Charity and Link.

I have to say there are numerous awkward  moments within this novel, that embarrassed even myself, and there are a few ... stretches, if I may call them that. I understand this being a paranormal novel where anything can happen, but c'mon ... -_-

Regardless, I liked this story. I always believe that if a story isn't gonna blow you out of the water, it should at least be comfortable. This story was comfortable.

I love new premises, and this was true for S.L. Baum's version of the 'Immortal Ones'. After all, it is her story and she can do with it whatever she please. While I am uncertain as to what they really are, I like them, as well as, the new elements they create in the world of the supernatural.

I can truly say I wasn't annoyed with the characters and I love the addition of Oz, Marcus and Eve. The perfect use of names was not lost on me also. I always loved medieval settings and characters. Even though this story is set in the modern age, I do love their old world charm. Their banters and light moments had me giggling throughout. It was nice to get playful fun within all the heavy emotional turmoils and changes throughout this novel.

Charity is .... let's say different. I can't get a proper handle on her as yet. I don't hate her or any of the other characters, but I don't fully understand them or the dynamics either. Link is also a work in progress, as I don't feel as much for him as I normally do with a male interest in a novel. Honestly, I don't hate them as a couple either, I just haven't really connected with them on either levels.

With each chapter or situation, some one new shows up. It's like their past is just popping up and settling in Telluride. Surprisingly though, I don't mind. There is a calm that washes over you when you are reading this story. I might not connect with it like I would like to, but I am not bored or annoyed with it either. I enjoy ever page, but at a minimum. I am not bursting at the seams with excitement! I am just content.

I have to say that I love what the author does with being Immortal. It's new, at least for me, and I like figuring out what will happen next as their bonds, skills and powers grow. Nothing is set in stone or what it seems. As I said before, someone new shows up all the time and with them comes a new supernatural happening.

I believe there is immense potential within this novel and I can't wait to unlock it all and watch as the characters and their magic grow throughout this series. Leaving the sex out of the crazy is debatable at this time, because who doesn't like the forbidden?  It is safe to however say that it didn't impede this novel in any way. It was still a well written YA paranormal and I can't wait to get more.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Maybe This Time By Chantal Fernando

This is one of those cruising novels. It's good. It's standard and it keeps you interested. However, there is nothing to separate it from books of this genre. It's all rather cliche and safe, but it's not boring.

I love Summer. She is funny, witty, straight forward and her reactions are spot on and show her personality. She is who she is and you get that from her all the time. With a novel rampant with cliches, she hold her own regardless of her contribution to said cliches.

I believe that in every novel, there is a saving grace. Sometimes its a thing, other times, its a person. For me, in this novel, it was Summer. I love how she dealt with each situation as it came forth and the different sides that were tailored for each of the guys. I connected with her character and understood all her insecurities, concerns and reactions.

Xander was a fleeting character, but I got him also. Their family is a unique one, but I like how they look out for each other and their love shows. I am not yet certain if the "big secret" is the only secret between the guys, because I totally expected more. If not, then the fear of the town folks are completely misplaced.

The females in this novel are marvelous. They are unique and I see no hint of similarity within them. Personalities are strong points in this novel, as you get and understand the identity of each character. You don't have to like them, but you understand them. There is no confusion as to places, emotions and sides within this novel. It is clear as day!

I have no problem with Reid and Summer as a couple, but I would have liked if the passion and intensity that began this novel, would have traveled over to the other chapters. There was a steady build up that was good at the beginning, but then out of no where comes this full 360. I was good with the insta hook up, but them the foundation and development of this relationship kind of just fell away for me. It got entangled in the continuous drama and then even the drama wasn't executed and delivered properly.

So many chunks of time and explanation is missing from this novel. As I sit here, I still don't know what the climax was. There was so many little drama filled moments that were overlooked and I am still not sure which one really broke the camel's back.

I love Ryan. He is the sweet, fun, charming brother and I just love his moments of banter and charm. He seemed like the glue that held them all together, but that sneak peek at book 2 let's us know Ryan is more than we think. Even Jade has weaseled her way into my heart.

While not mind blowing, this was a cool, comfortable read with a great set of characters. It's also always nice when you step into the UK scene for a while.

It's not much, but it's good enough :)

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Catch Me If You Can By Jordan Silver

I've never read a Jordan Silver novel before, so I don't get the other reviewers gross about what is expected of said author, but I liked it. The main problem I had, is the length. It was too short, especially with the premise. It's already shown that Hank is a mover. Yes he thinks, but he is so faster than the rest, that the time it takes him to think, execute and succeed we are just catching on. Which is fine, but I am hoping for more depth with the continuation of this series.

