Monday, 30 June 2014

Behind His Eyes - Consequences By Aleatha Romig

Even though she has technically only written this one series, I am a  fan of Alethea Romig's work. I even liked 'Consequences' when I stumbled upon it last year but I just couldn't get behind this story. I was disinterested and wanted to give up at the end of every two chapters. I only found myself wanting to look back at 'Consequences' for one scene only, so I could match their reactions. Maybe it's the layout of the story or the fact that there is little to no conversation and a day in the life of Anthony Rawlings is just flat out boring. If he isn't beating Claire to a pulp then he's not as interesting as a character or a man.

This novel was suppose to fill in those blind spots and get you into the mind of the man that is all about sacrifices, public presentation and paying for your actions. What it did for me was make me wonder how I could have rallied behind Claire, Tony or their story. She eventually became an idiot to me and he's just a calculating murder/rapist. My reaction to Catherine remains on the fence and I now wonder when did she decide to become the wicked witch of Iowa.

This installment was the equivalent of an average size novel and even though we might have needed this standard amount of pages to review the important points in 'Consequences', I think it was too much and that saw us in boring business meetings that I believe became a bridge to transition into scenes, which found me struggling to get through all Tony's inner ramblings and business deals.

The chosen scenes from 'Consequences' were important and some I wish we didn't get clarification because in the end, I came away with the one simple conclusion that Anthony Rawlings is a calculated demon who should be castrated and tortured. Harsh? Yes. But for a man that craves trust he is the last person on earth i'd give it to. His brain washed agenda can't even cover for his deception and predilections. I am now actually surprised this wasn't BDSM.

I can still argue the different scenes in this story, so at least it was still good, clean and properly edited content; I also like the time line at the end even though I believe the more interesting time lines are in 'Truth'.

It makes no sense to dig into the actual story and review because I said it all in my original review of 'Consequences'. I have nothing to add about the details of the content or the progression because they are all the same just from a different perspective.

Overall, I was bored, disinterested most of the time and praying for the end. I had to force myself to focus because Tony's POV is not the most interesting or endearing. I don't know what went wrong but I just wasn't feeling this novel. Will I read the next novel in the 'Behind His Eyes' series? Probably. Just don't count on it being any time soon. I need a breather after this one.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Year We Fell Down By Sarina Bowen

If your looking for a nice, sweet read with a few bumps along the way then look no further. This was a steady, friendly, comforting novel about friendship, love, acceptance and disability. Don't expect any miracles but it's an inspiring story that engages and gets it's point across in creative and cliched ways.

For it's genre, this novel is perfect. Yes, it's fluff but the cover and blurb should have told you that. Hartley has little to no self esteem but at the same time he is so confident in who he is and what he represents. He has no inhibitions and is quite frankly one of the better book boyfriends, especially when he grows a pair! I don't know about you but I love the kid!

I think all the characters of this novel are endearing and I root for them all, even Stacia. The usual dilemma's and cliques weren't present and we focused on building a solid relationship between Hartley and Corey that made the transition that much simpler. I believed there friendship and actually hated the one sappy moment because it wasn't like them. Time was spent to build the important relationships, so even when they became bed mates, I could share in their awkward interpretation. Yes, within all the fluff, there was some sex. Raw? Not so much but it was a special brand and blend of Corey and Hartley.

Corey/Callahan/Corinne are whatever her name is today was the most spectacular of them all. She was brave, witty, depressed, funny, adorable and strong. I felt her worries and inhibitions and spent the entire novel waiting for her to take a step. I still think she can!

I like how her back story was revealed and staged, as it showed the effort and time placed in the progression and delivery. It was certainly not what I expected but I love that it wasn't one of the cliches. The end might have been a little jumbled but I like that we got that out of the way before it fell apart. I also think it's a testament to the quality of the novel that I didn't crave an explanation every step of the way.

The supporting characters were also good in their own rights where their roles were concerned. There was genuine emotions and reactions and I like that Hartley wasn't a douche to Stacia, even when she deserved it. He was a too good example of what can happen between exes without one ending up in jail and he treated both of them so well that I found it hard to hate him for his indecision. He even brought out the good in Stacia.

I was a little worried initially because I am not a fan of love triangles but this wasn't even a problem. You got the time to know and love them as a couple without interruptions and when the time came every one stepped up to the plate.

I hardly ever enjoy the events, around freshmen in college, novels but I love the history within this institution and the camaraderie between Hartley, Bridger, Dana, Corey and eventually Daniel. I will admit this story is rainbows and unicorns with an underside of sadness due to the disability of the main character but I liked it. It was leveled and fair in the release of the different elements. I didn't even mind the hockey elements and it was my first hockey novel. I like that it took the time to get us warm towards the game without diving too far in.

This story is a quick, fun read for you to pass time while getting acquainted with a troubled but strong group of youngsters as they try to get through college and life's problems with all the right decisions,  experiences and friendships. There are rocky moments but it's barely a bumpy ride and the dual POV didn't hurt either. I'm not a fluff kinda girl but even I enjoyed this.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Knowing Jack By Rachel Curtis

I didn't get to know Jack but I would want to and when Chloe wasn't annoying me she was annoying someone else. The ending of this novel proved two things; Chloe is either clueless or selfish and thoughtless and I really have a problem with letting go of series that I am not fond of. Some might say she has no control and it's her dream but she wasn't clawing her way to her dream couple months ago was she?

I wasn't a fan of this book in the beginning and I am still not a fan at the end but due to my OCD in finishing things I think i'll be grabbing a copy of the second novel to see what happens next. Yes, it's a cliffhanger and it's not the best and after struggling through this story I just wish it had ended here.

If we get to know Jack I think I could like him more. I liked his vulnerable points and it was a welcome change from the guy who owns it all or in the end has a ridiculous amount of luck on his side. Jack works hard for everything, except maybe Chloe and even though I don't feel or believe his deep moments, I could see myself liking the character if more time was spent to develop said character.

Chloe has her moments but I just couldn't agree or connect with her frequently. I won't blame it on the character though because I feel like the overall story lacked direction and conviction. At times she was strong, independent and I like when she got witty, but then there were moments were it felt like being in the mind of a 13 year old, even if she gets some of the every day reactions right.

The characters and their stories are pretty basic and the climax and "big reveal" was weak and left much to be desired. Then again, to the end I completely forgot the initial aim of this novel because I began to think the threat was non existent and I forgot the culprit the moment the reveal was over and honestly, I care not what happens to said "threat" next.

Passion, lust and overall sexual chemistry was lacking in this novel so the sex scenes were pretty vanilla and even corny at times. There was a whole lot of talking and Chloe spent more time on top leaving us without that raw, primal sex that you get when the men just take charge!

