Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Layers By Sigal Ehrlich

This installment is not the most clear.. It has it's down time, as well as, it's intense, upbeat ones. At the end of the day though, it is another product of the billionaire bachelors romance novels. Same issues, series of events, heart aches and make ups. There are a few differences and sequences, but it always concludes as a billionaire bachelor romance.

I am content with the cast, even though half of the time, I am unaware of what they are saying. There is so many innuendos and attempts at levity that it becomes confusing. I find myself re-reading a lot. Even then, I'm still not sure.

I love Hayley's character, as well as, her many banters with Daniel. Their innuendos I understand! She is the glue that keeps the story together. I didn't notice this until the final chapter, where I keep waiting for her POV. She adds sarcasm, comedy, drama and relaxation to the story.

Regardless of Daniel being the usual billionaire bachelor, he was a little more responsive to change and the suits were few. I appreciated that and the other attempts at individuality this novel aimed for. We skimmed his background, but I like the difference with his mother, and would have hoped to get his father's back story also ... but then there'll probably be no book 2 o.O

The sex scenes were mild and to the point. The best friends however, namely Ian, got annoying. Daniel's split personality is also something I would have liked some clarity on. As I said before, this story wavers.
For every good quality in this novel, there is a missing element.

Initially and occasionally, I lost interest or space out, but I always found an angle to recapture my attention. I believe this is your standard billionaire romance, with softer tones and it's own spin of characters and events. There is potential, change and possibilities, but we veer off course frequently.

It's a basic read with enough events to keep you interested to the end, when you can sort through the innuendos, bad paragraph breaks and random conversations. I could find myself reading the next book, irrespective of the ending. It's not great, but it's good enough.


Sunday, 29 December 2013

With or Without Him By Barbara Elsborg

This book needs a hotter cover and more exciting blurb, because it doesn't represent what's inside at all. I haven't read a book in one sitting, with this amount of pages, in a while. I enjoyed every minute of it and couldn't wait to turn the page!

There was suspense, crime, drama, mystery, love and some hot M/M sex scenes that left me wanting more! These guys know how to get it on! There are many elements to this story that I loved, but one that sticks out the most for me, is the fact that they were gay! I know that sounds strange, but normally when you read a novel about M/M romance, you have guys who are afraid and hiding from the stigma. If not, then the book is about coming out or life after coming out. These guys knew! There was never a shadow of doubt, and they have accepted and practiced in their lifestyle the moment they became sexually active. In a traditional sense, most of them are basically virgins, with regards to M/F sex.

I love all the characters, even the bad ones. Everyone's  role was written for them and there was never a dull moment with this clan. I laughed more than ever and the word "bored" never came to mind. I was at the edge, middle and back of my seat as I went through the chapters and motions. It was like your usual M/F, BDSM, he's-rich-i'm-not romances, but from a M/M perspective.

If not for the blatant absence of sufficient female presence, then it could be overlooked as a M/M romance. They were literally in their own little world, doing their thing. They fit the traditional stereotype without even trying. Then again, I guess M/F romance novels also only have a smattering of homosexuals, so it was good to see this community get to highlight the same with a smattering of heterosexuals. The fact that it was set in the UK was just icing on the cake!

Tyler is a character I fell in love with from the opening chapter. Every one else comes behind him. Somewhere along the line, he became the bottom in this relationship and world. He however, never lost his masculinity. He was still Tyler, but with a much softer note. Between him and Jeremy though, kept this story on a much needed light note. I laughed more reading this book today than I did all week.

Haris and even Des were characters I eventually got to know more and fall in love with also. Haris is a complete emotional hot head with some intense trust issues. I dislike him. I love him. It wavers. After all, I am Team Tyler ;)

I did however love his quirks and in the end where he stood up for himself and made his feeling and declarations be known. Him telling Malik to shut up was awesome!  :D

Lu was another character who definitely got the giggles out of me. Mex, Prescott and even Gerald helped with that aspect. It's safe to say it was a funny cast! I can't even talk about the hypochondriac Wilson. That man is something else, and nothing like your usual butler. With him, Alcide, Tyler and Haris living in a house, it just doesn't get any better!

Beside the obvious laughter that this story brought, there were serious issues, that not only affected homosexuals, but countries. Laws, practices and different cultures were at play. I also liked the musical aspect of the story. It wasn't your every day rock, pop mania and it kept me intrigued and interested.

The forwardness, awkwardness and other components that made up this story were great contributing content. I connected with each character, their personalities and their struggles. It was a different take, on a recurring story line.

The lead characters back stories were also originals, for me at least, and shed more light on their current concerns and vices. This was  a well developed, researched and delivered plot. It unraveled beautifully and it is out of sheer selfishness that I want more. If even a 10 years update ;)


Castle Hill: A Joss and Braden Novella By Samantha Young

All these little Braden and Joss mini novellas are just great. From the Christmas one to this, regarding the significance of Castle Hill, Wedding jitters and so much more.

It's always great to catch up with the couple that started it all. We also get to see Braden and Joss reverse roles and to take a skip into the future, as it relates to relationship dynamics and friendships.

I do however, feel like this was a fleeting adaptation. Normally, Samantha Young goes in depth with her novellas, so they have a full length novel feel. (I will always love 'Until Fountain Bridge'). This time however, we only skimmed the happenings.

I also would have loved to go through the entire process with Joss and Braden after their acceptances. Then again, maybe there will be another novella in the future. After all, this is a significant moment within this series. It would also be interesting to see if they change location or it all concludes on Dublin Street :)

This was basically a really brief update on Joss and Braden after their first Christmas together and the path their life is taking. Short, spicy, drama filled and important. It's another welcomed piece to this series many puzzles.


Saturday, 28 December 2013

Last Gift By Jessica Clare & Jen Frederick

Short, sweet and almost festive!

Once again, I could read Nikolai's POV all day!! I found his parts of the novella funnier than Daisy's and it's good to see them trying to transitioning, as well as, starting new traditions.

An update on Daisy's father was also appreciated. However, a Christmas phone call from Daniel would have sealed the deal!

Anyways, it was a nice novella. It actually ended a little too quickly for me. I literally had to back track to see if it was done. I would have at least liked to see Daisy's reaction to her Christmas present, as well as, more convos with Spidey/ The Interrupter. Overall, I just wanna spend some more time in class with Nick.

It's so much packed into so little pages! That short Christmas story is better than most full length novels. It remains true to what we got and fell in love with in 'Last Hit' and we also get to see them now as they transition into a domesticated lifestyle.

It's really short, merry, funny and ends too soon ;)


Falling By E.K. Blair

I just keep on falling in love with this woman! Now this is a re-cap/continuation! I never get bored when reading an E.K. Blair novel, and I have only ever read two before now. No matter how long or short, I always want more. Even when there is no more to get.

It's actually a little bittersweet at the moment, because that ending means literal "The End", but I want updates on so many other characters. Each character in this novel, breathe their own life and personality into their scenes. There is no such thing as a minor character, because they all have big bursting personalities! Except maybe Kimber. I didn't really connect with her. I was also really holding out on that Mark novella of sorts ... oh well!

E.K. has re-written 'Fading', with parts of 'Freeing' and present it as 'Falling'. How do you know the difference? You don't! And that's the awesome part of it all!! :)

Maybe it's the time frame, but I never felt like I was reading the previous books. Also, to get the continuation of 'Fading' from Ryan's POV, with a touch of Candace when it mattered most, was even more icing on this wonderful cake!

I always loved Ryan, and I often times wondered what his struggles were like. To get that and more was superb within itself. I think this book broke down both characters in a light I have never seen them before. Actually, it broke down all the characters. This time, Kimber included.

