Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Anything Like Me by Kimberly Knight

The thing with this novel is, that the things that make me like this story, is what makes me question the quality of this novel also. I love their level of responsibility, because the continued theme of unwanted pregnancy was played out and at least they planned from their marriage to their baby making. Boring maybe, but a difference nonetheless. Things were planned and relationships were secure. Honestly, I never thought he was cheating on her. But then again, it's all been so perfect from the start that there was basically no room for growth or shock within this relationship. In the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs theory, Brandon and Spencer reached self-actualization relationship wise from first sight. (If that is even possible!)

The spontaneity of this novel, was a death. This was so off course I was like ... "Come again ... why?"  o.O I didn't see the need for that death and once again we got some half way tries at a climaxes throughout. If not for the death and "cheating" scene, shock value would prolly be nil.

I am upset with this series because it span three books at the same level. I could figure out things before they happened and felt like they were too many unnecessary conversations, events and observations. It was basically too basic!

I still loved the characters and once again we got a change of scenery as well as being apart of Spencer and Brandon's wedding planning to execution and everything in between. Surprisingly though, we never got the birth, but then again, maybe we will get a novella with this ... who knows.

I was still comfortable with the characters and their life, but they were too comfortable with us also. A little adventure, REALISTIC shock and maybe some believable drama was  needed.

I like the 'Wingman Chronicles'. I have previewed his work and even follow him on twitter, but really, his part wasn't necessary with regards to the depth it was given. Great guy, unnecessary in depth scene!

For a minute I thought we would have a mini scandal on our hands with Blake and Ryan but apparently we weren't gonna pop that safe bubble that this story stayed in. I, However, could definitely read a book about Blake! ;) He is unpredictable, feisty, straight forward and is sure to get our blood pumping! Give us a B & ____ (fill in the blank) series ... maybe Stacey ... who knows :)

I feel as though Ryan's character was phased out of this installment and I expected lot more with her as I liked their relationship dynamic, as well as I feel like we were given more depth into Ryan's wedding than Spencer's. Most of the delivery of this book was weak. After three books, I expected better. The cliches and predictable scenarios didn't grate my nerve, but left me disappointed. Let's just say even though I was comfortable with the story, I expected more, and this is where the contradiction occurs, because it is not a bad story, just a weak delivery.

I even felt as though Spencer lost some of her fire and flare! She wasn't as witty and sarcastic and the banter between her and Brandon that ignited this book slowly faded until it was completely extinguished from this installment. I still love them as a couple, but they are kind of a boringly safe couple. There drama level is a 1! :(

I am glad that the sex scenes got less because they weren't doing nothing new, so at least we weren't tortured with basic repetitive sex scenes. Also, the entire section spent discussing another story ... No bueno! C'mon ... a mention is respectable but for us to spend at least a half page if not one, reading about the ladies discussing another fictional novel, just seemed once again safe and unnecessary. Are you writing a book or reviewing a novel? Make up your mind!

This might be the toughest review I have given this book, but it's because this is suppose to be the third and final book in this series and we are yet to have a climax big enough to have us salivating! It's all repetitive and basic. Basic, Basic, Basic book. I really expected more and was given the making of a novel. I really wish after this book I would feel the loss of the series and while I was comfortable with the story, I know it won't be on my re-read list!


Monday, 29 July 2013

Wanted By Kimberly Knight

Comfort. That's what I mainly feel in this novel. Maybe even a little too much comfort. We are keeping a pace and growing with these characters as they progress and figure out their paths and sort through their pasts to make futures.

Still, I am lacking a wow factor and bad luck seems to be following Spencer around everywhere. Honestly, I would handcuff the girl to the bed so she can't go anywhere. I am however, still in love with her character, and growing relationships with Brandon as well as Becca. The group is growing and spreading it's wings and I must say I am interested to see what else is thrown their ways and what's in the future for them all. Not liking the whole tragedy part but let's see where it goes.

Brandon is still being his usual self and surprising us with the most unthinkable and thoughtful gifts, ideas and emotions. I am actually glad that there is little to no doubt within this relationship and that through it all, they stick together. Got tired of the expected cliche break ups and secrets.

We are able to relate to these characters because they are so ... normal I guess! Loans are taken out, responsibility is a subject matter and there is no jet setting and middle of the month yacht parties or society dinners. It's a group of friends who are living their life and taking us on a tour through Seattle, San Francisco, Texas and everything in between.

Regardless of the length, there is adventure, change of scenery and even danger, however anti-climatic it all was. I appreciate trying to add a bit of adventure, angst and danger but if you are gonna do it, do it good, because that was a very weak delivery that was laughable and barely serious. There was a point where I actually thought we were gonna have a climax that takes us on a trip but before I know it, doors are being broken down and all the fun and adventure is over.

I liked the introduction of Blake, as I could see him being apart of the crew, and that we got to go through the motions of Ryan's bridal shower, bachelorette party and wedding. However, I don't get the constant introduction of Travis as he serves little to no purpose at this point and we are still missing that it factor to tie this novel all together, as the characters really just exist as normal people living their everyday life with jobs, loans and dog :) Give us some crazy event that has us hooked!

Even with a continuously steady pace, we are still missing something, as this story is starting to feel the same in every installment and therefore dragging a little. The baby steps are getting monotonous actually. Give me some flair to tie it all together. I certainly hope whoever is at the door will bring that without breaking the relationship dynamics.

Speaking of doors, this was another really abrupt ending and I hope we don't get anymore ending like these because I would go crazy if I had to wait months for something so simple as someone answering the door or a question.

The sex scenes might also need a little re-vamping as they are also staying steady. Passion is still evident, but some shock and maybe change is needed in the bedroom. These girls are adventurous when they are liquored up but in the bedroom they are pretty basic.

In all, this book is sticking on the same level as when it began and it definitely needs a wow element to tie it all together and take it to that next level. Once again, can't wait to answer that door ... literally! :)


Sunday, 28 July 2013

Where I Need to Be By Kimberly Knight

I liked it. It was short, sweet, spicy and the characters got right to the point! It had energy, a nice flow and vibe as well as pace. Surprisingly, this book only span a couple months, but the series of events as well as the banter, wit and all around crazy of the novel had me hooked. I could feel Spencer as a down to earth character who didn't have a flare for the dramatics and kept us interested throughout.

I love that even the female characters had male names. It was confusing at times, but I didn't mind the hint of creativity that it possessed. I also loved the relationship dynamic of Ryan and Spencer. They were quite the duo and had me entertained and loving their open relationship filled with so much fun. mischief and lack of filter! This is how real friends roll!

Spencer was a doll and I loved her character as well as her relationship with Brandon. Their meeting as well as spectacular dance moves was interesting to say the least. As descriptions go with regards to dancing, that was one of the best I have ever read as it refers to getting it on in a club. Had me singing 'Down on me' all day!

There were vices, patterns and an all round comfort with these characters. I felt like I was traversing with them and as location goes, this was well researched, or in her case, well applied, seeing as how she is a San Francisco native.

Brandon was an awesome boyfriend without even trying. I never once doubt their relationship and even with some drama, I still felt comfortable with this book, even though the final confrontation scene could have been better scripted and delivered. Crazy Christy could do better than that! Still, the events leading up were crazy and kept us guessing to the point of believing before we were once again thrown off kilt.

While this was not a heavy erotica novel, I didn't mind the sex scenes between Brandon and and Spencer. They were passionate with the just the right amount of passion and length. I also love that finally there is a responsible couple who is partaking in REALLY safe sex! It is commendable! No glove = No love :)

I must reiterate the short time frame, as this novel only span a couple of months, but I got so much out of those months that I didn't mind it being a novella, as I never felt it as being one. It was more of a novel and the one major fault I can pin point is the abrupt end to this novel, that concluded in the middle of a conversation, with some questions still floating around.

The relationship dynamics were just right as well as the passion and friendships. They were comfortable with each other, and I felt the connection between the characters as friends, as well as  the connection between Brandon and Spencer as the leads. I love that there was no naivety of virgins in any capacity and that the characters were seasoned and confident within themselves and their relationships. It felt solid with few unrealistic notions.

Research was clearly done in this novel as well and descriptions were plenty and thorough for such a short novel. Alot of elements and layers were introduced and even with drama lurking, it was kept at a comfortable level so as to not get over the top or lacking.

While not the greatest of literary work, it had it's own premise and set of characters that kept you at ease and comfortable. It had depth for a novella length novel and a great set of characters as well as a good comfort level for you to relax and enjoy. Currently, I am comfortable with the story, characters and direction. I can't wait to get a hold of book 2 to see what's next and hope that we get a better ending next time.


Chasing Beautiful By Pamela Ann

DWL at the absurdity that is this book. I was even more surprised that it has prequels and sequels. The reason I can laugh though, is because this was a free Amazon book, but if I had paid for this, I would have been pissed. But then again, the only reason I started reading it was because it was free ... so whatever!

Anyways, first and foremost, this is NOT a love, triangle, square, octagon or any other shape. It is two adults with trust issues and juvenile tendencies who are trying to make a relationship work. I am naturally curious so I am fighting tooth and nails not to finish this series, but my OCD for completion might win, but not anytime soon. I need a few good dose of a good book first.

