Sunday, 30 June 2013

Unravel Me By Kendall Ryan

I feel cheated. This is definitely not what I expected. I saw amnesia and murder and hope for a total mind sex and instead I got a soft tough guy and a very forgiving and naive Ph.D. student.

There should be a disclaimer that says this is a love story! And it is summarized in one book!! ... There, I just said it!

Logan ... let me not spoil the name reveal for you and keep mentioning him by this name, I liked. I understood and I appreciated. But I wanted more for and from him. The book ends with things in place but still not clear.

Ashlyn is a very naive young lady who could have gotten herself killed or worse. But seeing as how it's story land, she found love. Otherwise, I had no problem with the girl. I think most of my resentment has to do with my misunderstanding of what I was about to read.

I know it's a love story, but I figured it would be a psychological thriller/love story or at least a mystery suspense. Most people believe something was missing, but in actuality, I think it has more to do with expectation and delivery as well as the lack of depth when it comes to the main premise of the story, which was amnesia.

I understand that he doesn't know who he is or anything before he woke up in the hospital, but he also didn't put the pieces together or built much of a personality in the process. Needless to say, without his ex, we wouldn't get a full profile of who he is and he didn't work through much if you ask me.

Actually, I loved the life and routine that he was creating with Ashlyn. That's a story I could follow. I loved them like that. It felt more like a real relationship from foundation up. When the past was introduced it just complicated and plummeted the story if you ask me.

I figure it's important to find his roots, but I honestly never mind what they had going. I was disappointed with the missing prospect of a full on mystery, but the building of a relationship with two people who have just met and one who knows nothing about themselves, was intriguing but the execution was lacking in parts.

Honestly, the sex scene descriptions were unnecessary, as they barely spoke during the acts, but I loved the final sex scene! I got to say it was funny as hell and part of the reason I am gonna read book 2, is because I love Liz's fire!!

Overall, this novel was probably too short and not properly expounded on, but it was a great premise and a comfortable read. Even in my disappointment, there were prospects and moments that I can't regret. It just needed to be longer and a focal point chosen. It was all over the place and issues were left either unresolved or solved too easily. Sometime it's like we were going in fast forward.

Great set of characters, just needed some development and focus to be one of the greats.

The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 1 - 4 by Latrivia S. Nelson

I just can't get enough  of this family!!

I love how even though we were back tracking to Dmitry's past, with the beginning of each volume, we got snippets of life after 'Saving Anya'. So much has happened and it's nice to be kept in the loop.

I have decided to summarize the first st of volumes, 1-4 as they are rather short but spicy :)

Volume 1

Short, sweet and spicy beginnings. It so much like how I pictured Dmitry. He is stronger than I imagined and his initial story broke my heart for him. He really did fight for all he's got

Always love being in the mind of Dmitry and this story was not without Ivan's input. I actually feel something for Ivan. I really wanna find out where it completely went wrong for him, because regardless of his psychopath ways, he had it hard too and it showed. Before he left Moscow, he had a little humanity left. I wonder where it all went wrong.

It was the perfect start to Dmitry' s beginnings. Couldn't have asked for it to be any better! Foundation was definitely the theme of this volume.

Volume 2

Well, well, well ... and we have found the initial catalyst of Ivan' s hatred of all things Dmitry!

It seems regardless of the era, women scorned are known trouble!

I love the development of this story so far and Dmitry reminds me of Anatoly in this volume. From his thoughts to his spoken words. Anatoly might not have the height, but he sure has the mind of Dmitry Medlov!

I am glad that we got a view into Catherine and Emma, and while I love Royal, I am glad he found Catherine. I thought I would resent her even though I am aware it's the past, but I have the opposite effect and I love to see the characters grow and develop even if it's bad.

Dmitry' s honesty knows no bounds and goes to show the change when he met Royal, because he is nothing like he used to be. It showed growth, change, and true love.

At first I was skeptical about this being written after, but I think this order is best as we get to make comparisons and solve questions we still had at the end of the first series.

His arrangement with Catherine was distasteful at best, but the emotions and motions that are set and distributed throughout this volume is marvelous and on point. It hit all the right spots!

Volume 3

And the enemies have arrived. We are now seeing Dmitry' s rise and the allies and enemies that are being made.

I am still on team Ivan and can't believe the vile creature he became because the boy had a semi good side. I guess what happened to Arie was the final straw. Still, that girl was trouble from the beginning and reading this now just has me shouting at them to get rid of her before she ends them all. Once again ... women!

This series keep developing and progressing better than I could have expected. I am trying to remember if Elsa was in the previous series, but I like her and hope she doesn't betray Dmitry.

I am also glad to see David playing such an active role also as he was an ever present shadow in the Medlov Crime Family series.

Even Dorian is present in this one and I am glad we are getting all the foundation to strengthen this great series.

