Friday, 31 January 2014

Weak for Him By Lyra Parish

I have read love triangle books before. There are times when I am rooting for the guy a girl picks and there are times when I am rooting for the one she decides to do without. After all, we each connect in our own ways.

I am not saying that I couldn't get into Finn being her happy ever after, but currently, I don't know about anyone else, but I felt as if she connected with Luke more than she fought with Finn. It started to feel like a first come, first serve kind of thing. I don't feel the love, attraction or connection. It all boils down to her seeing him first.

I won't dispute that this book could easily be read in one sitting. If I didn't start reading it so late, I probably would have completed it in one day also. It definitely held my interest and had me wanting to find out the results of Jennifer's decisions. I was stuck between shock at her action and rooting for Luke. On second thought, maybe he is better off without her.

A lot of the concepts in this book and "The Elite's" contract left me confused. I am not certain if it really is legally binding, because I don't know of prostitution being legal in the US. I could be wrong. Separate and apart though, this book left out the angst and suspense the blurb promised. Where's the money, bright lights and amazing sex? o.O

I had to re-read to check that she really lost hr virginity. Reminded me of 'Smitten' by Lacey Weatherford. But at least she promised teen fiction. This was suppose to be all sexy and raunchy, or at least so I thought o.O

The amount of time elapsing throughout this book, did not match the feelings or situations that rose. Like who is Nancy and why were we never introduced to her properly? What was that with Abbi in the basement? How does Jen really feel about her parents and Finn about his ex wife? Those are just some of the main questions that carry an impact on the story line.

I don't believe the right emotions came across and the only person I truly saw her connecting with was Luke. I craved her one on one moments with Luke and even those could have used some polishing at times

My mouth fell to the ground a couple of times reading this novel, because I was appalled at Jennifer and Finn's behavior. It's safe to say they aren't conventional in the least. There are also some really unrealistic set ups. Like really Lyra, she was a minute late! Plus how did Finn get into Luke's house without being heard or without Luke throwing him out? Sighz ... I hate things done just because. I like a set up and a build up.

I believe that Finn and Jennifer could be friends alone. At the end of this novel, I don't believe them as a couple. I also don't believe that this story had a resolution, as promised in the blurb, because while I thought about it, I doubt it's that easy to walk away into happy ever after. The ending also brought more questions which I can only conclude ranks it as a cliffhanger. Jen herself had questions before the close of the novel.

While it didn't do much for me, I liked the epilogue. It filled in some cracks right till the end, without going into too much details. Still, it didn't let me connect any more with the character that is Finn.

I would read book two in this series, but at this point, I'm reading only for Luke. As sappy as he is, he's the only male character I connected with in this book. Honestly, I love him more than Jennifer.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Plan B By S.J.D. Peterson

I got interested in this book when it ended. Not that it was a bad book, but the issues and controversy that a novel of this nature and issues, normally carry, weren't mentioned until the end. I especially loved the view of Lance's father. It added another parental view that's minimally portrayed in M/M romances. I wouldn't call this novel boring, but it's wasn't very entertaining for me either. I preferred them outside of college, so I was more interested in them three years later, than when they attended school together.

I wanted to go through the repercussions of Lance coming out, especially with Danny by his side. Danny is animated and I can't blame Lance, because I at times also forgot that he was a man. He is witty, sarcastic, hot as hell and put most women to shame! I've never read about guys who dress in drag, but Danny made me appreciate that group.

In a contest of personality, Danny would win. Maybe it's because this novel is taken from his POV, but I just love him. His spunk, rhetoric's, clothing choices. Even his viewing pleasures ;)  Unfortunately, there wasn't a good balance and so we weren't given enough insight into Lance. We finally got into his life, literally at the end of the novel. Throughout this novel, there was a  lack of confrontation and struggle. I don't even know when they fell in love. I was still sitting waiting on the inevitable confrontations. If not for that final college argument between Danny and Lance, I would not have known that any one noticed them. They know how to do DL very well. 

Bo and Katie were great additions to this story, both as buffers and rocks. I would have loved some more time with them, so I could appreciate their union some more also. Bo seems crazier than I suspected and I love Katie's fire. All their personalities could have made a stellar novel! 