With that being said, I do hope there is a continuation, or else this would have just been a really bad ending. Maybe the worse of all time.

I understood the simplicity of this story, even though I am a little stumped by the ending. That was way too fast for how they left hours before. There is also a million unresolved questions and issues. A lot of discrepancies as to character placements litter this novel. It's actually all a big blur of a mess and I don't see this all hashing out. Call me crazy, but how do you spend the better part of 10 years, hunting a man with his brothers, for all intent and purposes, apart of your team? Can you say major leaks o.O

Regardless, I like Hank. There is an air about him that's not your usual billionaire playboy, vigilante or criminal. He is intelligent and it reflects. It's not fleeting or assumed due to position and character. It's in his thoughts, his personality, his demeanor. You feel his presence and his mind is a play field of possibilities.

The cat and mouse game between himself and Cierra, unbeknownst to one, is plain and simple fun. To know a persons agenda before it is made public is an intriguing one. It allows you all sorts of play on both words and actions, and Hank takes advantage of this. It's safe to say he is my favorite character of this novel so far.

Not that I have anything against Cierra, but my loyalties don't run as deep as they do with Hank. Still, she is also a brilliant mind and profiler. I would love to have spent more time with her in the capacity of profiler as oppose to undercover agent.

A story that uses the mind more than it does brawn and beauty is mind kind of tale. These are the characteristics that drew me into this story and had me bypassing the length and speed. The moments that were slowed down for us, to get into their thoughts and watch the foreplay of sorts was wonderful!

There's not much else to say for this novel, as it is rather short and has yet to get into much where Hank and Cierra is concerned. We have met the lead characters and formulate our own profile and allegiance. It is now time to wait to get to the action and to see the repercussions of the secrets and lies being held and told respectively.

I am thrilled and excited for the continuation of this story. It's a lovely introduction and I just wish we could have gotten it all at once. Hank reminds me of Pierce Brosnan  in 'The Thomas Crown Affair' and that is one of my all time favorite movies!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Human Hieroglyphix By J.A. Hornbuckle

So this was your typical J.A. Hornbuckle novel. I am surprised that I enjoyed the beginning of this story, more than I did the middle and the end. I am not one for 'How to' guides, nor do I fancy one track stories, but I thoroughly enjoyed this novel before the introduction of Dex and I never really saw the need for his character or POV. It neither helped nor detracted from the story line.

Then again, I guess every Princess needs a Prince and all. Still, I think I'd like it more if she was just dating and enjoying life after divorce, regardless of how long since it was finalized. Though I must give a nod to the exclusion of her ex. Writing a story without typical cliches is always welcomed in my world.

I love characters with quirks, especially female ones, and Leila had it and more. She was just a quirky, fun loving girl, that you couldn't help but to love. It's kind of hard to relate, if you are not or never been in her shoes, but you love her character in all her shortcomings.

Dex is there, but I don't understand him. I personally think she could do without him, because he comes off as a softie at times without even trying. His nonchalance is ineffective and I just believe that Leila can do better. So he liked her when she was a nerd and vice versa, but then, what else is there really?

I personally think they fell back into their patterns of comfort, because I never felt their spark or passion. I don't hate them as a couple, but I don't see them as one either. She girl functions better on her own if you ask me.

As a 'How to' guide, fabulous story! As a romance ... not so much. If not for Leila, and I place it solely upon her shoulders, then this book would have fell drab and boring. It actually did a few times. Her demeanor, reasoning, presentation and just her overall personality helped to spruce this story when it got drab. She is shy but confident. She is comfortable in whatever skin or situation she is placed. It reached a point where I start thinking she might be an angel.

While 'Pole Dance' isn't one of the greats, I did love getting updates on all the characters. It was good to get a glimpse of Jake's Kia again, as well as, to see Marianne get her spotlight, however short.
The introduction of Crystal and Fran-Kay was a twist, but I am not really looking forward to a story from either anytime soon. Maybe I will change my mind, but for now, if not for Leila, I would probably hate this story.

It was good to get a change, where it was the nerds who were the bully, as oppose to the usual status quo. It's always nice to see both sides of the fence, and we got that from Leila's character.

The mystery and angst scenes weren't that at all. I had about a 90% guess as to who it was, and I was right, barring one accomplice who we didn't get a final update on. I would have also liked if Leila had stood her ground, where her work was concerned, but then she's with Dex now and he's the king of running ... so you get the drift.

If you are just looking to kick back, have some make over fun with a quirky girl and her new found friends, while she kick starts her new life with a quiet, "alpha-male" tat artiste, then you will hit the jackpot right here!