It was detailed as always, thorough, and had me recognizing some things I never saw before. It made me love and dislike (cause I never hate any of them) both main characters occasionally. It was like re-reading your favorite book, to find little nuggets you never saw before, or to re-visit old moments you loved. Only this time, from a different side. Like, I had no clue Candace cried so much before. I probably should have counted it. She was bawling like crazy! I'm surprised she wasn't dehydrated o.O

I was re-introduced to some pertinent characters in Ryan life, and as such, I gained some more fave characters. Mel, Zane and Gavin are characters I would love to revisit some time. The time gap by the end of this novel might not leave me with main character questions, but there are some minor ones that I really would like to get some clarity on. Like Mel getting back at Zane or Gavin with an unwanted pregnancy :)

There is a nice little twist at the end of this novel, and for those who wanted more, in terms of explanation and content, then this book is for you! I wouldn't call it a stand alone, but it comes very close. I loved every minute and cherish the moments I got to revisit, as well as, those new memories we made. Even the smallest scenes were a big deal. I felt connected to these characters throughout. It's hard to believe, but I still want more :(

It also doesn't hurt than the cover is just as hot as the previous ones, and the mind of Ryan Campbell is almost as good as Jase's ;)


Thursday, 26 December 2013

Mine By Katy Evans

Let me just start by saying that Katy Evans won't ever be able to top or recreate what we got in 'Real'. It was new, primal, raw, controversial and filled with passion, love and a disease that we know but don't really know. It gripped and held me and I won't ever forget what I felt reading that book.

'Mine' is a continuation, but it doesn't even 1/2 the passion and intensity of 'Real'. I say this, because readers normally expect an author to top or bring the same intensity throughout a series, and sometimes it falls short. Expect that fall. That doesn't mean though that it wasn't good. It definitely was!

We still got that explosive, impulsive Brooke, possessive Remy, the antics of Riley and Pete and Nora still needing saving. o.O  We even get that deep depressive manic scenes that makes us all fall more in love with Remy. It has it all, but at a more subdued level.

This story felt like the promise at the beginning of this book. It's for those of us who want more and also want to see if Remy can regain his rightful title this time around. It also shows life after 'The End'. I love how we continue to see Remy's struggle and Brooke's insecurities. It's not all a fairy tale and we defy plenty odds on our way to their HEA.

The 'REAL'ness however, never failed. We got it raw and truthful. The athleticism and lifestyle aspects were also kept intact. We even got to see Kyle and Pandora again. It was quite the compilation of past, present and future.

There were plenty edge of my seat moments and a lot of hanging on by a thread, as we go through the motions with Remy and Brooke, as a couple and individuals. But, I would have loved to see some more of that passion and conflict that we got from 'Real'. Apart from the present, Scorpion was too silent. Sending his minions, was also not like him at all!

As always though, Remy's body was hot and ready for the taking! That opening description was just hot beyond words! With a body like Remy's, you can expect a lot of bedroom action, but I think this one had too much! I know he gets speedy and who wouldn't wanna bang that non stop?! However, sometimes it can be too much. It's like the sex was compensating for the lack of content in those areas. I find that I love them doing every other activity other than sex, after a while. It just got to be too much!

With the flu and falling asleep countless times, I still finished this book in one sitting. Regardless of it's faults, it still remains a captivating and well written series. The attention to detail is marvelous! From the numerous sex scenes to the detailed fights. I felt and loved every minute of this book. It is like giving us the ending we didn't get before. As I said before, it's for those of us who just wanted a little bit more ;)


Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Ember X By Jessica Sorensen

This could have easily been one of those paranormal that go on the mind fuck list. Unfortunately, it fell short. It took too long to build momentum and give us answers. To keep us in suspense, cost us the necessary excitement or thrill, that a paranormal brings. After a while, you just get tired of the hide and seek. You keep guessing and doubting yourself.

I like both Cameron and Asher. I haven't picked a side, because it's not so black and white. At the end of the day, Cameron was just being himself, while Asher was breaking rules all over the place! And not in a good way. Regardless of the literal 95% wait, we only get a few answers. So much is still unknown. Without interruptions, this can be a quick easy read. Due to the lagging of the story line and plain confusion, it took me five days. o.O

Ember is an interesting character. Her situations, family and back story is a mixture of romance novel and paranormal in one. I like her and her family. Like most stories, this one had it's strong and weak moments. The weak moments unfortunately overshadowed the potential. Story line is great. It's different, continuous and a stray from the usual. In the beginning, it is kind of scary, but eventually, it evens out into just plain confusing, then it ends with a bang big enough for you to want to read the next. If only out of curiosity.

Still, I am uncertain regarding a lot of this story. While it's fodder for expansion, it's also proof of this story not giving us much. In retrospect, not much has transpired, but more is known. I am constantly unsure of everyone in this novel. The only people I trust, are Asher, Cameron and Ember. While I don't despise Asher, I secretly like Cameron more :)

Raven was interesting and confusing. Her character has no definition. As I said before, not much is shared. I do wish though, that Ian got more time in this novel. Everyone gets their time to annoy and shine in this one. The mindset you have in the beginning and middle will be different from the end. Unless you really are unable to move past the confusion of the beginning, then I say stick with it, because it does get better and worse at the same time.

As is with most novels, there are a few discrepancies, like her doing a full mythical search online, and Ember's bathing habits.  -_- Girl needs to use that bathroom! Death or not.

I am still too confused to be conclusive about this novel. As is with most Jessica Sorensen novels, it does has potential overload. All I can say is, it will lag, you will be confused, annoyed and decide on giving up. Powering through to the end, won't guarantee you liking the novel, but it at least gives you some answers and the platform to make your own decision.

There is so much here, it could even be a TV series. Take a look and decide for yourself :)


Merry Christmas!!!

It's been an interesting year. One filled with changes and chances. There has been so much going on in my personal life this year, but my followers and fellow bloggers have helped me through it all. Whenever my world got to be too much, I could always rely on a book to get me through that period.

I really hope this year and next will provide that escape for not only me, but you guys too!

It's been awesome and I couldn't ask for a better community to be apart of. I hope to continue giving you spoiler free, informative and down right kick ass reviews in 2014!

Thank you to everyone who has been on this journey with me, I couldn't have done it without you, and I hope to see you next year also.

Have a safe, warm and full Christmas. Be safe on the roads and give your friends and family a hug. They might just need it!

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Beautiful Beginning By Christina Lauren

This was a wedding, done Chloe and Bennett style! It gave us history, present and future. It was Chloe and Bennett, as we know and love/hate them, with the inclusion of Will, Hanna, Max, Sara and even George. There was fun, laughter, banter and some angry sex all over the place! It was the 'Beautiful' series, in eight chapters, in one week, where it all began.

I adore the flashbacks, in both photos and memories. I forgot some of those monumental, sentimental moments, so it was good to be reminded. After all, it's been a couple books in between o.O
To also see them through other's eyes, as well as, to get a review on some of their struggles and private moments were also incredible. It's like a different take on deleted scenes. I especially liked seeing them relaxing through her father's eyes. After all, the cowgirl, is not the way to remember them by :)

Will and Hanna even got their own moment. Still, I would love to get a continuation on their story. Especially a wedding special. We did invest some time in 'Beautiful Player' and 'Beautiful Stranger', which I believe are both better books than 'Beautiful Bastard'. Let's see what the future holds for us fans.

Chloe had her nervous breakdown(s) and each one was true to her character. I did get annoyed with some of her rants, but then it's not the 'Beautiful' series, if herself or Bennett is not annoying us at some point. We also got to see and feel the wedding through both of their POVs. I appreciate the diversity as it aided the story. So much would be missing without both views.

A little more Max and Sara is all I would have wanted, but I surely enjoyed what I got. Surprisingly, I am wanting more from this series, that I initially wasn't a fan of. Go figures o.O

It's a short, spicy, sweet, rambunctious take on Chloe and Bennett's wedding weekend. We don't even get to the honeymoon per say. It's great for a fan of the series, or for some one who just wants to see it all come full circle. There isn't much surprises, but it's bound to make you nostalgic and fill you with laughter.

To top it all of, there is a preview of their upcoming series. I am not 100% sold, but I am hopeful. It's cute and nice, but I need more before I get too excited. These two can sway any way. So far though, I am wanting to read.