Anyhoo, once again, not a love triangle. Just some hot guys and a breathing female who notices even though she has and kept a choice throughout the novel. The ex-boyfriend/best friend reverted back to best friend material with a crush that she didn't pay an ounce of mind and the  really good friend turned into a scheming, conniving liar whose solution for all their problems is quite ludicrous!

I got annoyed of being in Sienna's mind all the time and wanted some more conversations, preferably good ones with meanings and aim.  Some wit, banter and humor would be lovely also. This story was too plain and annoying quite frankly.

Latin blood seems to run in the author's veins, because from language to descriptions, we got a Latin feel from this novel. The only English we got was location and accents. Not that I am complaining, but the cover girl leans a little Asian, then again, it doesn't matter because at the end of the day, this was an uninspiring story.

Blake was my pick initially, when I thought there was going to be a triangle. I even commended him for not being one of those guys who let women hold them by their shirt collar while they explore the prospects of another relationship. Actually, I down right applauded him. Then before I know it, he started going Dr Jekyll/Mr. Hyde and doing the most asinine and juvenile things. Invoking jealously unnecessarily is just plain stupid and the fact that she is so easily riled that he knew he could stoop to that level was even more annoying.

Honestly, the ex boyfriend is starting to look like my favorite character now and it has nothing to do with wanting her. I swear he should find someone else and get away from this loon that is Sienna.
He was a straight up character from beginning to end and seem to be the only sane and rational one of this click that he isn't even apart of. He messed up, but maybe it was for the best, because there are like what ... 50/51 states in the U.S. (Hawaii included) ... I am at a loss as to how you fly across and Ocean to go college to get away from an abusive surrogate family leaving behind a guy that loves you with his whole world. Selfish, selfish girl all the way around! You can do better Kyle!

I'm not a make up kind of girl, so excuse me, but the basic make-up regiment that was in this book got old fast. Spend the time writing a better book I say, and focus on the characters, building personality and I don't know, a STORY! As oppose to how much mascara she is putting on and where.

I felt no romantic connection between her and any of the guys ... maybe Troy, but then again that was a very sexual shoot. It seemed that shoot was one of the finer things of this novel, as I loved how deep in description we went, and that painted a good picture of the portraits. Honestly, even a  better picture than the characters themselves.

Another book that is incapable of making a female have a really good friend who is a guy without him being gay, but I won't hold the lack of originality against the author, as she has enough faults in the novel.
Speaking of, I am not sure what is up with Lucy and Toby. I think Toby spoke probably 3 times the entire book and Lucy was practically MIA as a bestie ... most of the roles were blurred and not what was portrayed by the female lead. I think she was confused as to who is what to her.

I felt no fight, fire or remorse with Sienna's character. I even stopped reading after a while in the middle of a sex scene to watch couple Lifetime movies and believe me, I am not that much of a Lifetime fan -_-

Speaking of sex, not a lot, but more than this book needed. They should have been focusing on building a story with elements, layers ... I don't know, LIFE! ... Anything. I was not impressed and felt that this story was a total and complete bust that needs to go back to the drawing board. Thank God for OCD tendencies, because if not, I would not pick up a next book in this series. I am not looking for improvement, I just really can't even bother to expect better at this point as I am not looking forward to going back into the mind of Sienna Richards (I think ... re: the last name) oh well!


Saturday, 27 July 2013

Worthy of Redemption By L.D. Davis

Well how about that? Kyle Sterling got some redemption after all!

If there was ever a character I didn't expect to like or even receive redemption, it would be Kyle Sterling.
Even though I hate the relationship dynamics of 'Accidentally on Purpose' and really felt for Emmy when she finally found her way out of the smoke, I never pegged Kyle for anything other than a pretentious douche and so I am certainly surprised to see that there is so much more behind the man, even if my initial assumption was also true.

Not that any of the other members of this love square was better, but I honestly thought that Kyle would just remain a member of the waste bin, but along came his personal savior in the form of Lily. I LOVE Lily's character. It's as if the girl was made for Kyle Sterling. No one ... and I mean no one ... handles Kyle like Lily. As a matter of fact, I think I have yet to read a book where I am beyond a doubt sure that two characters deserve to be together. Their relationship is more than the physical. It has a solid foundation. There is love, friendship, laughter, understanding, patience ... it has all the elements! It's the perfect relationship because of all it's imperfections.

I can't believe it, but Kyle was totally redeemed in my eyes. Who is this guy?! ... I kept asking that question because he is nothing like the secretive, manipulative man from book 1. He is still all those yes, but he is also loving, caring, supportive, funny, witty! He is THE package.

This story as before had all the elements if not a little bit better. This wasn't about love triangles or squares. It's about love, loyalty, worth and facing our past. There were layers to peel backs, secrets to be revealed and sorted. This was an emotional roller coaster that was written so as to not give me a headache with all the elements throughout. I knew my sides for sure in this one and never had a doubt in any of the characters.

I love that everyone was present and accounted for. I was even more pleased and surprised with the hint of Luke and Emmy that we got. It was done tastefully as to give us an update and to show a more realistic view as to a story book ending. I was glad to see that Emmy didn't lose her fire or support system (Team Donya) and that she had her own problems and insecurities in la la land. Her vindictiveness was spitting once again, and it was fun to watch, (muffin shop scenes) as well as to get reacquainted with Luke's member ;)

Respect is also due for the final goodbye (for now I think) between Emmy and Kyle. It was real. There was no pretense of moving on and forgetting about the past. It was there, acknowledged and agreed to remain a part of both their lives, even if they physically couldn't keep in touch.

I loved their little heart to heart, as it was so Emmy and Kyle and that was important for them to remind us of the good moments between the two. After all, it wasn't all bad.

Regardless of the screw ups by Kyle in this novel, I loved the relationship dynamic between him and Lily and I believe that this story was more than just a redemption for Kyle, Emmy, Luke and Lily. It was for everyone! I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed every single page of this book. I was never bored and never uninterested. I loved every single word within. It was structured well, worded properly and other than some minor editing errors, it was perfect in my eyes.

I felt the connection between the characters and even when apart, I never lost it. There was always a connection. I guess that's what soul mates are all about.

I don't know if there will be another book in this series, but I would definitely read it, as this story was one of the good ones. I was entertained, challenged and guided with minimum and reasonable amounts of passionate love making.

I love these two together and as separate characters. I couldn't ask for a better set of characters and story line. Good job Mrs. Davis ... can't wait on the next book!


Friday, 26 July 2013

Eyes Wide Open By Raine Miller

Even more pages I see. So sometimes they say be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it, and I so got it! Initially I had asked for a novel and not a novella and the last two books have been novels but the tone had been the same since. Flat ... I sometimes even forget that this whole story started because her life was possibly in danger.

Obvious plots and twist. I figured out the culprit before he even showed his face in a friendly manner and the scene that culminated this whole story lasted like 20 seconds their time and maybe 2 seconds our time. Honestly, there was hardly even any witty banter with the final face off. I really did expect more, seeing as how the whole story began with this threat.

The blurb for this book needs to be re-written and while at it, throw out the cover also. Awful cover if you ask me. The blurb isn't that superb and the image isn't enough to draw me into this novel if not for it being the last installment in a book series I have already began reading. I say away with the blurb because I at no time got any of the feelings the blurb suggested. For reference: 

The third part in The Blackstone Affair series: A love on the brink of being destroyed. The fight of a lifetime to keep it alive.
Big surprises are on the horizon for Ethan and Brynne as they struggle to adjust to what life has thrown at them. Demons from the past are threatening to destroy the passionate bond they’ve forged despite their vow that nothing will ever keep them apart. A truly devastating loss coupled with the promise of a new hope opens their eyes to what is most important, but is it possible for the lovers to move on from the painful histories that continue to haunt them? A stalker is still lurking in the shadows, plotting evil amidst the distraction of the 2012 Olympic games in London. Brynne and Ethan are on the cusp of losing everything as the stakes rise. Will they yield to circumstances beyond their control or will they give every ounce of fight they have left to save each other and win the ultimate prize of a life together?

Eyes Wide Open is a passion-wrought story that shows us what pure love can achieve when tested and what the heart can accomplish despite danger and adversity

I have doubted their love from inception, due to the time frame and the way they throw around the word like it's the answer for everything in life, but I honestly suspected that we would be getting some questioning of this love like should have initially happened ... or I don't know, but something of some dishevel ... anyway, the point is, we got none of that.

It was more Brynne degrading herself (even with being a 'NUDE' model and all), Ethan re-assuring her that the sun still rises and set with her for him and some cliches thrown in. 
I guess you can assume how upset I am that we never received more from this novel, as I have patiently waited for that 'WOW' factor from this book an got none. (Hold up! ... we did actually get one. Zara. Keep your mouth shut around this young lady! ... She gave us most of our surprises, with her no filter inquisitive attitude. Thank God for nosy 5 year olds!) Still,  It was all so predictable. I think the thing that kept me going was the comfort level I found with these characters. Despite the lack of realism, creativity, suspense and some much added features, I really liked the characters and always have, so I kept on going because it wasn't so bad being around them.