Monday, 14 October 2013

The Dark Light of Day By T.M. Frazier

Well this was different. I loved this story, I loved the character, I loved the progression, I just love it all! This story found a way to be complicated and uncomplicated in the same breath. This is a story about perception, survival, honesty and so much more. I don't know what I expected from this novel, not much in retrospect, but I like what I got.

I fell in love with Abby from beginning to end and don't get me started on that fine specimen that is Jake Dunn. Now he's the real "mechanic"! I just love them. I think I was more in love with the couple in this nove than I was with the story line itself. I missed them and I hurt with them. Their wit, banter, reasoning, reactions. It all helped in that connection you got with this story and it's characters. They are funny when needs be and they always have each other's back, even when it seems all hope is lost.

Abby's penchant for speaking her mind was lovely. It was raw, truthful and nothing else. Just pure honesty with an occasional side of sarcasm. It's who she is, and you never got anything else but Abby.

Not everyone can and will be able to understand this story or the characters. They understand each other though and I love when they fight because it so passionate, fiery and full of life, love and conviction! They left a permanent smile on my face and had me searching for Jake when he's not around.

I missed his character so much, that I skipped pages, to see when he will be back in town. I must say I was sad when the epilogue came around, but I am glad that it contained everything we needed to know and their crazy dynamic in the end is admirable.

I don't know what changed Bethany, but I had no problem accepting her among the folds. Acceptance is a major lesson in this novel and the story of Abby and Jake makes you appreciate what you can and do have in your life.

I honestly can't find any major flaws within this story, as I enjoyed it very much, mostly due to Abby and Jake's fighting, loving and reasoning. They flow together as a couple, and as such, the story flows. Redemption when needed was given and there are numerous tiny moments in this series that helped to make it into the final story it became.

I laughed, I loved, I forgave and I just down right enjoyed this novel. Despite the mess their lives all were and the series of unfortunate events in both their lives, it was a good read. Rape and abuse books seem to be calling out to me like a beacon all week and I am glad that this one also had its on mold and identity.

I loved this story and I am pleased with the progression and the ending. It was just right and I love it!

Teased By Jamie Begley

Teased was just that. One big tease. At the end of this story, you are propelled years ahead when the previous chapter promised the beginning of all the action you waited for. Still, it was comfortable and promising, or as promising as a story of its caliber gets, but then every single scenario in this story was left with loose ends.

Did the get Sawyer? Where is King? Does Colton thank or forgive Tessa? What happened after they rode out? This is just a few of the more important questions without giving way to spoilers.

I like both Colton and Vida, as individual characters, and as a couple. Just as I was settling down to the story and getting to know the characters, it all ends with a HEA that makes me raise my eyebrows as to what happened, what is happening and what is to come?

I love Vida. She's not your average chick or stripper and I am always down for some MC love. I am still not sure of Colton' s place in all this confusion of a story, but once again, I was just feeling relaxed and comfortable with these characters leading up to the action packed and angst filled ending I assumed was upon us. I guess that story is for Sawyer to tell o.O

Colton is a real dude. Minus his revolving bedroom door,. His sacrifice and loyalty knows no bounds though. I love his demeanor, attitude, thoughts and overall package. He makes me wanna start an I love Colton fan club :D

I love when characters are comfortable in their roles, and I got that from all the characters. Everyone knew their place and it was good to see each in their elements. As messed up as it is, I think Colton and Tessa had a strong back story, as it relates to his prison time and their marriage. It made for a strong foundation and that's why the ending of this story stumped me, because I continued to expect so much from this plot.

In all their sins, these characters are easy to relate to. You understand them. Empathize and grow close. They put you at ease and welcome you to their world. With a great base and steady pace throughout, the abrupt and rushed ending spoiled all that momentum and threw me off this steady build up of a story. Even though it hardly took risk, or delve too deep, it kept you comfortable and interested and the loveable characters helped. Sure wish we could have all met Callie.

The tattoos were an added bonus and I loved their interactions within the shop more than any where else. There moments of ribbing each other were also funny to watch. Especially from the eyes of another.

I will miss Colton' s sexy dominance and Vida' s nonchalance and vivid outlook on life. They are fun individuals and couple. I also can't wait to see if Sawyer will shed some light on all the missing pieces.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Thrilling Heaven By D.H. Sidebottom

I don't know what to make of Boss's story. This, I can truly say I didn't plan for. I don't know if I like it, hate it or I am just plain okay with it. The main question I have for almost every single piece of unfortunate event is ... why?

This story could have been written differently and still be a good one. We get so mixed up in all sorts of things, that I feel as if I have lost sight of the characters. Is this the 'Room 103' trilogy or 'Heart of Stone' series? I think Dawn is mixing her novels now in more ways than the Black Panther and the UK playground.

