Saturday, 30 November 2013

Lover Avenged By J.R. Ward

Well, this was a vast improvement! Maybe it's Wrath and Beth that I had been jonesing for so long, or the regrouping of the original brothers, but this story reminds me of the first and got my blood pumping in the same way. My attention was locked from beginning to end and I loved every moment of it.

I feel like this was the exact boost we needed after the last novel. I always loved Rehvenge. There was something about him. A vampire/sympath drug dealer surely makes for an interesting story!  While we technically didn't know Elhena before this, I love her character and wish we could have spent some more time with her and Rehv. Still, I loved the splits. Every POV of this novel was great, on point and carry it's own weight.

Rehv is great at what he does and Lash is right behind him. Honestly, Lash should just deal drugs and forget about the whole war with vampires thing. He is the perfect drug dealer, and if not for revenge and The Omega, he probably would and stay extremely successful at it.

It was great to go back to Beth and Wrath. To see them after years passed and how they are coping with their marriage, vampire royalty and Wrath's slipping eyesight. Once again, the realistic problems of life are knocking on the door of the vampires and their shellans. If not for the fangs, it could be a crime drama.

There is drama, struggle, love, fight, betrayal, lies and check it out ... a whole new colony of vampires! Sorry, but the sympaths are awesome! Unfortunately, they are a bunch of inbred psychos o.O
Regardless, they are superior! The princess was back, and I must say, there is something about the villains of this series. I love them all! They are just all so good. It's kind of sad that they all eventually die :(

The Lessening Society is definitely going in a different way and I love Mr. D's Texas drawl. I live for the moments between him and Lash. Bad guys, I know, but as I said before, this story and series is so good that you connect with all the characters.

John Matthew is on a bender, but I love him anyway and more intimate time with Xhex was just great. I love her even more. The conversations in this novel is more witty and sarcastic than before and even the beast got release! :D

It's like the ultimate comeback novel from a dry spell. We got a hint of everyone and spend a more time with the brotherhood since 'Dark Lover'. Lassiter was also still present and we got to meet Payne, as well as, spend some time with the Moohrs. This book was the ultimate package! It had the right vibes, notes and momentum. You love and respect all the scenes and characters. You get more updates than you even know what to do with. The only thing I would have loved, would have been more wit from the Scribe Virgin. She is fading and I really loved the edge she carried to the story.

This series is transitioning, not only for the characters, but for the readers. It keeps getting better and more dynamic. There are turns, curves, bumps and a whole lot of debris in the road way to the end and I love every minute of it. I sit and anticipate the next chapter, scene and lead characters. I don't know where I'm going, and I don't care. It's just good all around and I can't wait!

Friday, 29 November 2013

Father Mine: Zsadist and Bella's Story By J.R. Ward

I just love Bella and Zsadist! I just wanna bottle them up and never let them go. After six books, I still look forward to the two of them the most. If my pure love for them wasn't enough, add those scorching sex scenes and you got a banger baby!!

I love how this story focused solely on them. With exception for the chapter that gave us a brief view on the Doc, it was all Z and Bella with Nalla. They are the cutest little family, and who would have thought that Z would have been the first to carry on the line of Aghony and the aristocrats? Not me!

It was like watching Z and Bella fall in love again. It also gave us an update and dose of reality as to where Z is in his recovery. He's not as far as I suspected at the end of 'Lover Awakened'.  He s struggling and with even more baggage.

Even though Mary has paled quite considerably since 'Lover Eternal', the brothers never take a weak female. As such, it's good to see the fruits of Mary's labour and I always love it when she and Z get together. Whether learning or therapy, those two got a rhythm that no one else has with Z, not even Bella. Maybe it's her training, but Mary definitely knows how to handle him.

I don't know T.W. and we might never see him again, but I love the man and what he stands for. His moment with his wife was precious, and was a slice of life outside of the supernatural, something that has been missing and slipping as this series grow.

An update was also provided on the other members of the brotherhood, however minimal. Phury is back how I remember and respect him, even if he isn't fighting, and it was good to get back out in the field with the brothers. Their tactics and battles always fascinated and intrigued me. I loved 'Dark Lover' where we got more fighting than romance. There was plotting, scheming and failure. I secretly would have liked at least some action from Mr. D, but then again, this novel was about love, reconciling and building new bridges.

I searched without seeing a book for Nalla, but I already love the young and anticipate spending time with her uncle Rehvenge in the next novel. Hopefully we get some more Bella and Z time from this, however small :)

Lover Enshrined By J.R. Ward

See, this is my problem with this novel. I was not a big Phury fan. I don't hate the brother, but he's not one I gave much thought to before now. I didn't even know the guy was this unstable until 'Lover Unbound'. Playing 'Saw' to release some stress is one thing, but talking to voices in your head, that lead you to try to kill yourself repeatedly is a next.

I loved and I hated this story. In the beginning, I thought of switching to another book, or taking a break in the series after this one. Phury and Cormia were really boring to me. However, he stayed occasionally uninteresting and she grew. I loved her defiant moments! It gave her character, personality and spark! The last character we got this from was Jane. I love a powerful female in a land where men are revered. Because she is a Chosen, those Cormia moments made me ecstatic!

Even though it was suppose to be Phury and Cormia's story, I found myself more focused on the other aspects and characters within the story. It's always good to see the Scribe Virgin, so I am kind of bum that she didn't show until the end. As usual, she brings a feisty scene and Phury grew a pair. Safe to say though, Zsadist still holds his place as the twin I love the most. (No offence Phury)

This series is slowly moving away from the main members of 'The Brotherhood'. We're meeting gods, sympaths and so much more supernatural creatures. Even though the were small moments, I love Lassiter and hope for some more time with him. As the brotherhood spice fades, we get those of other characters. We are also breaking that sexual barrier and I can't wait to get both Qhuinn and Blay's book!

Now John Matthew. Hmmm ... He is getting so grown! Cussing and suggesting! I find it hard to believe this is the same tiny guy from 'Lover Eternal'. The mute who changed it all. I have always loved his character and channel every one of his emotions. This was a hard hit emotional novel for him. With the amount of scenes and emotion transferred, I would have sworn that his book would be next. Once again though, I don't mind. I love the momentum and build up to his character. Xhex is also on my good list now, so I can't wait for it to all go down!

I feel like 'The Brotherhood' let me down in this novel. Even if I am not the biggest fan of Phury, he is the one with the biggest hero complex, that has kept this team together numerous times! While they made up for it in the literal end, I still feel that they failed as friends, brothers and family. Especially as warriors. Their friend was down, and instead of sticking to that code that they pledged in their 'man cave', they gave up on him and judge him.

Therefore, I was disappointed and couldn't find it in myself to care much for the brotherhood this go. In fact, I felt disconnected. Maybe it's because of Phury's POV, but the outside vampire world was more appealing than the judgmental smoke of the brotherhood mansion.

Now Lash, this kid is something else. I look forward to a lot from this character. I don't know how much havoc he will reap, but he has turned the story into another direction that is open for so much. I can't wait to see where this take us. The presence of the Omega is stronger than before so I say anything is possible!

With all the drama and happenings of this novel, there is one major good. Tohr is back! :D Yup! That's my little spoiler nugget for you! He is back. I don't know how his recovery will go, but a beloved from the first book is back and I am now amped to dive back into this series :)

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Lover Unbound By J.R. Ward

This series, is like a really good TV series in it's prime, and I am only 5 books in! When I think that this series will start getting repetitive, and there will not be enough content or events to shock us, we go and find out about V's mother and father. Believe me, you wanna read to find out this one!

Now, I have always loved V. I secretly hoped that he would get with Butch, if not a a menage with Butch and Marissa. I still hold hope, even though I do love Jane and know the rules of a bonded male. Which brings us to her and her untimely fate that brought and even more interesting story line and supernatural being. I swear these vamps could use a good week on Maury. The genetics of this novel are unbelievable. Literally!