The fact that this book was dual POV aided also, as it solved on of my grosses from book 2, which was the switching of POVs that had me edgy and wanting to be in both of their minds. 
I also found it quirky, her tactic of using the symbols of a card pack to separate the POVs, even if she failed in getting a use of the clubs. Still, it was creative and as close as we seem to get to a game of poker in this series, as  it seems that not even one hand of poker was played throughout, for a book heavily termed and hinting at the game.

I still have questions though and feel like there is definitely some unsaid words and incomplete scenes. But alas! I see that Ms. Miller changed her mind and decided to milk her series with a fourth book. I am not too sure how I feel about this. I might read it so I can get some closure, but I am not impressed and I believe that we could have used some of the wasted conversations and repetitive sex scenes to actually get some issues across and some uber important-before-getting-married conversations out the way. Like ... idk ... Ethan's entire captivity ?!?! ... maybe even the end ... but something!

We got even more supporting characters who were hardly enhanced or developed. They were mentioned in passing to bring across a point or take up some of the free space that began floating around in the middle of this novel.

Needless to say, there was a lot of unnecessary conversations as well as missing ones and mementos. I believe the inclusion of British royalty was a stretch because I hardly ever felt like Ethan commanded that much pull in the UK. I was also slightly disappointed that we weren't able to take part in the extravagant affair that was their wedding, seeing as how we have been waiting throughout the entirety of the series. It's the least we could get, especially with another pleasantly abrupt end that won't be on shelves until the end of this year.

I did however like the gift at the end of the novel. Ms. Miller seems to love to give us little nuggets, but still, while a nice pre-introduction, we technically got the whole story from Brynne earlier on in the novel and I didn't see much difference with the bit at the back. It could have been used to answer one of the many questions throughout this novel or maybe even invite us to the wedding .... just saying o.O

I am disappointed in the lack of creativity as well as development and elements of surprise in this novel. I expected more, but was given a fairly good novel which left me with more questions and a small amount of closure. I hope the next book will be THE one I was looking for, that clears it all up and gives us that exploding element to tie this book all together. Otherwise, all the unnecessary deaths and roller coaster relationship rides would have been for naught and I have already invested a great deal in this series and want the best for these characters I love so much. So let's hope Ms. Miller closes it off on a high note in book 4 so we can get on with the story of Ivan and Gabby. 

Thursday, 25 July 2013

All In By Raine Miller

This installment was a little longer but not much happened. We re-instated the emotions that were developed at lightening speed in book 1 for sure. Developments were few and spaced as oppose to the constant up tempo vibe of book 1. Sometimes I wonder where we were going with all this or when we would start getting some threats or supn! But as soon as they came, they kind of went.

Roles were reversed and the prologue was by Brynne and the story by Ethan. I am not so sure if I can say I like one narrator better than the other, as it was a little confusing at times. I got used to Brynne's POV and expected it, so at times I found myself wondering "What is she thinking ...?"

I am a little loss as to the direction the story is looking to turn, as I keep waiting for some action to refer to the main point of her getting security, but as soon as we were getting some head way, 'The End' came up and we have to wait on book 3 to get the rest of the story.

Even though we were introduced to some more supporting characters, we still didn't get much interaction with them, unless necessary. We got a glimpse of the upcoming spin off series with Gabby and Ivan, but that wasn't much so I hope to see some more before we get thrown into that series.

Still, I loved the small glimpse of Ivan that we got and I can't wait to see him and Gabby making a connection. It should be an interesting one.

It's hard to pin Brynne's character in this installment mostly because we weren't in her mind. She seemed much more submissive from Ethan's POV and I think that aided in changing my outlook of this character. I still adore her, but now I am questioning what I know about her.

Still on team Ethan though, and surprisingly, he even seems less dominating than before. It's as if  the roles have been reversed.  Once again, I think it's due to the switch in POV. I honestly can't say which one of them I like telling this story more. But both are tolerant and capable.

We finally get some more pieces as to Ethan's past, but it's still quite cloudy as to what's real and what's just his dreams, because they are all so blended.

Ethan is rather witty and comical with his POV, and he unintentionally seems to be surrounded by animals or continue to make reference to them. His possessiveness and jealousy, trust, basically all his issues are thrust upon us in this novel.

The sex scenes were definitely different and seemed less descriptive than before. Passion was still evident, but it seems that sex told from the woman's POV might be more interesting where this novel is concerned. I am unsure as to if it's the author's ability to write numerous sex scenes from a male POV or if Ethan just blocks out most of the time and had to piece it together for us when he came to ... either way, it wasn't lacking, but it wasn't expounded on much either.

It's as if this story slowed down exponentially, and having been used to the pace of book 1, made it seem like the story was dragging at times. In reality, things were happening, just not at the pace expected. Because almost all major emotions had already been portrayed in book 1, that didn't leave us with much to discover emotionally from book 2. We finally got the details of Brynne's story but the introduction to Ethan's was brief and clearly hint of so much more. I look forward to his story, as it seems like a special one.

While I am not a fan of short series books, I like this one and I am comfortable with the set of characters and story line as it progresses. I still would prefer a complete novel, but I am still interested so far. I have yet to give up or get tired of the wait and abrupt stops. Even with a very serious threat looming, this installment ended with the main characters on fairly good terms, so there is that to be thankful about.

There was a little Simba's POV attraction at the end of this novel that was quite nice and a little crazy at times. She got points for creativity even if she wasn't the author, but the concept was creative and it's nice to know Simba sees all with his handsome self ;)

I can't wait to continue this series and see where it takes us, I just really hope that the author doesn't see it fit to draw the story to a point where we all lose interest because of an unrealistic continuity. Also, the  book covers seem to be getting less and less intriguing, I hope that changes as we get to the end.


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Naked By Raine Miller

What a week ... literally! This story didn't even span a month. I think it was like 2 weeks and a couple days max! So to say unrealistic, would be kind. The time frame was ridiculously short for the emotions and problems that occurred. They didn't even know each other before they met so they have no excuse, and the painting that started it all still hasn't been seen again since that first night.

Regardless of the two weeks, we got a nice handle on their personalities even though it's not much to begin with. I get that she has a dark past and secrets galore and naturally he does too being a war vet but with the pace they were going I'd be surprised as to what else can be expected. If left up to them, they'd be married and having kids within a month!

Brynne (love her name btw ...) seems like a good character so far. Despite her shortcomings emotionally and the ridiculously short time span within she falls in love, she's funny, witty and has sarcasm dripping all over her, just my type of character! She is an impractical realist. Yup! Total contradiction, but she is. While the tide is strong and consuming, she knows this, but is a natural submissive so she's just enjoying the ride.

Ethan ... well, he's a dominant for sure. But I love his approach to Brynne and even though he is our usual millionaire alpha-male, he is more hands-on with his work. I love that he has a pet lion fish because ... who has that ?! :) I also love his little declarations and even though he is way to emotionally invested with the span of time he has known her, I love his passion for everything Brynne and his love of double meanings.

We never got a chance to develop much with the secondary characters, because they seemed to only have been available when Brynne needed an Ethan break, but I was totally fine with that. I love them as a couple and their time together was not boring at all or fill with unnecessary scenes and conversations. With the story being as fast paced as it was, there was no room or time for any of that anyways.

The sex scenes were passionate. They might not have been unusual or off the charts hot, but they were real and filled with emotions. I loved his inability to keep his hands off her whether it be sexual or not. Even if I can't understand or respect the time frame of this novel, I love all the passion and emotion that was apart of this relationship. I only wished that she would have made the decision to take the time and make this a novel instead of a novella and commit to building a solid foundation for these characters instead of the unrealistic love at first shag!

Speaking of shag, I usually love a novel that is set in the UK, as I am always open to new language and culture. Even though I read a review after reading this book that notified me that there were a few inconsistencies with Ms. Miller's take on the London scene, I had already read the book and never saw it affecting my view on it either. I must say I was skeptical about a few things without even being a Brit ... like the strip mall (that seemed much more American), I never saw the need to nit pick it, even though I love a well researched novel. While inconsistent, it never deducted from the book, the major flaw in this novel was time frame. We needed a lot more of it!

Still, I liked this novel and I am actually intrigued and not obligated, to find out what happens next. It might not be an ideal story line or time frame, but it is intriguing and has me wanting to see it through to the end. the fact that it is more novella than novel helps also, as I might not have been as intrigued if it was 300 pages of a Fifty Shades re-enactment.

It's short, it's bitter, it's sweet, it's spicy. It's much more than culture inconsistencies and love at first sight. It is a story with a nice cast and a story line fill with potential. Give it a try, you might just like it!


Monday, 22 July 2013

Thief By Tarryn Fisher

I have a headache ... and it's all because of this book! Firstly, because of the position I read 60% of this novel in, because I couldn't wait for my kindle to finish charging and second because bittersweet endings mess with my head ... hence the headache!

Tarryn Fisher, you had my 5 stars at chapter 1. All I needed was that first page ... but thanks for the rest ;)

However, you are one sick lady! I don't know if it's this cast of characters, the story line or just plain you Tarryn, but how is it that I get what I want at the end of this novel, but with so much sacrifices along and at the end of the day .... ?? It's like real life ... it's so fair and balance it's borderline annoying! You are such a do gooder Ms. Fisher!!!!!!