The author seems to be the judge, jury and executioner in this novel. Which I suppose is the only way, being the author and all, but all the unforgivable and irreversible crap that happened has me stunned.

Some reviewers have said they hate Jen, because of how she dropped Boss, but was she wrong? That is a true human reaction to what he had done. Hell, I'd be terrified of him! I never expected that from Boss. He's the care bear of the group for crying out loud! Though he did get his permanent scars on top of all the emotional and guilt fueled ones. I swear he took the brunt of everything in this novel.

Jen seems like an okay girl, but she isn't worth all the things Boss had to do for her in this novel.  What a reward he got, because she was too much of a coward, to go tell her "Husband", and I use the word loosely, where to chuffing stuff it!

I loved Boss's character from 'Shocking Heaven', and I fell more in love with him in the beginning of 'Thrilling Heaven'. While I can't get over his decisions and literal Cain and Abel struggles, I would pick his side over Jen's any day. I really hope his love could lead him to another. When it was his turn to be pissed at Jen, I wanted to root for him to find a REAL woman. Then I saw the % on my kindle and realize that wasn't gonna happen :(

Maybe it's the series of events, the fuels, I don't know what. I just find it hard at the end of this book to accept these two as a couple. I had no problem with then sneaking about, but after the serious events of this novel and the things Boss now has to endure on top of his struggles, I don't feel them as a couple. I wanted better for him. He doesn't deserve the guilt and permanent reminders of his love for this ungrateful woman that led him to his actions in the first place.

She has to love his new found emotional and physical scars, because hell, she brought it on! I don't wanna sit here and chastise Jen for her cowardice and behavior in this novel, because Boss is an adult who made a decision, but I once again just don't think she was worth it.

Anyhoo, it was nice to get words from Bulk, as he was more of a cameo in 'Shocking Heaven'. I am not certain what's up with his fascination of all things Jen, maybe he just want a female best friend too. However, I loved his role and reasoning and can't wait to start his story.

It's nice to also see the results of E and Jax's decisions after getting married and adopting Lily. The introduction of Zoe was cool, calm and collected enough and it's good to see even Romeo gets his own love interest. I guess we'll see where that go.

Kyle Hart. This is a complicated character. I have no clue what to make of him. I hated him, pity him and then just gave up and decide that every one deserves a chance in life, and he didn't get that. I am not certain as to why we were made to loathe his character, then love him in his end. It's all rather confusing like this novel.

It's safe to say I didn't hate this installment, but I am not a fan either. I think the issues were too big for the calibre of this novel and the solutions much too trivial for the crimes. There is too much history and secrets here and I believe that it dampens this story in the end. I don't believe it or accept them as a couple. I am unable to garner their joy.

In other words, too much for this kind of story. It crossed too many lines and they weren't properly handled. I might not have liked Kyle, but that ending would move even the most ruthless of killers.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Shocking Heaven By D.H. Sidebottom

I am not sure what to make of this one. I don't know where it all went and how we skipped through situations and years so frequently. We literally skipped 6 months after she fell asleep in Jax's arms. -_-
Faith seem to also shift at literally the blink of an eye and by the end of this book, we have spanned 4 years and I am not so sure where time or the story went.

I don't really connect with Jax as a character, but I find his back story an interesting one. Especially with regards to his speech. The boy couldn't construct a proper sentence to save his life! Only a few understood him, certainly not me. Not even the epilogue helped. I still don't know or connect with Jax's character like everyone else.

I really didn't mind them as a couple, but I have no clue when and how they fell in love and I never got that strong bond that they developed. They had such huge gaps of good times, then a current of bad, then it's all rainbow and sunshine again.

Dawn seems to have a thing for hysterectomy, because almost all of her female characters succumb to this unfortunate occurrence in her novels. Totally unfair for this pair, especially what they been through ... but what can you do? o.O

I like E. Even if her nickname annoys me to no end. After all, it is a letter and not a name. Still, I love her in all her crazy and always love when a female character is strong and takes a stand. I hate when the whimper and cry all over the place like a dog. No offence Bruce ;)

We didn't spend as much time with the other characters, especially Aaron. I don't even know what happened to all of them in the end. I could surely use a Cam update at this rate. Plus, what happened in the two years between E and the whole band is a mystery! I just think the issues were so trivial and lack so much of the angst and drama or roller coaster ride I expect from a D.H. Sidebottom novel.

I loved the lyrics to the originals and even the covers. I also like the side that this rock star romance was taken from. It's nice to see the female side of things, and especially in a different country. The slangs, lingo and culture of the UK are welcomed as always.