There were moments when it was more a guide than it was a novel and while I don't mind points I can use, it just once again bolstered the feeling of being in the mind of a horny teenager. I have no problem with her take charge attitude but playing the meek little lamb after isn't cute.

As a couple, I won't discount it being a possibility but it's just not there yet. Then again, all they do is have sex, so by the time it seems like we might be getting a relationship it ends with a mighty big wrench.

It was hard to read, navigate and empathize with this story or it's characters because they were lost and we followed. I couldn't connect or decipher the the story line or characters because nothing is clear and I am still trying to figure out the major turning points in this story other than Chloe sleeping with her professor. I don't know what I expected but this wasn't it.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

All In By Alexa Land

I completely forgot that Alexa Land only writes ridiculously happy M/M romance that always bring a really HEA and every other cliche it can drag along to the end. Therefore, 'All In' is a replica of 'Way Off Plan' with Charlie in the role of Jamie, with a little more tolerance for the bad and Dante as Dmitri but with a whole lot more balls!

I like Dante, especially when he doesn't sound like an Al Pacino in 'The Godfather' rip off. He had the potential to be a really good Sicilian mob boss, if not for meeting Charlie but I still like them as a couple, even if Dante's decisions in the end leave much to be desired. What can I say, I like 'em bad!

Charlie is a nice character and was actually much more jovial than I expected. He did well in narrating the story and I loved his honesty, as well as, his vulnerable moments. However, it was his relationship with Christopher Robin (yes, like Winnie the Pooh) that stole it for me. At one point, I thought he'd do away with Dante or they'd become a threesome. Call me crazy but they make a great family.

I am assuming this novel was suppose to take on the BDSM role in this series but all I see is an angry Sicilian whose smirks make me wish he bat for my team! I'll give it the ropes and even the play room but there was nothing passionate or heated about the sex or the BDSM "scenes" in this novel.

I loved the playful banter between all the characters and I really wish Callie and Charlie had that lunch. I am glad that even characters that weren't necessary was written in to give us an update and help to keep us reminded of the members in this circle.

Peaches stole the show on the home front and Nana is just hilarious! I like that in between the romance of it all we found the time to be introduced to Christopher Robin (Yes, that's his first name) and to seamlessly welcome him into the circle, as well as, to get some of his back story and a few insights into the next character in the series.

It's safe to say that this story won't be winning any majors awards soon and I am sure there are people out there who down right hate it but someway, somehow at the end of reading the novels in this series, I always find myself willing, even if it's not right away, to read the next.

The story line is weak, the serious aspects are taken with too much levity and I don't fear not one of these characters so it would be nice if the other characters in the book didn't fear them either because they are really terrible at crime and intimidation.

It was cheesy, way too unrealistic and lacks the passion that should be present between Dante's need for control and Charlie's coming out. In other words, it's so bad it's funny but it's funny enough for me to want to read the next.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Better When He's Bad By Jay Crownover

So, to answer that question that most of you want to know, is he better when he's bad? I don't know. The man is only about the bad so it requires good to distinguish the bad and he taints everything, but it works. I wouldn't trade Bax for Shane any day and his relationship with Dovie, however chaotic and fast, is the perfect pairing.

Bax is a criminal and his ties to The Point is so many that I can't see him leaving, even in a hearse. One thing the man knows how to do is bad and he does it well. He was straight forward, honest and can get quite the reaction when he chooses to use words instead of grunts. He's not hard to understand and I like that. He is what he is and he isn't looking to change it. It's never complicated with him and it's more about what your moral compass is asking you to do.

Dovie is the contradiction. I am not a fan of her name but it fits her also. She is kinda like a dove because she is soft on the outside but a riot on the inside. I love her loyalty and the fact that she doesn't need to rationalize her feelings for Bax. She knows him and what she signed up for and that only works perfectly for them as a couple. I'm even a fan of her style because I at times like to just kick back in some jeans and a hoodie. Tight clothes are hot :)

I don't know the amount of time spent between the conception and publishing of this story but I felt like the work invested showed and it allowed us to individualize each character and their roles. Long before I had any contact with Race, I felt like I used to run the streets with him and Bax and making all the connections didn't happen for me until the moments they were revealed. A few of the questions popped in my head occasionally but something is always happening that makes me forget my initial thoughts until they are answered further along. Believe me when I say there is never a dull moment in The Point and every single thing and person is connected. One such character that piqued my interest and I hope he gets a novel is Nassier; There is something about the Middle East "entrepreneur" that I want to unravel ;)

Another thing I adored about this novel is that it's more than just Bax and Dovie's story. It's a little bit of every body. Everyone's story is told and their parts are clear, concise and pertinent to the progression. There is no character just filling a space and I love that the petty women squabbles were nil. There wasn't time for the usual romance novel issues between all the lies and work needed on the jumbo puzzle that was their life plus I don't think Bax would have it :)

I felt like I was in The Point and I could see myself watching this novel on the big screen.

Though you would expect it to be fast paced and action packed with it's themes, it was actually calculated and held a comfortable and steady pace which I didn't mind. I love that we got time to work through the issues and there was no last minute save or fairy tale. A lot of the ending was hinted but I got the gist. The fact that this series continues is only a bonus and I hope that it might answer even more questions.

The sex in this novel is what I expected from Bax and actually what I prefer in a man. Let's skip all the talk and get to it already. I was never one for the theatrics.

I can safely say that I think this is the first novel I have enjoyed this immensely from Jay Crownover since 'Rule' and even this knocked that out of the water! To see her change her style and writing is welcomed and I love that she gave us so much without making it cluttered, cliched or overwhelming. There wasn't any ideas of a HEA and everything felt real. The druggie remained the druggie, the kingpin cared about no one but himself and even the good cop got dirty when necessary. There is so many other characters that kept their identities and fate all the way to the end and I love that it felt more like a romance themed mission in 'Grand Theft Auto'.

There is so much I want to say about this novel but i'll just stick with ... read it! It's not a sappy romance, people will die and I don't think there isn't a day that Bax doesn't get a knife wound or hit in the face but every one gets a piece of the pie and no one is looking for a silver lining, just trying to make it to the next day.

It wasn't all out gritty but it wasn't soft either as it balanced that line between raw, real and fluff. Every one is looking out for themselves and it makes for an even more interesting story line. The fact that no one, not even her best friend, thinks the heroine is drop dead gorgeous is another testament to the difference this novel brings.

It's quite the ride and you don't even have to hold on tight but believe me when I say you aren't gonna wanna leave The Point!