I have never really given Phury more than a passing nod, but I am still hopelessly in love with Z, so I will take any time I can get with the other twin. After all, he is the noblest of them all, even when he is playing Saw II ;) I might not open up fully to his character yet, but I see the potential.

I sort of miss the other original characters. I would love some Beth time. I feel like as we go, she fades. Wrath is also doing beautifully as King, but I also miss him on the battlefield. The story is starting to feel a little formal. It's really organized. I love the initial chaos and shock. It's one thing to open your mind to a world, but quite another for it to be so easily accepted.

The upcoming characters seem to have no problem with  anomalies. I know the 'welcome to my world' story line is played, but I don't wanna lose that realistic vibe we get from this story. You never really see it as a supernatural, but with Jane's fate, I don't know what will become of it now.

Learning the history of V was great. I didn't get the scared vibe I got from every one else, so it was kind of hard to picture V cold blooded. I love V. He's my big little teddy so I don't know what every one is going on about! o.O

Jane is an interestingly strong female. I also feel for her. She did not end this story with the best POV, but I guess that adds to the quality of this series. It will never totally be rainbow and butterflies. Every thing comes at a price, even happiness.

I did want a few more of V's sex scenes, and the Lessers were abnormally quiet in this installment. Then again, with so much going on and the killing of Mr. X, they might need the vacay. Not that they were completely MIA, as I could do without the last Lesser we came in contact with, but I got use to their smart mouths and unplanned evil night strolls.

We also got our regular updates on John and I am jonesing for the return of Tohr. Some steam between John and Xhex is also rather appealing. God I love this series! I can't wait to get to the next one :D

Monday, 25 November 2013

Lover Revealed By J.R. Ward

Execution, delivery, writing, structure, culture ... never doubt those aspects of this series. There is almost no need to comment on any of the above. They are always on point and in detail. Even in the land of make believe, there is reality where this novel and series is concerned. I am shocked at Marissa's fear of the brotherhood's nigh job, being Wrath's previous sheelan, but it is real and therefore can't be dismissed.

Now Butch and Marissa, I never really gave much thought or attention to them as a couple. I didn't hate them, but I found them solid and was a little surprised with their main problem. Once again, lack of communication was a bitch! However, they were just as good as all the mating's before, if not even better. There is a certain air of uncertainty and mystery where Butch is concerned now and I know his story and legacy will resonate through this series. It still leaves a feeling of something being incomplete, and for that, they are the most interesting couple so far.

One of my absolute faves of this series is V, and he gets more air time in this novel. Whether because of his closeness with Butch or maybe his story is coming. I am fascinated by him, his gifts and the many things he leads in this novel. I love him and secretly hope for a little rendezvous with him and Butch truly. I don't know ... maybe I am crazy o.O

I love that we keep in touch with John. Even though he is going through quite the changes, I love his development and the time we spend getting to know the incoming generation of the Brotherhood. Lash is kind of hilarious when in trouble and Rehv isn't so bad. I know he has a story, so I look forward to seeing what the sympath is capable of. The deeper this story goes, it's the more intricate and difficult the web gets. If you ain't packing an extra power, you might as well stay home in the mhis!

Marissa really grew into herself with this novel, and Havers kind of disappointed me. Everyone is finding purpose and you feel as if you are creating history with these characters. The fact that it doesn't take only a stake through the heart already gives this novel an edge. This is history, genes and so much more.

As small as the snippets of Butch family were, it was nice to get his background also. I don't know if anything will come of it, but I am glad that we are never left with basic questions when it comes to this series. Any unanswered questions is for a reason and  I have no doubt it will eventually be addressed.

Experiencing another ceremony in the cave was astounding. Once again, the culture and roots of this series are marvelous! By the end of this series I will feel like I am one of them and apart of their world. Yeh, it's that intense -_-

I'll probably even be learning the Old Language and ASL. You can see the effort, time and research placed in making the novel. Imagination or not, there is depth and a twinge of the real world. All bases are covered.

It's hard to put into words the pull this novel and series has. You would have to read it to experience the hold this story has on you. It's more than just a romance. It's love, lost, understanding, acceptance and the biggest of them all? ... Purpose.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Lover Awakened By J.R. Ward

I knew it! I just knew Zsadist would give me the best one so far, or at least the most emotional. God I love him! I just don't wanna leave his POV :(  I have always loved Zsadist and Mr. O and now I don't know how I will feel about the other books. I know I will love them, because this series is just awesome, but I will miss being in the mind of Bella and Zsadist. If the pattern of this book is anything to go from, once a character has had his book, you don't normally revisit their mind, so I will miss Zsadist and Bella as we get deeper into the brotherhood.

It is safe to say I loved this story. I have been submerged in all things "Black Dagger Brotherhood" for half the week and I can't seem to stop. I love Zsadist, so even if he wasn't the sarcastic, trouble maker that he is, I would still love this story. That emotional as hell ending with him and Bella literally brought tears to my eyes. Wasn't all out bawling, but I did get teary eyed.

I had loved Bella from book 2, but I love her even more now. She is strong, quite the temptress and those needing scenes were intense, hilarious, and hot as hell!! I even felt a little stir myself ;) Literal death by sex is quite an option :)

I always revert to the culture of this novel. I learn a new one with every installment, and become more in awe of these amazing characters and their traditions. This is quite the unique set of vampires and enemies. Anything is possible in this novel and no one stays dead, so I look forward to many surprises.

There is a whole lot of history, violence and sarcasm within this novel. Havers worked over time if you ask me. Honestly, the good doctor is probably one of the most important characters in this novel. Everyone goes to him. I am starting to believe he is the only doctor in the world of Vamps.

To know more about Phurry and Zsadist bond and struggles helped me to understand and love the characters even more. I also love the human feel this novel gives you. The details are intricate and realistic, or as realistic as a vampire paranormal can get. I feel the pain, torment, love, lost. I feel it all. This novel and series on a hold is a family. I have bonded with all the characters, animals included. Love you boo :D

It was nice to spend more time with V and Butch as we get ready for their stories, as well as John. I weep for the struggles of his character. I love him and can't wait for his transition. The more vampires are added, the better and stronger this series get. Most of the original lessers are gone, but I hope for so much more on their side in upcoming novels. Even being the enemies, they make the fights worthy and intense.

The lost of a beloved character from this series hit hard. I am even unable to mourn, because I just hope that a loop hole will pop up and both of them get a reincarnation of sorts. The possibilities of this novel keep me from grieving properly. This was a major plot twist and as a family, we all felt it.

I can truly say that this series gets better with each novel, and I can't wait to get to the next one. I am never bored or uninterested. I don't even mind the many POVs. I love every angle and direction this story takes, and I can't wait to get to the next. Not the biggest Butch and Marissa fan, I'm a little apprehensive, but I hope for the best ;)

Friday, 22 November 2013

Lover Eternal By J.R. Ward

My My. The culture, romance, spirt, changes ... there is so much! I see this story moving and growing. While we weren't as emerged in the brotherhood, as we were before, I am glad for the time we spent with them. To not only see the suggested changes from book 1, but to also learn more about the other brothers as Wrath was a little hermit.

We get a better feel of their bond, and get even more submerged into their culture. I think that is the biggest turn on for me, as I seem to love their rules and rituals more than anything else. Another plus, is that we got to spend more intimate times with two of my favorite characters, Zsadist and O. Yup, the lesser!

If they were ruthless, or dangerous to themselves and others, we got a slice of them. Mr. X also lives on, like the evil head villain that he is, and I am also bittersweet about their development as a Society. While I hate what they stand for, I like the equality and growth. If your going to stretch an idea thin, then give it some wings and space. I see that so far from this series. The more we get into the brotherhood, the more we shift our beliefs, while we learn more about each member. Even the Scribe Virgin is making more appearances.