I am also disappointed that we didn't get to dive into Danny's world as much as I would have liked. We just scratched the surface. We rarely get the POV of the openly gay guy, so I wanted more. With Danny's personality, looks and vices, he would have been the perfect guide in the world of drag. His birthday was the one night we really got to see Danny in his element, and that ended just as quickly as it began.

Danny and Lance barely interacted with the other characters both physically and conversationally. Other than Bo, Katie and Danny's parents we don't receive much conversation. Bran was a great addition but his time was also cut short. 

The sex scenes were timid and we only get one full penetration scene, but it was symbolic. While not what I waited for, the emotions behind the scene was satisfactory. It was actually when, I started to really get into the novel. It made me more curious than before.

As an overall read, I think it's a nice way to pass an afternoon. I do however, believe that it needed some depth, conversation and change of scenes. It needed a certain level of confrontation or drama to take it to that next level. Unfortunately, just as we got it, the story ended. 

I would love to get at least a novella showing life after Lance came out and all the challenges they endure throughout that time period. As I said, we ended just as they actually became a couple.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Unbearable By Shantel Tessier

So this is a lengthy one. Fortunately, you don't notice it as much when you are reading.

This book has spurts of intensity. The momentum doesn't always last, but when you are in the moments, they are intense and captivating. Maybe it was reading it over a period of days, but it felt like I was reading in real time. The novel starts off somber, as Sam grieves the death of her mother from book 1. Half way through the book, I forgot that her mother was even dead. You feel entwined in Slade and Samantha's relationship, to the point where you feel like you are living it.

Naturally, there are a few unrealistic happenings, but overall, their's seem like a true, stead fast, realistic relationship. Their fights are real. Their problems, while sometimes feeling a tad over dramatized, are that of every day re;relationships. I love though that it's not all rainbows and sunshine. Especially where Samantha and her friends are concerned.

I love the complexity to the story. You would think that everything would be rushed, and everyone happily paired, but that's not the case. The story even comes with it's own brand of mysteries. The last secret revealed in this novel is one I bounced around for a while. Still, I like that I wasn't sure. Even being a romance novel, it has it's other layers, depths and unrelated issues that drive this story down it's own path, away from the usual cliche of a romance novel.

The sex scenes have their moments, like everything else in this book. Once again, Sam and Slade work through things like a real couple, and we get to see them grow and come into their relationship.

Samantha has always been an interesting character to me. I love her small fierceness and her girly attitude. She is the epitome of girly girl and I love it. I never doubt a characters personality, they have all been clear from the beginning. I also love the sentimental values and time spent to detail important moments of this story. When necessary, we even took a stroll down memory land with Samantha and Slade.

This novel allows up to develop with Sam and Slade as a couple, as oppose to individuals first. I have no problem with this strategy. I can't see them as anything other than Sam and Slade. This time though, we got to know more about Slade, his family, friends and work. We have always focused more on Samantha and her past, but this time we get to see Slade in the past and to even see the loyalty within his friendship with Josh.

The introduction of Tate is a tentative one. He brings an air of violence that I am not use to from this novel. The thing is, the man has yet to even have a sensible confrontation or fight in front of us. I am not certain of his character and where he will go, but I am glad for some clarity at the end of this novel. It brings back the focus to Sam and Slade, as they traverse their relationship and the changes. I do know however, that his character is not one this circle is used to, and I can't wait to get a peak at his book.

This story takes place over a period of approximately five months, but it will feel like 2 years tops! There is layers upon layers of events and enough content to spark your interest chapter to chapter. You keep on guessing until  the very end.

We can always count on Samantha and Slade to not have the mid novel dramatic break ups and they never disappoint. This is one feature of this story that makes me come back for more.