Volume 4

Without a doubt, the killing of Evgeny Smirnov was more hilarious than serious. I wish we had a little more time with the man because he is remarkable! If only he wasn't such a ruthless deviant I can just imagine the force of strength that could have been harnessed between him and his son/cousin ... yes I am convinced that Ivan is his cousin and not his brother ... honestly, they should have confirmed before they killed the old man.

Dmitry's rise to power and how he acquired it was fascinating to witness. Dmitry killing is so graceful it's like the ballet ... I swear it's an art form!

Why isn't this a TV series or a movie or supn!!! I so wanna watch these men. They are powerful, mesmerizing and so much more on just black and white ... can imagine colour?!

This volume really helps to show you where allegiances are switched and change is every changing like the time of day.

In less that five years, these men are on top of ... well everything!

I am pinching myself waiting for characters we know and love to enter the scene and to see Dmitry strive in his empire.

We have the best seat in the house!!! :)


Saturday, 29 June 2013

Rock My World By Michelle A. Valentine

It was a novella ... what can I say?

Wasn't much special about it. It seems more like a deleted chapter or could have been summarized in probably three chapters at the end of Rock My Bed.

It's basically a really drama filled adaptation of meeting the parents. Aubrey's mom is quite melodramatic and her father is ... 'The Judge' ... you'd have to read it to get it :)

While not an over the moon fist pumping novella, it was still well written and edited than most novels and it was good that we got an incorporation of all the characters with even a notable mention of Trip whose story is next in line ... very subtle Michelle :)

It had it all, love, drama, life altering moments ... it packed it all without a punch. It was relaxed and mellow even with the undercurrents of death and accidents. After all, it wouldn't be a Black Falcon novel without sex, music, love and drama.

Being the very unselfish person that Ms. Valentine is, she gifted us with the birth of Noel and Lanie's baby and set us up for the next chapter of Zach and Aubrey's life while hinting at the storm coming that is Trip. Yup! She did it all in a 100 pages.

I must say though, I like when an author commits to a story line or situation, so I hated the unrealistic time frame of the accident and the conversations and hysterics of the hospital scene were bordering on Mills and Boons cheesy! Almost lost me there.

I was rolling my eyes at the recovery method and process and how such a heavy situation was skirted or brush under the rug. There was so many complications and factors that came into play and being a nurse, Ms. Valentine would know. I believe that if you pick a topic, stick with it till the end.

Anyhoo, regardless of those two blunders, it was a nice afternoon nap read. Short and to the point like 'The Judge'!

Can't wait for Trip's book. I always loved this series!

Conquer Your Love By J.C. Reed

Well this one was an improvement from the last. I guess comebacks are possible after all. While we did spend a considerable amount of time in the mind of Brooke, I was glad for the first chapter being from Jett's POV. Not sure why we couldn't carry on with a dual POV story, but it's neither here nor there.

This book seems to be confused as to if it's a romance or mystery/suspense but never one for staying in the box, I say ... who cares??!! It had just the right blend of romance and mystery so as to add another element without deducting from the main aim of love.

While Brooke is not any more interesting of a character, Jett has gained some personality and a new addition of Kenny spells possibilities. I see we are going into a thriller with an overwhelming amount of romance and I say hey ... give it a try!

I must say that even though the amount of time wetness pooled in Brooke's core, she has a way to excite me at the possibility of Jett touching her. Other than sexual situations, the mystery elements of the novel were also well written. I did feel eerie and anxious throughout and found myself skipping and back tracking lines. It's safe to say I preferred the suspense as oppose to the romance.

Once again, I have no clue as to where this book is heading but this time, I am intrigued. I figure it didn't all end in Italy, and I really just wanna solve this mystery ... it's the Nancy Drew in me :)

Brooke also seems a hell of a lot more fearless or braver than when we first encountered her in 'Surrender your love'. She is taking initiative and entering dangerous situation with little to no thought. The usual self obsessed always rambling in her mind was downgraded to a minimum and we finally had more conversations that actually had meaning and depth.

There was banter, sarcasm, wit and a few surprises that even though they were serious, they made me laugh. There was a lot more elements to this installment that was lacking before and while the mystery is naturally intriguing, I still feel like too much is missing. We went through and entire novel and all we really gained was a personality for Jett, some suspicious documents and an unexpected pregnancy between Sylvie and Brooke .. I'll let you figure out which one. (Funny scene though ...)

I really wish we could have enjoyed more of the Italian lifestyle, as I believe it would have added to the novel. But only the basics were conveyed and not much thought was placed into scenery. Once again, we stuck to the basics.

Jett seemed more human and approachable in this novel and not so much a conniving twit. I was glad to see growth within all the characters and a sense of evolution with regards to the story line.