It's sad to see this series go, but this was a great ending for Chloe and Bennett. Unplanned pregnancies and spur of the moment weddings, would not be them at all. I couldn't have asked for a more original ending to it all. This series will be missed :)


Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Worth the Fight By L.D. Davis

I liked it. I'm glad that Ms. Davis wrote a letter to the readers in the back of this novel. I am even more excited, that it was right in line, with my thoughts and beliefs. This story was a great companion or addition to the 'Accidentally on Purpose' series. If that wasn't enough, we even got a sneak peek on the next character up for bat, and boy does it look as scandalous and steamy as the first novel in this series!!! :D

Initially, I thought this was a money making venture and Luke did not need to get his feelings expressed, because we got it all from Kyle and Emmy. But how selfish am I? And how great was he?! :)

There is nothing dynamic or astonishing about this installment really. It is literally Luke's POV from the end of 'Accidentally on Purpose' to the end and beyond of 'Worthy of Redemption'. However, it was a beautiful recollection, that was just as drama filled, witty and spicy as the other books before. Plus side though, it was nothing like a recollection. You are aware, because you are overlapping scenes, so I find myself wanting to revisit a particular one, or excitedly waiting on it's arrival.  At the end of the day though, it felt like a completely different tale.

Luke took it hard. It actually justified SOME of his actions at the end of 'Accidentally on Purpose'. I felt like we got an intimate moment, with Luke and Emmy, that we never got before. There was also the bonus of getting both Kyle and Lily scenes. It's all a mess, but the perfect conclusion to this triangle.

We were introduced to some new and not so new characters. Also, we got to fill in the chunk of time between books 1 and 2. One minute Luke hates Emmy, the next, they are a lovely family in a lovely home. Clarification and their struggles were welcomed. They aren't perfect, and I so love that about them. The characters of this book are real! They make every day human mistakes, develop the same problems and handle them in similar ways. Even though we can't all buy buildings, we protect and fight for what's ours! #TeamEmmy!

You go through the stages. It's never the same. We are always moving and there is always a different setting and vibe. You are never sure what to expect, even when you have browsed this story before. One of the reasons, this novel wouldn't get 5 stars from me, is because it is technically a lengthy novella! We have done this dance before, even if we do it backwards.

This book lined us up for so much more from these group of characters in Philly, Chicago and Louisiana. There are new, old and secret connections. I am satisfied and left excited, pumped and ready for the new series. The only thing I could ask for now is a name, and I am sure if I scour the net, I will find one! ;)


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Last Hit By Jessica Clare & Jen Frederick

I like Nickolai and I don't mind Daisy. This story has its strengths and weaknesses. There is an abundance of potential and great bases, but the execution fell flat in comparison to the avenues open to this story. I am glad though that we got both POVs, but Nick's alone would be fine for me. I get the significance of Daisy's side, as she has a complete back story, that is necessary, but I just didn't feel for her what I did for Nick in this story.

There is no cut and clear with this story. It balances on the scale of being a failure, and being just right. It was too light and too easy. I get the romance aspect, but it also needed that gritty darkness to capture it's true essence. There are elements of rape and other crimes, but it was still too light and airy for me.

I enjoyed the assassin side of this story the most. The networks, beliefs, patterns, players. It was all rather fascinating and I wish the focus could stay there. Nick's personality, jokes, sarcasm, wit, even his trust issues revive this story beyond measure. What I love the most about him, is his struggle. He struggles with the language and literacy barrier, trust, worth and a truck load of other emotions. His character is the most genuine and I connect with him over everyone else. He truly puts and leave a stamp on you.

I believe his every move and words. His back story, while familiar, I found comfort in. For him, it was believable. If anything, I can say this story is a realistic piece based on Nick's struggles and decisions. Both Nick and his associates take us to another level.

To read about Nick, Vasily, Daniel, Yury and even Alexsandr would be great! Not that I hate Daisy, or the romantic side of it all, but I was just more interested in the Bratva and Nick, than I was with Daisy and her problems. 'Father Miller' was also rather animated in the end.

The climax, or at least what I believe to be the climax, was weak. It wasn't bad, it was just weak. I think this is the problem with this novel. It is not a bad novel, but it just doesn't carry the conviction of it's topics. Once again, if not for Nick and the guys, I wouldn't have been as interested.

It's safe to say, the guys of this novel, even the minor unnamed characters, took the cake! The ladies were bland and not as interesting. While I love Daniel, I did not invest that much time into Regan as a character. Still, I love Daniel enough to give the next book a go. Maybe it won't be as light and fluffy, with what she has been through in the last book.

Not as hardcore as I expected, but a decent read nonetheless. It can also be read in one sitting. It is fast paced, light and airy with a whole lot of issues. It doesn't linger, but it is memorable. There is love, laughter, crime and a whole lot of Nick's sexy Ukranian body, mind and talk :)


Saturday, 14 December 2013

The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide (Black Dagger Brotherhood Compendium) By J.R. Ward

Well this was just crazy, sexy, cool ... like the TLC album :) *rather corny joke, but I digress*

This was my first insider guide and I love every minute of it! I don't know if this is the usual with an insider guide, or if it's just the precise, meticulous nature of J.R., but I loved every minute of it and hope that she does another after 'The King' novel is released.

This book had everything, it's literally a slice of pie for every one. I even think publishers could learn a thing or two. I would also urge authors, whether they write paranormal romance or not, to read the section of this book dedicated to writers. Even if you are a run of the mill blogger, you are guaranteed to learn something.

There were deleted scenes, recaps and interviews with most of the brothers. I did leave with some questions, but I also got some clarity. I don't know what J.R. Ward told a lie about, but I do know that her rocky relationship with V translated to 'Lover Unbound' and I would really love to know what their beef is.

I was never that connected with Wellesandra as a character, but it was nice to get some moments with her and her pseudo family of John and Tohr. Even Lassiter got his time in the sun. I have always loved that angel. That also brought some questions as to the figure in the cabin, and urges me even more, to read the 'Fallen Angels' series.

This is a very intimate moment with all the characters and the author. Even the fans. There is something for everyone and even more than I bargained for. The only thing I would love now is some Blay, Qhuinn, John and Xhex time. Honestly, I wouldn't even mind a mini Lash interview. I am so wrapped up with these characters that I don't even know what to read next, that can compare, without dimming to this series :(

There is a boatload of information. There is literally something for everyone and each section keeps you wanting more. It's all fresh material and in-depth analysis with the best person, Ms. Ward herself. If you are a true fan of the BDB series, then you need to get this insider guide. You even get a view of the old language. I'm wanting to practice writing it. Maybe even get a tat in the language ;)


Friday, 13 December 2013

Lover At Last By J.R. Ward

Yes! Finally! We are getting somewhere. Even though Qhuinn and Blay, who I love so much, didn't really get the spotlight in this novel, they finally go their day in the sun, and I love it!! This novel had all the elements I been begging for since Phury's book.

It had more fighting elements, new relationships, both business, personal, in and out of the Brotherhood, as well as, some rocking sex scenes!! Blay and Qhuinn definitely knows how to get it on. Honestly, I could read them having sex all damn day!

I got a little shy, when the public sentimental moments came about, but that is a testament to how connected I am to these characters. I just love these guys! Despite their few moments, I am glad for them. It didn't seemed forced. We got just the right amount of their story, and everyone else.

We also got some Beth time, and I sure miss the original female of this series. She seems so regal and untouchable now, that I just want to connect with the Beth who lived alone with Boo. Even Bella had her moment. Once again, Zsadist almost died in the field, and that brought about and epic moment. It was serious, sentimental and funny in one.

The culture and traditions were back in full force. I do however, still miss the Scribe Virgin. I really wish they would all just kiss and make-up :(

Assail and Sola is another couple to watch! God, I love the females of this series! They are all fierce as ever! The addition of Sola is great, and I can't wait to see that outcome outside of the Brotherhood. Trez is also just as interesting as I suspected and iAm is a promising one. I assumed we would get some more John and Xhex time, but I'm good either way. I kind of just want to see all the fighting females out in the field I guess o.O

It was good to see another side of Xcor and to learn more about Layla, as well as, to meet another Chosen. It's been Layla and Cormia for so long, that I almost forgot about Serena. This series could go on and on and I'd never get bored. At this point, I am just waiting for Nalla and Layla's young to grow up and find their own hellren.