If I never loved Caleb before, then I certainly would in this novel. It's not even the fact that it is taken from his POV, it's the things he says, the timing, the passion, dear Lord it is the MAN!! This book is aptly named because this man stole every thing from me with this novel and the guy on the cover was easy on the eyes so that helped!

You got everything! If you are looking for something that wasn't there, then look again. Because it is there. you probably just missed it. There were no stones left unturned and all blanks were filled in. Even some I didn't know I have.

Our frequent jump into the past had me on edge and nervous as hell! It seems as we ping pong between the here and now, there is always some tension or drama or something to hold us back or give us reason to panic. Hell, in all truth and fairness, we got a very bittersweet ending that was laced with emotions, surprises, and even death. That one totally blew me away, because I came to love these characters as I grow with them and I just wanted them to wake up and for it all to be a dream ... emotionally invested doesn't even come close to how I feel!

I have always been a fan of Olivia and that sure as hell didn't change! Even when some of her more quirky behavior was revealed, I still fell in love with this amazingly independent woman who mowed down anything in her path and had you guessing what would come out of her mouth at any given time ... no one knew her thoughts until spoken. Maybe not even her!

Cammie!!!! woot! woot! I love this girl. She is fiercely loyal, entertaining and the best best friend anyone could ask for. No one, and I mean no one had a filter in this book, but right behind Olivia, Cammie was second in that department. I'd be afraid of what would come out of this girl mouth if I were her friend.

Noah .... I get why everyone is calling him a prick, but if we push aside our undying love for Olivia and Caleb, we could see his reluctance and maybe even accept that he tried. Even Caleb sympathized with him for a minute. This guy could be the perfect husband if not for his very real and serious demons and every one knows that only one person was put on this earth for this fiery llama, and it's Caleb the peacock. So the guy didn't even have a shot!

Leah was ever present in all her dirty red, but we barely got snippets of the viper that was Leah. She seemed more tamed or maybe it's Caleb's way of calming all the viper-type women of his world. I wanted to see some of that ginger fire so that Liv could have some true competition ... but then Olivia semi kicked her ass and I was all good again ;)

It was nice to see Stella grown up, and regardless of the tragedy, were she was placed. I feel a sense of hurt for what Caleb and Olivia will never have, because I think after all this time, they deserve more for the struggles that was thrown their way throughout the years, even if it was self-imposed.
We literally grew with these characters from college kids to adults and I wanted much much more for them!

The wicked punch lines, Oliviaisms, banters and weird traditions were upheld within this installment. I believe that this story stayed true to it's core and gave us everything we initially fell in love with. I couldn't have asked for a better character to lead us out of all of this tangle of emotions and Caleb and Tarryn did a great job at bringing this tremendous series to an end. I must say that I want so much more, and not because it was unfinished, but because I love these guys and I don't wanna let go!

I've never done this before and believe me I have a lot more lines that stunned me from this novel, it's like a yellow highlighted zone throughout this book, but these two instances I must share, because who is this guy and why don't every woman have one of him? He wouldn't have to steal nothing, I would just give it all up to him!

My outtakes :)

"Your marriage won't last. Tell Noah the truth; be fair. When you do, come find me, and I'll give you that baby." - What an exit!!! o.O

"You're wearing that dress simply because you like it. You don't dress to make men look at you - you hate men. But, your body is ridiculous and it happens anyway. You walk and your hips sway from side to side, but you don't walk that way to get attention, it's just the way you move - and everyone looks. Everyone. And when you listen to people speak, you unconsciously bite your lower lip and then let your teeth slide across it. And when you order wine at dinner, you play with the stem of your wine glass. You run your fingers up and down . You are sex and you don't even know it. Which makes you even sexier. So, when I think dirty thoughts, forgive me. I'm just under you spell like everyone else." - I'd just take off the dress and give him anything he wanted right there!!!

Thank you Tarryn Fisher for an incredible story and a memorable set of characters!


Just for Now By Abbi Glines

And it just keeps getting better! I am so in love with the coastal town of Sea Breeze it isn't even funny.

I don't know if it's the lifestyle of this crew or if it's just the characters but I am baffled that this is the same series that left a bad taste in my mouth when I read book 1.

I knew Preston and Amanda's story was gonna be awesome and different, and I was not disappointed at all!!

There was more going on in Preston's life than I expected and even through my shock, I was glad because he stayed true to his character. He held the traits I looked for in Cage's story. Not that I fully supported is career choice or decisions, but I was surprised by his path and determination. He adds a new level of sexuality to this series that wasn't there before and I am starting to think that maybe he is the real bad boy of this series and not Cage. I loved every minute with him!
He was raw, passionate, funny, determined and soften my heart when ever he had to express his feelings for Amanda. That fight scene was not what I expected and helped cement my love for his character.

Amanda is the kind of woman I like!!! She sees something, she wants it, and she pursues it until it is hers! I loved her dominant feel even when she remained insecure and unsure. I always love when a female character stand up for what they want and take charge. Even when she wasn't sure, she still went after Preston and I loved every minute of her relentless pursuit! She never gave the sappy broken heart story or tried to play hard ball when the time came around for a make up. She held the true Amanda vibe and honestly, I don't know if much guys can handle the girl that is Amanda. Maybe even Preston might be out of his league. I just love this chick!!!

The introduction of the 'Drake Clan' ... as I refer to them was great and I could totally see a Jimmy story *wink*

I also loved how the entire group was more prominent in this novel and all our familiar watering holes were present. The transitions were lovely and I felt all the books being tied together to continue this story. There is no questions to ask, as they are all answered.

I am pleased as to where the story ended. Even though I could definitely read more about Preston and Amanda, I wanted them to have their HEA and felt like if we were to face anyone disapproval after their reconciliation, the story would have probably become unrealistic and dragging ... then again, who knows ... Abbi has a way to make it all better :)

While not the wildest or most adventurous of sex was had in this book, it was passionate and I loved it being told from both characters POV. There was always a level of authenticity between this couple, regardless that every single body was literally against their union, I found their strength and determination admirable and I loved how they just flow. It's something to be said for characters who have a history. It always makes for a more interesting story and takes it up a level that new love can never compare to.

Jason Stone was predominantly present in this installment, but he surprisingly wasn't a bad addition either. I guess I don't loathe everything from book 1 :)
I assume he is being primed for his upcoming book in the series, and I can't wait to get to that one. Honestly, I don't even know why Cage and Eva are getting a second book before his, because they weren't really that interesting or inspiring. I would trade for another Amanda and Preston book ... they are so much more lovable.

If you are looking for a quick quirky read to clear your mind, give you some laughs, shocks and all sort of crazy emotions, or your simply wondering if this installment is worth it, then I can assure you that you are at the right place! The right elements, characters and vibe is all here!

This couple focus more on themselves than their environs and their relationship is anything but normal. I love their banters, conversations, even their fights. Because the break up is not as dramatic and the make up is perfect for them. These characters were entertaining and kept me interested throughout.

I Can't wait to get on with another book in this series ... I just love the crew from Sea Breeze!


Pieces of Truth By Angela Richardson

I am physically unable to do anything, even sleep until I get the contents of this book off my mind. So here goes I at 1 am ...

I would have never chosen the person she did in the end. That relationship has never meshed for me and quite frankly I was disinterested in the novel, when I unconventionally skipped to the end of this novel to find her choice and my disappointment stumped me from carrying on for a while.

Also, in a shocking twist, something that has never happened to me before, did. I completely turned on a lead female character that I previously loved. And this was before I even knew her choice. Honestly, I wasn't even sorry for her when a twist was revealed in the ending of this story and I really hope another guy isn't brought in, because I am getting tired of the games. There are so many that I just plain and simple don't wanna play no more.

I spent most of this novel contemplating if I even want to read book 3, and if not for Clint, I would give it all up!!

Just a side note that, I hope Ms. Richardson sees, please leave Clint out of Norah's messed up life and give the boy some piece and happiness. His personality is marvelous and his intensity can be better suited than one of the many balls that Norah bats around her field called New York.

It's been a while since a book has brought out so much emotions within me that I am still a little shocked. I am rooting for the bad guys because at least they stay bad, and I am annoyed with the hypocrisy of the good guys ... mostly just Norah.

I think my love for Clint is already known from my review on book 1, but let me just once again point out my undying love and support for this character that I rooted for even when his wrongs were brought to light. I even felt better about it all when I found out that he was wronged, because I never once pegged him as callous. If anything, he was too loving to that wench and I am sorry he has to pay the price. I really want to see him happy and would even read a separate novel about him discovering a female who is better than Norah and treat him like he deserves.

I always saw Josh in the friend zone and not once was I able to scrape any emotional or fiery connection between the two. I always loved Norah and Clint together. Up until this book at least, now I want Clint to find someone for him. Can we just make book 3 all about Clint? I wanna read that!!!! :)

Samuel is another character than grow on me. I loved his antics and banter between the men. Honestly, when the smoke cleared, all the guys seemed right and Norah just plain old wrong!
I never liked how these three good guys were treated by Norah in this novel. She was written in the novel to seem petty, selfish and quite pretentious for someone who hates the rich.