Still, this story only had bits that have you chomping. It still lacked that element to latch on to you and drag you into the story. We mostly only got those from scary or intense scenes. The love scenes are kind of standard. This story is comfortable within it self, with a little danger lurking.

However, I am glad that we got a good ending this time that didn't leave too much angst or a void to fill. You know there is more coming, and you wanna solve the mystery, but due to the monotone of this novel, I am sated enough to wait for the release of book 3 to see what is going on in this series and hope that these two love isn't compromised in the process. Because regardless of their start or the troubles a head, there is no denying that they are better together. Honestly, I feel their connection if nothing else in this novel.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Knight By Kristen Ashley

I'm not gonna lie when I say that I am terribly disappointed in this story because it was written by Kirsten Ashley and I loved, totally loved The Gamble!!!
I realize she has a thing for writing about extremely dominant manly men, and that's why I gravitated towards this novel.

I was also shocked at the semi false advertising, as I expected a dual POV or Knight's POV based on the summary, but instead I got none of that.

I got anxious at times but it seems for no good reason, because the outcome was less than stellar. It's like Anya didn't have an ounce of back bone in her ... the girl could be a submissive maybe even a slave if given the chance. She is too pliant ... in bed, ok ... but life?? .. win some battles miss!

All I learnt about Knight is that he is a controlling man with a crazy family and astounding side job! I get what it was suppose to symbolize, but the fact that he grew up so personally with it and it affected him dearly, he should have never got involve!!
It was the furthest thing from my mind, that when we introduced to his other job, I couldn't believe it because it was the the last thing I expected. Then his phenomenal sharing and messed up logic just killed it for me and the fact Anya just swallowed it up made me mad and just give up on the bunch!

I understand for a man as dominant as Knight to stand his ground and beliefs and so I found it hot when he decided about holidays and commitments. He might not be the sweetest of them all, but he knew the words to say in every situation and his acts of love were rough around more than the edges, but they were so him that you love them anyway! ... I love a character that stays true to themselves, and Knight did.

There was no rush, thrill and direct drama in this novel, unless being cultivated by Sandrine (nice name btw ...). I think we lived like how Knight wanted it, peaceful and without attention. If it wasn't for the few antics of Sandrine, we would have nothing. And the characters recounted those events so fast that they almost lost their meaning or impact.

This is not the BDSM book that you make it out or want it to be. Honestly, I even felt like Mrs. Ashley was shy or skittish when it came to the sex scenes. I am not one to complain about that as I loved the length and directness of these scenes, but for someone who expected all out BDSM sex ... it's vanilla with a hint of chocolate syrup!

Honestly, I don't even know why it was mention as a BDSM book, because YA novels have more action than the sex scenes in this novel.I guess it was the commands and submission ... honestly don't know.

We span around 2 years in this novel and a whole lot of things happened that seemed unrealistic and some very important meetings were omitted. Honestly, it never felt like two years to me by time we got to the epilogue. I still had so many questions, one being who is Creed and why wasn't he mentioned in book 1 but staring book 2 ... like idk ...

Still, I read this book in a  whole day so to my psyche it couldn't have been that bad or maybe it's Mrs. Ashley's literary genius despite a barely attempted submissive novel. I love Mrs. Ashley for her long novels that are normally really good that you don't mind, and I found that again in this aspect, but I would have loved some life to be pumped into this book to take it somewhere great. Hopefully it gets better.

P.S. Totally clueless as to the title of the series ... no clue why he is an unfinished hero ... we never got his POV not once unless from Anya.

Epilogue By C.J. Roberts

Interactive. This was the most interactive book in the series. It was taken from Caleb/James POV and he was talking more to us the fans than the other characters or himself.

It was a very whimsical adaptation of a novel or novella. It wasn't your conventional novel or book. It seemed more like a behind the scenes into the thought process of C.J. Roberts.

Still, Epilogue cut our characters, especially Caleb, raw and exposed every nook and cranny of his mind. Yes it picked up in Spain at their first meeting, but it back tracked a lot and that helped to quell most questions we wanted answers for. The tease of more didn't go unnoticed and because I love C.J. Stephens writing so much, I trust her if she every decide to give us one more adventure ... keep Rubio and Claudia out of it though :) ... can't go tainting every one!

Everyone who was anyone was present and accounted for, including Agent Reed. Even though we didn't get much dialogue from him.

Caleb kept his cunning wits and nothing changes about him personality wise ... once again, I am thrilled with this prospect because I always believe that if your gonna be bad, be bad with a purpose (gotta a little Vampire Diaries there) :)
He also reiterated his virility and manhood repeatedly through this novel and let us know that even though he has found love, he was still Caleb.

Also, I was surprised that Caleb was full of so much sarcasm. The times spent in his mind was hilarious and his views on Rubio throughout the novel were extremely funny! He never thought much of Claudia either, but they grew on him ... like fungus and I was glad to see him in this element. He kept himself while becoming a new person.