I believe the ending of this novel was too whimsical and unrealistic, which left much to be desired and answered. I am still a little in the dark. Honestly, there are so many loose ends and it seems this story has ended, or at least from the POV of E and Jax.

Despite the lack of spark, suspense, drama and fuel needed to drive this story, I was kept interested enough to read until the end. Still, I believe this story lack something to take it to that next level. It was fairly okay, but too submissive and compliant as a novel. It's like everything was going wrong whilst nothing went wrong. Totally redundant, but that's the vibe you get.

I can however see myself reading more about this band, because I love the times spent with the guys and would love to see their individual relationships, especially as it relates to their names.

This story gives you nuggets of interest, but it fell flat otherwise for me. I was looking and couldn't find, and found and lost at the same time. All too confusing and unclear. I had a million questions at the end of this one but I'm still a D.H. Sidebottom fan and can't wait to see Boss's story and what this gentle giant is all about.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Atonement By D.H. Sidebottom

I would love to see a picture of Ava after this story, because she should be one scary woman, with the amount of scars and marks on her body. It's like a road map of her messed up life. Seriously Dawn, what did Ava do to you? She might finally be getting her happy ending, but at what cost? She is a walking pin cushion. They should dedicate a wing of the hospital to her with the amount of revenue she generates from her visits. Honestly, I am surprised she didn't end up in a nut house in the end.

With that being said, for the first time, Mason is not the main cause of all things drama! (Let's make a toast to that) Actually, I am starting to wonder who is this guy? Maybe it is because we finally get his POV, so it eases the blow of his actions. Maybe we needed this all along, because I really saw him in a different light. He was like a different character overall.

Kade must have the milk, honey and the key to world peace in his penis! Men, women, everyone can't get enough of this guy. Like ... what does he have in his pants? I am counting down to December, to see if I can find out what flows in this man cum, that makes everyone he screws fall in love with him. Except for the person he actually took for his wife. Oh the irony of life!

Once again, sex was the punishment, reward and consolation of Ava and Mason's actions. It was everywhere. But whoa if it wasn't hot and off the charts! That Kade, Ava, Mason sandwich was so ... different. It was passionate and sensual. I don't even know what to feel. It is all so taboo and ... good o.O

I know this series has made me crazy, because I would never condone the unorthodox life of all these characters and their life filled with one big orgy, but I love the triangle that really was just one big friendly orgy party. The love that flowed through them all was just ... indescribable! I think I need a serious breather after this one.

Honestly, the stalker and danger that usually lurked wasn't even necessary. I loved the story of watching Mason struggle with his addictions and sexuality, Ava with a dram free life and Kade with his love for Ava and new found lust for Mason. Throwing in the mixed sex was a really good added bonus. I didn't know when to be turned on our repulsed. I was conflicted but I loved every bit of this installment.

It was good to see everyone together again, and to try and guess who was behind this new game. I actually didn't figure out the culprit, until the very end, as I was distracted with the many conflicts buzzing about. There was death, love, betrayal, sex, infidelity, passion ... so much and too much.

I loved reconnecting with everyone and taking one last journey in the eyes of Ava and Mason. The peanuts are growing and are so much like their parents it's surreal. I would love a little mini novella for Courtney and Greg as I believe they deserve a little spotlight.

There is something about this series, that once it hold you, it just won't let go. You are so caught up in the story line that you allow it to capture and lead you before you even know where you are going. I never know what to expect with this series and it never ends as expected.

I know more danger lurks and I can't wait to journey with the remaining characters in England, Portugal or wherever life takes them. I loved this installment and the life, passion and love were more fierce than before. No other installment will beat 'Resolution' but 'Atonement' came very close.

I love this series in all it's depravity and will continue to be a fan :D

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Resolution By D.H. Sidebottom

Oh Shoot me now!

I swear the biggest threat to these characters are themselves. Can a set of people be any more messed up and wrong for each other? I am starting to doubt their love and that ending was straight out rubbish!!!

What in the hell was that? 4 months Ava? To top it all off, the scoundrel knows what he is doing. He has admitted to his major screw ups and then turn around and do the same things again? What in the hell is wrong with these characters and author??? O.O

If I was Ava, I would stop screwing everything with a penis, because it gets you no where! These characters continue to constantly hurt each other. When they are together, my God is it explosive! But then life happens and it's all down the crapper again.

Then that ending ... sometimes love is enough?! You have got to be kidding me!! I am a little apprehensive for a fourth book, because I would prefer for them to end on their fairy tale high, because what in heavens could he possibly drum up to put her through again? Not that he can't, but why?!!! Live your happily ever and stop with the drugs, sex and heartbreak. If one thing I can credit this story with, is that their is no lies.