I believe it was a weak attempt to nit pick small details of these men to make them villains when she stumbled upon the choice she wanted at the end of this novel. I would have felt better if it was left like book 1 where a choice was made without turning innocent people into villans to help a girl make a decision. I think it could have been delivered better.

Tess still hasn't taken a mold and quite frankly I trust no one from this novel other than Clint.

It's once again a situation where the end persons POV was better than the entire novel and what kept you wanting to get your hands on book 3.

Still, regardless of all the complications, twists, turns and overall drama galore, Ms. Richardson stuck to her original vibe and carried it throughout the novel. The lady sure knows how to scheme and plot. It seems no innocents are present in this novel. Everyone has an agenda! Honestly, it's like 'The Opportunist' series all over again but with even more angst!

I can say that I am glad for the times in between books because my mind needs to cool off from the work out it got from this novel. My emotions were all over the place and I have no idea why I felt so strongly about this novel, but I just did. I think I am going to find a nice relaxing book now to calm me down from this mind-sex of a series!!!

P.S. the Abbi Glines was gone out of this one, it was pure James Patterson without physical deaths ... because my heart surely broke for Clint!


Sunday, 21 July 2013

Pieces of Lies By Angela Richardson

I'm not one for love triangles, but this girl is literally in a love square! The funny thing is, they are all the same. All good enough guys who love her, but still has some deep secrets hiding from a person who values honesty above all else ... even if she slips up sometimes.

Let me just say, that this is a good story with a lot of twist, turns and secrets. Due to this, it not only makes for a great story line, but it also left the story in shambles. It's like an incomplete jig saw puzzle. I keep waiting for the final pieces to come together. Just when you think it's HEA time, a next chapter comes with even more questions.

I like Norah's character, even if she is a little crazy. I love her banters with Clint and how fierce and loyal she is to her father, regardless of the job he possess and the rampage he has reeked over her life. She is full of life, love and creativity. She gives the book  spark and I really hope people will stop lying to her now. She deserves better!

The thing with love triangles, is that sometimes you are not sure which one of the guys you want her to be with, and that's why I try not to read too many books about one. But what makes this one even harder, is the constant conflict of who is hurting her more than the other. In retrospect, other than their unconventional meeting, Samuel has been the least deceitful. Still, I don't want her with him or Josh.

Josh is a good friend, but that's all I see him as in this novel. I never felt the passion of their first kiss, but I sure love how she flows with Clint. I honestly thought that this would be it from them, but apparently he is hiding some secret and I really hope it's not big enough to tear them apart.

Tess comes and goes and I am not too sure what to make of her character just yet. As a matter of fact, other than Norah, I can't fully say I understand or love and individual character. There is so many lies and secrets I don't know who to trust! Therefore, I haven't buckled down to this novel in hopes of picking out my faves.

While we spent  a lot of time in the mind of Norah, it wasn't bad being there and I found that I love the story line, and progression, even if I was left feeling ... incomplete.

This story didn't draw much emotions from me, but there was a few moments where I was apprehensive and utterly anxious as to what waited on the other page. It kept a fair pace and definitely kept me guessing what is happening and if it's true or not.

Clint is a sore thumb for me in this novel, because I like him with Norah, but now some seeds has been planted and I am a little afraid to venture into book 2 because the more I think about it, is the more I see who I want her to pick from this square.

This might not be the most thrilling novel, but it is definitely a mystery with twists galore on the way. You don't get a great deal personality wise from the other characters except Norah, but the story pulls you in and have you waiting for the next piece of the puzzle to fall in place. It's like a hybrid of James Patterson and Abbi Glines ... yup! I said it! I honestly can't cement the feelings or vibe this book gives off, other than mystery, but I do know that I love the progression and can't wait to find out more in book 2!


Saturday, 20 July 2013

Beautiful Bitch By Christina Lauren

I have one question for you ladies ... why wasn't 'Beautiful Bastard' written like this?! This was the right tempo and everything in between for the beginning of this series. It had elements, plots, reasons, surprised and comedy. This was a comeback indeed!

I tried not to judge when it began because I was a little out of touch with 'Beautiful Bastard' having read it all the way in February ... and believe me, in the land of books ... that's a long time! Still, I found that the beginning whilst confusing was a little recap for me, but also left me struggling to put everything together again. In other words, it could have been better delivered.

Still, I loved the progression and the back and forth POV of Chloe and Bennett. Having both their POV made a real impact on this story and cleared more than the air. I finally felt their connection and understood them as a couple, something I wasn't capable of before.

We were given highlights as necessary and everything and one was covered. I honestly felt like this book should have been released before 'Beautiful Stranger' as it would have shown skeptics from book 1 that these ladies as well as this story line has been developed and better delivered.

A glimpse of both Max and Sara, who totally redeemed this series for me, was sweet and just like them both! Brought back memories :)

I also loved that the conversation and dialogues all around were better and held more appeal than before. The flashbacks also helped in cementing this novella as we even had a chance to get conversations we didn't before and meet new characters like Chloe's father.

I actually saw these characters for how they were meant to be portrayed in book 1 and I got a lot more out of this 160 page novella than I ever did with 'Beautiful Bastard'.

Unconventional proposal of the year goes to Chloe Mills and Ryan Bennett ... really guys, good call on this one. I loved very minute of it!!

And if that wasn't the perfect sex scene ending I don't know what is! I am not sure if it was a conscious thought or not, due to the heavily based sex in book 1, but I am glad that we did not have a full sex scene until the very end when it mattered, as that added something to the story for me. Hell, I even wanted more after that, and that was my main problem with 'Beautiful Bastard'

I can honestly say that this held the right tone, vibe and speed for a novella and this series in particular. I was never bored and in the end I even wanted more ... good job ladies!


Friday, 19 July 2013

Pole Dance By J.A. Hornbuckle

Not the best written, constructed or engaging story but decent enough to read.

There was a lot of things wrong with this story, from the writing, series of events and the load of unanswered questions we were left with, such as: a) What's up with Hank all around; b) The banker and his partner ... how do they all fall in all of this; c) what's really gonna happen with Fiona ... and that's just my current top three ... there is so much more to be answered. And I am under the impression that the book was complete where this story line was concerned.

Even though it gave a level of mystery that had me lining up suspects all about, I never saw it's necessity in the end, with regards to how it tied in with anything or anyone in the story at all. It wasn't even done to get back at a lead character, it seems it was done ... just because! So here is where I have more questions because I am not too sure of this situation or if it is even fully deciphered. Once again, questions ...

There was a lot of confusion, especially in the end, as to Dale's reaction to Jake's decision. It is so out of character, unnecessary and surprising to witness. For a moment there, I expected some big revelation, but nothing came, just words and threats. Honestly, this only begs another question in my mind that leads me right back to the question of what happened with Dale and Sara ... too many questions!!

There were an array of characters that sometimes seemed like too much and had me wondering the necessity of all these characters just as much as the necessity to portray most of the very basic sex scenes. Not that they weren't passionate, but we never need a play by play of all of them. I wasn't a fan when in the middle of a new day and totally unrelated conversation, we back tracked to one of their sexcapades, and in full details!!

Side note ... still waiting to find out her age. Guess I better add it to the mystery pile o.O

Honestly, I never really got a hold on Cait to see if I like her or not. I know I don't hate the girl, but I just never really connected with her or Jake as a character. Still, I loved them together.

To say Cait has anger problems is a nice way of putting it! Apparently Jake is a low-life piece of *fill in the blank* ... because ... *drum roll please* ... he bought her a bed -_- yup! Honestly, this is a book full of over reactions, so be prepared for unnecessary storms. Then, when she wanted to leave the guy for giving her the break she was looking, I just wanted to slap her and tell him to go and find a good and grateful woman who doesn't wanna live like a pauper just so she can say she does.

Apparently this man and his business partner owns half of this town if not more, and I get it's a small town, so I am surprised there is anything there left to buy.
However, I loved their business meetings and how they negotiated decisions and business matters. They are a solid team, even with Dale's continuous melt downs.

I am trying to wrap my head around the setting of a mountain town, because these men sure acted like mountain men. The settings and personal information was kept to a minimum or on a need-to-know basis. Basically, we barely scratched the surface of these characters and as such I never got to really connect with anyone. Plus the ping pong between first person and narrative story telling was confusing and not inspiring at all. Sometimes it helped, but other times, it just annoyed.

I loved her reference to her other characters from another of her books that was unrelated to this series. I like creativity and other than the style used to murder the girls, this was another creative aspect. (Not that I support murders ... creative or otherwise)!

Cait's little victory dance was unexpected and funny also. I looked forward to her doing it after every accomplishment and I believe that was a nice touch.

While Pole Dance is not the best of books, I was able to give it a read and not regret or roll my eyes too much. Still, I would read another book from this author, because I read 'Everybody Falls' and it wasn't too bad a read. So I chalk this book up to inexperience and hope for better.


Thursday, 18 July 2013

Fading By E.K. Blair

Patience young grasshopper, because it does get better!