It was good to go to another initiation ceremony, and see it from another's POV. After all, after Zsadist, Qhuinn is my next favorite male character. I also got to see Blay in a different POV. He was more feminine in this novel, but I do love him more. Especially, as I got to see how he transitioned and dealt with his relationships with Qhuinn, Saxton and his parents.

Speaking of, I do hope for the best, where Saxton is concerned, and I can't wait to see how his expertise will help with the upcoming novel. Being in the mind of Wrath is always awesome, and the little surprise in the cottage was good also. There is turns, curves, surprises and fresh material. What more can you ask for? :)

P.S. ... Love the cover! It's epic. That guy is ... in Lassiter's words .... amazeballs!! :D


Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Lover Reborn By J.R. Ward

Once again, there are moments and characters. It's not as hardcore, in your face, as the initial books were. There is so much messing around with the Fade o.O I also keep waiting for a Scribe Virgin appearance ... and nada! What happened to the female? Even the Omega is M.I.A. It would also be nice to meet this new forelesser that we only know by Lash's nickname.

I never saw this series as a romance, until these last few novels. It began about the fights, big and small, and the learning of the vampire traditions, language and culture. Even though we got some of that, especially with the detailed Fade ceremony, this series is really turning into a romance of sorts :(

I completely understand that there are many a characters in this series, especially after 11 books, but don't they speak or interact? o.O It's like being in a room full of strangers. They only surface whenever they find convenient, and it's usually not with much.

While I understand Tohr's issues, I still don't approve of his methods. Autumn or No'One, whatever she calls herself these days, needs to grow a damn backbone! I actually hated Tohr in this novel. I always thought it was cruel to take away Wellsie, then it became even more unfair, with all the people coming and going. So what was the point of this story line? To show that they have no real control of their destiny? -_-

I hadn't seen Marissa in a while, so it was good to catch up with her. I wanted more, but I will satisfy. It also would be nice to meet the unnamed brothers of the B.O.B, or at the very least, have more interaction with them.

We got a quick look at Murdha, and then he just faded away like the ghost he pretends to be. Then we get Assail. A very intricate male, but we are doing nothing with him either. We are revisiting old relationships and stirring up mess! I like Xhex and John, but their time has passed. The point I am trying to make is, there is plenty new material and characters. Use them! Stop using the old as place savers.

It's not that I hate this novel, but the series is loosing my attention. It is just right, with keeping you interested, but it has also lost that edge that made me want to read it in one sitting. It used to toe that line between romance, crime/drama and paranormal. I have gotten so use to the paranormal aspect, that it's natural. However, we are losing the crime/drama. It is heavily romanticized.

I wanna see the Ops and skills. Training, shaping, transforming. I don't wanna follow Thor as he weeps for Wellsie and be a douche to Autumn. I also expected a lot more from Lassiter. I could seriously just read the guys book alone.  I love the angel. I do however, feel like he wasn't nearly as snarky and present as I expected. When I am done, I am going to search if he has his own novel.

Irrespective of the heavy romance in it all, there were some great, solid BDB moments that we love. Qhuinn and Layla updates were also really good. While I am glad for the shake up with Qhuinn and Blay, I kind of like him and Layla together. They are so right for each other! Sax and Blay work for me. The relationship dynamics of this series is shot if you ask me! Your wasting away characters, while we spend time digging up old wounds.

At this point, I am unsure as to where this novel will go, or is going. Still, I won't relent. I am already 10 books in, so I shall power through to the next. I do hope though, that we get some fresh material, and on edge moments. I really miss the coordinated lesser battles. Modern is good, but a little old school vamp fight is what I need right now.


Saturday, 7 December 2013

Lover Unleashed By J.R. Ward

So much and not much. There were plenty POVs and relationships to this installment. I just felt as if they weren't given much intensity or anxiety. As soon as we got a taste of those emotions, they were taken away. Truthfully, I wanted to see more fights with and in Payne. Her miraculous sexual therapy is not what I had in mind. -_-  I wanted action and intensity, from both her and Manuel, as individuals and as a couple.

I like Payne's character and how she remained true to herself, as well as, the power she exudes. She is quite the female. From her first appearance, to her very own book. However, we got more of Payne the Chosen, than we did of Payne the Bloodletter's daughter. I wanted her to also form a kind of kinship with Xhex. They are such a perfect balance, as such, I feel that more interaction and fighting would be great.

The back and forth between Manuel and V was great. I have always loved V and Butch. I've secretly hoped for some personal, private one on one time with them. We got that alone time, but it's less than I expected. It was great though, to be in V's hemisphere again, and to get another feel of his relationship with Jane. I had no idea they were reserved as a couple in public, especially within the walls of the Brotherhood. Hell, I even thought they were properly mated! o.O

The new additions were great! I would however, have loved to know more about the "Band of Bastards". I can only name three, because they were mentioned frequently, and their purpose and causes given. I guess we will get more intimate with them in coming books. I am especially interested in Zypher and Xcor.

Xcor, because he is the leader, and might be a replacement for Lash, that we haven't had since his killing. Zypher, because he reminds me of Z. Alphabet aside, there is something about him in those few lines, that draws me to him. We will see how that goes!

I wish Qhuinn and Blay would get their story already, even though I really like Sax. There is something about the guy I adore. The friendship between Layla and Qhuinn is also great and I can't wait to see where that goes. You barely find a guy in this book with a female best friend and Layla could make a really good one for Qhuinn.

Jose time was good and interesting as always and the introduction of Veck is awesome! I see him getting more involved with supernatural elements. Only time will tell. I am told he is in another series, so I am weighing my mind about that one. It all depends on the bond I build with him from this series.

I am however, very tired of Mr. Bluff. This half-breed sperm bank is really populating the place and I would love to meet him. If not, then find more creative ways to link the species. The very far away descendants of Wrath's bloodline is getting quite played.

The sex scenes were great though, especially the one with the prostitute. It was oh so real and fulfilling :)

I am not sure what next will happen in this series, but I do know that there are many possibilities and avenues. I just hope for a lot more fighting, with the inclusion of Xhex and Payne. I would also love some more interaction with the other brothers. It's like the original cast has fallen silent ... again. Z never talks much, neither did John, but I miss those two boys and a little Phury/Cormia update would be nice. Let's have a BBQ or something!


Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Lover Mine By J.R. Ward

You see, it took me a while to finish this story. Four days actually, and it's not because it was boring. It was rather interesting, especially when it began. The series of events were ... let's say unstable and interesting. There were many turns, curves, side stories, history, future, connections.

I always liked Xhex the assassin, but I have to say, she held many soft moments in this one. I say soft, because it's Xhex. She never gets weak, even when she is being beaten to within an inch of her life. That's the kind of female and spark she adds. Even at her most vulnerable, she delivers. I already loved her in 'Lover Avenged' but she settled a little more in this installment for me.

Though I will say, I still think her best performance yet, was in 'Lover Avenged'. We got so much more from her there also. I understand needing her to have some qualities of a shellan, but I prefer her as Xhex from ZeroSum. Roots are important, and we are losing too many.

It saddens me to say, that within this novel, I did not find John Matthew as interesting as I had before :(
I still love him, but I preferred other's accounts, as oppose to his own. Not that I mind entirely, but he just came off more interesting from everyone else's POV, even from his past as he reminisced. I am a firm lover in pretrans John. He was way more interesting!

Qhuinn was also too muted for my liking, but I love that we got to see Blay in a different state of mind. I actually want a little more of Blay as the gay playa! :D Sax is awesome and so is Qhuinn. However, I see Qhuinn settling with a nice female. Not necessarily from the glymera, but c'mon ... it's Qhuinn!!! I also thought his private guard gig was way off this time. Where was he half the time? John gets hit with an energy ball, that knocks him on his behind, where is the guard that should have been in front of him? o.O
I am also still waiting to get more Lassiter time. I guess that will come with Tohr.

Murdher was just a slice, but I do want a bite :) A short as it was, it was a lovely introduction and I really hope we get more of him in the future. He seems interesting enough to take us on that next level. At times, this book leaves me so anxious, I am about to wet myself!!