There story was real! I am glad he also pointed out that love for and with him is both dangerous and to the point. He might love you, but he won't be abused by you and that was an even more important lesson throughout all the books of this series I believe.

We didn't get into Olivia/Sophia's mind, but I am glad to see her progress and to see her finally find her place. She was more confident, secure and dare I say a force to be reckon with!

Sexual deviant don't even begin to explain these two. I must say they are creative and gave me a few ideas ;)

I laughed a lot in this book, something that was barely a privilege throughout the other two novels. Caleb kept me cackling like crazy and Olivia had me grinning like a Cheshire Cat  with her antics.

Beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder because to get the story from both characters was a different window. It's like seeing a whole new story.
The snippets throughout the two previous installments was as usual, beautifully entwined and add so much more to the novel. I was surprised I could even remember them and knew them word for word.

I was glad for this little view of Caleb and Sophia in a different light. I am a little unsure if I wanna read the alternative ending provided on Ms. Roberts blog, but I can't help myself!
Still, I 'll always have the memory of Spain and what it was like for them. I couldn't have asked for a better Epilogue!!!

P.S. awesome covers throughout the entire series!!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Seduced in the Dark By C.J. Roberts

I didn't know where to start or what was going on in the beginning. Honestly, I wasn't even completely sure of what happened until about 74% in this novel, if even so much. Yeh  .... basically had me in circles until I had to give it a break half way through the day. Heat and confusion ... not a good combination!

Well turns and secrets were all that was left to heighten this story, and that's what we got. It's like with each day that past, more secrets are unearthed. Initially I thought Olivia had gotten mad but I never thought Caleb was dead and I surprisingly never saw her as a Stockholm patient. This story is what I wanted for Pieces by Michelle David Argyle, to break the convention and step out the box!!

The depravity continued and some how this book series has dampen my libido. Either that, or the vibe of this book is one of such depravity and reckless abandon, it was impossible to turn me on, even with the over saturated amount of sex that was portrayed throughout the novel.

At times I wanted to slap Olivia because regardless of your love, it should never be harmful and even if parts of it is, at least give yourself a breather!! It's like she liked to feel like scum! Caleb crossed so many lines that at times I loathe and despise him.

Speaking of, Caleb didn't redeem himself at all in this one, but that's exactly what I wanted! I wanted Kitten and Caleb. Because no matter their situation and fate, I love these two together for the mere fact of what they bring out in each other and to this novel.

I swear Olivia cries more than any other female I have ever read about but the girl is strong and if ever I was in a situation like her, I would love to have her psyche to get me through because the girl didn't crack one bit!! I gotta say her convenient submissions shocked me sometimes.

I would have loved to know what happened to the other characters, and I hope Epilogue will provide some of that closure, but if not, I am unable to complain because this was such a well researched, written and executed novel. I loved the flashbacks that came at just the right moments ... the editing where this was concerned is superb!

This installment is a lot (emphasis on the a lot) more lengthy than the first. Still, it's not a waste as there was not one irrelevant scene or event. It was all necessary and nothing was ever a space holder. It all had purpose! There was never a dull moment and always anxiety. The last 15% of the book had me on my toes. I was almost paralyzed. For as much as I wanted to move, I couldn't pull my eyes away and I just needed to know more!

I believe the aspect the story was taken from was a marvelous idea, even though I was skeptical at first. Eventually, I go into it and it felt like a movie. I could see everything happening, even the scenes without Olivia and Caleb. I have come to like Reed and Sloan and even though I can't get why not one couple can't have normal sex in this novel, I was glad for the snippet of sex under similar but different circumstances.

They  say be careful what you wish for because you just might get it and they weren't lying!! I asked for a voyeuristic scene with Caleb and Olivia and by golly did I get it and my oh my it was hot and everything I knew it would be!! C.J. Roberts does not disappoint when it comes to sadism and just plain raw, primal need. The chick knows how to tear you apart!!!

The timeline reference was unexpected but I am grateful. It filled in a lot without leaving any questions behind. It gave closure in two pages and only left me seeking a HEA in this book of wrong, doom and so much gloom.

I loved when wild Caleb was released and his mission there after. If it's one thing I love, it's when a criminal remains a criminal ... (call me crazy but I love a bad boy who stays a bad boy). I jumped with as much excitement as Jair and Khalid when they attacked the bikers.

I also have to give it to C.J. Stephens because Kitten had more orgasms in 4 months than I have in an entire year, and she did them without any vaginal penetration! I swear half of this series have me back tracking to check the girls still a virgin, because it was close to impossible but it was still done.

Sexual contraptions, scenes and so much more were portrayed in this one. It's like we were thrown into the world of freaks and I must say I am always open to learn and experience things so I found it fascinating and didn't mind in the least.