I would have liked some more Beth in this one, but I guess her time has expired, so on we go. The new additions weren't bad. I love Bella and like Mary. Yes, I like one more than the other, but not by much. I think Bella's love is a connection via the love I share for the character that is Zsadist :)

Even though I know this novel was the focus of Rhage and Mary, there was so many awesome things going on, that I was unable to focus on them much. They peaked early for me, and while I was not bored, I couldn't wait to figure out the rest of the tales unraveling around us. John Matthew is a promising character, and I can't wait to reach his book, as his introduction is a memorable one.

Rhage didn't shock me, but I was surprised. While I got the lack of brain to mouth filter, I expected a little more sass from him. I can only hope Zsadist will provide that release. Rhage was rather tame compared to what I expected. I do love when the beast got it's turn to literally shine. I don't know what it is about that dragon, but I love it! Maybe I am riding the same crazy train as Mary x_x

The brotherhood strives. Changes filter in all around, and you can expect a heavy dose of history, culture, lies, secrets and the continuation of deaths in this war. I am super pumped to get on to the next because I can't wait to see the outcome of everyone's actions and decisions. With each book, we get another piece of the puzzle, and the more characters introduced, is the better it gets. There is possibilities lying in wait for this series and I can't wait to stumble upon them all ;)

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Dark Lover By J.R. Ward

I'm just gonna be honest. I love paranormal. I have yet to come across one that I hate. Whether it be vampires or just plain death himself, I enjoy them all.

I love when an author can take an idea, and bring it to the next level, and that is what J.R. Ward has done. While not the most elite or refined of supernatural warriors, I loved the different elements and layers. As much as the glossary annoyed me in the beginning, I grew to love and appreciate their supernatural culture.

Even though we have read about Vampire's before, this one is different and I am pleased to say that! :) This is an intricate web of love, lies, deceit, chances and unfortunately supernatural war. I love all the brothers, but surprisingly I love Zsadist the most (no clue why). Where humans are concerned, Butch is just awesome!

If I keep this up, I'll be listing all day. I love all the characters! Even Mr. O, X and R. I just wish Mr. R had a different fate. The normal responses and actions are overlooked, and not because this is a paranormal novel, but just because it is so awesome, I even overlooked the grammatical errors. If there is spelling errors, I know not of, because I am so caught up in this story.

Wrath is like no other vampire. Only spoiler alert I will allow, but the man is blind. Have you ever read about a blind vampire King? o.O For I surely have not! Call me a sadist,  but I love that these tough warriors possess many weaknesses and restraints, even as vamps. It's about time vampires keep to the dark. Old folk, yes, but if done right, like here, it makes for entertainment and difference in the era of "Blades' walking around. After all, even Superman had a weakness ;)

I don't think we spent as much time with Beth, as we did with the brotherhood. The brotherhood and their cohorts took the front burner for this novel, while the romance got intertwined between all the crazy. I think this story span 2 weeks max, but it surely didn't feel that way.

Irrespective of the time spent, we got intimate and familiar with almost all the characters. Beth is a fierce character, and for what she lacked in fear and self preservation, she made up for in also having none. She kept you thinking and moving and gave you heart palpitations, right along with Wrath.

The culture, ceremonies and rules were  a different experience of their own and I appreciate that. There was base, and from that, sturdy foundation sprung an incredible story about a group of tortured warriors as they try to put their life in order.

I was never bored and I was always waiting for the next scene. This group of rap loving bad boys gave this novel life, purpose and possibilities. I can't wait to get more intimate with the other members of the brotherhood. This is a journey I can't wait to take! :D

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Ripping Pages By Rachel Rae

There is something about this book. It's not the best, and is filled with many eye rolling moments, but I was interested and it is a quick and easy read.

More dialogue and less narration was needed. Personalities, background, future or present emotions were't properly developed. While I never left this story with many questions, the answers weren't sufficient or realistic enough either. There were many inconsistencies and really far fetched, underdeveloped ideas. Witness Protection ... really? o.O

I think both guys were great guys and I wouldn't call this a full love triangle. She only dates one at a time. They just happen to both have really bad timing and ways to express their hurts and wants.

While I am glad that we weren't doing the touring with the band thing, as it was a change from the usual rock and roll romance, I still would have liked to know more about the band, or at least see them in action more than two times. I want to know and feel his passion for life, Tin, and his band.

His past, though a messed up one, was an original of sorts. It was cold-hearted and quite callous but not one we see very often. Sarah is a different kind of woman, but I think it might have helped the story a little if she was given more than a bio. This story needed some real problems, drama and emotions to make it feel more like a story than an account of one.

Tinley. Weird name btw. Tinley ... I can't make a concrete statement as to this chick. I got her. Motivations, decisions ... even when I don't agree, I got it. I have no problem with any of the characters, especially her. I would have loved more conversation, time, build up and dramatic moments. As is, this is a nice idea. It needs development, in ways of layers and connections.

Van could make an incredible book boyfriend, but his personality wasn't expounded upon and I never got to know his nor James character, to be comfortable enough to make a decision or be swayed to a side for sure.
Excuses and explanations were far fetched, and as such, I am unable to be completely comfortable with her decision. Not that I hate her choice, but it wasn't as cut and dry as we were lead to believe. Even their lifestyles and developments weren't given enough light and details for you to understand and accept.

Though, I do love her career development initially. It was the most realistic topic of the story. It also eventually fell of course. I wanted to feel connected and steadfast in my decision between both James and Van. I also love good scenery description and I believe that we skimmed too much to fully develop many ideas and scenes within this novel.

I won't call this book awful, especially for a new author, but I will say that it needed more conversation and development. I wanted to feel a bond with more than Tinley, but I did love the characters and enjoyed the story. I won't write Rachel Rae off as an author, as I see potential and possibilities and would probably read another book by her. For all the shortcomings, there were enough moments to keep me interested in both the author and the story.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Scorched By Melody Anne

I'll be honest with you, I was bored most of the time. I don't believe the necessary things were expounded upon enough and the ending was so sweet it made my teeth hurt. I have no problem with sweet endings, but not unrealistic, rushed and way off course ones. I like build up and momentum. Also, if your gonna add a couple fight/gun scenes, then commit and knock it out the park. When did annoying Lia get such good aim and range anyway?

I believe Rafe and Ari's story should have ended at 'Submit', then the other two books dedicated to Lia and.or Rachel. All this mix eventually became confusing and uninspiring. I loved Rafe and Ari and believe they had a good thing going. Their involvement and focus within the last two novels was unnecessary. Their story finished two books ago, and their wedding could have been done in a novella. I felt like scraps were being used to complete a series and I hated that feeling.

There were some few saucy, intense, emotional and funny moments, but not much in the way of suspense or surprise. Then again, Lia killed someone, so maybe there was some shock -_-

Speaking of Lia, she annoyed me. Actually, all of them annoyed me. Except for maybe Rafe. He was who he was and at times I even missed the cold, calculating character from book 1. It's like he wanted to start pissing flowers. Totally neutered if you ask me :(

I found myself frequently asking what was the point of this novel. Once again, Shane and Lia's relationship didn't get the light and time it deserved, Rafe and Ari got too much and Rachel and Adriane were just plain annoying. I wanted more Shane moments, by himself, and more of Rafe being ... well, Rafe. As for the King, I have yet to warm to his character, nor do I understand his personality, motives or decisions. The man comes from a loving home, and knows not of hardship or struggles financially or emotionally. If that be the case, we were never told, so what's up with the unrequited emotional whiplash? Rachel is annoying, but even she deserves love.