Newcomers continued with Payne from 'Lover Avenged', which I still believe is the next best book since Z and Bella, Wrath and Beth. Layla is annoying me to bits, but I assume she had a purpose. For now then, I will allow it -_-

Lash, Lash, Lash ... I really hope this is not the last we seem of him. I love that guy! I also truly believe that if he wasn't constantly gunning for revenge, he could make a great villain in the book, that deals in the drug trade. He elevated the Lessening Society. Not a good thing for many, but I believe that if you wanna be the best, you should fight the best. With that being said, the old Lessers of Mr. X and O days are no more. This is modern day Lessening Society and I love it!

I can feel the change and turns with every new book. Anything is possible and nothing remains dead or set in stone. It's always something with these brothers. I do miss the blow by blow of the original set, but I am also looking forward to the changes and the alliances. Even the upheavals.  The vampire structure and society is changing, and all I wanna know is .... where the hell is the Scribe Virgin? o.O


Saturday, 30 November 2013

Lover Avenged By J.R. Ward

Well, this was a vast improvement! Maybe it's Wrath and Beth that I had been jonesing for so long, or the regrouping of the original brothers, but this story reminds me of the first and got my blood pumping in the same way. My attention was locked from beginning to end and I loved every moment of it.

I feel like this was the exact boost we needed after the last novel. I always loved Rehvenge. There was something about him. A vampire/sympath drug dealer surely makes for an interesting story!  While we technically didn't know Elhena before this, I love her character and wish we could have spent some more time with her and Rehv. Still, I loved the splits. Every POV of this novel was great, on point and carry it's own weight.

Rehv is great at what he does and Lash is right behind him. Honestly, Lash should just deal drugs and forget about the whole war with vampires thing. He is the perfect drug dealer, and if not for revenge and The Omega, he probably would and stay extremely successful at it.

It was great to go back to Beth and Wrath. To see them after years passed and how they are coping with their marriage, vampire royalty and Wrath's slipping eyesight. Once again, the realistic problems of life are knocking on the door of the vampires and their shellans. If not for the fangs, it could be a crime drama.

There is drama, struggle, love, fight, betrayal, lies and check it out ... a whole new colony of vampires! Sorry, but the sympaths are awesome! Unfortunately, they are a bunch of inbred psychos o.O
Regardless, they are superior! The princess was back, and I must say, there is something about the villains of this series. I love them all! They are just all so good. It's kind of sad that they all eventually die :(

The Lessening Society is definitely going in a different way and I love Mr. D's Texas drawl. I live for the moments between him and Lash. Bad guys, I know, but as I said before, this story and series is so good that you connect with all the characters.

John Matthew is on a bender, but I love him anyway and more intimate time with Xhex was just great. I love her even more. The conversations in this novel is more witty and sarcastic than before and even the beast got release! :D

It's like the ultimate comeback novel from a dry spell. We got a hint of everyone and spend a more time with the brotherhood since 'Dark Lover'. Lassiter was also still present and we got to meet Payne, as well as, spend some time with the Moohrs. This book was the ultimate package! It had the right vibes, notes and momentum. You love and respect all the scenes and characters. You get more updates than you even know what to do with. The only thing I would have loved, would have been more wit from the Scribe Virgin. She is fading and I really loved the edge she carried to the story.

This series is transitioning, not only for the characters, but for the readers. It keeps getting better and more dynamic. There are turns, curves, bumps and a whole lot of debris in the road way to the end and I love every minute of it. I sit and anticipate the next chapter, scene and lead characters. I don't know where I'm going, and I don't care. It's just good all around and I can't wait!


Friday, 29 November 2013

Father Mine: Zsadist and Bella's Story By J.R. Ward

I just love Bella and Zsadist! I just wanna bottle them up and never let them go. After six books, I still look forward to the two of them the most. If my pure love for them wasn't enough, add those scorching sex scenes and you got a banger baby!!

I love how this story focused solely on them. With exception for the chapter that gave us a brief view on the Doc, it was all Z and Bella with Nalla. They are the cutest little family, and who would have thought that Z would have been the first to carry on the line of Aghony and the aristocrats? Not me!

It was like watching Z and Bella fall in love again. It also gave us an update and dose of reality as to where Z is in his recovery. He's not as far as I suspected at the end of 'Lover Awakened'.  He s struggling and with even more baggage.

Even though Mary has paled quite considerably since 'Lover Eternal', the brothers never take a weak female. As such, it's good to see the fruits of Mary's labour and I always love it when she and Z get together. Whether learning or therapy, those two got a rhythm that no one else has with Z, not even Bella. Maybe it's her training, but Mary definitely knows how to handle him.

I don't know T.W. and we might never see him again, but I love the man and what he stands for. His moment with his wife was precious, and was a slice of life outside of the supernatural, something that has been missing and slipping as this series grow.

An update was also provided on the other members of the brotherhood, however minimal. Phury is back how I remember and respect him, even if he isn't fighting, and it was good to get back out in the field with the brothers. Their tactics and battles always fascinated and intrigued me. I loved 'Dark Lover' where we got more fighting than romance. There was plotting, scheming and failure. I secretly would have liked at least some action from Mr. D, but then again, this novel was about love, reconciling and building new bridges.

I searched without seeing a book for Nalla, but I already love the young and anticipate spending time with her uncle Rehvenge in the next novel. Hopefully we get some more Bella and Z time from this, however small :)


Lover Enshrined By J.R. Ward

See, this is my problem with this novel. I was not a big Phury fan. I don't hate the brother, but he's not one I gave much thought to before now. I didn't even know the guy was this unstable until 'Lover Unbound'. Playing 'Saw' to release some stress is one thing, but talking to voices in your head, that lead you to try to kill yourself repeatedly is a next.

I loved and I hated this story. In the beginning, I thought of switching to another book, or taking a break in the series after this one. Phury and Cormia were really boring to me. However, he stayed occasionally uninteresting and she grew. I loved her defiant moments! It gave her character, personality and spark! The last character we got this from was Jane. I love a powerful female in a land where men are revered. Because she is a Chosen, those Cormia moments made me ecstatic!

Even though it was suppose to be Phury and Cormia's story, I found myself more focused on the other aspects and characters within the story. It's always good to see the Scribe Virgin, so I am kind of bum that she didn't show until the end. As usual, she brings a feisty scene and Phury grew a pair. Safe to say though, Zsadist still holds his place as the twin I love the most. (No offence Phury)

This series is slowly moving away from the main members of 'The Brotherhood'. We're meeting gods, sympaths and so much more supernatural creatures. Even though the were small moments, I love Lassiter and hope for some more time with him. As the brotherhood spice fades, we get those of other characters. We are also breaking that sexual barrier and I can't wait to get both Qhuinn and Blay's book!

Now John Matthew. Hmmm ... He is getting so grown! Cussing and suggesting! I find it hard to believe this is the same tiny guy from 'Lover Eternal'. The mute who changed it all. I have always loved his character and channel every one of his emotions. This was a hard hit emotional novel for him. With the amount of scenes and emotion transferred, I would have sworn that his book would be next. Once again though, I don't mind. I love the momentum and build up to his character. Xhex is also on my good list now, so I can't wait for it to all go down!

I feel like 'The Brotherhood' let me down in this novel. Even if I am not the biggest fan of Phury, he is the one with the biggest hero complex, that has kept this team together numerous times! While they made up for it in the literal end, I still feel that they failed as friends, brothers and family. Especially as warriors. Their friend was down, and instead of sticking to that code that they pledged in their 'man cave', they gave up on him and judge him.

Therefore, I was disappointed and couldn't find it in myself to care much for the brotherhood this go. In fact, I felt disconnected. Maybe it's because of Phury's POV, but the outside vampire world was more appealing than the judgmental smoke of the brotherhood mansion.

Now Lash, this kid is something else. I look forward to a lot from this character. I don't know how much havoc he will reap, but he has turned the story into another direction that is open for so much. I can't wait to see where this take us. The presence of the Omega is stronger than before so I say anything is possible!