However, I must admit that I am not sure I want to venture into book 3 because I loved the way I left Olivia and Caleb or whatever they call themselves these days. All this alternative endings is scaring me and making me question if I want to ... but C.J. Williams has proven herself to be a reasonable, outside of the box thinker so here I go into the unknown.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Captive in the Dark By C.J. Roberts

First off, I wanna thank the author for that very thoughtful note at the ending of this novel that allows us to understand why this story was made into a trilogy.
Even though it doesn't affect me based on when I picked up the trilogy ... as they say, it's the thought that counts!

Now, expectation can be a bitch, because all the reviews had me expecting so much more. Either I am getting insensitive to violence or this story just didn't seem as bad as I first thought it would be.

I admit that Caleb is as sick and twisted as they come, and he has this underlying vibe about him that I don't get from most male characters in these roles. He is raw, primal and revel in pain, pleasure and everything in between. He taught me a lot, and not just about different ways of pleasuring either, it was life lessons.

He made me wanna be bad and I love him when he was bad. He brought something different to the table and drew out some unnatural needs and wants as I read. I wanted him to be the worse ever, I wanted to watch him have sex and hear him let go!

I swear everything in this book was  heightened for me. It's like I read it with a blindfold on. (o.O) I got a completely different vibe from everything. Even when he was butchering into Tiny I wanted more. I could see the guys cheering him on and I loved every minute of it. In essence, this book made me feel like a deranged lunatic and I honestly wasn't excited or drawn to read every page of it ... the contrast is boggling! I wanted to know more, but I could do without while mean time I don't wanna let up ... I was going in circles!

Olivia had just the right balance. She wasn't too submissive but she wasn't a raging lunatic either. She handled herself well and I honestly believe despite the initial action of Caleb, that she is the right one for this job.

I am not certain as to an undying love connection yet, but I can see these two having consensual, earth shattering sex, and that's a much more real and expected situation for me. It would continue with the vibe this book portrays and at the current pace.
I love their banter too much for it to stop now, and once again I love Caleb's depravity as it relates to the things that turn him on.

This story while I am sure is similar to a lot, is new for me as I have never read a book about slaves of this magnitude or better yet, ones raised for pleasure. However, if I had to start, I am glad it was this one.
It wasn't superficial or force. It all felt so real and vivid that I had a  straight face when reading this one. It wasn't that I didn't like it, it's more the intensity of not knowing what will happen next or why something is happening. It all changes so fast and once it grabs you, it holds you and never wants to release you.

I love the insight that we got into Caleb's past, because without them, it would be hard to summon any remorse or other emotion for him. It held him in a different light that even though you understand and feel for him, you still understand that he is the bad guy, and that for me is very important. I hate when lines start to blur, especially too fast.

The other quality with this novel, is that while I was reading it, it didn't capture me or have me running to share my experience with my fellow readers, but now I am seeing that it must have been the severity and coldness of it all. Because once I started writing my review, I felt so much things that I never even knew was there or felt while reading it ... it kind of just creeps up on you.

The change at the end of this novel with both Liv and Caleb's POV makes for an interesting continuation, and once again, if not for that thoughtful note at the end of this novel, and the fact I am just reading this series, I might have been disgruntled as to the cut off point. Too abrupt for me.

With that being said though, I had to relay what might be one of the best lines and parts in the book, once again, when the shift occur. I had to highlight and re-read as well as laugh at this line:  "What I meant to say is: no pussy's that good. Though yours does come close" ... best line in the whole damn book if you ask me!

It's not much, but it's a good one to me.

I can't wait to continue this series to see the changes ahead and see where this journey will take these two broken and tortured souls who are definitely making each other better, even if they don't know it.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Faking It By Cora Carmack

Well whoever said redemption wasn't possible was a liar because book comeback goes to Faking it by Cora Carmack!! woot! woot!

Now this is how Losing it should have been written. With real emotions, comedy and life all mixed in one. I didn't wanna so I didn't put this book down. Had chapters for lunch!! :)

I gotta say initially I thought Cade was gay and I never really gave him a second thought in Losing it, but he could get it and more in this installment. He came out of his shell and what a personality does he have!! I loved him throughout this book, even when I wanted my Max fix.
He was funny, witty, charming and down right awesome! If perfect first introduction to a parent had a form, it would be Cade Winston!!

Max was spunky, fun and made you so wanna be her. Even with the excess baggage. She was fun to be around and there was never a dull moment in her mind. I loved how she kept most things in check and never felt the need to fit in a mold unless around her parents.

I loved the initial introduction and the descriptions in this book from facial features down to body movement was excellent and on point!! If anything else confused me, descriptions didn't. I felt and understood it all.