While this might seem like a rant, I assure you it is not. I loved this series and has always tried to get a copy, as soon as it is released, so I can continue with these characters. However, I believe the direction, delivery and purpose of this novel was lost. Well written, with little to no grammatical or editing errors, but as a story, it didn't capture my attention. I kept falling asleep, literally!

Filled with potential, but it fizzled out to a standard love story, trying to get to that ending. It was lost, unfocused and eventually became unrealistic and lost my interest. I wouldn't even say it was predictable, as I am surprised by the too sweet ending. All left is for them to sync their periods :(

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Lovely Vicious By Sara Wolf

This where we queue the crickets o.O

I am confused as to that ending. Where are going and why? Only him though Sarah? Even Avery and no Jack? I don't know what this will do for the story line, but the necessity and direction has thrown me for a loop and I really want to get back on track. I so need to track down a release date after this :S

The title, the cover, the synopsis. I must say I expected a dark tale. Not BDSM dark, but maybe a little light darkness o.O

Maybe it's the sarcasm, semi-high school setting or icy indifference throughout that confused my expectations with my acceptance of this novel. Not that it was fruity, but it was ... let's say complicated. There is a lot to traverse where all the characters are concerned, except for maybe Kayla and Isis mom. The others are quite the enigma. I even love knife guy. Creepy, but cool ;)

Irrespective of what I expected, I still embraced this story, because the person who recommended it has yet to disappoint when she  sends a recommendation my way. (Big ups xx Therefore, I was a little surprised by the levity of it all, because she usually send me books that play with my mind. Still, I carried on, until the end where I go that mind game I expected! Not that this book needed any help to get out a gutter, but the ending surely made it a little more interesting enough for you to lay in wait for the follow up.

Isis and Jack hate each other. Anything else they try to tell me and I won't believe. I love their bickering and the way they keep each other, as well as, the readers on their toes. This is a high school based novel, but wipe that from your mind, because these kids are grown! Minus Isis constant juvenile tendencies, their language, dress, adult interaction, even their after school jobs, scream college-aged or adults. I know no 17 year old like this set.

Both lead characters has issues and we have barely scraped the top by the end of this novel. I am getting tired of some of these three part books. If your gonna do that, use new characters, but stop stretching out the story lines. I don't see how we went through this entire book with basic knowledge and then it's like we gonna have a clean slate come next installment. I don't wanna explore their relationship anew again, I just want to make some progress. Actually, I don't even feel that relationship vibe from them per say, but they make good companions and know how to work a story!

I love Isis, even when I want to strangle her to shut up. I love how she approaches everything and her reasoning and actions are admirable, even when she is being a potty mouthed wench. You got to give the girl credit, she works everything thrown her way, with finesse and precision. I can count on her and Jack to say what we can't.

Even in his cold state, I also love Jack. He adds character and class. He also takes us on a wild ride without seat belts and I only wish we got his POV more and with a little of his side job in the mix. I guess this novel is trying to keep it YA friendly, but with the hinted issues in this book, a line will be crossed.

Secrets, lies, friendships, respect and a whole slew of issues and emotions are present in this novel. Don't expect fluffy high school drama, but not dark seedy romance either. At times I even think this book to be a paranormal. Right now, I am not sure of much, expect that  I need to get my hands on the next book, because I have a million questions!

Until the Sun Falls from the Sky By Kristen Ashley

Kristen Ashley is an exceptional writer. She is the Nora Roberts of her time. I can only recall one story, from  her that I have read, that wasn't good. After all, she is only human, but I am sure that regardless of the length of her stories, I am guaranteed a ride and a whole new world of characters to love.

I, for one, don't mind change and with Lucien and Leah, that's all you get! Whether it be their history, present or future. These two are always pushing the envelope. Now, I know we are accustomed to the 20 year old virgin or outcast falling for the sexy decades old vamp, so let's give it up for the 40 year old, 20 year old who makes it fun to be forty!

Leah is an unique character. Then again, this is the elite of the all vampire stories. This is old world charm, extravagance and even rules. I am not sure where this story is set, as places mentioned are only for relocation, as oppose to present. I suggest the US because of the police number, but then I can't be too sure either. Not that it matters, as this story is so good no one care about location.

I think the structure and the story line is what makes this novel so awesome! I wouldn't mind never hearing the word "concubine" again, but I do love the meaning behind the terminology and the respect received and given by most, to the title of basically being "the woman/man on the side".

Not that the main characters were bad, because they were great! However, I found myself more intrigued with the rules, culture and eventually the prophecy of this series. I am not one for werewolf romances, I think my werewolf knowledge stops with the 'Twilight' series and the 'Underworld' movie franchises. With the interests and possibilities gained from this story, I am certain I will begin my werewolf reading, because you can't stop at one book! I'll secretly say the hybrid is what interest me most, but I don't mind taking the journey to get there.

This was a well written story with intricate details, history, culture, beliefs. It's a whole new supernatural world. Don't discount it as another vampire story, as it is not and will surprise and enlighten you to another form of vamprism and other supernatural creatures.  It's nice when an author takes the initiative and time to create their own realm, and that and more is what we got.

This a different world of vampires, who are almost human, if not for their advanced abilities and diet. While this is a romance story, it is far more. Lucien, Leah alone with their friends, family and acquaintances gives you your money's worth.

I love all the characters in this novel. Their roles and personalities are clear and their purpose known. You have no questions, and if you do, they are answered by either Lucien's or Leah's POV. Sometimes both. There is much to learn, discover and anticipate with this novel and series. Even after almost 500 pages I still want more and feel like the real story is yet to come.

I guarantee it's another splendid Kristen Ashley novel that will leave you wanting more. This lady knows how to write a novel and in extension a series. I hardly ever complete her series, but this is shaping up to be my first ;)

Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Devil's Masquerade: The Remedy By Jennifer Loren

Sighz ... this is so bittersweet for me. Yes there were casualties, but I believe we (yes, we ) came out of this story quite triumphant. I have come to love the progression of this series, but still as separate entities. I like Nick the criminal, as much as, Nick the Lord. As two separate stories, I love them both. As one continuing series, I am too confused to make a solid decision.

To be truthful, I want more. Just not from a Nick and Kayla focus point. I would love to get more stories on Nicky and Ryan. I feel like there are many stories left within this series, kind of like the 'Dark Hunter' series. Might take time, but I am willing to wait ;)

I love all the characters in this story and believe that they, along with the story was well written, given the time frame and insurmountable issues. It never felt rush and there was always a surprise around the corner. If this is the last, then I can attest to it being one of the best in this series so far. I don't know if it's the paranormal, or transition into paranormal, that gives this novel and series it's edge, but it surely has one.

The introduction of the new characters weren't bad either. I especially like Amery. I don't know what it is about him, but I have a soft spot from him. With how this story ended, I would be pleased to see a follow up novel with him, Ryan, Elijah, Cat and even Nicky, off doing their own thing. It's time Nick and Kayla's relationship get a break from the constant beating.

I can assure you that you never know what will happen in this novel, as the most unlikely alliances are formed and the forces are so much and so strong that you are guaranteed a ride! The fight scenes vary in intensity, interest and outcome. There is possibilities and tricks everywhere. You will be kept on your toes and waiting for the next move in this game of chess between the Jayzon's, Savages and almost all the other Lords.

The reconciliation of Kayla and Nick was also fun to watch. It was like 'The Devil's Eyes' all over again. We even got some of those feel good scenes. This time though, the tables were turned and Kayla had to fight for their love. You get so many stories, struggles and outcomes from this one story that no wonder I'm unsatisfied and wanting more!

It was also good to see most of the gang make it out alive and to hold new powers and responsibilities. Even Eddie is still alive, which is a shock within itself, as he started the story as a walking PC in a suit. To watch these characters grow, and see their paths by this end of this book, is lovely! I just wish a few others could have remained alive to share in the ending. I wasn't that close to the character of Sam, but I do love Ryan and hope that his story doesn't end here and like this.