With all the drama and happenings of this novel, there is one major good. Tohr is back! :D Yup! That's my little spoiler nugget for you! He is back. I don't know how his recovery will go, but a beloved from the first book is back and I am now amped to dive back into this series :)


Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Lover Unbound By J.R. Ward

This series, is like a really good TV series in it's prime, and I am only 5 books in! When I think that this series will start getting repetitive, and there will not be enough content or events to shock us, we go and find out about V's mother and father. Believe me, you wanna read to find out this one!

Now, I have always loved V. I secretly hoped that he would get with Butch, if not a a menage with Butch and Marissa. I still hold hope, even though I do love Jane and know the rules of a bonded male. Which brings us to her and her untimely fate that brought and even more interesting story line and supernatural being. I swear these vamps could use a good week on Maury. The genetics of this novel are unbelievable. Literally!

I have never really given Phury more than a passing nod, but I am still hopelessly in love with Z, so I will take any time I can get with the other twin. After all, he is the noblest of them all, even when he is playing Saw II ;) I might not open up fully to his character yet, but I see the potential.

I sort of miss the other original characters. I would love some Beth time. I feel like as we go, she fades. Wrath is also doing beautifully as King, but I also miss him on the battlefield. The story is starting to feel a little formal. It's really organized. I love the initial chaos and shock. It's one thing to open your mind to a world, but quite another for it to be so easily accepted.

The upcoming characters seem to have no problem with  anomalies. I know the 'welcome to my world' story line is played, but I don't wanna lose that realistic vibe we get from this story. You never really see it as a supernatural, but with Jane's fate, I don't know what will become of it now.

Learning the history of V was great. I didn't get the scared vibe I got from every one else, so it was kind of hard to picture V cold blooded. I love V. He's my big little teddy so I don't know what every one is going on about! o.O

Jane is an interestingly strong female. I also feel for her. She did not end this story with the best POV, but I guess that adds to the quality of this series. It will never totally be rainbow and butterflies. Every thing comes at a price, even happiness.

I did want a few more of V's sex scenes, and the Lessers were abnormally quiet in this installment. Then again, with so much going on and the killing of Mr. X, they might need the vacay. Not that they were completely MIA, as I could do without the last Lesser we came in contact with, but I got use to their smart mouths and unplanned evil night strolls.

We also got our regular updates on John and I am jonesing for the return of Tohr. Some steam between John and Xhex is also rather appealing. God I love this series! I can't wait to get to the next one :D


Monday, 25 November 2013

Lover Revealed By J.R. Ward

Execution, delivery, writing, structure, culture ... never doubt those aspects of this series. There is almost no need to comment on any of the above. They are always on point and in detail. Even in the land of make believe, there is reality where this novel and series is concerned. I am shocked at Marissa's fear of the brotherhood's nigh job, being Wrath's previous sheelan, but it is real and therefore can't be dismissed.

Now Butch and Marissa, I never really gave much thought or attention to them as a couple. I didn't hate them, but I found them solid and was a little surprised with their main problem. Once again, lack of communication was a bitch! However, they were just as good as all the mating's before, if not even better. There is a certain air of uncertainty and mystery where Butch is concerned now and I know his story and legacy will resonate through this series. It still leaves a feeling of something being incomplete, and for that, they are the most interesting couple so far.

One of my absolute faves of this series is V, and he gets more air time in this novel. Whether because of his closeness with Butch or maybe his story is coming. I am fascinated by him, his gifts and the many things he leads in this novel. I love him and secretly hope for a little rendezvous with him and Butch truly. I don't know ... maybe I am crazy o.O

I love that we keep in touch with John. Even though he is going through quite the changes, I love his development and the time we spend getting to know the incoming generation of the Brotherhood. Lash is kind of hilarious when in trouble and Rehv isn't so bad. I know he has a story, so I look forward to seeing what the sympath is capable of. The deeper this story goes, it's the more intricate and difficult the web gets. If you ain't packing an extra power, you might as well stay home in the mhis!

Marissa really grew into herself with this novel, and Havers kind of disappointed me. Everyone is finding purpose and you feel as if you are creating history with these characters. The fact that it doesn't take only a stake through the heart already gives this novel an edge. This is history, genes and so much more.

As small as the snippets of Butch family were, it was nice to get his background also. I don't know if anything will come of it, but I am glad that we are never left with basic questions when it comes to this series. Any unanswered questions is for a reason and  I have no doubt it will eventually be addressed.

Experiencing another ceremony in the cave was astounding. Once again, the culture and roots of this series are marvelous! By the end of this series I will feel like I am one of them and apart of their world. Yeh, it's that intense -_-

I'll probably even be learning the Old Language and ASL. You can see the effort, time and research placed in making the novel. Imagination or not, there is depth and a twinge of the real world. All bases are covered.

It's hard to put into words the pull this novel and series has. You would have to read it to experience the hold this story has on you. It's more than just a romance. It's love, lost, understanding, acceptance and the biggest of them all? ... Purpose.


Sunday, 24 November 2013

Lover Awakened By J.R. Ward

I knew it! I just knew Zsadist would give me the best one so far, or at least the most emotional. God I love him! I just don't wanna leave his POV :(  I have always loved Zsadist and Mr. O and now I don't know how I will feel about the other books. I know I will love them, because this series is just awesome, but I will miss being in the mind of Bella and Zsadist. If the pattern of this book is anything to go from, once a character has had his book, you don't normally revisit their mind, so I will miss Zsadist and Bella as we get deeper into the brotherhood.

It is safe to say I loved this story. I have been submerged in all things "Black Dagger Brotherhood" for half the week and I can't seem to stop. I love Zsadist, so even if he wasn't the sarcastic, trouble maker that he is, I would still love this story. That emotional as hell ending with him and Bella literally brought tears to my eyes. Wasn't all out bawling, but I did get teary eyed.

I had loved Bella from book 2, but I love her even more now. She is strong, quite the temptress and those needing scenes were intense, hilarious, and hot as hell!! I even felt a little stir myself ;) Literal death by sex is quite an option :)

I always revert to the culture of this novel. I learn a new one with every installment, and become more in awe of these amazing characters and their traditions. This is quite the unique set of vampires and enemies. Anything is possible in this novel and no one stays dead, so I look forward to many surprises.

There is a whole lot of history, violence and sarcasm within this novel. Havers worked over time if you ask me. Honestly, the good doctor is probably one of the most important characters in this novel. Everyone goes to him. I am starting to believe he is the only doctor in the world of Vamps.

To know more about Phurry and Zsadist bond and struggles helped me to understand and love the characters even more. I also love the human feel this novel gives you. The details are intricate and realistic, or as realistic as a vampire paranormal can get. I feel the pain, torment, love, lost. I feel it all. This novel and series on a hold is a family. I have bonded with all the characters, animals included. Love you boo :D

It was nice to spend more time with V and Butch as we get ready for their stories, as well as John. I weep for the struggles of his character. I love him and can't wait for his transition. The more vampires are added, the better and stronger this series get. Most of the original lessers are gone, but I hope for so much more on their side in upcoming novels. Even being the enemies, they make the fights worthy and intense.

The lost of a beloved character from this series hit hard. I am even unable to mourn, because I just hope that a loop hole will pop up and both of them get a reincarnation of sorts. The possibilities of this novel keep me from grieving properly. This was a major plot twist and as a family, we all felt it.

I can truly say that this series gets better with each novel, and I can't wait to get to the next one. I am never bored or uninterested. I don't even mind the many POVs. I love every angle and direction this story takes, and I can't wait to get to the next. Not the biggest Butch and Marissa fan, I'm a little apprehensive, but I hope for the best ;)


Friday, 22 November 2013

Lover Eternal By J.R. Ward

My My. The culture, romance, spirt, changes ... there is so much! I see this story moving and growing. While we weren't as emerged in the brotherhood, as we were before, I am glad for the time we spent with them. To not only see the suggested changes from book 1, but to also learn more about the other brothers as Wrath was a little hermit.

We get a better feel of their bond, and get even more submerged into their culture. I think that is the biggest turn on for me, as I seem to love their rules and rituals more than anything else. Another plus, is that we got to spend more intimate times with two of my favorite characters, Zsadist and O. Yup, the lesser!