From the book began, I was drawn into the way Cade transferred his feelings and I loved the scenes that were continued into another chapter so that we may receive a reaction for the other character without skipping the current situations. Transitions were done well as to keep the same vibe with a totally different feel .. (Don't know if that made sense)

Grammar was great, descriptions were on point and conversations never felt force or monotonous. I just wanted more! The writing style and editing was near impeccable so thumbs up for that one!

We mostly spent time with the main characters, but you never got bored. Between the pretending and the resistance, there was never a dull moment and you often times forget what was real and what was fake. I kept wanting him to be there for her and vice versa. Even the week they spent apart seemed like torture. I just wanted them to fix it because a more perfect couple isn't out there.

I am also glad that even though I didn't want to see Garrick and Bliss, I appreciate the blending of characters from both past and present. I am also glad that Cade got his HEA and Bliss had to witness it ... mwahhaa!!

Anyways ... this story was plain and simple. We got to the points with grace and ease without it being boring or unrealistic. A lot of emotions  were portrayed and the message couldn't have boomed louder or clearer.
Beyond all the lust and games, there was a message that was well received and could help if you only listened.

I also loved how even without the music, we got a lot of lyrics, more than even most music based books. The words were real, deep and not just a facade. They told stories, life and so much more. It all felt real while being fun and I can totally get on board with that!

Sound Bites: A Rock & Roll Love Story By Rachel K. Burke

Sound bites was not a good book in my opinion. Even with a cliche everything, it could have still been better executed.

Dylan is a confusing character at times, or maybe its the situations that we find ourselves in. He does give us some laughs throughout and I swear the boy is one road away from having tourettes.

Still, I guess that was suppose to be his difference from your usual characters. The straightforwardness and overall bad mannerisms. It's like he was disrespectful for fun. Sometimes I honestly believe he thought his actions were right or maybe he just didn't care all around.

Renee ... at least she wasn't stressing over a failed relationship. She seemed more angry than your usual female character and she never fawn over the ex on his return. She was totally in charge and handled it well ... or at least the conversation that is. Still, procrastination was her middle name and that became annoying quick.

This book started out as a blast from the past and unfortunately, the characters kept the emotional level of 14 year olds. The language, conversations, and decisions were childish and in the end parts of this novel, she decided to start talking like a teenager while he was acting like a spoiled one.

There was no structure. It's bad enough that it takes 60% into the book before they finally get together and it seemed all was going well until Dylan's clueless part tourettes kicked in and his nonchalant behaviour lead to one thing and her liquor consumption lead to another.

Next thing we know, the book is spiraling into a nose dive of crappy situations and decisions and by magic! (Because what else could it be), they were back together and then the cliches tumbled down hill and the story ended with two of the most unrealistic and cliche situations, portrayal and everything in between.

We also had the unfortunate pleasure of being stuck in Renee' s head more than having dialogues. She bounced from past to present and she still couldn't get it right.
Still, I honestly preferred her blasts from the past as they were the most excitingly written, followed by Dylan's banters with her.

Also, for a rock and roll love story, we had minimal rock and roll sightings or mentions. Mostly just angry rants and a couple Jeff Buckley songs. Rock and roll wasn't even the basis of their relationship so I honestly don't get the title. Muse was constantly mentioned in passing but that was it. Nice book cover though, so it wasn't all a fail.

I knew not when their love connection started, nor how it was fixed when it was broken. It was mostly secret looks passing between the two and I guess the author felt no need for us to know more than them looking in each other's eyes.

The minor characters were ... minor. And after awhile, they just faded until they weren't even mention again. It's like they just carved them out in the end.

I had real high hopes got this book, based on the synopsis and what seemed to be a good start, but then Renee met Dylan and it slowly spiraled into a sub par novel.

This could have been so much better because even with potential tourettes, I like Dylan's character the most and he's what kept me reading until he started behaving like a child.

Good enough story line, but poor execution!

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Saving Anya By Latrivia S. Nelson

Wow ... I am definitely sad to see this series go. Still, I believe that it was done justice and I am glad I got the opportunity to share in this story.

We lost a few of our own in this one and even though necessary, still made me sad. This story was written to pull you in and make you feel like a apart of the family, so a loss from the family affected us also.

The grammatical errors rolled on as usual in vast amounts and the broken English that usually accompanied this novel to give it a more Russian feel was missing and I didn't like that fact at all. It's what contributed to the realness and difference of the book. But now it seems everyone is speaking proper English even Anatoly.

Even though the focus was about saving the big baby of the family, we still got our individual Medlov men fix and even though I was so anxious, I had to skip to the end just to make sure they came out alive before I continue reading, I was still glad that we got to catch up with everyone and see the changes as they happened.

Surprisingly, I connected with each and every one of the characters in this one. Where as before I couldn't place my feelings for them, I got it right this time and I wonder if it's the situation or deliberate on the part of the author ... or maybe it's my own epiphany. Either way, Anya brought more than the family together.