There is laughter, love, envy, war and of course ... a masquerade ball :)

Ending or not, this story gets better with each installment, and this one is one of if not the best. You aren't left with questions, as much as, a crave for more. While this story is safe to finish here, it makes you want to roam with the other Lords, namely Nicky, Ryan and Amery. Though Elijah is also an interesting one.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and wouldn't mind another in the series :)

Friday, 15 November 2013

The Devil's Masquerade: The Poison By Jennifer Loren

Ok, I'll bite. I wasn't the biggest fan of this paranormal turn of events, and while I am still not settled with it all, I have embraced it a little more and as such learned to appreciate the concept more than the last installment. I still see these characters as a bunch of criminals, and not supernatural forces, that make literal life and death decisions with realms and all sorts of hoopla.

Kayla is still fiery, but she is fizzling a little and there is so much confusion that I just want all the ducks to line up and get to the fighting part. There is so many angles and POVs to this story. I do however like the different POVs, as it helps to keep us in the loop, and keep me from screaming at the pages more than I do now.

I am beginning to like Elijah more than before and Nick is getting more distant as the time goes. I feel like I don't know his character as much as I did before. Honestly, I miss him too :(
There is so many elements and layers. I can truly say that this book is written well, with just the right balance and discovery. If this series had started as a paranormal, I would love it even more.

I have always loved Ryan's character, and while he is straying and has lost his way, I love him even more and  keep rooting for him. After Kayla, Nick and Nicky, he is my favorite character. I am also pleased to see so many of the old guys still within the inner circle.

Overall though, I feel as if this story is in it's beginning stages and this seems to actually be the second to last book in this series. Then again, who knows. This book started out as a  crime drama and next thing you know people are dying from heart attacks at all ages!

We got some background on the Savage/Jayzon family and I loved it. I believe it was just the foundation needed to kick us off on this paranormal journey, even though it contributes to the new vibe that I get from this story. Whilst I feel the familiarity to most of the characters, it has also uprooted me and have me trying to figure out who is what (yes what) and what side I should be on.

Therein lies my predicament. While I know this is a well written novel, with a great story line and set of characters, I know them. At least I thought I did. As such, I am having trouble acclimating to them as paranormal beings and the story feels like a start. Still, I am intrigued, kept interested and can't wait to know more about this world they have entered and what awaits the clan.

This book is like an introduction into this series and feels like the first book in a series as oppose to the fourth. It will have you a little shaky and confuse, but it is a good book with an interesting set of characters and possibilities in abundance. You might be confused, but you won't be bored :)

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

White Trash Damaged By Teresa Mummert

So ...on the road with "Damaged". I really hope this story isn't finish, because while not a cliffhanger, that wasn't the most splendid of endings either. It's like literally, epiphany then ending. Epilogue, then real real ending. I won't hound on the whole story but what kind of crappy ending and epiphany was that! I kept checking to see if I was really at 97% because there is so much to work out!

I still don't know Tucker's character personally. However, I appreciate them a little bit more as a couple. I see where they can build and become something beautiful. I understand that he has her best interest at all times. Otherwise, I am at a lost. For a while I wondered if she was gonna hook up with Eric instead o.O

The topic of her getting to the next phase in her life was a great addition and progression for this story. But once again, it fell short and was abandoned. I believe she is truly lost and needs some direction and guidance. Her story is not complete and has a long way to go. I just really hope we could have started the journey with her.

As I am not sure how they will play out as a couple, I like Sarah and Eric separately. I have grown to love Eric, and sympathize more with him, than I did with even Jax. Guess I like to root for the underdog :)
I was receptive to him from he asked for a bottle of water and I can't wait to dive more into his story, as I feel like I am getting to know him, and can't wait to know more.

The character of Donna, while a cliche to the usual rocker romance novels, was another wrongly utilized element. There was so much  possibilities to be gained from that addition and it could have swung anyway, but the detail wasn't given to neither the character or the situation.

I feel like this whole series is filled with potentials, but no one to show them in all their greatness. This novel holds back a lot. It was the time to open up, right the wrongs and make a change. Even though we got at least one rocky relationship on stabler grounds, there is so much more that needs to come to the forefront with Tucker and Cass before Eric's story. I'm not so sure we will ever get to connect with the character that is Tucker.

While I am not a rock star nor know much about the life, I can even see the discrepancies stemming from book 1 that carried over into this installment. I don't think we are ever really clear as to the status of the band in  the world of music. Are they an up and coming band or are they in the big times? I think they are in limbo, but it'd be nice to have a solid place at the end of this novel, that I assumed was a focus more on the band, than Cass and Tucker.

Despite the faults of this novel, I was entertained and kept interested enough to finish in one day with many long breaks. I just really wish we could have gotten to know Tucker more and to finally give Cass some direction or purpose. It would have also been nice to get to know a little more about the twins also. Not as fast forward as the previous book. It could have been deeper, or atleast ... "that's what she said" :D

White Trash Beautiful By Teresa Mummert

Another used but great idea with it's own stamp.

I liked this story, and with better direction, I could have loved it. It's not the most intricate or intriguing of plots, but its a good story. I liked the beginning and the whole trailer park scene and life. It was done well and was believable until the changes came in effect.

I don't hate Tucker or Cass, but their relationship is a shaky in my book. It's not the first I have read a novel about cheating, but I kind of had a problem with this one. Even with Cass less than stellar relationship issues. I feel as if Jax wasn't given a chance. Yes, he is a tool with issues galore, but his back story is more than we got on Tucker and I feel as if he could have gotten help or even redemption instead of the route taken. Not that I am saying that she should stay with him or anything, but druggies need love and support too. Even more than anyone.

I'm not even going to get going about her mother. Other than Cass and occasionally Jax, personalities weren't given the light that they needed. Still, as much as I didn't get to connect with Cass's mother as I would have liked, she was actually making a change, so her fate was also unwarranted. It's like the author tried to purge everything deemed "trailer park trash".

I believe history is important in every story, and as such, Tucker needs some. Nothing is wrong with perfect, but give the guy a little grime! I thought i'd love his character, like how I liked his shirts in the opening. It was a personality trait and his own Tucker stamp, but that was short lived to two shirts and then he was like an illusion. If not for her little trinkets, I'd think he was a dream.

Issues weren't really solved, they were just eliminated. Some depth and a steady focus would be nice.There is so much potential within this story, but it was all over the place and no where at the same time. Circumstances made it hard to be true to a cause.

Our times at Aggie's were great, because I love Larry and some of the most important turns and conversations seem to take place at a table or booth there. Her rendezvous's also added an edge. The uncertainty and anticipation had me wondering if she would get caught. Her longest outing had me skipping ahead trying to see the outcome of her little fairy tale.

So you can imagine my disappointment when it all came full circle. Cliches are bad enough, and Cass and Tucker had them ten fold. But unimaginative confrontations hurt even more. This could have been a gritty, provocative rock and roll novel, but it just felt soft. It didn't push the boundaries, it just tried to find a way to barely scale the fence.

There are a lot of unbelievable (not in the good way) moments in this story, and maybe if it got some more length, it could have gotten into that role it needed to be great. I notice a pattern with Teresa Mummert where she has brilliant ideas; great and steady beginnings and even middles, but when it's time for confrontation and to take the novel up a notch, she holds back and skims through.