If they were ruthless, or dangerous to themselves and others, we got a slice of them. Mr. X also lives on, like the evil head villain that he is, and I am also bittersweet about their development as a Society. While I hate what they stand for, I like the equality and growth. If your going to stretch an idea thin, then give it some wings and space. I see that so far from this series. The more we get into the brotherhood, the more we shift our beliefs, while we learn more about each member. Even the Scribe Virgin is making more appearances.

I would have liked some more Beth in this one, but I guess her time has expired, so on we go. The new additions weren't bad. I love Bella and like Mary. Yes, I like one more than the other, but not by much. I think Bella's love is a connection via the love I share for the character that is Zsadist :)

Even though I know this novel was the focus of Rhage and Mary, there was so many awesome things going on, that I was unable to focus on them much. They peaked early for me, and while I was not bored, I couldn't wait to figure out the rest of the tales unraveling around us. John Matthew is a promising character, and I can't wait to reach his book, as his introduction is a memorable one.

Rhage didn't shock me, but I was surprised. While I got the lack of brain to mouth filter, I expected a little more sass from him. I can only hope Zsadist will provide that release. Rhage was rather tame compared to what I expected. I do love when the beast got it's turn to literally shine. I don't know what it is about that dragon, but I love it! Maybe I am riding the same crazy train as Mary x_x

The brotherhood strives. Changes filter in all around, and you can expect a heavy dose of history, culture, lies, secrets and the continuation of deaths in this war. I am super pumped to get on to the next because I can't wait to see the outcome of everyone's actions and decisions. With each book, we get another piece of the puzzle, and the more characters introduced, is the better it gets. There is possibilities lying in wait for this series and I can't wait to stumble upon them all ;)


Thursday, 21 November 2013

Dark Lover By J.R. Ward

I'm just gonna be honest. I love paranormal. I have yet to come across one that I hate. Whether it be vampires or just plain death himself, I enjoy them all.

I love when an author can take an idea, and bring it to the next level, and that is what J.R. Ward has done. While not the most elite or refined of supernatural warriors, I loved the different elements and layers. As much as the glossary annoyed me in the beginning, I grew to love and appreciate their supernatural culture.

Even though we have read about Vampire's before, this one is different and I am pleased to say that! :) This is an intricate web of love, lies, deceit, chances and unfortunately supernatural war. I love all the brothers, but surprisingly I love Zsadist the most (no clue why). Where humans are concerned, Butch is just awesome!

If I keep this up, I'll be listing all day. I love all the characters! Even Mr. O, X and R. I just wish Mr. R had a different fate. The normal responses and actions are overlooked, and not because this is a paranormal novel, but just because it is so awesome, I even overlooked the grammatical errors. If there is spelling errors, I know not of, because I am so caught up in this story.

Wrath is like no other vampire. Only spoiler alert I will allow, but the man is blind. Have you ever read about a blind vampire King? o.O For I surely have not! Call me a sadist,  but I love that these tough warriors possess many weaknesses and restraints, even as vamps. It's about time vampires keep to the dark. Old folk, yes, but if done right, like here, it makes for entertainment and difference in the era of "Blades' walking around. After all, even Superman had a weakness ;)

I don't think we spent as much time with Beth, as we did with the brotherhood. The brotherhood and their cohorts took the front burner for this novel, while the romance got intertwined between all the crazy. I think this story span 2 weeks max, but it surely didn't feel that way.

Irrespective of the time spent, we got intimate and familiar with almost all the characters. Beth is a fierce character, and for what she lacked in fear and self preservation, she made up for in also having none. She kept you thinking and moving and gave you heart palpitations, right along with Wrath.

The culture, ceremonies and rules were  a different experience of their own and I appreciate that. There was base, and from that, sturdy foundation sprung an incredible story about a group of tortured warriors as they try to put their life in order.

I was never bored and I was always waiting for the next scene. This group of rap loving bad boys gave this novel life, purpose and possibilities. I can't wait to get more intimate with the other members of the brotherhood. This is a journey I can't wait to take! :D


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Ripping Pages By Rachel Rae

There is something about this book. It's not the best, and is filled with many eye rolling moments, but I was interested and it is a quick and easy read.

More dialogue and less narration was needed. Personalities, background, future or present emotions were't properly developed. While I never left this story with many questions, the answers weren't sufficient or realistic enough either. There were many inconsistencies and really far fetched, underdeveloped ideas. Witness Protection ... really? o.O

I think both guys were great guys and I wouldn't call this a full love triangle. She only dates one at a time. They just happen to both have really bad timing and ways to express their hurts and wants.

While I am glad that we weren't doing the touring with the band thing, as it was a change from the usual rock and roll romance, I still would have liked to know more about the band, or at least see them in action more than two times. I want to know and feel his passion for life, Tin, and his band.

His past, though a messed up one, was an original of sorts. It was cold-hearted and quite callous but not one we see very often. Sarah is a different kind of woman, but I think it might have helped the story a little if she was given more than a bio. This story needed some real problems, drama and emotions to make it feel more like a story than an account of one.

Tinley. Weird name btw. Tinley ... I can't make a concrete statement as to this chick. I got her. Motivations, decisions ... even when I don't agree, I got it. I have no problem with any of the characters, especially her. I would have loved more conversation, time, build up and dramatic moments. As is, this is a nice idea. It needs development, in ways of layers and connections.

Van could make an incredible book boyfriend, but his personality wasn't expounded upon and I never got to know his nor James character, to be comfortable enough to make a decision or be swayed to a side for sure.
Excuses and explanations were far fetched, and as such, I am unable to be completely comfortable with her decision. Not that I hate her choice, but it wasn't as cut and dry as we were lead to believe. Even their lifestyles and developments weren't given enough light and details for you to understand and accept.

Though, I do love her career development initially. It was the most realistic topic of the story. It also eventually fell of course. I wanted to feel connected and steadfast in my decision between both James and Van. I also love good scenery description and I believe that we skimmed too much to fully develop many ideas and scenes within this novel.

I won't call this book awful, especially for a new author, but I will say that it needed more conversation and development. I wanted to feel a bond with more than Tinley, but I did love the characters and enjoyed the story. I won't write Rachel Rae off as an author, as I see potential and possibilities and would probably read another book by her. For all the shortcomings, there were enough moments to keep me interested in both the author and the story.


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Scorched By Melody Anne

I'll be honest with you, I was bored most of the time. I don't believe the necessary things were expounded upon enough and the ending was so sweet it made my teeth hurt. I have no problem with sweet endings, but not unrealistic, rushed and way off course ones. I like build up and momentum. Also, if your gonna add a couple fight/gun scenes, then commit and knock it out the park. When did annoying Lia get such good aim and range anyway?

I believe Rafe and Ari's story should have ended at 'Submit', then the other two books dedicated to Lia and.or Rachel. All this mix eventually became confusing and uninspiring. I loved Rafe and Ari and believe they had a good thing going. Their involvement and focus within the last two novels was unnecessary. Their story finished two books ago, and their wedding could have been done in a novella. I felt like scraps were being used to complete a series and I hated that feeling.

There were some few saucy, intense, emotional and funny moments, but not much in the way of suspense or surprise. Then again, Lia killed someone, so maybe there was some shock -_-

Speaking of Lia, she annoyed me. Actually, all of them annoyed me. Except for maybe Rafe. He was who he was and at times I even missed the cold, calculating character from book 1. It's like he wanted to start pissing flowers. Totally neutered if you ask me :(

I found myself frequently asking what was the point of this novel. Once again, Shane and Lia's relationship didn't get the light and time it deserved, Rafe and Ari got too much and Rachel and Adriane were just plain annoying. I wanted more Shane moments, by himself, and more of Rafe being ... well, Rafe. As for the King, I have yet to warm to his character, nor do I understand his personality, motives or decisions. The man comes from a loving home, and knows not of hardship or struggles financially or emotionally. If that be the case, we were never told, so what's up with the unrequited emotional whiplash? Rachel is annoying, but even she deserves love.

While this might seem like a rant, I assure you it is not. I loved this series and has always tried to get a copy, as soon as it is released, so I can continue with these characters. However, I believe the direction, delivery and purpose of this novel was lost. Well written, with little to no grammatical or editing errors, but as a story, it didn't capture my attention. I kept falling asleep, literally!

