Friday, 18 January 2013

Effortless by S.C. Stephens

This was in no way, an 'Effortless' read ...

I keep trying while not trying to skip down to another line to confirm my suspicions or because I am too nervous to look while I wanna look.

Another roller coaster ride where you just wanna smack Keira and Kellen to get it together!

No offence, but I'd prefer if Denny stayed in Australia, so he wouldn't have to complicate things, but I guess the story line couldn't be complete without that Denny element.

In this book, you are navigated through the crazy world of Keira and Kellen as the two try to navigate a long distance relationship without trust, even though they both saw how the struggled with the affair, they still don't trust each other to commit fully without the doubts.

In this book, Keira is very much more compliant than I would expect, and Kellen doesn't mess up as much.

I also like how the other characters are developed, and given their own stories within the story.

I also appreciate the little notes that made it so much easier for us to wait with Keira.

The surprises were really surprises and there was no cheesy or expected cliches and scenes.

This is a well written and structured book with almost no grammatical errors.

I can't wait to read 'Reckless' ... In the meantime, I shall re read Thoughtless and Effortless ... cause you can't ever have too much Kellen Kyle!

Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens


So ... I finished reading Thoughtless about 2 days ago, after a 5 day total read, and not because I  was busy, but because it carried so much suspense I was afraid to turn the page!

This book was not what I expected at all and I am completely happy I finally gave it a chance and read it.

At times I wanted to hate Keira ... At times I did ... but all in all I am surprised at what a well written and thoroughly planned story this was, that never strayed from it's characters true personas.

You are introduced to an up and coming band known as the 'Douchebags' (D-bags for short) and the world wind romance and love triangle between their lead singer, Kellen Kyle, the narrator, Keira Allen, and her boyfriend and Kellen's best friend, Denny Harris! (Did that all from memory ... so not like me but I really loved and connected to this book)

Not overly sexed or full of rock, with just the right balance, you can't help but feel for these characters as you follow them down the roads that leads to their mistakes and their solutions.

I must say that whilst being easier if you hate the guy being cheated on, you could find no way to hate Denny! It was impossible!

I loved the structure, characters and story line to this book ... so nice, I might have to read it twice!

I say give ti a read ... it'll change your  mind about a lot of things even if you don't quite understand the theory behind it!


Saturday, 12 January 2013

Vain by Fisher Amelie

Fisher Amelie is a rock star!

Sophie Price is misunderstood (even by herself)

Ian is ........... a fairy tale

Ok! So I was completely shocked at the story line for this book.

I figure we would see some time she spent in Uganda, but I never expected the entire book to be centralized around it.

Therefore, I never really got to see Sophie as vain so to speak.

She was just a very entitled girl who rules a posse of other entitled idiots (minus Spence :) )

So ... we follow Sophie as she tries to endure her court sentence of 6 months hard labour in an orphanage in Uganda.

I must say though, no one does it with style like Sophie ... the girls makes working in an orphanage seems like working in a pre-school and she makes me want to do it. (minus the high powered weapon carrying thieves and the LRA soldiers)

We are shown a side of the world we are all to familiar with, but don't take as serious.

Don't let the cover fool you. This is a deep, educational, witty and political novel that has you wanting to pawn everything to help children in positions that are way worse than ours.

It makes you understand and appreciate what you have and realize what people have to fight with everyday just to see the sun rise and set.

I was taken on a journey that opened my eyes and make me realize there is more to life.

This book is different from what I normally read and expected, but it was a good change that I embraced and had the pleasure of reading.

I say give it a try and see for yourself ... it's actually not so vain!



Friday, 11 January 2013

Rule by Jay Crownover

Rule ................

Shaw ...................

Ok ... So I have officially become one of those crazy persons that read books to god awful hours of the night and in turn write book reviews for such .

My latest conquest, is Rule by Jay Crownover.

I don't put writers in category, cause let's face it, writers are writers.

So whilst I have never read anything from Ms. Crownover, whom I hear is being called a new indie writer, I will say it was .... fair.

The story line while being the same as most bad boy fiction, was different.

We weren't only shown anger, hate, love and sex, but we were shown lives.

Whilst not in their 30s and 40s, they had it figured out.

No one guessed what they wanted and no one was unsure of their position in the world (Atleast not too long).

I thought this book honored a death in an unnatural but satisfying way.

I don't think there was ever a chapter without a Remy reference, but it wasn't over killed with grief and depression.

I also loved the fact that even after 17 chapters and an epilogue, Rule was still the smart mouth, free spirit and honest guy that we initially met.

He was not forced to say ' I love yous' all day and spout sentimental crap to show a change.

Whilst his change was small, compared to our usual bad boys heroes, it was effective and just right!