You get all you loved from 'Undescribable' with even more memories to take you to 'Uncontrollable'. The possibilities that await are endless, and I can't wait to see how Sam and Slade's story will conclude. There might not be major fireworks, but there will be a lighting show for sure.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Take Me By J. Kenner

This is a really short novella, that I think was suppose to show Nikki and Damien's wedding week. I assume, it was also suppose to double as an introduction to Ethan Black. It didn't really live up to it's promises. Nikki said hi to Mr. Black, literally, and we got to read the first chapter of 'Wanted'. Where the wedding was concerned, I don't think one issue was fully settled. There were extremely detailed moments, but I've forgotten the whole affair already.

Don't expect a continuation or closure to past and present topics. We even opened a new can of worms with Sofia and we didn't even get a conclusion. It is literally about six days following Nikki, as she continues to harm herself and try to put together her wedding.

It's not life after a murder acquittal, which I find, would be very interesting. I was confounded though as to all the paparazzi. I never understood the paparazzi that followed Damien Stark, as a businessman/child star/former tennis pro. His actual significance far under weighs the media attention he gets. Also, we spent the time opening a lot of new questions, that we don't get the answer for.

Since 'Complete Me', this "trilogy" has taken a down turn. It seems to be lagging. As to what it is waiting for, I am not sure, as it seems this novella should have closed out Nikki and Damien's chapter of this story.

On the bright side, we caught up with almost all of the previous characters. As to what they are doing now, and will be doing, only J. Kenner knows.

Overall, this novella isn't boring or hard to read, but it doesn't go any where or do anything for the characters or the previous and upcoming novels and novellas.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Forever with You By Laurelin Paige

I got it all. All the craziness from book 1 that I was promised I got. It's like everything went in hyper overdrive. Still, it wasn't rushed, corny or predictable. This was the perfect blend of emotions, reactions and time. I can truly say we got it all.

I don't know how much time elapsed in this story, but I didn't care. I was hooked to every moment of this story. With so much going on, I had no time to watch the percentage. All the characters have grown, and even though a time frame would be crucial in understanding the growth of the story and characters, I didn't mind, because we got to see the changes as they happened.

Everyone's true nature was brought forward, secrets uncovered, friendships formed and new characters added. While we didn't get to interact as much with Gwen as I would have liked, we caught up with Liesl and that was awesome. The banters and inner monologues of this novel are just as hilarious and interesting as the actual conversations. To top it all off, we got a chapter in Hudson's POV :)

There was never nothing overly intriguing about this story, but it always held an undercurrent of secrets and games. Those were revealed with an opening into Hudson Pierce like never before. It was the most vulnerable I have ever seen his character, and while his secret was quite the betrayal of trust, I liked the openings it provided and the results. The climb to this novels finality was more validating due to that betrayal.

With this new development also came the Alayna that I have wanted from book 1. Now this is an obsessive stalker chick! I loved her witty, sarcastic comments as she went through her own personal demons that she chalked up to karma. It was great following her around and being in her mind. Some parts scared me a little because it felt so familiar.

Even though it was made out to seem like the behavior of obsessive and manipulative individuals, there were many indicators of realistic relationships. The story line connected more as a real life relationship. It was logical, well planned and executed. Her fears were real and her inner and outer responses natural for her predicaments. I believe every moment of her craziness and reservations.

I would have preferred more Hudson and Alayna time, as I can never get enough of them both. I loved their arguments, quiet moments and everything in between. I just love them! To be honest, I don't want this story to end. There is so much more that I want to experience with Hudson and Alayna, as individuals and as a couple. I also feel like there was some relationships that needed a closing of sorts. We never had a one on one with Brian again, and a little more Sophia time would have been nice. She adds a certain fire and realism to the story line.

I believe the base of this story to be an extraordinary one, based on it's issues and solutions. The characters are great and there are many sides to this tale. It has more than one interpretation and is open to so much more than could be crammed into a trilogy. There definitely wasn't a cliched ending and regardless of my yearning for more, I believe that this was the perfect ending for Hudson and Alayna as a couple.

Even though I do have some questions that weren't answered, I can only hope that a novella might be in the works, because I surely haven't gotten enough of Alayna and Hudson. Thankfully, we might get cameos in Gwen's upcoming novel. Now that, I can't wait for :D

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Before Jamaica Lane By Samantha Young

Well, at least I can say I know what happened before Jamaica Lane. That much is rather clear by the end of this novel.