When I first began reading this story I was completely confused as to if I was reading the right book. The prologue was taken from a different POV and I was thoroughly excited to begin. However, we reached chapter two and the promised story line seemed non-existent. I keep asking ... "Are we there yet?" with every page I turned.

There was a lot of unnecessary red tape before you got to THE actual story and main characters. It was filled with emphasis in explaining each scene and characters as they were introduced. Honestly, we could do without the first two chapters. we were five chapters in an I was still waiting for the male lead to enter the story. Despite this, I loved the slow build up when it all began!

It actually took 5 chapters to get to the main story ... can u say anticipation?!?! And even then, we were still in a form of limbo. The good thing is, the writing got better along with the scenes and anxious vibe that was displayed throughout by the lead female character.

This story occasionally reads more as a script than a novel. It's as if the motions are explained for us to re-enact them. The characters almost became robot like. "I walk over to the stereo." "I plug in my iPod". ... like really though??! ... get to the point!

Still, once I really got into this story, I didn't want to put it down. If not for sleep and getting to work, I would have finish it in one day in one sitting without a break ... yup! It's that good. While it frustrates initially, it captivates eventually.

Normally I am not a fan of moving too slow in a novel, but these characters were almost snail pace with their relationship and I somehow loved the pace, as it kept that realistic vibe to the story. It wasn't rushed and it was done all in good time. I felt no pressure for them to get to the sex scenes but I like the passion and devotion they had when the time came.

There were some winded parts that I almost felt like delve too much into it's explanations, but I still appreciate it, because I love when an author does research and present us with a well written and informed novel. And believe me when I say this story was both.

I believe that the important scenes such as the rape whilst it occur, and the events of the hospital were done with just the right everything. Tone, imagery and everything in between bordered on a good Law and Order: SVU episode ... was waiting for Olivia to walk in any minute. I was definitely in a trance with her.

There was a certain level of comfort with this novel that made me feel comfortable around all the characters and that opened me up to reading the 'Fading' novella with Mark and Jase. While I have never read a book about two guys, I feel compelled to read this one because Ms. Blair has a gift of making you feel calm and fearless ... she is fierce and I know she will make that journey a good one.

I loved Ryan and Candace as a couple. They just make sense. Candace was so many things before her rape and I loved how she processes everything as it happened. She's actually the first female character who doesn't annoy me with the constant tears. They were well placed and never got annoying when she was overcome with emotion.

I love Ryan from the prologue all the way to the very last word of this novel and I even hated Candace when she was mad at him because I fully understood his position and thought she was being a selfish wench ... but then again that's just my opinion :)

Jase and Mark is one of the best couple in my books and I love their relationship dynamics and everything in between ... I honestly can't wait to get a copy of their book, as I can imagine it's gonna be exciting and full of surprises.

Other reviews keep hinting at a cliffhanger and I can honestly say, while there is some reactions to be examined, a decision was made that left both characters satisfied and without a question as to what they want or where they are at.

I am however curious as to book 2 and how it will be delivered. I am not sure if we are going back over 'Fading' but from Ryan's POV, or if we are going to be getting a continuation from where book 1 concluded. Either way, I am excited and can't wait to dive into this one.

Overall, this is a well researched novel with a great set of characters and an intricate story line that focuses on a lot more than the main subject area. You were taken on a journey at just the right pace and kept interested throughout. There were highs, lows and so much more. I might not have like the slow development in the beginning, but when the story began, it definitely picked up and maintain momentum.


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

On Caristo's Watch By Billy London


'Windows' wasn't the best, but 'On Caristo's Watch' was bad! (Not in a good way) If I had read this book first, I probably wouldn't continue with the series at all.

There was definite potential there, but the conversations, editing and overall development was lacking and uninspiring. I got confused at times trying to figure out who is saying what and why .... ?!?! A lot of unnecessary conversations and some confrontations were present. Very weak delivery!

I knew Tony's character would be entertaining and I certainly loved his character as well as the relationship he had with Lydia, but this story was like a good enough draft waiting to be completed and edited properly.
There was a great group of characters and  I loved Johnathan and the incorporation of Luca and Rocco. It was also good to see Nick in another light and to get tabs on Paul and Sofia as well as some background information on Tony other than him being the second in command.

Lydia was pleasant but forceful at times and while I loved her protectiveness, and the way they shared their emotions and feeling towards each other, I still would have loved at least one good, sex scene that wasn't rushed or watered down. (Just one is all I ask!!)

There was limited interaction with Lydia and the outside world, co-workers included, and I would have liked some more scenes with Kelvin, as I believe this would help with development as well as motive. As I said ... total draft.

This story basically picks up back after Nick was shot at the pseudo-engagement party and it was good to get into Tony's mind, as he always seems so life of the party without a care in the world.

I had thought that the starting was off but I was waiting for it to get it's footing. Unfortunately, it never did. However, I did enjoy some of the banter and conversations between the characters, especially Lydia and Tony and the few interactions between Nick and Tony were entertaining at times.

It was also nice to see a part of Tony's work and to get a little deeper in the Da Canaveze family business as it comes to clean ups, threats and protection.

We got a taste of Gina and Sofia in the epilogue and it was good to see the guys altogether as they planned for Nick and Gina's nuptials.

Scenes were rushed, scene development was weak and a lot of work was needed in this novel. Mostly due to the time frame and events surrounding this novel, the epilogue had an unrealistic feel. I was wondering if we were gonna get a climax when we reached the 74% mark with nothing on the horizon, but when it came, it went fast and even with some fascinating moments, it all still seemed forced and rushed.

I am thoroughly disappointed in the delivery of this novel, as it had a good plot, set of characters and potential. Still, the saving grace for me was Tony as a character and the crazy things that went on in his mind and came out his mouth. Honestly though, not sure if I want to go further in this series, as this installment was still a disappointment.


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

While It Lasts By Abbi Glines

And I am back to Sea Breeze ... well for some parts.

After I finish reading 'Because of Low', I really wanted Cage to get his own story but this was not what I expected. I expected some bad fun! I don't like when a character has to change too much of who they are when they get in a relationship, and I don't know if it's the setting or the female lead, but I didn't like that he had to change so much. I wanted fun and frolic with someone who understands him and isn't afraid to venture out there!

Eva had her moments and I saw that natural curious gleam throughout, as well as a little sex kitten waiting to be petted, but I never wanted to wait, I just wanted the fun and best believe you had to wait!
This novel had a very soft tone to it and I contribute that to it being set in the country side. It was all pies, sweet tea and mourning for a quarter of the book, then we really got into it and then the drama came and went and before we know it, the book was over.

Still, the Sea Breeze series has grown in comparison to book 1, and other than being well written, it was edited beautifully. So even when things didn't go your way, you still enjoyed this novel and wanted to read more.

There were times that we got a glimpse of the Cage that was mentioned in 'Because of Low', and I love those parts, because those are what made me fell in love with the character. I loved his forwardness and surprisingly his honesty. He might not be the perfect guy, but he was honest and to the point when needed, and I guess because of the amount of flesh he received, he had no problem staying away from the temptation when need be. He has strength, compassion and so much more. Total package and that first penetration sex scene, what he did after he came was awesome and jerked me a little! ... That's how you make sure your girl gets off!! ;)

Eva as a character, was a good one. Initially she was pathetic and I kept asking myself what is up with this girl and then with the flick of a nipple ring, she forgot her mourning and fully dive into the party. Not that I wanted her all weepy and mourning, but her transformation was fast without much convincing on Cage's part.

Dialogue was well structured and the scenes flowed. There was hardly ever if any unnecessary scenes and while this book had a low note, I still enjoyed it regardless because it was beautiful YA literary work.

I am glad that we still got to go to the bar and that we got updates on characters as well as interaction, even in passing. We were also given a little snippet for the follow up novel of Preston and Amanda and that looks drama filled and already strapped down in my kindle :)

For a man who was always knocking boots in 'Because of Low' he was like a dried up well in this novel. Still, the sex scenes that came were passionate and heated and it was good to be in both their minds throughout this novel, as it gave us sides and clarity, as well as a different vibe throughout the more intimate scenes. It was even more appreciated when chapters overlapped so that you could receive both characters views on a matter at hand. (Lake Scene)

Surprisingly, I liked Jeremy when he was around and would totally read a book with him, as he's got this vibe I like. Honestly, I say give him and Becca Lyn another go!! :)

Overall though, this book was much more mellow than I expected for the character of Cage, but it wasn't boring either. Without sparking much emotions from me, it was still a nice comfortable summer read with a little less drama than the previous book and a relaxed and controlled environment between two totally different people who understand each other like no one else does ... or maybe Low in regards to Cage.

Still, nice book about love, lost, friendship and moving on. I never felt sad for her or around her but I was interested in this story and that's major points for me any day.


Sunday, 14 July 2013

Crow's Row By Julie Hockley


You are no boss if your final word doesn't count. You are criminals! Criminals aren't suppose to be answering to other criminals if they are at the top. This is the world of drugs and crime, not a shareholders run company. And this is just the main turn off for me.