Then again, there is no privacy either. This isn't only a volatile couple, it is a volatile story! Everyone keeps saying ... "Oh he loves you" ... "He's a mess without you" ... "Does anything else matter but your love?"
And I'm like ... "Are we talking about Mason Fox" -_-

People claimed to have 'fell back in love with Mason' after reading this story, all I did was hate his rotten guts more! God was I grinning and fist pumping when she smacked him into tomorrow and finally grew a back bone! But then how long did that last? -_-

This story is abusive, crazy, nerve wracking and my depraved mind loved every bit of it! The writing is the same as book 1, but we have gotten a few more landmarks and scenery as they actually ventured out of their bedrooms.

Regardless of this plot and the way the characters annoy you to no end, you are captured. If I was to judge this book on the characters, series of events and story line alone, then it would probably get one star. But if I am to add the way it draws me in and won't let go until I see a 100%, then at least 4 stars is in the works.

I must say some things in this novel are unbelievable, especially the amount of chances and rapes, but so much is going on you just move on and it seems to numb you after a while. I am starting to expect every man in this chick life to rape her at some point!

If not rape her, I expect her to jump them, because she is like a dog in heat! But then you have moments where she is alpha and omega in her domain and it is hot! I love when she takes matters into her own hands and the scenes where she cares for Mason is quite real, raw and touching. Passion these characters have. Anything else is up for discussion.

There was a little too much repetitive sex in this book for me, but I though the 4 way and playing with Mason's anal fantasies was hawt!! It must be the two sexual experiences through this book that I didn't mind that much. I love that the 4 way added some fun and careful excitement in this really dreary tale of Ava and Mason's love. The only thing these two seem to get right, was the making of the peanuts and hurting each other. I would also love a job like Ava's, because she seems to get more free time than the owner!

I could spend all day regaling you with this novel, but that time we both don't have. Grab a copy, but be prepared to go through the ringer and throw your book, kindle or nook through a wall because this journey ain't easy and not everyone can survive or tolerate the love of this series. Apparently, there is more to come. o.O

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Tolerance By D.H. Sidebottom

Every time I think they can't mess up more than they are now, they go ahead and truly surprise me! At this point, I don't know who to be mad at, so I choose the whole lot of them.

I still would like to know what kind of illegal activities Mason, Sam and Greg are involved in and if it is as serious as it seems. Or maybe they are just so cocky that security of family and friends is the last thing on their minds. Which is it? Cause I am dying to know!

And Nate? I have no clue what all of this has to do with his company, because this is the NSC Industries series and nothing so far, apart from Eva's job, connects with the place. It also seems like they all run in the same circle, but then the buck stops there.

I am trying to figure out if the writer is just trying to find ways to lengthen this series, because it seems bad things just keep happening repeatedly for no good reason. I only hope the next book in this series has Mason's POV, because I would love to finally hear from him, as well as, there is no way with the end of this novel and the beginning of the next, that we can spend it constantly in the mind of Ava. Hell, I'm about to have a nervous breakdown for her!

So the gangs all back, even the dead ... yup, the dead -_- It seems Mason is a terrible pansy who can't get nothing in this life right. I really hope his next life is better, because he has a terrible one now. Not to mention Ava.

Get a sex change Ava! Because her vagina seems to be filled with sugar that's calling all ants to attention. What is wrong with this character? I have to ask. She is either always being raped or almost raped. Is that the only way men in this book know how to overpower a woman of her caliber? Because the chick knows how to and frequently throw down with the biggest and toughest of guys.

All that is left, is for her to be gang raped and I don't put it pass the author to get that in the next installment. These characters have been through the ringer. Please just give them a break already! I don't think we stay happy for a complete chapter in this novel. I also notice that the hearts on the cover of this series seem to crack more as we go. What will the end result be? Death by love?

I understand and all consuming love that drains you, but this is just so wrong. Give us a romance already!
At this rate, Ava soon won't be able to even use her vagina! It might be torn to threads. Graphic yes, but how many times will this girl get raped?

Bringing a pregnancy in this book is a shock to me. They are so dysfunctional I don't even wanna see them as parents. They already use the kids as bargaining chips. We aren't even gonna get into the amount of alcohol consumption Ava did while pregnant. Stop apologizing to the kids and shape up!

While this is not the best or worse of stories, I just want it to end already. The constant abuse from both Mason and Ava and even recently Greg and Courtney's relationship is tiring and just pure evil. I feel like a kid purposely popping off the heads off my dolls when I read this. It is utter and complete torture what these characters do to each other.

But here is where the hypocrisy comes in, because I love it! This is raw, primal and so real. Parts even remind me of my own life and struggles with relationships. But boy do I feel it for all the characters in this novel.