Pulse - Part Three By Deborah Bladon

If you have read Pulse 1 and 2 then you have read 3. I was not surprised by anything in this novella and I already guessed the end from the beginning. I find myself annoyed and unimpressed with Deborah's leading men and Nathan is no different. He is a douche and Drew is bitter. Jessica is so full of bad luck that she happens to find two of the worse men in Manhattan to mess around with. Also, what happened to Jake?

This novella, naturally, is a short one but I was actually interested in the story and it's direction until I got to the end that emulates all the ones before and that's with Nathan putting his feet in his mouth once again. How many times can your trust be broken before there is none left? That should probably be the blurb for this entire series and 99¢ or not, no one really wants to stop just when things hit the fan again, except for me of course because I am just over these two and want theirs to end so Deborah can start on her next novella series.

The thing with this story is not that I hate it; I actually like the fact that Jessica occasionally stands up for herself and that she takes what she wants without succumbing to Nathan's charms with a not so solid explanation. I have always felt that the women in 'Pulse' and 'Obsessed' deserved better men. Jax redeemed himself in 'More Obsessed' but Nathan just get's on my nerves especially with his weak explanations!

We continue to skim the personal elements in exchange for the deceit and sex. The sex isn't that marvelous but the sex talk and sometimes the conversation leading up to the sex are funny. Yes, funny. I think they have an easy banter and relationship that makes for a good fuck buddy but when it comes to tossing around the 'L' word, I don't believe it.

Rebecca is an odd character and I don't know what her issues are this go, while Bryce confuses me because I really don't see his need in this series and I am able to pick apart all these small things because while it is fast paced, chuck full of sex and confrontations, that's all it is. There is no personal element for me to connect with any of the characters and then it ends just as the next screw up arrives.

I think this is another basic Deborah Bladon story line that gets you interested and drops you in the end so I already expect most of what happens because there is a trend in all her novellas that don't get me excited any more. I will read them, because they are good but my excitement level isn't high because I already know the progression and ending and this isn't me being a cynical romance reader.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Worth the Chance By Vi Keeland

Regardless of the fact that I began reading 'Worth the Chance' right after 'Worth the fight', I had no problem transferring from 13 year old Vinny to 25 year old Vince, because both have spunk that I like and this time there was an equal amount of POV between both main characters.

Vinny was definitely direct and fearless especially when mad and that was often. He came off as ungrateful at times in his relationship with Nico but the respect and value of both Nico and Elle's trust and relationships were present. He wasn't in a state of obligation and I even liked him as a 17 year old  because he kept the same persona and was always confident in his moves; It was definitely not the 13 year old Vinny who made shirts for Elle.

Olivia was another honest character when it came to her beliefs and I love the passion and pride she placed in her work. I liked her reactions and reservations, as well as, the fact that she thought through her actions. Their relationship is perfect for them but the level of conflict in this novel didn't match it's importance. After reading the first chapter in 'Worth Forgiving', I think that maybe that drama will be released using Jax's character, though I really wish he'd stick to banking.

Knowing what to expect this time made this novel easier to navigate and while I saw all the twist coming a mile away, this installment actually lived up to it's title because every one got a chance at something, even Elle and Nico but I'll save that tidbit for when you read :)

The sex was alright but not what I expected from Vinny based on his talk of agression and depravation in the bedroom. The boy's not bad but he's pretty basic too or maybe it's Olivia. I don't know.

It was good to be in touch with characters we were fond of from book 1, Preach included and even the Lake house made another appearance. Still, this story was so smooth that I occasionally forgot that there was an upcoming fight and secrets that date all the way back to 25 years ago. It's a mellow story with not much conflict or fight unless we get in the cage which once again amounts to only two times.

Also, the fights continue to be taken from the female's POV, as well as, so many other elements that left me feeling like we were re-enacting Elle and Nico's story but with a different set of characters. The MMA fights in this series are also sorely unfair, because if the fighter's don't have problems, they tend to end the fights in round one and even then it's tentative as to a round three.

I don't know when they fell in love but they are a comfortable couple and the fact that they knew each other from high school might have helped, especially with the fact that because they already knew each other, we didn't get the basic background on them. Olivia is suppose to have the perfect little family with no deep dark secrets but I never even hear her speak to a parent once. Where are they? o.O

Where the story line is concerned, there was plenty of potential for an angst filled, drama themed romance between the sweetest, most understanding girl and the course, brutally honest MMA fighter. As I have come to figure out with this series though, it takes the easy road so we got the mellow ride instead. It's by no means a bad story or even delivery but I just felt like so much more could have happened and been highlighted.

My problem with this series is that we never get the full disclosure or time to work out the issues until the last 5% of the novel and then we are given an epilogue that spans months or years, this time six months, only for it to abruptly end and ask us to wait for the next.

I guess until next time folks!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Worth the Fight By Vi Keeland

First of all, I think this novel has the wrong title because it emulates the title of book 3. The focal point was forgiveness and the only fight that happened was the literal two that Nico dominated once he got over himself.  He literally needed forgiveness to be able to start moving on with his life and Elle is so independent I can't see her needing anything but she claims to have needed to vent. I say she was doing just fine and I still don't get her aversion to emotion, but I digress.

I like the characters separately and I like them as a couple. They felt real to me with their fights and make ups even if they both should have probably fought harder than they did for each other, as they seem to just go when it gets tough. Once again, in total contradiction with the title of the novel.

A problem I had was the sporadic crescendos that then flat lined into boring and unnecessary content only to peak again couple chapters down. Once the main issues were out on both sides we just lingered waiting for the next step. Not enough time was spent to help us appreciate the sentimental and meaningful moments in the story. There was more than one good climax in this novel but the events leading up to each occasionally bored me.

This story can lock you in because these two have a darkness that would impact anyone. What's interesting is how they each deal with the same problem, as well as, the fact that Elle was the stronger party.

I liked Elle's personality; Her honesty, reactions and actions helped the flow of the story, as she was strong and confident within herself and her relationship even when it was rocky. Though a little too easy, I like their make ups and even their break ups because it felt like a real couple even with their story land issues.

I got confused at times with the character that is Regina but I like the age gap and the adult presence herself and Preach provided. Regina and Preach were guides in both Elle and Nico's life and I like the element they added even when it wasn't the best decisions.

The MMA scenes are few and they get as far as is possible for a narrator who has no knowledge of the sport and while Elle never enters a courtroom before us, I still liked the time spent on their careers. I expected a completely different story line but I was satisfied even if I am not a fan of the shaky delivery.

The sex was pretty basic and the passionate moments felt rather sedate but I loved their easy integration into being a couple, as well as, their banters and the time they took knowing each other. This story didn't flow well but I was kept interested as it found it's footing in a few chapters.

William is certainly more chill and polite than any one else in this novel but I kind of hope to get a chance to know the guy behind the wall. He is too perfectly suburban!