Filled with direction and potential, this story fell to naivety; unrealistic and unimaginative notions. I will still read the follow up book, but you could stop here for a while if you choose. I'd have never thought of this being a trilogy with how this story ended. If anything it has going for it, there's no cliffhanger :) 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Miss Taken By Cleo Scornavacca

I get the idea and I like it. It's semi fresh and has it's own stamp. Also, because it's her first novel, I won't judge it so hard. After all, if writing was such an easy task, we'd all be NY Times Best Selling Authors.
Great idea, decent cast, but not so good of a delivery. It also kept a too fast pace throughout and I felt like I was reading in fast forward.

I like that the author decided to give us an older couple, as oppose to the self-made billionaires in their 20s. But even then, their actions, reactions, demeanor and personalities were that of characters in their 20s. I understand their turmoils, but their actions were rather rash, petty and juvenile. Which almost 40 year old man behave like that? o.O

Locked away or not, which 34 year old woman speaks and behave like that also? They both annoyed me frequently and I kept rolling my eyes at their fights and insta make-ups. Everything they do, they do it sub par. There is nothing I can fully latch on to about this series that was on point and intense. It was just all in the wind. Though I must say, they do surprise me, because a lot of their reactions were completely out of left field.

Dominick needs to calm down. The man behaves like he is constantly hooked up on drugs. He is also rather temperamental for a lawyer and I found myself wanting Rain to leave him. Not for her, as much as for him. I believe that his character needs a stronger female character to hold him down. Rain doesn't cut it for me. As such, I never fully developed a bond between the two. She is unreliable, selfish and with that ending, quite the hypocrite.

I guess it's safe to say that I am his biggest fan. I like his character, minus the steroids type behavior. I understand his plight and feelings. After all, the girl's dad did call him 'trash'. I don't see no one reprimanding him for that! He is the character I connected with the most. He is the one who is struggling the most and taking quite the beatings, for his natural reactions to the life he has lead. Rain's dad doesn't even know the whole story but he treats him like dirty on the bottom of his shoes. I say cut the guy some slack Rain!

Rain is a spoiled little girl in a big woman's body. Even though I am not so sure of her body, because it is one more thing that wasn't really made clear. I know she has bangs, otherwise, I am at a lost. I have no problem with her narration, but I would have liked Dominick's view also, as being in her mind all the time left out a lot of feelings that I believe we could have received from Dominick.

I find that, information that needed elaboration were skimmed, and the things that weren't that necessary were given in great details. It was like a manuscript of ideas. More jottings than story. Sometimes it even resembled a statement. Too much Italian everything and not enough of the present NY.

The main issue that began this novel fell by the way side, and by the time it came back full circle, it was filled with hypocrisy and cliches. What is wrong with people and safe sex these days? Put a condom on it already!

While a brilliant idea, I believe this novel needs better execution, and more depth. It's great for a brainstorm sit down, but not the best as a complete work. As suspected, I shall wait on book two to get some peace from the cliffhanger that ended this one. It might not have the best structure, but I can bare to finish the series.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

It's All Relative By S.C. Stephens

Well, it's no secret what this story is about. I liked the premise, characters and even the progression. The early twist, while a surprise, wasn't much of a shock. Honestly, based on the series of events, didn't do much to make this any less taboo. But I love it anyway :)

Still, I think this story was unnecessarily long, an as such, got very repetitive and uninspiring mostly in the middle of the novel. I also feel like while the end is complete, there is still so much unknown variables and after all that they have been through, a more proper ending would have been nice.

I loved all the characters. They were unique and carried their own personalities. Each individual character is memorable, even if we only had over the phone contact with them. I especially love Louis, April and Missy. They are the three that bring the most drama, comedy relief and pure quirkiness to this story. You can count on Louis to be strange, Missy to be forward and April to be  romantic and sexual. While I get the character of Harmony, she never really got to expand much like the others.

Kai is a decent young man who is basically perfect. I loved the initial moments with both him and Jesse together and individually. I connected with his character most in the first chapters, than I did any where else in this novel. I just love him unconditionally! He is one of those characters that you just wanna hug, love and squeeze. He is patient, kind, understanding, shy ... the man is a gem and a total catch. How he was single is a surprise to me!

With that being said, not that I hate her, because I don't, but Jesse is a great character also. I just don't get the same amount of love as I do from Kai. I feel like she did most of the instigating in this novel, but I love her nonetheless. Being in her thoughts and to see her little acts to spend time with Kai were funny and quite sweet.

Though when they weren't being sweet, they had some very intense intimate moments. That first sex scene resonated with me throughout the novel, mostly by their words than their actions. Not that it was lacking, but their dirty talk was filthy and the voyeur in them was H.O.T.!!! :)

Grams was also hilarious and even Betty added to this great novel. It was nice to learn a little about science and working as an environmentalist, as few novels these days take that route, over the Manhattan millionaires. It was a nice change of pace and thoughts. If anything, I would have loved to spend some more time in Hawaii to get another feel from this novel. Not that it's needed, but it would be nice.

A basic delivery, with an intriguing story line, great characters, sex and writing all wrapped up in a very long but satisfying package. Get to know Kai, you will love him ;)

Friday, 8 November 2013

The Next Generation By S.C. Stephens

This is one of the better paranormal romance novels I have read. It is so real, raw and primal. There is a level of reality to it all and the more characters that are added, it's the better it gets. The rules are the authors own and any thing can happen at any time. Nothing is standard and I love it!

You don't get time to be bored by the story, or the continuous addition of characters. There is always something new, but interesting. Honestly, I would love this as a TV series. It could be so good to see these characters come to life and plot would certainly not be a problem.

Loved Nika, Julian, Arianna and even Trey. It's good to see them in their teenage years and with that ending, I hope to eventually see them grown. There are so many layers and stages to this series it's astounding. It is so well written and delivered. Even the continuous "miracles" of sort can be justified. There is always something new and interesting added to this story.

I must admit though that both Nika and Julian annoyed me at times, but once again, this added to the awesome recounting of their stories. I can't even find a major problem with this one. Even the suspected cliff hanger doesn't bother me. It makes me anxious naturally, but I think I could wait, because when it comes, it tends to not disappoint! This whole series is a gem if you ask me!

The introduction of Hunter was a curve ball that definitely enhanced the plot. I also love to see Halina in fighting mode and with Gabriel at her side, it only makes them even better. There is so many possibilities with this new plot and if you ask me, it's rather genius. Even Ben learned a secret :)

Separate and apart, It was nice to get updates on the whole crew and to be apart of the inception, execution and apprehension that this new story line entailed. The characters are growing, a lot of changes and advances are happening and so much things are on the horizon for this family.

This felt like a really good update and continuation of the 'Conversion' series, and as we go, it seems to get better with each installment. I didn't even miss conversing with the adults. I loved the vulnerability of seeing the events through Julian and Nika's eyes. It was very much protected, but also added that element of surprise and uncertainty. High school's never been better ;)

As evolving and teenage paranormal romance goes, this one was a steal. I don't think I will get tied of this series any time soon, and I hope for many more books to come. Hey, I might even like to read until the line is completely diluted :D

Once again, many possibilities with this one, and I can't wait to continue on this journey.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Ride By J.C. Emery

Well, this was ... different? o.O

I like Alex and Ryan. I don't mind them as a couple either. But then again, we never really got to see how they would fare as one. I hoped that wasn't the ending, looking for a cliffhanger of sorts. However, reading the blurb for book 2, makes me realize that this is where it ends. If so, I am confused and this story loses cool points for that fact alone. After all, the story is no where near complete. Many, many questions surround this one. As content as an ending as it was, more is needed.

For the most part, this story was good and building. It had a great build up, then held a steady pace. Just when I thought that they were getting their footing, and we would get the romance angle of the novel, it ended with an unimpressive kidnapping and not so interesting save. All that did was to make more questions than answers.

Alex is great. There is something about her character. I occasionally hate how passive she is, but I also like that she isn't overly dramatic. Still, I would have loved to get more of her personality. To see her in a different element, other than captivity. Powerful men seem to draw to this Principessa and I'm not so sure why. I can't tell you if she is fun or outgoing, but the few times she allows her wit and snarky attitude to surface, was great!