Olivia and Nate aren't two characters I expected to get a book so soon after meeting them. Also, their worries and problems are not what I suspected. This was definitely a twist on damaged male sex pot. I am still unable to understand their survivor's guilt, but I guess it's what makes them so right for each other.

Olivia is one of those witty, sarcastic semi-feminist characters, who know how to take control when necessary and it is rather easy to love her. I would have loved to spend some more time with her Library group of friends, because there was so much potential in her work life. She is smart, witty, independent and narrates this story flawlessly. Regardless of your own issues, you can relate to hers. Despite her thoughts, I found her to be confident and radiant throughout this novel. Before and after her transformation. Her witty, sarcastic comebacks were hilarious. I also looked forward to the games of "would you rather ..."

With a Samantha Young book, for me personally,  I expect to at least get the basics of a good novel and writing. I wasn't disappointed, but then I never got that extra element, that would take it to an unforgettable, dynamic level. Sometimes, I wonder if Ms. Young tries to not outshine the real and original stars of this series, Joss and Braden.

I could see the train wreck approaching from the first lesson, but at least the results differed slightly. Every time I thought this was it, caving time, she held out a little longer. Even knowing the end fate, the lack of exact time held a little mystery and question to this rather cliche story line.

Unfortunately, I am no closer to knowing Nate's character than when I first met him in 'Down London Road'. I believe this is a major problem for me with the male characters of this series. They don't normally get their times to tell their sides. I however, could live without the other guys POVs. Nate's is needed. Even after Jamaica Lane, he's still a mystery character to me.

Irrespective of this distance I feel towards the male lead, I do like them as a couple. Then again, they didn't have the conventional meet and greet. They were already best friends, so that transition wasn't as rocky as it could have been. Even the aftermath was somewhat civilized. I would have liked though for Ben to get a chance. He seems like a really good guy.

We got updates on the other characters, past and present, even though they hardly spoke, with the exception of Jo, Joss and Ellie. I guess girlfriends status gave them more air time. We did get to see the catalyst that lead to a Braden and Joss reconciliation in 'Castle Hill'. We also got to see Joss's reaction to her pregnancy news from another's POV. There was also the line up of Ellie's life and Hannah's quest that we get to read next.

More dialogue and a stronger integration of Nate's friends would have made this story better. It was flat, fleeting and only held the notes of Olivia and Nate. Peetie is suppose to be one of his best friends and he didn't speak once throughout this novel.

Other than a bond through illness, we never got real personal with Olivia and Nate. The only reason I feel a stronger connection with Olivia is because she narrated the story. I know a whole lot of hilarious baby stories about Nate, but the man he is today, I am not so sure.

This story is not bad, but it is basic, cliche filled and in need of some more depth and interaction. This might be the most sexual book in this series. I don't think we get as much sex scenes before as we get from this novel.

Surmise to say, you won't be bored, but you might not walk away with as much connection as the books before.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Layers By T.L. Alexander

Firstly, you can currently read this book in it's entirety on Putting that aside, this is not a straight forward, cliche, pattern filled novel. It will start requiring an acquired taste, and if you are anything like me, you will be thinking about switching to another book when you first began reading.

It's safe to say though, that it gets a little better. Lacking an original ending and sneak peek, it still remains an interesting book. This is a very disorganized novel. Therefore, at times you will get the POV of Jax. It comes with no real reason or purpose. Just more inner ramblings to match that of Alexia. Her inner monologues, resemble the ramblings of a teenager, as oppose to the life of a 27-year-old extremely accomplished woman. Don't even get me started on her Grams, because this entire story seems like it was placed in a martini mixer and shaken!

The romance story was even more unclear than the general plot. I didn't doubt nor believe their relationship. It was overwhelmingly easy, breezy. If I wasn't witness to it, I would call it non existent. It's all one jumbled mess, and the fact that we started from the middle didn't help. There are no clear relationship or sexuality line in this novel. Men are lusting after men and they ain't even gay! As I said before, one jumbled mess.