I still don't know where this story is going and with regards to editing and development of both a story line and scenery, we still haven't gotten either. But boy am I hooked and I just really want a slice of happiness for these two. Pass off the gauntlet to someone else and give them some peace already!

Ava is one of the strongest female characters I know. After this series, I will definitely need some sweet sappy romance to balance out the crazy that is this series and it's characters that are full of piss poor luck!

Bring on the crazy, I can't wait for Resolution!!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Incineration By D.H. Sidebottom

Drama, drama and more drama. I don't think Ava gets a break! She must have done something wrong in a past life because this one is filled of rape, murder, pain and really bad decisions on her part. Honestly, I wonder if she is semi mental at times, because her reaction to things is not what is expected at all! The both of them also suffer from some severe anger issues if you ask me.

Still, I love her and feel conflicted with the situation she has placed herself and Mason in. Yes, he is a controlling, dominating freak and has terrible timing, but she did the unforgivable on top of all the problems they already had in this relationship.

I felt everything these characters felt, especially as it came down to the end of the story. Even with it's overly dramatic nature and scenes, this story felt realistic. It was raw, primal and crazy. I enjoyed Ava and Mason so much I overlooked the other basic elements missing from this story.

I am also unsure where this is all going and guess what? ... I don't care! I am so wrapped up in this story that not even the constant tragedy, arguments, make up, lack of proper scenic descriptions and a strong need for editing can sway me from this story that keeps me asking "What now?"

Still, I must comment on the fact that this novel focuses so much on the push and pull that is Ava and Mason's relationship, that a lot is left vague and fills you with a lot questions. First off, this story could have been set in Brazil. If not for the continuous use, of British dialect and slangs, there would be nothing to make you aware of where the story is set, as well as, the time of day, month or year. I lost track of the month and time of year frequently. Time is so fleeting in this story. Description of scenery seems to be the least and we focus more on clothes, looks and homes. (Yup, homes!)  

There is a definite turn with this story, as it is the female who gives the deadly blow, but I still love them both and hope that somewhere along the way they can try to forgive, because no one forgets betrayal, no matter how they try. Especially uber paranoid ones who make scenarios before they even happened.

I also feel that the characters are rather nonchalant with the continuous criminal activities and I have no clue how Ava ends up in the middle of this. While doing all this, we barely even get into the crime syndicate either. I have no clue what kind of organization they are, because they seem to be regular business men who so happen to kill without a blink. But if murdering a few sleaze, is what makes them a criminal network, then have it!

This story is a contradiction within itself, because every few days theirs a storm of sorts. We are switching through scenes at maximum speed and your emotions are all over the place. Mason's mood swings are quite the adjustments, but then Ava's awful decision making skills, as well as, coping mechanisms are questionable.

I must also commend Mason, for being the most disciplined coke addict I know, because dude hits and quits as he sees fit. Honestly, I don't know when he is or isn't high. He seems to only be happy when around Ava and I am pretty sure that with her half cracked brain decision, it's about to get more complicated and dramatic.

Regardless of the shortcomings of this novel and many missing elements, I was entertained and kept interested. There is something about Ava and Mason I love. Their passion and even their bedroom talk which I normally hate in novels. There's a constant tug of war that's bound to get on your nerves, but I completely enjoyed this story and can't wait to continue their series of unfortunate events.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Reaper's Property By Joanna Wylde

Let me just start off by saying .. I hate his road name! Every time she playfully says horse, I snicker away like an idiot. Picnic is another one also. Picnic? Like really guys? o.O

Biker names aside, I liked this story. I love Marie and Horse, as both individual characters, and as a couple. I thoroughly surprised and pleased to watch the growth of this relationship, as well as, to focus more on the relationships of an MC as oppose to the crime in it all.

I however, felt that this MC themed novel, missed some key points or elaborations. I keep trying to figure out the positions of people in the MC. I left this book, not sure of Horse's status in the MC. Due to the selection process, as well as, their military backgrounds, I am not sure where he falls. He's not a son to the President and I don't even think he has a Sgt. at Arms patch. Still, he is rather respected and looked to, if not more than the President. Then again, maybe I watch and read too much biker books and shows. -_-

Marie's character is a mixture. She has a little of everything, naivety being one of them. She is conflicted, independent, adaptable, loving, witty, sarcastic and that's just to name a few. Her adaptable nature helped us to enjoy this novel more. She wasn't crying all over the place or blushing constantly.  You take her to church, she acts accordingly. You take her to an orgy party, you won't be able to share her, but she will guarantee you a fun time!

Her moments with Horse, both good and bad, were constant entertainment throughout this novel. The time and energy placed into building what they had, however small and short it might seem, was carefully developed. Even with a lingering of unopened issues, I loved this novel and can't wait to continue the series, even without Marie and Horse as the main characters.