Ryan is a douche, but I love his character. Especially when we got the chance to be in is head. He is rather indifferent to the whole thing. As such, I find his final emotions are hard for me to trust. I believe he cares, but a declaration of love isn't quite his speed yet.

While I admire the change, as narration goes, I would have liked some more time with Ryan and the club. After all, this is a MC/Mafia novel. I would think that we would get to go in the men's world, if only for a day. It's like a real MC/Mafia situation, we aren't given much to go on. I would have loved to dive deeper and get more familiar with the guys in the club.

I love psychology and philosophical everything. I believe that quotes are more powerful than we give them credit for. A quote can make all the difference and I learnt a few, as well as, made a few personal faves with the ones situated at the beginning of every chapter. While It's been done before, it is a gesture I appreciate in books that have them.

The MC/Mafia relationship isn't the only one lacking, as I would love to have get some more Alex, Ruby and Ian time. Even Ryan and Jim. Despite these shortcomings though, I was entertained and kept interested throughout. Both Alex and Ryan are great narrators, and all I could ask of this book is more time on the dark side and a smoother ending. It felt rushed.

Even without some basic foundation and connections, I still liked this tale and believe that its a good written MC/Mafia novel that shows another side of both these known organizations. Even though not what I expected, I can't wait to read book 2.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Rock the Beat By Michelle A. Valentine

I guess Riff and Aubrey still owns the crown o.O

I like Holly, and I like Trip. I even like them as a couple. However, their story is uninspiring and just plain easy. There was no conflict where so much possibilities lied. Even with the remaining pages, it still feels incomplete. There are many unknown variables, and the issues that are touched in this novel needed a lot more attention and motivation to bring across their severity. HIV ain't no joke. It was good to see her move away from the stereotypical cancer diagnosis, but give us some more on it. You don't drop that bomb and leave it half way. All or nothing in my opinion!

This story had good bases and ideas but a weak execution. It wasn't feeble by any means, but it also wasn't as strong as it needed to be. I didn't mind taking a break from the spotlight to show an at home vibe. Black Falcon is at a very tentative point in their lives. Babies are being born, members are getting married, and naturally a hiatus is coming or present. I like the build up to that blow up and I hope it makes Tyke's novel better.

Still, I would have liked us to commit more to this endeavor. Everything in this novel was skimmed with description and depth except for the sex scenes. It's like once they started, all else was forgotten. Not that the conversation or lines were that stimulating to begin with, but when the sex came, what little we had before went also.

More Tyke would have ben nice. The way they were portrayed before in other novels had me expecting a lot of twin action. A couple phone calls wasn't nearly as stimulating.  Also, an explanation as to why Trip wants to show his individuality would have been nice also. I feel like I don't really know the twins or Holly for that matter. Plus is the universal sign for being poor peanut butter sandwiches? This one baffles me o.O

It would have been nice to also build a relationship with the other characters. Honestly, I forget about Jackson when he isn't around and Max just showed up whenever we needed a space filled. Once again, another aspect for expansion that was left by the way side. Even the motocross aspect was lacking. I think we only went on the track once, and that wasn't much details. I don't know what she or Trip is capable of. I guess I should just assume. There seems to be a lot of 'use your imagination' moments within this novel.

Thankfully, there was some actual rocking in the end, but then I suspect that's just for show, because you can't possibly have a rock star romance novel without a concert. So we got our standard cliche closing the show and book concert.

Praises for the mini prequel to the entire series, as it out shined the whole 'Rock the Beat' novel, with it's five minutes of fame in the back of this installment. It was short but sweet and sort of made me understand Noel's signature tune for Lanie. She really was a 'Ball Busting (fill in the blanks)' ;)

Don't let my review sway you though, as I still enjoyed the novel and read it in almost one night. I never said I wasn't interested, I just feel like this book needed a shake up of sorts. There are a few gasp worthy moments, but not enough. It was too laid back. There is a line between angst and mellow. This book tried to toe that line and ended up on the too mellow side.

Great ideas and concept, just a very half way there commitment to it's delivery. Still, can't wait for Tyke's turn! I also appreciate the detail to Trip's tattoos on the cover of this novel. If only the rest of this story was as detailed. o.O

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Marriage by Mistake By Alyssa Kress

Don't let the unimaginative and unappealing cover fool you, this is a good story. Nothing less and nothing more. It is basic, but well written. There is little to no grammatical and spelling errors and the characters keep you interested and entertained. It's your run of the mill romance novel with it's own twist on a Vegas wedding.

Background wise, we focused more on the main male, Dean, than we did on the female lead, Kelly. That's fine however, as this did not detract from the story. It still kept me reading and wanting to know what happens next. It was a cat and mouse game throughout with a standard ending. In other words, it all felt mass produced.

Still, I liked the entire cast. They gave this laid-back mellow vibe while keeping us interested enough to make it to the end. We also got a semi two for one package, with not only the story of Dean and Kelly, but also Felicia and Troy. These couples are complicated without you feeling the effects. You understand the dynamics and the struggles, but you feel no pressure. Honestly, I was even looking for an epilogue or at least one more chapter to wrap it all up.

Dean is just oblivious to the emotions of the world and I love it! He gave you this confused but sure vibe, that instead of confusing you, it only entrapped you. Even though they weren't as passionate as most sex scenes, I liked these. They held their own vibe and connection, without going too far and any one tying any one to anything.

Kelly is a darling. She is strong if you ask me. I don't think I'd continue playing touch and go with a grown man, but she did. Background wise, we never focused much on her, with the time constraint and all the crazy happening. But, I would have liked some more background info on her. Her foundation was too vague for me. Maybe I just love her and wanted more Kelly time :)

Robby is a darling and Kirk is just hilarious. Troy and Felicia bring their own crazy, funny drama and it's all one big laugh, fun and party with this group. At times I got a little tired of Troy and Felicia story, because I wanted to know what was next with Kelly and Dean, but then I got over it and enjoyed it for the 2-4-1 that it is!

Overall, I can say this is a well written and safe story. While it does give a mass produced vibe, it is memorable in it's own right and is a good laid-back novel that you can read on your down time, or if you decide to take a sabbatical from main stream angst, cliche filled love fests. It is just right for what it hoped to convey and it satisfies.

What more could you ask for? :D

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Greed By Fisher Amelie

First off, because this needs to be addressed, the covers for this series is HAWTTTTT! (Wanted 7 T's ... oh well!) If I love nothing else, I love these covers. That 'Fury' cover revel knock me back a peg. They are hot!

Now ... So, I read 'Vain' in January of this year. I won't try to compare one sin to another, but I can say I don't get the same vibe as I did when I read Sophie's book. I was confused frequently and could hardly hold down a steady emotion for any of the characters.

I am seeing the pattern in this series, where you have to literally lose it all to learn the lesson of your sin. This brings me to the next book in this series, as well as, the notion than you can be rich, keep it and still be a new person. The poor is trying to be rich, so why should the rich aim to be poor? ... Makes no sense o.O

Spencer never once projected that of a greedy man in the entirety of this novel, just as much as Sophie didn't seem vain either.  If anything, he gave too much. While I understand what his private conversations with "Piper" were, they lost their appeal occasionally. They just seemed creepy and irrelevant to the plot after a while. I got the idea, but I became indifferent eventually.

Fisher Amelie novels are if nothing else, well researched and detailed. She commits and never lets up! I still would never work on a ranch, but I know quite  a few things now and can safely say that I was kept entertained in between all the ranch speak and work. It was definitely educational. Even if your not interested, you don't mind the ranch details that are worked within the plot.