I saw no problem with Cam's age and I found a few ideas for smuggling original indeed.(Fish idea) But otherwise, their world of crime was like a cut throat boardroom. If you are THE boss, why do you need permission to piss??

I am a fan of mob drama books and the concept behind this on was ridiculous. I understood and could tolerate the premise, of unrequited love and years of watching, but the crime life was ridiculously uninspiring. There were some suspenseful moments, but for the most part, I kept telling myself that no way in hell is that gonna happen ... and it did! I don't know if this was out of the box thinking (which I am a fan of), but it didn't work for me.

It's like Emmy went on summer vacation at drama school to pay a mob boss mistress, then the final showing was done and life moved on. Not possible at all!!

I still don't know what to make of Carly and Spider because for a set of people who are breaking the rules, they are quite a judgmental pair. Honestly, I don't like them. Even if they mean well.

Cameron is like a football throwing frat boy and not once was I intimidated by him. He blushed and everything in between like a love struck school boy and his chill facade was the most interesting part of him, along with his intelligence.

I liked the prologue and epilogue and think the story would have more depth if it was given from a dual POV. Maybe it would allow us to understand more, even if some scenes and situations are blatantly obvious.

Emily was a bit naive but I liked her. She was straight and to the point and she had character and traits that can be used if put to the test. I figured out how she would end the book and have an idea as to what to expect from book 2, but honestly, if this book was written better there would be no need for the part 2 I assume is on it's way. Please!! I beg you to not make it a quickie were only 6 months has pass, because that would border on even more unrealistic waters.

I liked the 'Kid' and Griff and hope that Griff will be apart of book 2, because I can see him and Emmy being a good team. He also added some character to the novel for the short time we got with him.

Crow's row is like a weak attempt at the world of crime. It wasn't scripted well and even though the writing was good and grammatical errors were few to none, it still felt like a different story, trying to be a crime romance. I didn't even really feel the romance and thought Griff might replace Cam at one point.

Good ideas and a relatively good set of characters were present, but the author needed to do some research and get us a plot that was more real, raw and depicting the world of underground crime. This felt like two college chicks discussing what they think might happen in that world, but with more bunnies and rainbows.

There wasn't even any substantial killing  or passion. There was a group of criminals that acted like a board of directors, a perpetually angry right hand man, a crazy unpredictable accountant who I am still not sure about, a too good to be bad CEO of a board of criminals and his witty and naive 'girlfriend', along with a mammoth of a teenager and a few guards and discussions. This might be the most tame mob romance novel ever, but I still wanna read book 2, because I wanna see if Emmy grows up from her naivety, if Cam will finally figure out how to run a crime syndicate, and to see if I can finally get a solid angle on these characters.


Saturday, 13 July 2013

Windows By Billy London

Let me just start off by saying that there is no way you can be friends and in love with someone for 10 years and a) not know what they really do for a living ; b) admit and prove your love in the span of a second. Why the decade then?? ya'll could have had a baby by now!

It's like one minute they are at each other throats about the rules of being friends and then in a blink of an eye, they're having UNPROTECTED sex, trying on rings and moving in together. I get that they been knowing each other, but c'mon ... really?!?! Note: all this is happening within 20% of this novel.

There's a thin line between being ungrateful and having too much pride ... she  was ungrateful! Still, she had some sort of epiphany at the end of this novel and I have no idea what brought it on or why.

Initially there were too many blast from the past and they were poorly integrated. I had to double read to realize it's not the present.

But with all that being said, I loved their back story with the decade long friendship and the easy going camaraderie as they got older. It was also nice to see an old and established couple for a change as oppose to the overnight hitters.

I'm always one for a good mob story and I loved Nick's approach in the beginning of the novel but I realize that, that side of the novel was kept to a minimum and mostly focused on the couple building a future together while sorting out their family drama.

I love Gina! She really is the trifecta. At times she got annoying and ungrateful, or a big fat cow as she likes to call herself, but I genuinely liked this character and what she stood for as well as her antics, tactics and everything in between ... like who wouldn't wanna marry this girl?

Her sense of humour is rivaled and I love the calm that she possess when in a serious situation. Honestly, the girl was made for the mafia life.

Nick was lovely and held a certain level of command that I loved. He even made me feel safe, and I love how they were laid back and relax and not at all jumpy or paranoid like most mob books, unless necessary. I also love that Nick held his grounds with regards to his weaponry. I like a man who is affirmative. Love shouldn't change you, it should enhance you!

Sofia and Paul were awesome. Paul's pathetic pleasing of his mum and lack of filter was hilarious and welcomed. Him and his wife were a match made even if it took death and years for them to realize that. Sofia was my kind of girl, true to herself and care about nobody else!

Honestly, I liked Mary Alice and her antics. she played over bearing mother and over achieving wife very well. She had a goal and she went after it. Regardless of her sins, it's admirable!

While this story lagged at certain points and barely grazed the world or organized crime, I still like it and hope that the other books will take us a little deeper. It might not have been blow your mind good, but it was good enough to read and to want to continue with the series. Hopefully the rest of the series is about this awesome group of characters. I hope they get to build and become a stronger series because I like it so far.


Friday, 12 July 2013

Everybody Falls By J.A. Hornbuckle

Inconsistency. That's my vibe at the end of reading this book.

I loved the beginning of the book and their initial meeting and I believe that scene and conversation wise, both spoken and unspoken was great. It was structured just right and had me entertained and interested, but then about 34% into this novel, it fell of course especially the conversations and I was a little taken aback until I realize it's a trend. It's good and then it gets a little bad bordering on awful and corny then it picks right back up ... anyway, you get use to it.

I never understood why Lacey's POV was done in first person and the rest of the story was done in a narrative format, as to get in other people's POV, including Lacey's. Still, it wasn't bad and I appreciated it, as it cleared up some questions. Even if I still don't understand the media fascination with a washed up teen rocker ... but there is more to come so who knows ...

I soon realize that this is the theme, as we don't know what to expect from chapter to chapter, if it's gonna be a good one or one of the corny's.

I love their first 'sex' without penetration scene (so formal of me ... :). To be inside Jax's mind was hilarious as this was a completely different take from your usual rock star novels. He was inexperienced with a belt of experience (confusing indeed!) It just went to show you that random sex is completely different from a meaningful relationship. I was pleased to get some of his first also :)

Sometimes, I felt like he was 18 instead of 26 and seeking approval for everything. I literally felt like he was hopeless. At times it was endearing and sometimes sad. It showcased his constant struggle to find his place in life and I got all of that without reaching the end of this novel. If anything, the author got across her point across for the character.

I thought the author swore too much on food , specifically chocolate and treats, and it quickly became annoying. I understand her not being religious and wanting to pass off this trait on her characters, but that doesn't excuse constantly making it known and swearing on condiments and the like. Plus the word 'crikey' got annoying fast!

I loved Lacy's character and love the relationship she had with Jack and Jax. While I never felt as strong a connection as they felt and never got the on/off of their relationship, I loved them together and the awkward sex conversations they had. Lacey's strength was also admirable and Jax' slight lack of a filter kept things interesting. He was never one to beat around the bush.

Speaking of sex conversations, Edie was a darling and nothing that came out of her mouth was ever expected. If I was to have a grandma, I would want her to be just like Edie.

There was a certain comfort about this story where you liked the characters and the story line, but there was still something missing and occasionally it slid into being boring or uneventful to just downright unrealistic, annoying and everything in between. (Queue up Ricki and Turner's meeting for 'Most Unrealistic Meeting Ever' ... )

I can honestly say I am confused as to how I feel about this story. I love the characters and the premise especially with regards to a bunch of rockers, but it still needs some work and while I didn't see it needing a part 2, I would still read it due to the comfort it provides ... idk, maybe it was the rainy weather that I read it in, but I liked it even if occasionally it confused and annoyed me.


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Undone By Francette Phal

A moment of silence please for a UBER SPECIAL life lost in this novel ....

.... Now, what kind of ending was that?!?!?! This is why we come to books, because the real world is full of so much sadness that some of us, like myself love the reprieve of a HEA. I understand that book 1 ended with angst that had us craving book 2 and it's outcome and I was thoroughly shocked at how book 2 began, but this is totally different and not cool at all!!

If Ms. Phal thinks that is an acceptable ending and then we move on to Bella's story, then I am sorry, but NO!!! This is a travesty and I am clutching on to the last of my hope that this isn't the ending we receive, because this is too much. I am grieving like crazy for this awesome family who doesn't deserve this. We have watched them grow from kids to parents and this is a cruel joke!

With that being said, I was excited and everything in between when I learned of this novel. I was glad to have literally everyone back, even Roan.

The thing I love about this series is that we have watched them from Ellie and Nicky were kids in a bet, to adults correcting their mistakes and then on to parents doing what's best for their kids.

It was weird to see all the kids grown, but especially Sophie. She was the original and the glue that put this family together when they were falling apart. Unfortunately, she is a tortured soul and it is hard to watch her struggle through legitimate issues that have a realistic vibe to it. They are blatant and natural concerns in her situation, and if anything, this novel was too realistic to the point of heart break.

Ellie and Nicky were back doing what they did best and it was good to see the twins grown and to see them shape into young adults as life brings experiences to their doorsteps, both good and bad and a sense of danger linger through the air.