This is not your usual hardcore biker novel. It definitely sets it's own rules both figuratively and literally. I really wish we could have spent some more time with the girls and other guys in the club, to prepare us for what seems to be becoming a series about other members within the MC. I don't feel like we connected much with them to be excited for their upcoming installments.

Horse's POV helped this story and I would have surely loved to have gotten more of his views. But I feel like everything is so satisfactory within this story, that all you want is more. I'm still struggling with the year in between releases.

While this is no 'Undeniable' or other Madeline Sheehan MC novel, it was satisfying and entertaining. You got to watch the inception and development of a good love story between two people who weren't broken. Just living and trying to find a path to call their own. Marie is poor but happy and Horse is comfortable but searching for purpose that he finds in Marie.

I could never see Horse as the bad biker, and I once again blame that on the nature of this MC. They hate LEOs, but they were all one or still ones.

This was a drama filled, low key novel. Even with deaths, attempts, betrayal and possibilities all around. Things remained calm and in control for the most part. At times it seemed more like a frat house than a criminal gang. But as I said before, this story focuses on the relationships in the MC and life as a patched in member's old lady more than it does club business.

Soft but entertaining and well done. I can't wait to get to the next book in this series, even if it's just to get a glimpse of Horse and Marie :)

Friday, 4 October 2013

Torn By Kim Karr

Can you say 360? 

I was up, down and all a round. I think I loathe all the main characters of this book at some point in time and I feel as if, though this ending was better than the last, so much is still unresolved and missing. I expected only one more book from this series, after reading 'Connections' and now after seeing four more books on the way, I keep saying there has got to be more, because everyone has got to get their HEA!

If anyone would have asked me, I would have sworn Ben would have gotten a different reception in this novel. I have always felt her love for Ben more than I did for River. Now, I am not so sure. I began to feel the strength in them as a couple, that felt so forced from their previous novel. Despite their communication issues, I love them as a couple and find myself missing their moments. Even as sex filled as they were.

I saw a different side to each of these characters that was missing before and even River (still hate his name), that I loved so much from book 1, had me second guessing if I even knew him. His anger was startling but so real. I felt the passion, uncertainty and insecurity that made this story feel even more realistic. This is how a guy in love acts when that love is threatened. Though not the most healthiest, it was a good example and execution.

I loved Ben journals and felt like the guy deserves a break. He is not perfect, but neither is River or Dahlia. He made mistakes, bigger than most, but mistakes nonetheless. I couldn't really hate his character from book 1, but I find that I fell a little bit more in love with him by the end of this installment.

I just want to put it out there now, that I hate none of the characters in this novel. Regardless of their personalities, past or mistakes. I get angry, I get sad, I get down right pissed and at times I just wanna walk away from them all. But when the dust has settled, I am still if not more, in love with them and dying to get to the next chapter of their stories.

Once again, I share a similar taste and love for the music that Kim Karr uses as the base for her story. I found and rediscovered songs through the decades and I once again commend her nod to the other awesome rock star novels that has graced my kindle.

It's only approximately a month ago since I concluded Tru and Jake's story in 'The Mighty Storm'. To not only get another cool reminder of this awesome couple, but to actual get to converse with them and spend some time with even Tom, was welcome. I even loved how she captured the characters essences. With help from Samantha Towle, or just from her own reading of their story, their snippets were well done. It's actually genius to blend these stories and add an even more realistic vibe to all the novels involved. All we needed was a little Kellan and Keira Kyle action to polish it all off .. a girl can only dream ;)

For a person who hasn't read the first book in this story, you might see this story as basic and cliche. For an avid reader of  'Connections' , you will be able to appreciate the vast improvements and additions.
I felt more, understood the characters better and wanted so much more, all while checking my percentage. Wanting to know but not wanting to get to the end. I was captured and left wondering what next at every turn. I love that in the scheme of this pseudo love triangle, they all got their moments at the perfect times within this story.

The removal of interpretation lyrics and the listing of the songs name instead was also a lovely change. There is so much change that I am unable to commend them all. I am a little shocked at the unexpected death of a major character, as well as, the addiction of another. Still, I believe it adds more character and layers to this story that held one note before.

There is so much going on in 'Torn' that you don't get the chance to be bored. You are always dying to reach the next chapter and it's never what you are expecting.

I don't know what happened between the writing of these two novels, but I fell in love with this series again after reading this book. I loved the raw, primal passion and angst it possessed and the music was such a lovely bonus. It was what I wanted and more. I can't wait for book 3, even if it's not about River and Dahlia. After all, they deserve a break!