While I understood Spencer's struggles and connected and loved his character from book 1, I would have loved if he got the chance to focus on himself more than he did every one around him. I believe he was put through the ringer, but he did it so well while keeping us entertained. As narrators go, Spencer was an entertaining one.

It was quite an opening description for Cricket, so naturally I waited for her to blow me out of the water like her first description. However, she paled over time for me and after a while it didn't matter to me, where she was concerned. I didn't hate her, but I never connected much with her either. Honestly, I could have spent the whole time with Spencer, Jonah and Bridget and had a better time. Spencer alone was more entertaining than Spencer and Cricket if you ask me. I am sure others will disagree :)

While Fisher Amelie is a great author and this series holds a certain quality for me, I feel as if this installment paled in comparison to the first. I understand them as being different sins, but the angst, intensity, passion, anxiety and apprehension and constant alertness that I got from 'Vain' was missing here. While a solid story, it didn't get my blood flowing, and I am not a fan of the ending. I however, suspect that we are in for a shake up with the next novel and it will affect both main characters,  individually and as a couple.

Then again, it could be 20 pages long and I would still want to read the upcoming installment. There is something about this series, that when you get pass the clean and precise artwork on the cover, you realize that as you go, there is a lesson to be learned and the lead characters of this series are some of the best.

Regardless of what transpires around them, they keep you focus and entertained. While I would have loved Spence to man up a  little, flirt a little more or even have a proper wild night as Spencer Blackwell, I still loved his character and looked forward to each chapter.

However, 'Fury' is on it's way and I can't wait! :D

Convicted By Aleatha Romig

You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength. - Marcus Aurelius

The above is one of the many quotes this book provided and one that I loved and believe carries weight for those who write. Whether author or reviewer.

Let me get the major question out of the way before we delve into this story. If you like Tony and Claire as a couple, then you will like this story. If not, then expect to be disappointed.

Now ... wow! Loved it! For the loose ends that were tied, marvelous! For the many outstanding issues, I shall wait to see where that goes. I am anticipating something else from this series, separate and apart from Tony's POV. I have to believe in this, because if not, then I shall keep on making up my own ending as I feel like this story isn't complete. Someone else is out there and is a  threat to the Nichols/Rawlings clan. That much is obvious.

'Conviction', being the conclusion that it is, didn't carry as much of a mind game as the books before. It was still good, but it paled in comparison to the novels before in this series. I blame it on it's purpose. I can truly say that the beginning held me and had me wondering what happened and why we were propelled here.

The middle at times dragged to me and the end was good but not great. Actually, I think that the anticipation could have been more. This series is known for keeping us on the edge of our seats and while I had some of those moments, I expected to faint occasionally like I did with 'Consequences' and 'Truth'. I did not.

I am glad to see the change in both Tony and Claire, but I would have loved to spend some more time with them as this new found couple in Iowa. Claire obviously grew some "balls" and Tony was like Tony 2.0. Same crazy, controlling bastard we love, but with a side for Claire that he has never portrayed before. He is just one contradiction after a next.

The LA gang did a complete 360 on me and that is part of the reason why I would have liked a more conclusive ending for them. I like Harry. I think he is hot and was a victim in this relationship between Tony and Claire. I am shocked and appalled at Amber and hate Liz. She is Claire before prison, without being held. Get some self-respect Liz!

While I don't hate Emily, I believe that she had a very villainous role in this installment. Done with good intentions, but wrong nonetheless. At times I wanted to fight her for Claire. Falling in love with Meredith was another shocker for me. I barely even registered her character from previous novels, but I loved how she sailed us into the future and helped with a wonderful transition.

As smooth as the transition was, I still feel that the ending became a little unrealistic as the crimes and convictions didn't coincide in my book. Catherine could have been a better villain if she was given the time. Sophia and her husband was dealt an awful hand in this installment, and I am not sure why they were made to suffer so much for complete outsiders who had no clue as to what was happening.

I wanted more time to be spent on the Nichols/Rawlings feud, but I loved this story nonetheless. I love how everyone from book 1 to 3 were given their time in the sun and even though we didn't get everyone's finale, I am semi content with the one I got. Meeting Francis and Madeline was also a welcomed. They were a great addition to the clan.

I loved every single one of the quotes that we received before each chapter and made a note of them all. From Mohammed Ali to Stephanie Meyer, anyone could have given their philosophical point of view in this novel. It still held it's meticulous vibe and strong character development. Every corner was covered, and if not for that confusing ending and lack of intensity and angst that kept us on our feet before, I would have deemed this novel perfect.

I fell in and out of love and got answers, that while it didn't shock me, sate me. I still think that 'Truth' is the best in this series so far, but 'Conviction' pulled it's weight and gave us the finale we had been waiting for from we began this series.

The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves. - Victor Hugo

Friday, 1 November 2013

Beautiful Player By Christina Lauren

When I look back on this series, I wonder if it's the same authors who wrote 'Beautiful Bastard'. I hated that novel. Not enough to not read the next, but I was definitely not a fan. Then they wrote 'Beautiful Stranger' and I had to do a double take. 'Beautiful Bitch' came next and I was impressed, because I actually began to like Bennett and Chloe characters. With that, came 'Beautiful Bombshell' and while I kept this one on my kindle for about a month after acquiring it, I loved their take on Vegas and discovered the character Will. To say I expected something different would be an understatement. I have no clue who Will was personality wise and I am thoroughly pleased that my expectations weren't met, because he is so much better!

I gave you that above history, to get you to understand what I feel towards this novel. It has been a journey. While not complete, it is astounding the level this cast of characters are now at. I am proud for both the characters and the authors and can truly say I am now a fan of this series and the authors.

Let me start by saying that while none of the characters in this novel fall to a cliche, Ziggy stands out more than all of them combined. At times she became reserved and insecure, but then Ziggy came back and I felt great again! She is carefree, confident, intelligent, witty, funny. She is the total package and I love her and Will together! I needed nothing else but those two in each other's company. Everything else paled in the background ... some might call it love :D

The first 15% of this book I spent laughing uncontrollable, and this is a testament within itself, because I had unlocked the first 5 chapters when it was offered about a month before release. When you can re-read a chapter and still laugh like it's the first time? ... Let's just say you got gold there baby!

Now unto Will, I know I said I had my own opinion of him, but that was before I thought he would get his own book and before I even knew he was Dr. Sumner and the level of intellect, intimacy and emotion he would be able to propel and place within a story. I think he blew Max Stella out of the water and almost nothing beats a Brit accent o.O

He was meticulous, thorough, funny, aggressively passive (not sure this makes sense), inspiring and let's not forget hot! I always pictured him as some man lacking in something, so he made up for it with randoms. I saw him as bland and normal but the man was the opposite of it all. He brought spark and life even when it wasn't needed, because Ziggy did it all on her own anyway.

If any problem I had with this story, is that I wanted more. I love and hate how it ended. Perfect ending indeed, but I wanted to spend more time with them. I wasn't near ready to let them go. I don't know the length, nor do I care. I am sure I could read at least 6 more chapters minimum with these two.

Another thing I liked about this story, that separated it from the usual genre, is the level of normalcy. They seemed more like a group of college guys without the endless women, than a group of Venture Capitalist, Scientist, CFOs and CEOs. It was warm and welcoming. Their wealth was never flaunted. It was the least. It was known but never seen, and for that, I applaud the authors.

I could go on all day about this story and have a review the size of this novel, because it is that good. So let me just say that you should totally grab a copy of this book in the series, because you won't be disappointed and you shall surely be entertained.

For those who love you some Max, Sara, Chloe, Bennett and even good ol' George from 'Beautiful Stranger', they are also present and accounted for and more involved than the usual 'Beautiful' novel cameos.

This whole series is like a bottle of fine wine and believe me when I say you wanna take a sip ;)