Vinny's story is up next and while I didn't pay as much attention to the kid I will say that I am interested to see what he will bring to the table. The interactions in this novel were good enough for a main minor character to have a spin off.

I liked the characters and their world but I will admit that this story isn't free flowing and you will encounter a few omissions and over emphasized situations and chapters as you go. It needs some work but I think it might get better with each addition to the series. On the plus side ... No cliffhangers :)


Monday, 16 June 2014

Phenomenal X By Michelle A. Valentine

Yes! It's World Cup time so I have been a little absent. I apologize but I did get to read one book in this time frame and let's just say that it didn't live up to it's title. There was nothing phenomenal about this story or it's odd characters and weak progression. I don't even know what to say about that unnecessary ending.

Firstly, this isn't MMA. That was my first mistake. This is WWE RAW kinda fights, that were terribly scripted, like the novel. The ending was very unimaginative and unrealistic and I never once felt them as a couple. I could see them as friends with benefits though and for someone who is all, "I walk a straight line", Xavier has quite the temper on him, which naturally became his downfall.

In true Michelle Valentine style, the back stories were different and interesting and the ending, even if you don't agree or like it, has you wanting to take a chance on book 2. You just can't help it! It's a gift really.

Xavier had more realistic qualities in the beginning including his moment of weakness. We hate it in stories but let's be honest ladies, guys will screw anything that moves, that they can look on while they screw it and sometimes it's not even a requirement. His back story is a sad but solid one and I actually like the times we went back in his past because it provided a different  take than stories I have read. His relationship with his mother and grandmother differ in ways I didn't expect and the heavy religious theme threw me but was a good direction because it provided a different dimension.

This book spans a total of two weeks with 2 years worth of emotions so naturally you know my eyes were on the roll. I didn't believe half of what they said or claimed and their conversations were quite dull if you ask me. Not much interesting things happened in the present except for Xavier beating the crap out of his co-workers. To be honest, the man needs a sport that 's not as tame. He should try MMA or boxing, the refs there are actual refs too. o.O

Anna's contribution to this story was her majority narration, as well as, her vagina that made her the female counterpart. I didn't see the point of her character otherwise because she has nil spine in the grand scheme of things and what was her purpose again?

I don't hate her character but she did nothing but narrate most of the story and lust after X while rebuking her own self and Jorge, where are you buddy? Also, it took about 95% of this novel for me to know the chick has a sibling o.O

Then again, I keep forgetting it's only been 2 weeks . Silly me.

The sex doesn't happen until 70% in so don't expect that kind of story line and when it does come, I was over their irresponsible behaviour, cheesy sex lines and quite basic sex before the sex itself was over. If I wanted that, I'd do an internet search for basic porn -_-

Some might call this a rant but that's not the case. I felt like this story went no where and dropped in important points when it remembered. I was thoroughly underwhelmed and even though I was glued to the World Cup coverage for the better part of the days I preferred to play Quizup at nights than to finish this story in more than a week.

The story line is weak, the characters themselves are questioning their roles and I am still trying to piece together the point of this all. Hopefully, it will all come together in the next book. I have read better bodies of work from Michelle Valentine so I won't write her off as an author I can jam with but this just wasn't that great of a story.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Dazed By Kim Karr

What can I say? I don't really see the point of this story and I don't know what exactly we were suppose to take away. The insecurities, characters and the whole story line was rather basic. At 60% I remembered that we really haven't had "the big blow up" yet and so I was waiting to see what the conflict would be, if any and when it came it didn't blow me away and lasted exactly 24 hours if even so much. Then I don't even know what to say about the ending because it was abrupt, incomplete and inconclusive on a lot of issues. It felt more like a well written and edited draft waiting for that wow factor.

At first I was annoyed with the constant need to describe every one's wardrobe but eventually I got into it and actually liked mixing and matching with Aerie. Jagger on the other hand needs some clothes and shoes. The man is hot with a capital 'H' when dressed right but you use to be a model sir, your closet has got to be better than that of a college freshman. The fact that your mom works for Herm├Ęs and your dad, Tom Ford, doesn't help your case either. You were born of high fashion!

I got a different Dahlia and River this time and though their cameos were brief I liked the time spent with them. It was good to get an update without overpowering the story and speaking of overpowering, I thought too much time was spent in the mind of Aerie Daniels, than time spent having real, interesting and valuable conversations. Nothing dynamic or amazing happened except for the colour of Jagger's laces, his car and wealth of random knowledge.

Irrespective of the lag in conversations and an epic story line I liked the characters of Aerie and Jagger. Aerie is on the edge of crazy and I wish we focused on that more than we did her "rebound" issues. Every one is someone's rebound so I hardly find that a conflict or something to create much fan fare about.

I liked that Jagger knew random tidbits because I am always up for learning new things and that seems to be a given when around Jagger. If only he'd pick up a fashion encyclopedia -_-

The sex was also regular but it had it's passionate moments and I like that they just got to the deed, especially because the story line didn't lend to extra long sex scenes.

The 'Connections' series is normally filled with good music and this was no different but unfortunately, we just got a playlist and the music wasn't as tied in to the story line as previous novels. I can still remember Dahlia watching Ben die will the radio blasted 'It's not my time' By 3 Doors Down. Now that's an impact!

It's loosely based around Jagger auditioning for the role of Aerie's dead uncle who was a musician in the best age of rock with the likes of Led Zeppelin but this was by no means a music filled rock and roll novel and Aerie was too easy to convert. Jagger hardly worked for it if at all. I just like that she wasn't behaving possessed when it came to sex. I hate the screamers -_-

There are some relationships in series that don't need highlighting and if we are sticking with this story line then this was one. I think with all the history and connections, this could have been a good one but it fell flat without much for you to get excited about.

We are moving from fake deaths, cheating, years of yearning and songs that tie in traumatic experiences to wine tasting and a ridiculous amount of 'Alice in Wonderland' references. I don't know, I just wasn't gripped. If not for wanting to read 'Mended', I could have done without reading this and the preview of the beginning of 'Mended' didn't hold much for me either but I am a fan of the series and I always had a secret crush on broody Xander so let's see what happens next!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Unbreakable By Abby Reynolds

First of all, I don't get the title of the series because I can't remember a vast amount of 'Forehead Kisses' but I digress, because what I can remember is that I liked this novel and can't wait to see what or who book two will bring.

This novel was recommended to me and after reading the blurb it reminded me of the book I was currently reading, 'Connected' by A.E. Murphy, so I was ready to go because I was riding the high from 'Connected'.