I didn't make much of a connection with the other characters, but i'm cool with Jax and Alexia individually. Relationship and sex wise, it all felt too friendly. Once minute he is professing his undying lust and love, the next he is shacking up with his ex. Nothing in the world seems to bother Alexia, so this makes it even more complicated to understand or be upset. As I said, I still see them in the friend zone.

There are a lot of questions, and the future of this story, looks filled with even more. There is a tone to this story. It is laid back, regardless of the issue. This story starts and end with a bang, but you don't really feel the severity of it all.

Depth and a whole lot of explanation is needed within this novel. However, throughout it all, I was kept interested and was able to read it in one sitting. It keeps you entertained and interested enough to finish and want more. While you are sure to skim some conversations, or re-read them, because you can't understand what it is about, you have so much questions that you can't help but to see how it will all play out.

I believe the supporting characters were also on an average level. I never fell in love with any of them nor did I hate them. It's conflicting to relay feelings with this novel, because it lacks so much. It's impossible to tie down one emotion with this cast, because they are all over the place.

I would really love to see how this story develops from here, because so much is missing, when so many unwanted parts could have been removed, like the reading of a fictional story in a fictional story o.O
My interest in this story line though is peaked and I hope this very secretive cast will give us something to work with in the next installment.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Music of the Soul By Katie Ashley

So .... Jake is a pansy, Abby is perfect, AJ gets a little 'South of the Border' on us, Mia is much tamer than before, Brayden and Lily are still doing the married with kids thing and Rhys is in the background single and adjusting to it all. In other words, it's your typical 'Runaway Train' novel.

Music of the soul, acts as a, what happens next and what is about to happen, novella. It does however, remains true to all the characters, especially Abby and Jake. Married or not, neither one has changed much from the people we initially fell in love with.

While a serious struggle, I am glad for the change or reversal of roles. Usually, this situation dominates rock and roll novels. This one took a different view, while it touched on some rather sensitive topics. There was drama galore, and I feel as if they weren't amended in the correct time period.

It had an air of hurry, without being a race to the finish kind of story. I would have loved to dwell on some issues that were given a couple hours at most, before it was all sorted.

To get both Abby and Jake's POV helped, because it added layers to the story. It at times felt  like you were reading two different stories,  due to the almost seamless transitions. It gave us both of their views on everything, and as such, we didn't miss a beat or finish this book wondering what now where they are concerned.

I could see them making cameo appearances in future novels, but their story is basically complete. It's just for Jake to not be a douche and Abby to continue be her all forgiving angelic self. She was put through quite the ringer in this installment and even though some of the outcomes were extremely predictable, to be on that journey with her was fabulous!

I would have just liked to have gotten some more out of those final scenes. We struggled with her through her issues, it would be nice to have been a complete presence throughout the final process. As I said before, certain areas seemed pressed for time.

This is a quick, easy read, for you to get an update on what happened next with all the main characters, and what is coming up. There is drama, fights, some average sex scenes and a whole lot of cute babies. :)

It's your typical novella with a few twists. It will keep you interested enough to finish, just don't expect the same amount of density as a full novel. I continue to adore the characters and this series. To watch Jake and Abby figure it out, is like a deleted bonus scene all wrapped in one for me. While there are many discrepancies and issues that I would have loved to explore in full, I still think it's a nice, quick, update read.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Raw By Belle Aurora

So, this book took me a while to complete. That however, is no fault of the book. Once I settled down, I couldn't stop. It's not complex or confusing, because you have both POVs, but it is quite interesting and holds your attention. It's unconventional. One of the main characters grossly detest labels and I can see it within this novel. There is no one category for it.

Lexi and her "stalker" will definitely change your perception of the word. Then again, he was never one for labels. I never understand their decisions or actions, but I some how understand them as persons o.O
Just as you see a light, it's shadowed by death. This book gives it's own spin on real life events, and how tragedies play out all the time. There is no fairy tale. If not for the last POV of this book, I would give it 5 stars and call it Life!

I am fascinated and in love with Lexi's damaged stalker. To be honest, the guy could stalk me every damn day! He is broody, cocky, mischievous and plain 'ol hilarious! I never once feared his character, but I did fall in love with him as each chapter passed.