Roan was all grown up and nothing like the snotty little boy he used to be. He was charming, sweet, straightforward and brought a sense of air to this novel. He was the light in all the darkness and I have no clue what kind of love story this is, because Romeo and Juliet definitely rival this one. If it hasn't been said, Francette Phal has an art for the heart pounding dramatics!
There was always that one moment throughout this series that stops your heart, and unfortunately, this one came at the end. I am frustrated and can barely get over the ending to analyze the rest of the book.

However, I must say that initially and throughout the novel, I got confused sometimes due to the different POVs that saturated the novel and how they were filtered in might not have been the smoothest. There was also a lack of depth and more reviews and synopsis. I can truly say the main redeeming quality is that last minute shocker, as it was basic and more of a character updates than a novel. It was like finding what everyone else was up to while trying to build a relationship with Roan and Sophie. I must say though, that unexpected was a theme throughout for me. I kept on getting shocked and I swear my blood pressure is still towering even after I have completed this book. I am at a lost of what to do with myself!

If you have started reading this series and want to see what happens with the Holbrook-Grayson family, then pick up this novel because you are sure to get that and more. Pace yourself though, because this book was surely written to give heart attacks!


Just Breathe By Rachel Brookes

So let me just start off by saying how incredibly pissed I am that this book left me with a sense of unease, uncertainty and annoyance!!! I knew before going in that this novel had a part 2, but due to the ending and situations surrounding her departure, I must say I will be royally pissed if this novel starts back and things have gone south and her heart is broken again, because she doesn't deserve it and it's not fair! Why couldn't Ms. Brookes just choose a different character for book 2 ... say Lucas and Ali -_-

Still, if not for this unease I am currently feeling and a need to tear down the internet to get to book 2, I probably wouldn't have read another book in this series, as I didn't like the writing style or dialogues at all!!

It had a bad sequence, bad conversations, bad personalities, just plain BAD! My book OCD once again got hold of me and wouldn't let go, because as much as I wanted to put down this book, I kept hoping for more and wanting the answers from both their past.
To my surprise, the unease that she felt is what got my attention as opposed to their past that I must admit I thought was more dramatic!

We spent most of the book in the mind of Savannah and when we did come out to have a conversation it was mostly awfully worded or delivered. I was uncertain of which was the lesser evils.

These two behaved like two children throughout most of the novel and their make ups are just plain sad. I didn't feel their connection at all and it was neither here or there if they were together but once again, I found it imperative that they remain together at the end of the novel.

If this book return and they are not together for whatever reason, I will be pissed and it will only add to the unfairness and unrelenting monotony of this story, as he went away for three weeks with no hitch on her side, and she is going away for 4 weeks with so much questions in the air ... totally not fair!

I loved that some Australian culture and lifestyle was adopted within the novel, as it had a more realistic feel to the main character heritage. Aussie jokes and slang was also interesting to learn and laugh at.
She had a great group of friends and they are the saving grace of this novel, as it was the times spent with them that were most enjoyable.

Otherwise, I believe the settings for important reveals and conversations were either bad or borderline cheesy. This girl had a complete break down and confession in the middle of a club with a drink in her hand. C'mon!! Can u say unrealistic?  And I swear Tate has something in his eyes, he winks too much for it to
be anything else.

I however loved the interactive moments with Jack and Tanzie, as their subtlety or lack there of was hilarious and added to the few laid back laughable moments that we got from this novel.

Simon/Mr. Davenport role in this novel was small but sometimes bordered on annoying and unnecessary, not to mention the over dramatic flair that he sometimes possessed that have me believing that he might be gay.

Drinking, fighting and unimaginative sex, along with uninspiring conversations and a weak delivery were considerable points in this novel for me. I expected and wanted more and if I wasn't left with a queasy feeling at the end of this novel, this would be it for me. But seeing as I am the most curious cat ever, I shall be waiting on the arrival of book 2 ... who knows, maybe it will be better!


Monday, 8 July 2013

Losing Hope By Colleen Hoover

I keep asking myself how she does it and I would really love an answer, because I really wanna know how she takes a story that is already written, take it from another's POV and make me feel like I am reading a whole new story with cameos from the previous book ... if you are out there Ms. Hoover, please let me know, because it is genius!!

I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading this book and boy was I surprised, because it really went to the roots. Even though we never got any direct dialogue from her, even Les was still alive in this installment.

I am an emotional bubble, waiting to burst with all the emotions present inside of me at the moment. This novel draws it all out and Holder's POV seems like a whole different story even if it is Hopeless from Holder's POV. It was definitely 'Losing Hope' staring Dean!

I'm gonna start off by saying that I hate the choice for the guy on the cover of this book and no way is he 18. Dude's pushing 30! (No offence Griffin ... I'm sure your an awesome guy!)

With that out of the way though, this was an awesome recollection of a previously written novel. I loved the letters written to Les and how real they felt. I craved the times he would sit down and tell her about his day, week or just thoughts in general. It's a thin line between coping and crazy and if the final chapter is any observation, he is more coping these days.

Speaking of chapters, these were labelled in a quirky, fun way and even though this book is pushing almost fifty chapters, don't let it scare you, because some chapters are literally a sentence or a thought. I swear some of them were trying to rival "Jesus Wept" from the Bible.

Which brings me to the award for creativity that goes to Colleen Hoover, because who does that?!?! Place their own story in another of their story as a story ... yup! You are boss Ms. Hoover! Can't get enough of Slammed, even if it has to be featured in another of your novels. Ain't nothing wrong with staying close to home :)

From Holder's POV, Sky is just as interesting if not more and boy did it feel good to get some parts of this novel from his POV, because they answered some questions and brought it all into focus. I couldn't have asked for a better follow up.

The fact that this novel is taken from Holder/Dean POV is all that needs to attest to the awesomeness that is this novel and character. He is straightforward, funny and so much more. He is the epitome of HOT in this novel! Sky did him no justice in her POV.

Daniel was ridiculous and kept me laughing for most of this novel with his constant antics. I would read even a novel or novella about Daniel ... pair him with Six though, it would be awesome! ... and then at 64% (Ask and you shall receive *wink**wink*)

I hate how Six seems to be MIA for these stories, but her mere presence lingers and I would want a stab at that story!

Breckin also carried his weight in this one and I was clueless that he and Holder had any interaction at all, much less to incorporate Daniel. But I must say that boys night scene and his mother antics were unexpected and hilarious.

Mostly the monumental and necessary scenes were re-enacted in full and I never knew I didn't need a recount of a scene until I got it's substitute and saw how better it was. Whoever edited this novel is a genius and deserve a raise!

Before I get ridiculously carried away, let me wrap it up by saying that if this book had amazing slam poetry, it would be better than the Slammed series. Still, it's just as good and those who are skeptic of re-reading a novel you already read, then have faith, because Ms. Hoover has found a way to divert from that monotony and give you a lovely, suspenseful, funny and overall dynamic story from another characters POV, that leaves you without questions and basking in finding that light in the dark. I couldn't have asked for a better representation of Dean's POV.

It's safe to say that I don't need a synopsis to read a Colleen Hoover book, I just need her name on it!


Possess Me Slowly By Joya Ryan

I must say that this installment was better written. The time frame wasn't much better, but the premise behind the story gave a different feel as it all started out on a contractual basis.

It was nice to see and keep in touch with the characters from book 1, even if Brian, Grace and Tim were still physically MIA. We still were up to speed about their affairs.

I finally got a chance to understand Meg and even though she is more confident, assured and out spoken than Kate, I never knew the vulnerabilities that was in this girl's life. She seemed all put together, so the mention of the scheme, lies and secrets were a surprised, even the illness of her father. It seems all these characters are messed up in one way or a next, and Emma's turn is up next.

I like Preston. Once again we didn't get to spend much time with the mogul, but I liked the times we did, even when he was going crazy over having a bathe. I am surprised the room even had one.
He was charming, funny, caring and everything you could ask for in a husband, make believe or not.

While the story line was obvious and the secrets few but not as eventful a reveal, there was still a level of comfort with this story that you just kept on reading and felt a sense of understanding even if you are sure what's going to happen next.

There however were some variables that kept you guessing, as it relates to what trouble Emma has got herself into, and the mood we would get from Emma's dad. Once again, skimming the surface was a theme of this series. Depth was sporadically overlooked.

I am glad that the whole gang, from Adam to Emma were incorporated into this story. They all blended so well and made a predictable but easy transition into friends.

Darlene and Charlie seem necessary but inconsequential to the story and I wonder if their presence didn't bother Meg because of the nature of her union or the confidence she seems to ooze from every pore. Whatever it was, it was golden and admirable. I love a woman who is certain in her man and her relationship, ain't nothing hotter!

I loved the bonus scene for Adam and Kate, even if I expected more from this situation seeing as how it took the span of two books to occur, but once again an issue was lightlty highlighted and for the first time, a question was used to transition into the next story.

Overall though , this was a short and sweet read. It even had a few elements and layers that were handled well and I loved the chemistry and flirtation between Preston and Meg. Looking out for book 3 with Emma and Rhys. Can't wait!!