As usual the situations, scenes and confrontation were meticulously conveyed down to a T and I have never seen such finer story telling as it relates to combat, negotiation and confrontation. Dmitry was king and Gabriel and Anatoly were like a sexy pair of assassins.

As usual, the final fight scene was mellow with a side of excitement. It wasn't over the top or understated. It had the right balance and was executed wonderfully.

With all that was happening, we still got our laughs and once again the narrative was on point. This book could have never been told in any other way and even when we spent more time discussing the happenings than having dialogues, it was the right move and kept me interested until my eyes couldn't stay open anymore.

I was pleased that all the characters kept the traits we loved about them. Especially Anatoly. He was the most important in keeping character for me and he did just that. If ever there was an award for realness, Anatoly would get it, because nothing changed him. Not even a potential wife and kid on the way. He was Anatoly from book 1, just grown with a lot more calm.

Gabriel's transition was done wonderfully also and to add more reality to the novel, he kept his cause despite the pressures and requirements. He felt no need to fill a mold and closed off the book a better Gabriel with his reservations still in tact. Lust never blinded him and commitment never scared or bind him. He did himself and no one else!

The ladies were together and add that element that they always possessed. Briggy confused me a lot in this installment as she seem to be unable to pick a Medlov. Security is a wench I guess!

I was surprised that Anya got some time for herself also out of this novel and while I am not sure if this traumatized her, she was still a strong rock and better than many women . If I was to ever have a child, I would love for them to be like Anya especially at age 5.

Dmitry was a completely different character than what we have read across the series. I wonder if this is what he will be like when I embark on his chronicles. If so, I can't wait!

The man was a force to be reckoned with and everything he did, he did with finesse, grace and understated  elegance. The man was beyond an enigma and even in his mind he made me tremble.
He definitely changed to get this task completed. He was not Dmitry Medlov father and husband, he was a Czar and boy was it hot!!

I loved this book just as much as the others and it is right there with Anatoly's story with regards to ranks.

Great series about family, love, retribution, fear and so much more. Secrets were still there and even being created as we read. It was a triple threat in a wrapped up treat.

I could totally see this book as a television series. Someone should pick up the rights. It's not the Sopranos, it's the Medlov's!

P.S. Nice ease into Agosto's story.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign By Latrivia S. Nelson

And the twists, deceit, lust, love and everything in between keeps on rolling!!! I swear this series is my crack!! And even though the grammatical errors keep rolling and some scenes are juvenile and lack structure, I am still a fan of this series and can't wait to dive into book 4!

As expected, it all worked out in the end for the Medlov men, and I am glad that Dmitry and Anatoly's creativeness simmered the drama in the end. Couldn't have asked for a better ending, which is why I am confused as to the story line and stress of book 4.

We met Gabriel in this installment and boy am I glad we did. He brought another element to the plate and gave us a new avenue in the Medlov line. He was an easily loved character and even though a tiny note, I was glad we didn't have to relive Royal's nightmare every time someone new was introduced to the family.
Gabriel was up to speed and fitted in perfectly. He is one of the many reasons I am going to delve into book 4 even though I am so afraid for Anya.

Technically being Anatoly's book, we spent more time with him than the other Medlov men, and once again, I am glad that this book is written in a narrative as I wanna know it all! Everything that is happening and where. It was good to also have a follow up of all the characters travelling with us from book 1.

Anatoly's mind was just as I expected it to be and he came out of the story with the same thoughts and hopes that I had for him. It was like my own little Christmas present!! :)

Renee got her spotlight and as usual, for some unexplained reason,  I seem to never fully connect with the women in the Medlov men life ... maybe it's jealousy ;)

Still, I didn't hate her and even got a sense of her thoughts an actions and must say that I am comfortable with her character and believe that with these set of ladies behind the Medlov men, Gabriel included, they are and will be an unstoppable force!

We got to see the new Vor and how it has developed under the reign of Anatoly. I love his speeches and his way of dealing with business. He is more direct and doesn't hide behind anything when it's time for the truth ... basically, the man doesn't play games!

It was good to see the difference between Anatoly and his father. it helped to respect his position within the Vor and show his growth and potential. Some people were born to be bad ... Anatoly is one of them.

History was explained and a lot of things throughout the series was clarified and rectified. I feel like I am building with these characters and I am always entertained and wanting more.

So far, I am unable to pick my favorite of the series, but this one is very close. Then again, maybe it is my favorite ... so far at least.

If you can over look the unexplained Russian conversations, the many grammatical errors and constant violence, you can enjoy this one. Please bare in mind this is not a sex filled trying to be bad book. This is a bad book with bad characters who do as they please when they please. Still, you can't help but to go on their journey as it all seems so real and not at all forced.

P.S. A nod for the Jamaica mention!!