The way he handled life and business was precise, crazy and calculated. Some people would think that this story is pretty basic, vague and not much climax is present. Especially for the lifestyle and histories. I would agree. But somewhere within all those missing elements, is a strong interest. You just can't help but to find out more about all the characters as they go in and out of this story. Even Happy gets a section :)

The sex initially seemed like another Dom/Sub novel. It eventually became standard and at times frightening. There is never one wavelength to this story. You are all over the place emotionally, physically and mentally. At times, when I think I have it figured out, it turns out that I was wrong.

I am however, grateful that we got the back history before this story ended. So abruptly and unfair I might add. The amount of years passed in the epilogue, just adds to the constant complications of this story, as well as, the loon that is Twitch.

The fact that this story is set in Australia is a plus. A break from the US scene never hurts anyone. I would have however, liked to see the inner workings of his criminal network. It's quite impressive and too well oiled of a machine. It's like the police in Australia don't pay much attention to business men with offices, houses and desk like Tony Montana.

This is a story about  a set of people who at one point in their lives all call the streets home. It's filled with lies, secrets, trauma, death and love. I love all the characters and feel it when we lose one. My mouth fell a couple times in shock from the events of this story. Twitch's personality, demeanor and presence is a force to be reckoned with. This is a new take on damaged self-made billionaire and we even get an Aussie twist ;)

Friday, 3 January 2014

Storm By Nina Levine

Ok, so I was bored. I was bored to the point that it took me three days to complete this book, and I had to tell myself that I won't let another day pass before I finish reading it. It's not that long of a book, just too boring and cliche of one.

Madison is like a never ending game of 'Angry Birds'. Then, the author tries to find ways to make her seem unique and different. It did no such thing. It just sped up the cliches. I don't know when the story began, or when it ended, as it relates to seasons, years, month, day or time.

At times, I think we were months along, only to find out that just a day had passed. You can imagine my shock o.O

I never felt the rekindled fire of Jason and Madison. I do however, don't dislike them as a couple. They match. Their "tender" moments are few and in between. It's course in language and delivery, but I guess it's their world, so whatever ...

Jason got his own POV in the mix of everything. The purpose is clear. If not for the story line however, I would have forgotten him. At a point, I even thought that he would be replaced. She seems to lust after anything with a penis. After all, the book starts with her giving a random guy oral sex. You'd think that would be the beginning of great things for this book. By the end of the book, I can't even remember how Jason looks. I am borderline, as to if we even got a character description, for any of them.

The issues and courses were way off! Madison made a decision for Crystal, but other than the first day she went home, we have yet to see or have another discussion with her and Crystal. Crystal becomes a fleeting mention. The person who helped change the direction of this story, and we have only been in direct contact with her once. We also began this trip back home with a lot of enemies and issues. Apparently, we aren't privy to this information, because this novel has ended and I still don't know what Brooke and Madison were beefing about. But I guess it doesn't matter, because they are friends now -_-

There isn't much depth to this story or it's characters. It's a wannabe biker novel with a dash of romance. Even though, in my opinion, the romance starts and begins with them just being in relationships. They behave like a rowdy bunch of dogs if you ask me.

People cussing, fighting, shouting instead of talking like human beings. Plus what's up with that mom? Maybe I watch too much 'Sons of Anarchy', but Gemma or Tara (RIP) would take a guy out for the things Marcus be doing. Also, not that it's a requirement, but where are the cool biker names? I don't even know how their bikes look!! x_x

Surprisingly, my favorite character in this book was Blade, and the man was literally introduced in the last two pages. There is something about his presence that scream authority. He also made me stand up and look!

There is so many anomalies, questions and possibilities but I am not certain if I will read another book in this series any time soon. Too much details are missing. It's rather basic and not laced with enough comebacks to overshadow the missing content.

It's not a bad novel, it just lacks interest and enough memorabilia to make you want more. Apparently the brother's story is up next. I can already see who and what it will be about. I'm not impressed nor that interested. Maybe when I get another down time, I will pick it up.