I liked Keira's version of crazy because anyone who reads my reviews know I love the damaged ones as long as they don't get too crazy with it. Keira was more than shy and timid but beneath that outward, awkward appearance she was the most relaxed and genuine girl, who processed things completely different than most and I like that it wasn't instant lust for her. Trust wasn't blindly given by the girl who was riddled with trauma, it was a process and we got to experience it as Liam coaxed her out of her shell with good intuition and careful observance. Their major fight seemed even unnecessary to me because these two are solid!

Where Liam is concerned he was ever the gentleman and I think he was perfectly matched for Keira without being too perfect. He had his edges and his regular human reactions when things got tough. It was a journey to the end and I think he was the best guide.

Speaking of endings, I felt that this one was too ... how do I say this? ... abrupt? It wasn't bad and it could be classified as not being a cliffhanger but I am currently unable to find anything about book 2 and I would like to know if we will be revisiting Keira and Liam or are we moving on to another character? In other words, it's not a full closure.

That was also another thing I liked, that plagues most college-themed romances, there wasn't the group hook ups where every one had a partner or a potential partner waiting on the next installment. She was almost the only girl just hanging with a group of guys who I think are solid where friends are concerned. They had your back but they had no problem giving you the right amount of space.

The main conflict of this novel wasn't really a conflict to me and even though I understand her reservations based on her past I think she blew it way out of proportion and wasted the precious last 5% of this story. I kept willing my kindle to give me a few more percent because quite frankly I wanted to spend more time with them even when Liam became a complete crying mess and Keira was making a stand.

I found that the things I like, are the ones I was also on the fence about, like the fact that there isn't really a build up to a massive explosion but I like that because it held a more vulnerable note of healing. There was also mention of girlfriends and alcohol abuse at the beginning of this novel but I never saw one female friend and other than shot of vodka and a couple beers, she seemed normal in both departments.

Only Scotty kept her company but he wasn't bad company either as there seems to be an abundance of sarcasm and wit in this novel and every one possessed it, even Adrianna, though she was a raving lunatic if you ask me.

Still, don't expect dark and twisted with angst at every corner. This is the healing side to abuse as it displays the climb back to living without fear at every turn. Liam is gentle and coaxing while Keira is hurting, awkward and fun if given a few beers.

There were grammatical errors and the sex was done in small amounts and only really showcased the significance of the act but I loved the friendship and the time spent to build said friendship. It was still intimate and deep as it went below the surface to make us understand and appreciate Keira and Liam and the fight to their HEA.

I was obviously not bored because I read this in about 5 hours only stopping to leave from work to home. I can't wait to see what book 2 holds and I am glad I got to read this because Liam makes living look so easy!

Connected By A.E. Murphy

There are very few stories that live up to their expectations when they go into part two territory. I am happy and proud to say that I wasn't wrong about this series/author and it was worth the wait. We got the past, present and the future in a lovely, as real as it can get in story land, package!

I loved every minute of it and the epilogue was written so that we could get the future without it feeling all kinds of rushed and incomplete. We covered so much and got to see the outcome of their struggles from book 1 and 2. Normally I don't go for trilogies these days because most of them are just cash cows but I could use a next novel on these two. I am not ready to let them go :(

As for Caleb, boy did we get some light on him! Unfortunately, I can't hate him. I get his point and determination however unscrupulous and an argument can be made that he was a sadistic little one but we didn't get that Caleb so I can't hate him and I still miss him. I actually hope he could be around to defend himself. Plus, we got Dillan and that little boy was just as awesome as a baby as he was as a hungry 16 year old. Yup! We go way up in the future and I start to wonder if we might get a novel on the children of this novel. They are now more interesting than all the parents :)

Nathan was his usual self but he cut himself open this time and laid vulnerable for all to see. I connected even more with him and Gwen and got comfortable in their ability to understand and navigate each other's personalities.

I felt their frustration, anger, betrayal, love and passion and I found that there is something to be said about having half way sex with Nathan. I have never seen it done before and it can be quite the kick to an ego but I surely would wanna try! It's just so erotic and weird o.O

The emotions of this level were high! Even though I had already figured out half of the major conflict, I had no problem going through the motions to reveal the rest. We were literally being taken through a day by day summary of their lives a few months after Gwen leaves the village. I didn't mind and I felt like I could spend every single day in their lives and not get bored.

There is also an element in this novel that makes you able to relate to different situations as they arise, like the breaking down of friendships and the struggles new mother's face. Ms. Murphy also has the ability to write guys that we love but can easily hate and this go it was Eric.

He was extremely pushy but he was a nice guy with solid friends and family. You can't hate the characters of this novel but you will get upset with them all from time to time. The addition of Valentine, Tiffany and Elle helped to cement and transition to the next level in Gwen's life. I also did what I thought I would never do and forgave her mom.

She made mistakes and abandon her only child when she needed her the most but I love the mom she became in this installment and how she never hid behind anything. Every one's personality in the novel was distinct and memorable and made me feel like I was apart of the group. I knew what to expect from every one.

This matched part of my expectation but still left me satisfied and with an addition to my favourite authors list. The culture was thick and true Brit, the friendships tentative and the emotions believable. I loved every minute and wish I didn't read it so I could read it again. It didn't need the heavy erotica or calculated deviants because it was more vulnerable and therefore memorable. All I can say is, Gwen needs to redo her Food Handler's course and Nathan should play poker with that face.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Fearless By Rachel Van Dyken

If you hate overly romantic romance novels and you are unable to tolerate those overly happy couples who cry a lot and recite every romance Shakespeare ever written then this novella isn't for you. No matter that it's 100 pages.

I am one of those persons but I liked this novella because it was too short for me to find issues with how overly romantic they were and I really loved 'Ruin' and missed that magic that wasn't recreated in 'Toxic'. I finally understand that the feeling only comes with Wes and Kiersten's stories. Gabe and Saylor's story was a disappointment but with this novella restored my interest in this series.

Normally we get the rugged men or the rugged ones that transform into romantics but Wes is just a  natural born romantic that falls in no cliche but his own. I don't normally go for these types but there is something about Wes Michels that you can't help but love.

We continued to get the characters thoughts at the beginning of each chapter and I found some that actually made me stop and think. Wes is a poet and I am often times surprised as to his career field because it is really a clash with his personality. The man barfs rainbows and unicorns! Even Kiersten held her own especially when she started signing as Mrs. Michels. Guess it's done by osmosis :)

This installment basically gave you one of the most meaningful proposal and wedding while lining you up for what's to come in Lisa's novel 'Shame'.

Other than the most romantic and life altering events in the life of Wes and Kiersten and a few blast from Lisa's past, this was a short but sweet epilogue of sorts to 'Ruin'. While I understand the aim and the title, fear was on the back burner in this novella and the few times it was highlighted was in small doses for Kiersten and nightmares for Lisa.