Filled with potential, but it fizzled out to a standard love story, trying to get to that ending. It was lost, unfocused and eventually became unrealistic and lost my interest. I wouldn't even say it was predictable, as I am surprised by the too sweet ending. All left is for them to sync their periods :(


Sunday, 17 November 2013

Lovely Vicious By Sara Wolf

This where we queue the crickets o.O

I am confused as to that ending. Where are going and why? Only him though Sarah? Even Avery and no Jack? I don't know what this will do for the story line, but the necessity and direction has thrown me for a loop and I really want to get back on track. I so need to track down a release date after this :S

The title, the cover, the synopsis. I must say I expected a dark tale. Not BDSM dark, but maybe a little light darkness o.O

Maybe it's the sarcasm, semi-high school setting or icy indifference throughout that confused my expectations with my acceptance of this novel. Not that it was fruity, but it was ... let's say complicated. There is a lot to traverse where all the characters are concerned, except for maybe Kayla and Isis mom. The others are quite the enigma. I even love knife guy. Creepy, but cool ;)

Irrespective of what I expected, I still embraced this story, because the person who recommended it has yet to disappoint when she  sends a recommendation my way. (Big ups xx https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/17397393-xx). Therefore, I was a little surprised by the levity of it all, because she usually send me books that play with my mind. Still, I carried on, until the end where I go that mind game I expected! Not that this book needed any help to get out a gutter, but the ending surely made it a little more interesting enough for you to lay in wait for the follow up.

Isis and Jack hate each other. Anything else they try to tell me and I won't believe. I love their bickering and the way they keep each other, as well as, the readers on their toes. This is a high school based novel, but wipe that from your mind, because these kids are grown! Minus Isis constant juvenile tendencies, their language, dress, adult interaction, even their after school jobs, scream college-aged or adults. I know no 17 year old like this set.

Both lead characters has issues and we have barely scraped the top by the end of this novel. I am getting tired of some of these three part books. If your gonna do that, use new characters, but stop stretching out the story lines. I don't see how we went through this entire book with basic knowledge and then it's like we gonna have a clean slate come next installment. I don't wanna explore their relationship anew again, I just want to make some progress. Actually, I don't even feel that relationship vibe from them per say, but they make good companions and know how to work a story!

I love Isis, even when I want to strangle her to shut up. I love how she approaches everything and her reasoning and actions are admirable, even when she is being a potty mouthed wench. You got to give the girl credit, she works everything thrown her way, with finesse and precision. I can count on her and Jack to say what we can't.

Even in his cold state, I also love Jack. He adds character and class. He also takes us on a wild ride without seat belts and I only wish we got his POV more and with a little of his side job in the mix. I guess this novel is trying to keep it YA friendly, but with the hinted issues in this book, a line will be crossed.

Secrets, lies, friendships, respect and a whole slew of issues and emotions are present in this novel. Don't expect fluffy high school drama, but not dark seedy romance either. At times I even think this book to be a paranormal. Right now, I am not sure of much, expect that  I need to get my hands on the next book, because I have a million questions!


Until the Sun Falls from the Sky By Kristen Ashley

Kristen Ashley is an exceptional writer. She is the Nora Roberts of her time. I can only recall one story, from  her that I have read, that wasn't good. After all, she is only human, but I am sure that regardless of the length of her stories, I am guaranteed a ride and a whole new world of characters to love.

I, for one, don't mind change and with Lucien and Leah, that's all you get! Whether it be their history, present or future. These two are always pushing the envelope. Now, I know we are accustomed to the 20 year old virgin or outcast falling for the sexy decades old vamp, so let's give it up for the 40 year old, 20 year old who makes it fun to be forty!

Leah is an unique character. Then again, this is the elite of the all vampire stories. This is old world charm, extravagance and even rules. I am not sure where this story is set, as places mentioned are only for relocation, as oppose to present. I suggest the US because of the police number, but then I can't be too sure either. Not that it matters, as this story is so good no one care about location.

I think the structure and the story line is what makes this novel so awesome! I wouldn't mind never hearing the word "concubine" again, but I do love the meaning behind the terminology and the respect received and given by most, to the title of basically being "the woman/man on the side".

Not that the main characters were bad, because they were great! However, I found myself more intrigued with the rules, culture and eventually the prophecy of this series. I am not one for werewolf romances, I think my werewolf knowledge stops with the 'Twilight' series and the 'Underworld' movie franchises. With the interests and possibilities gained from this story, I am certain I will begin my werewolf reading, because you can't stop at one book! I'll secretly say the hybrid is what interest me most, but I don't mind taking the journey to get there.

This was a well written story with intricate details, history, culture, beliefs. It's a whole new supernatural world. Don't discount it as another vampire story, as it is not and will surprise and enlighten you to another form of vamprism and other supernatural creatures.  It's nice when an author takes the initiative and time to create their own realm, and that and more is what we got.

This a different world of vampires, who are almost human, if not for their advanced abilities and diet. While this is a romance story, it is far more. Lucien, Leah alone with their friends, family and acquaintances gives you your money's worth.

I love all the characters in this novel. Their roles and personalities are clear and their purpose known. You have no questions, and if you do, they are answered by either Lucien's or Leah's POV. Sometimes both. There is much to learn, discover and anticipate with this novel and series. Even after almost 500 pages I still want more and feel like the real story is yet to come.

I guarantee it's another splendid Kristen Ashley novel that will leave you wanting more. This lady knows how to write a novel and in extension a series. I hardly ever complete her series, but this is shaping up to be my first ;)


Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Devil's Masquerade: The Remedy By Jennifer Loren

Sighz ... this is so bittersweet for me. Yes there were casualties, but I believe we (yes, we ) came out of this story quite triumphant. I have come to love the progression of this series, but still as separate entities. I like Nick the criminal, as much as, Nick the Lord. As two separate stories, I love them both. As one continuing series, I am too confused to make a solid decision.

To be truthful, I want more. Just not from a Nick and Kayla focus point. I would love to get more stories on Nicky and Ryan. I feel like there are many stories left within this series, kind of like the 'Dark Hunter' series. Might take time, but I am willing to wait ;)

I love all the characters in this story and believe that they, along with the story was well written, given the time frame and insurmountable issues. It never felt rush and there was always a surprise around the corner. If this is the last, then I can attest to it being one of the best in this series so far. I don't know if it's the paranormal, or transition into paranormal, that gives this novel and series it's edge, but it surely has one.

The introduction of the new characters weren't bad either. I especially like Amery. I don't know what it is about him, but I have a soft spot from him. With how this story ended, I would be pleased to see a follow up novel with him, Ryan, Elijah, Cat and even Nicky, off doing their own thing. It's time Nick and Kayla's relationship get a break from the constant beating.

I can assure you that you never know what will happen in this novel, as the most unlikely alliances are formed and the forces are so much and so strong that you are guaranteed a ride! The fight scenes vary in intensity, interest and outcome. There is possibilities and tricks everywhere. You will be kept on your toes and waiting for the next move in this game of chess between the Jayzon's, Savages and almost all the other Lords.

The reconciliation of Kayla and Nick was also fun to watch. It was like 'The Devil's Eyes' all over again. We even got some of those feel good scenes. This time though, the tables were turned and Kayla had to fight for their love. You get so many stories, struggles and outcomes from this one story that no wonder I'm unsatisfied and wanting more!

It was also good to see most of the gang make it out alive and to hold new powers and responsibilities. Even Eddie is still alive, which is a shock within itself, as he started the story as a walking PC in a suit. To watch these characters grow, and see their paths by this end of this book, is lovely! I just wish a few others could have remained alive to share in the ending. I wasn't that close to the character of Sam, but I do love Ryan and hope that his story doesn't end here and like this.

There is laughter, love, envy, war and of course ... a masquerade ball :)

Ending or not, this story gets better with each installment, and this one is one of if not the best. You aren't left with questions, as much as, a crave for more. While this story is safe to finish here, it makes you want to roam with the other Lords, namely Nicky, Ryan and Amery. Though Elijah is also an interesting one.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and wouldn't mind another in the series :)