One thing I definitely can't leave out were the piercings! I'm a piercings kinda girl myself, so I wasn't too into the tattoo side, but  my word was my Wikipedia working overtime to find and see these piercings!

Pretty hardcore for me, but such a refreshing element to the book.

Anyways, I think I can safely say it was a solid plot with just one major shock and piercings to make you flush for days!

Thanks Ms. Crownover, for a solid read!

Ordinary World by Elisa Lorello

I like  to take sometime after reading a book, to let everything soak in!

But i think i've soaked enough ... so here goes ...

*sigh* Why Elisa? Why!

I'm not gonna say it wasn't a good book or a good read.

Actually, it was a different view for someone like myself that reads a vast amount of contemporary romance novels but I just felt like this book was too depressing and ended so unfinished!

If this story had ended as book 1 ended, then I would have been just fine.

Ordinary World doesn't seem like a continuation of Andi and Devin at all! It seemed like a totally new book with a sad woman and a too tolerant whilst not obsessed man.

Why isn't Devin - sorry David - allowed to find love and happiness? Why must he spent the rest of his life living in a man's shadow?

As readers, we don't know Sam. So how can I share Andi's pain if I never got a chance to know the character?

The most dialogue we got from Sam and Andi was when she went to NU for the interview from book 1, and it still wasn't fulfilling. There was no character development for Sam.

He just died and we were suppose to live their love through Andi's eyes.

I'm sorry, but I felt more for David than I did for Andi.

I understand that we were suppose to be taken on a journey with Andi as she grieved the lost of her husband and rekindle a fire with David but I just never felt it.

All I wanted the whole time was for Andi to kill herself and David to move on and find an awesome woman who loves him the way he deserved.

She goes around behaving like she is as sad as they come, but really she never really plummeted to sadness like she wanted to be with her beloved. All she really wanted, was to get Sam back like her never died.

Honestly, she didn't even do a good job at letting me want him back in her life.

As for David's literal omission from most of the novel, I think he was grossly unfairly treated and the ending was not one to leave you contented.

If this isn't the conclusion for Andi and David's story, the I hope the best for David but I don't think I wanna read another depressing story about Andi loving her dead ex husband while stringing along a very much alive David. If it is though, I am really sorry for David and hope he realizes he's am idiot who won't ever find true love with that woman.

Regardless, thank you Ms. Lorello, I really loved a different point of view and reading style.

It was refreshing and different and didn't have your usual overwhelming drama. It was clean, concise and a literary genius! You really do have a way with rhetoric and you make me want to improve on my grammar!

I look forward to reading another book from you in the future ... your writing is ... Bellissima! (Hope I got it right)


Thursday, 10 January 2013

Faking it by Elisa Lorello

I just finished reading Faking it by Elisa Lorello and I must say, it was not what I expected.

Initially, I started this book to pass time on a sick day, while I wait to browse the net for anything new to download.

However, I find myself waking up to start a story at 6:30 in the morning, to downloading the part 2 at 3:00 in the afternoon.

Yup! Didn't even last 24 hours. And this was with interruptions and breakfast of course, cause no good book is every completely read without a snack.

In this book, You meet Andi and Devin (Not their government names), and they couldn't be two more different poles if they tried.

This book didn't start off as your casual cheesy romance novel, which I appreciate, nor did it continue or end that way.

A professor and an escort I don't find surprising, because regardless of our job title, we are people. But it's the course these people take that was shocking to me and the literary references and such that you learn along the way.

As expected from a Literature professor, this book focused more on the Language than the world of sex (another thing to be grateful for)

These people live their lives for themselves and no one else, and I think that has a lot to do with their age and the theme of this book.

They are not love struck puppies,  raving with lust high schoolers or fresh out of college and bound to make mistakes kind of people.
These are grown ups with issues and wisdom that takes them to a place we as readers don't normally go, but                  was refreshing to venture.

I not only learned, but understood and appreciated the format of this book, it shows that not all the time two people must end up together and even when they don't, you or at least I still felt contented in knowing that the got to experience each other.

So while I venture on to book 2 to close off these two extraordinary people stories, I must say that I wouldn't have been disappointed if this book ended after book 1 and I really hope book 2 leave me feeling the same.

So thnx (Andi would hate this) Elisa Lorello and wish me luck guys as I dive into Ordinary World and get my fill of Andrea and David (their government name) final story!



Hey Guys!

So ... I kinda have a commitment issues when it comes to everything in life except for books!

So I'm gonna try my best to stick with this blog and take you guys on a journey with me, while I hop from book to book on my trusty kindle! :)

I hope this will be as exciting for you guys as it is for me, because with the amount of books I read, I should share my experience for other lit junkies who like to read a good review before and or after a book.

So let's get on this lit train and never get off and feel free to share with me books I haven't read as yet, cause I'm always open to a good book!