It wasn't filled with many memories from 'Ruin'  I assume because of the depression that followed that installment but there were a few highlights of every one's current fears.

The sex is YA and not much to get excited about because this book is more about vintage romance novels as oppose to the erotica that plagues this generation of romance fiction.

It was short, sweet and memorable as we kept in touch with Wes and Kiersten as they try to conquer their fears together and move on to that next chapter of their life. It might be nauseating to some but they deserve it, After all, 'Ruin' was quite intense!

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Still Obsessed By Deborah Bladon

The gangs all back and guess what? ... They haven't changed a bit. Mark is still breaking the law, which unfortunately catches up to him this time; Liz is still shunning Brighton and getting in trouble with Mark; Jax is still a douche and Ivy is constantly floating between the Ivy of book 1 and 3. At least Nathan seemed to have moved on but that's not really confirmed.

I'm the first to say that I don't really hate this series but I hate how it progresses and the endings are usually crap. Each installment always feel unfinished and usually are. This time however, we get an epilogue that did NOTHING for us as readers and a following page to notify us that there will be more, in the format of a special holiday release but here comes to the catch ... you have to subscribe to Deborah Bladon's mailing list.! I would have subscribed anyways, because there is a few novellas that pique my interest but don't force me with a promise of more, from a story that I am interested in.

The issues of this novel are tantamount but they are fleeting as we spend the time with Jax and Ivy having sex to answer every problem that arise. The one time they didn't, I actually liked it because Jax was drunk and saying things that can get him stabbed and Ivy finally put him in his place in the morning, after vomiting out her weak guts in the night.

A lot of major plot changes were thrown in so give thanks that we weren't on a merry go round but not enough depth was given due to the length. I once again believe that at least a 200 page novel is needed to fully tell Jax and Ivy's story and help them through a 1/4 of their issues.

I like that Jax was still a snake and often times resentful because it made this story real. I therefore hate that when we got down to the major changes in their lives we weren't given the opportunity to celebrate and share with them. We didn't even get to meet Jackson :(

I'm glad we spent some time with Mrs. Adams and I am sorry that we never got to have a talk with Mark. Irrespective of this novella being just as brief and fleeting as the others before, there were a lot of changes and issues that covered each chapter as we went. I found myself liking Jax more and coming to grips with them as a couple. Some things fell in place while so much more was left unsaid and unresolved. In the end, I could still do with a good lengthy novel on these two but as is this was a good update installation and I subscribed for the holidays edition because I mostly wanna meet Jackson and see what trouble Jax is currently getting into.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Ignite Me By R.F. Allie

This novel has been out since February 2014 so I was shocked to see the amount of reviews it had on Goodreads, even though I was also weary of picking up the second copy, due to my disappointment with the first. However, I am here to say that this was an improvement that actually caught and held my interest as I went along. I couldn't even put it down in the last 5%.

Landon and Clea is not your conventional couple and I don't expect them to deal with the fall outs of this novel like your usual victims. A few things are still unclear but I connected with the characters this time and learnt to appreciate the many links that kept them together through the years.

Their wasn't an influx of arguments and break ups even though Clea tend to threaten Landon a lot with their relationship. The few arguments were crazy and needed basic communication but I like that they worked it out in their own time and unique ways that made them all a solid unit at the end. They didn't resort to irrational fights and struggles to build and keep the story going and weren't afraid to build and live from their happiness which is rare in stories of this genre.

I enjoyed and appreciated the relationship dynamics even the ones that weren't Clea and Landon's. We got a completely different Evelyn that made me want a piece of her tale to see this woman who takes charge and crushes anything in her path.

Landon was still overly and irrationally jealous but I found it endearing at times, as well as, the continual use of proper words as oppose to the more frequently used dialects. It's good to know that the author didn't run out of proper wording and the tidbits of french that are usually scattered throughout the series. I liked their games to say 'I love you' and the deals they made that remained a secret between them. I even got a back story that led to an appreciation for Ryan and Jude's relationship. The tense moments of this story also helped to highlight a different side to Jude that we never saw before and I have to say that I like it!

There were still a few glaringly obvious issues from the previous novel like the really bad editing and grammar errors and the confusion when it came to similar names. This time, it was Clea mixing up her nieces name with a woman that is hell bent on ruining her life.

A few characters that I didn't expect from book 1 were back but they did their part without seeming insignificant and made quite the impact on the story. I found myself wanting the next chapters because of all the events we had lined up in this novel. It was one event after a next and they all helped transition this story to the end.

It was good to see the growth in all the relationships and the Parisian roots that a few of the characters have. Not as intense and serious as the first story, this one had a more laid back vibe for the most part and I loved to see the friendships surrounding Clea, as well as, the moments Landon stepped out of his comfort zone to try Clea's world and all it had to offer.

Unfortunately, we are still learning some of the basics about the characters but somehow it works in their favour. It's just another tool that helps us as readers to experience their growth and learn as they take their time to their different futures without all the curve balls of cheating, marriage and babies. They talk and I love that because it makes me as a reader feel included.

The sex was frequent but quite frankly didn't do much for me. I understand it's purpose but I could do without half of the detailed sex scenes. I was more a fan of the conversations and progression than I was of their time spent in the sack.

Yes, I wanted insight into a few major issues that were left dangling in the last installment, but we had flashbacks and kept moving as we dealt with the issues of the past, present and future. The ending of this novel is rather unclear but it surely lines us up for an interesting book 3. Though it's still not a 100% I can truly say that the story line and progression improved and I am intrigued as to the reactions the next installment promises.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Demon At My Door By Michelle A. Valentine

This was a fun, fluffy and dark version of  'The Time Traveler's Wife'. Even though it was a paranormal novel, I occasionally had to remind myself that the aim and path we were on was to stop a demon that was days away from claiming her soul. The story as it progressed became airy and fluffy with serious undertones closer as got to the end.

Ms. Valentine is a good writer and she gives you stories that you can float along and feel comfortable with but they rarely  have those blow your mind moments! This was another of those good stories but it was also flat. Nothing really spectacular happened and while I was interested to the see the end I could have skipped a few pages to get there.

As it relates to decisions, the final ones were kinda crappy and made the entire novel seem redundant. I am baffled as to her final choices and completely unaware of what made her come to those decisions. I understand setting the stage for a book 2 but this finale was not it. It's like we unwound the entire book 1 to make way for the next in the series.

On the plus side, I liked the main characters of Natalie, Rick, Stewart and eventually Taylor. In my mind, I've already made them up to be a super demon fighting team. Each character has and brought their own elements that helped to enhance the experiences within this story.

There are a few discrepancies, especially in Stewart's world with his abuse and true identity but I can't really disclose those without spoiling the plot for potential readers. All I can say is that he must have not been beaten enough because the Stewart at the end of this novel wouldn't have the marks the Stewart at the beginning received.

I like the occasional bad boy, so you can just imagine how in love I was with Rick. I had already put the pieces of the puzzle together with his entrance so I got over his big reveal and reveled in his version of bad. Currently, I would want him to find another chick, who helps funnel that bad side that brings the sexy smirk I love so much, instead of the ever doubtful Natalie who really does not have much care for her soul  as she thinks. The girl seems to have no trouble bartering it away regularly like it's a piece of beef jerky.

I got to respect Taylor a little more at the end of this story but we barely got any time with her so I hope that book 2 will see us interacting with her more. Where Lilim is concerned, I know we will be seeing her again, I just don't care much about her character right now.

Stewart has always eluded me because he was too bland and all american to hold my interest. So I didn't care to note his reactions and personality as the story progressed. He too however got more interesting in the end and also brought another major discrepancy with Taylor being all besotted to him in light of her revelations. It became one paranormal style college drama.

There is no penetration sex in this novel so it's heavily NA based but that's fine. I do hope though that book 2 gives us some demon sex cause it looks like it would be a good one. Once again though another discrepancy formulated with dude levitating. Why? Gravity seemed to be holding you just fine all the other times.

The final fight in this novel was hilarious more than serious because it was straight out of a 'Looney Toons' cartoon. I wouldn't be surprised is they drew for an anvil hammer as they kept summoning weapons out of thin air like a video game. That was too much fiction even for no limits, deal making demons. It also brought up the discrepancy of who can see these demons, as a character with an unclaimed soul, who wasn't marked for death, was impervious to them freezing time and that went against every thing we were lead to believe over the course of this novel.

There is an abundance of loose ends in this novel and juxtapositions a mile long! I was however kept engaged, intrigued and interested as I made my way through the chapters to the final decisions and lines drawn in the sand. I loved the early banters with Natalie and the 5 year old demon, as well as, the times spent in the present trying to break the contract with said demon.

Natalie kept this story interesting, fierce and most importantly, moving. Even if we were thrust right back to the beginning by the end, there wasn't a break in momentum and the story kept steady to the end as we went against the rules on the countdown to doom.

The Fall By Sienna Lane & Amelia Rivers

I always joke about having a DNF list but I came really close this time. I wanted to give up after the first 5% but that was mostly because I have never read angels and demons before and the beginning didn't captivate me enough to wanna stay. Once again, my need to not have a DNF made me persevere. However, I literally had to force my way through to the end because this was cheesy, anticlimactic and felt more like a parody than a paranormal. The thing that surprised me also was that it had a lot of real religious elements that were manipulated in the most understated and uninspiring way.

This could have been an opportunity to learn about ancient religious prophecies regarding the Grigori and their offspring's the Nephilim, as they try to keep Addison a descendant of Enoch safe, while hoping to stop another Nephilim from releasing their fathers from Tartarus. Normally, I don't recall story lines because that's what blurbs are for but this one I think I had to for the rest of us who are not that religiously inclined and had to learn of this from a paranormal novel.

First of all, I thought this was going to be another vampire novel, so I had to recalibrate my expectations and I was even excited for a while to read my first angels and demons novel based off real historical events B.C. Imagine my disappointment :(

 The moment Archer and Addison met and start to keep company this story fizzles to YA romance. At one point, I wondered if we weren't going to bother with hell on earth. Literally. I think that if you are going to tackle a story of this caliber then the delivery has to be better than the equivalent of a teen movie. They were so modern to the point where it was unbelievable. I understand change but this was too much.

An example you say? ... here goes ... so this creature is suppose to be locked away for a millennia as pointed out by our "fierce" leader and somehow, his "spirit" has been floating around the atmosphere. Guess what his visual entertainment of choice was? ... Yup! You guessed it, 'Twilight'! Now c'mon ... is this a serious paranormal novel or just fun and laughs? I can't see not one but two authors agreeing on this point among others.

Addison is no virgin. All I want to ask her is why she was still a virgin because she could deep throat like no ones business and don't get me started on her constant need to lose said virginity after it being her BFF for more than 20 years. Still, separate her untimely love, instant training as an Eros and reaction to angel babies, I like Addison. She had fire, spunk and quite the personality to match her never ending stomach.

Archer is good at brooding and while I liked his character in the beginning, I am not a fan of him in love. I could spend this novel focused on the "fight" more than I could the romance. The fate of the world is in their hands and their busy fighting over guys who flirt with her in a bar -_-

All the other male characters had my interest, apart from Archer, unless he was stretching his powers. I would have loved to get to know them and their powers more intimately because this intrigued me more than the story line itself.

I expect angles and demons to have a fight that rival all others, but instead I was left bored and wanting it to end as it began. I keep putting "fight" in quotations because the big reveal and climax was very flat and I am assuming this story is all wrapped up based on their very HEA despite God's supposed dislike for this species. I haven't done more research to see if this particularly claim is true so I am gonna take this novel and Wikipedia's information at face value.

Also, the names, what's up with those? Lazarus and Archius? C'mon now! You can do better. The sex was also rather basic too. The man can probably bench press the Hulk and that's the best you can do? He even has telekinesis on his side! I don't know man, this novel just lacked inspiration, conviction and details. I am actually shocked that this was the effort of two authors because it was very unimaginative and uninspiring for a story that already had it's base in religious history.

Though I was able to get through this novel after almost 2 days it was a task. I was bored, unimpressed and all round annoyed that something that could and should be epic was so lackluster. Their powers and back stories alone could have made for an epic tale but all this reminded me of was a teen movie with a mix of the 'Supernatural' TV series.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Pulse - Part Two By Deborah Bladon

Here we go again! If it's one thing I can count on with a novel by Deborah Bladon is to have a disconnected alpha male hero and a cliffhanger that has you wanting the next book without being 100% invested in the last story.

I don't know where we are going or the point to this all, if it's to show that it's a bad idea to start serious relationships with people we meet in clubs, or that those same people can be conniving liars. Nathan forever looks like a philandering douche and I am also starting to wonder if Jessica is as strong minded as I originally thought. When the blurb said their past would be interrupting their future I never expected their couple weeks ago past. I was actually looking for something along the lines of before they met. They have yet to even sort out their present and put a stamp on what it is or will be going.

If Ms. Bladon is planning to create a relationship with Nathan and Jessica then I suggest she starts painting a better picture with volume 3 because right now it isn't looking so good on him.

Even though I expected it, I am still over the short story, cliffhanger endings. Other than an unexpected visitor with quite the wrench, I got nothing than I didn't already know, which once again begs the question of where is this story going?

Unfortunately, I am now even more cemented in my previous thought that Jess can do better! This is too much work for the beginning of any relationship and what's up with the M.I.A when in Boston? Do you not own a phone? Does Boston not own a cell tower? I wouldn't be surprised if this man was married with the 2.0 picket fence and a mini van. I just don't trust him and the readers and Jess don't know him either.

Maybe it's on purpose but Deborah has the worse male heroes. They are always sly, untrustworthy, neck deep in secrets and so intense that you can finish the series without knowing them personally. I know Nathan because he is the lead male, anything else is loss to me. We are now through two volumes and I still only know the same amount of information from book 1.

Growth is slow in this series and it's the same back and forth with a little of Jessica's past in the mix. I see where there is currently plans for 4 books and while I have no problem with novellas I still need something more as I go.

On the bright side, I like the scene transitions. It might get a little confusing and throw you off at times but I actually liked the pace and that we didn't have time to pick over every single detail. We don't know where we would land with the next chapter and I liked that unknown. The down side is that the content seemed like those missing snippets from volume 1 :(

It's such a quick read that you aren't even able to bask in the accomplishments of the characters, namely Jessica. She had one break down in this novel that I am sure is necessary but for me it was cheesy because I really don't know these people that well -_-

This content was good enough for volume 1 but now I need some depth so I can cry along and understand their struggles. The frequent sex scenes have become robotic and chore like in their delivery. It was never crazily lustful but now it's even more of a space filler.

I won' say I didn't enjoy my time spent with Nathan, Jessica and even Rebecca but I see this book falling into a pattern and I hope the wait to June 17th won't be in vain. I barely know or connected with these characters personally and I would love the opportunity without all the drama.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Pulse By Deborah Bladon

Confidence and control? Sexy! Maybe it's me but I love those traits in a woman. Even when our world is crumbling we keep it in and cry in the privacy of our bedroom then move on to the next available guy. This description covers Jessica. She is in control of her life and even when she stumbles she does her best to not fall.

Half way through this novel I figured out the conflict. It's another cliche but I like it, because even though I had my suspicions, I wasn't sure until it was confirmed. I am now on pin and needles wanting to read book two before I even pen this review. I don't know how I am gonna survive the wait to book 3 and it's safe to say what I will be reading next because I NEED to know what happens next. I am all jittery like I just drank a dozen cups of black coffee.

As per usual Ms. Bladon only writes novellas but I love the start of this series. It's more playful than I suspected and even though we don't get enough time, conversation or personal scenes to transition through the different levels of both main characters, as a couple and individually, I was still entranced and entertained for however brief and believe me, it is brief. I read this entire novella in probably an hour tops and this is with breaks.

You don't get much on the characters background due to the length and ties but what you do get is substantial. I already like Nathan but that last stint has me believing that Jess deserves better. I like the airy, innocent quality about her character and the gridiron control she has on herself even when she is hung up on a guy that she knows nothing about.

Nathan, as mysterious as he is, was a great complement to Jess's character until I realize his link at the end and boy are they in the most precarious of positions! The sex was not very passionate or hot but it was wild and filled with the urgency, angst and energy of two random strangers having casual sex. I could see them growing as a couple but at this point they are very impersonal in their interactions with each other.

Nathan is the definition of alpha male, territorial and untrustworthy. He is a devious man and I see no excuse especially with his predilections to Jess dating other men. The man needs a reality check ASAP.

I suspect this novel is an introduction so it barely skims the necessary but I am engaged, interested and invested to see the end. Unfortunately, that means the other two novels need to be exceptional as Ms. Bladon has a habit of starting us off with trilogies. There is many a way this breeze could blow and I don't want a quick patch.

Light and skimming the surface this was a good, quick read with a solid cast of characters and the right level of fun and entertainment. Nathan barely redeems himself from chapter 1 but Jess is steady all the way and with Rebecca, Bryce and Cassandra in the picture I hope it only gets better!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

TAINT By S.L. Jennings

Some might say that they don't think this story is a 5 but that's fine. The overall content is a 4 but the details in this novel warranted a 5 for me. There were little items used to help us connect more with the story, like the New York Times article and even the delete button. The epilogue was creative, concise and satisfactory for me. It wasn't rushed and it maintained it's realistic and steady approach, much like the progression in the rest of the novel. It was a clean from beginning to end.

This isn't a story, it's a sexual guide to please your man while helping you to find the things that get you going. At the end of this course, you can probably have satisfactory sex with yourself! Behind all this though, there was a tame but memorable and meaningful romance story.

With each chapter, we learned something new as there was literally a lesson per chapter. Lessons that I plan to take advantage of the next time the opportunity arise ;)

I liked getting to know Justice, Ally and the other housewives, as well as, their back stories. Justice Drake' s lesson plan was definitely hands on and nothing was spared. If you are prude, then this one isn't for you. There is live sex and in depth masturbation scenes.

Lesson plan and sexual depravity aside, I love Justice. It's not just because he's the narrator either, it was his approach, control, mystery and reactions. His thoughts were real with a mix of fairy tale and dreams when necessary. He was honest and I like his inner monologues, even when they weren't focused on Allison, as well as the fact that he didn't drift far from his initial personality. He didn't feel the need to take a celibacy vow with the introduction of Ally and I like that. Yes, the gruff Mr. Drake from chapter 1 was more mellow in the company of Ally but I love that we got those soft moments because the alpha male role is taken in so many stories now that I like the change he provided.

The references were every day tabloids, people and shows that we follow so I was able to relate. From Guliana Rancic to TMZ made me believe the tabloid scenes more and I also like that they weren't over done. The right amount of coverage, information and layout was present. The TMZ article at the end was formatted to reflect their usual articles of this topic that I almost believe it was real. The Usain Bolt reference wasn't lost on me either nor was the age old adage of Iron Man vs Barman. It's like this book was made for me :D

The sex was more passionate instead of the lust filled, crazy, instant hook ups we get of late. There was no BDSM, just some good old sexing filled with passion, understanding, finesse and experience. I don't know the research placed in this novel but it was a great sexual guide to bedroom confidence and the gossip scene was believable.

The novel is taken from Justice's POV so I connected more with him than I did with Ally. I enjoyed being in his company from beginning to end as I fell in love with the sexy outcast who knows his bedroom business and comes fully equipped with a team that's not afraid of a whole lot of PDA.

There will be elements that others don't like but I find that I eventually liked the heavily based 'Friends' scenarios and the real Justice under the facade of anonymity and crude comments. The soap opera moments were questionable but the main character and story development was good enough that I can dismiss the flaws.

Every element came together to knock this one out of the park! Even though it's over, I really hope we get a novella on Justice and Ally after Coachella, because I'm not ready to let them go just yet.