Friday, 21 June 2013

Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen By Latrivia S. Nelson

Another good one!! This book is like a television series. It might not be the best written, but it keeps you interested and the final 5% of the novel is always sure to be a good one!

You can definitely see the development in this story were writing, twist and characters are concerned. Everyone is growing into their own and branching off. The players are changing and the twists and secrets are no longer revealed until time.

Dmitry seemed more human and manly in this novel as he and Royal, or should I say Chloe, are now facing regular day to day relationship problems with the usual life of crime added and being parents. It was nice to see them disheveled as their make-ups rival most.

Well, we watched Royal turned into the complete opposite of the naive girl that graced us in Dmitry's closet and then to a place in between. With the help of her husband, she overcome so much that I kind of dread book 4 as I just want this half of the family at least to have a break.

Still, she came into her own and I really want to see where this will all take us in books to come as I love this new and improved Royal, even with her scars.

Dmitry continued to cross lines all over the place and I loved that their banter was still present and most importantly, they're love showed. I finally understood them as lovers and felt their passion and desire for each other.

The realness that I came to love with this series was still evident and I was glad for that. They weren't blinded by love this time. They also weren't blind to other's charms, and they didn't act out on their attractions like bunnies ... or at least Royal didn't

I was also pleased that Dmitry hadn't lost his touch. He was still Vor when the time came. Love hadn't soften him over time nor did it cloud his judgment and intuition. The man is on point like a decimal! (thnx for the quote B.O.B)

Anatony was still there but he swayed up and down on my meter for him. At times he was his awesome self getting me going with his Russian authority, and then at times I felt his weakness and hated him for doubting what he had become. He is one of those characters who is god at being bad and should stay that way.

Anya was a welcome addition and I wish all the best for her in her book to come. She was an intelligent and witty girl and I really hope we could have gotten close to her under better circumstances. I would love to see her grown up. All of them actually!

It was a royal flush indeed with that surprise from Royal in the end. I can honestly say that I didn't expect it. I was totally falling for her routine also. This story stayed true to it's roots and while the violence and schemes were not as much and dynamic as in book 1, it held it's own and the final showdown while not as intricate and depressing as the last, was surely a good one.

On to book 3 I go to dive deeper into the men of the Medlov family!

Dmitry's Closet By Latrivia S. Nelson

I liked this one very much. I must say it was heavy on the broken English. I thought that feature would be for the Russians of the novel, but whether your Russian are not, the story was narrated with a lot of it that had me wondering if it's just really bad grammatical errors, the author is a Russian trying to write an English novel or if it was just to get the Russian feel of the story. It was annoying, but eventually I just ignored it and find that it didn't bother me as much eventually.

Dmitry was an all around character. He had suave, finesse and surprisingly humour. I loved his back and forth banter with Royal and how he wasn't afraid to step over the line even when it could cost him.

Royal as a character is surprisingly a confusing one for me, because while the story started out with more her POV. It soon turned into the men of the Vor. Better yet, the Medlov men. As such, I never really got to see much about her or get to build and fall in love with this character as we did with Dmitry and Anatoly.

I loved the character of Anatoly, even if he hardly spoke. He was just that character that you love. His broken English was the best and I love his straightforwardness. Honestly, I can't wait to read his story, because he's hot and I really wanna see what's in that head.

While a good set of characters and twist all around, initially I was skeptical about this book, as the beginnings were rushed and I felt like I didn't even know when they fell for each other and so I didn't feel their connection. I ended this book still not moved, but not as skeptic as when I began

However, it kept a steady pace and the last 5% was definitely the best, with surprises and twist that you both expected and was shocked to find out. It's never a dull moment in this book.

It seems that nothing was what it seems in this novel and every turn you made, someone was lying, scheming or just plain up to something. The introduction of Ivan was ... interesting to say the least. He brought another element to the novel and ended the book with an unimaginable crime. I definitely didn't expect that for the lead female of a novel.

Normally, we read about Italian Mafia's, so it was a nice turn of events to take it from the Russians end and not only that, but to be in the inner workings of the top. Either Ms. Nelson is Russian, or she did really good research into the Russian mafia, as it was nothing like Italian mob novels and that gave this novel an up. Loyalty for the Russians it seems is few and scant and this book portrayed it well.

I was glad to finally get a list of the codes that we followed to a T throughout the book, especially right before the pseudo-epilogue. Kind of help me to understand what Dmitry was rambling about all the time.

Another thing I was glad for, is that even though there were loose ends all over, this book didn't end as a cliffhanger and could have totally been complete there. Still, I don't mind reading another book in this series as I love the Medlov men!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Forever of Ella and Micha By Jessica Sorensen

Totally not knocking this story or anything but I believe that this book wasn't necessary and could have been a novella, similar to Blackbird by Cheryl McIntyre.

It was basically Emma working through her crazy mind and dragging Micha through the ringer while he remained being  the awesome human being he has always been and continue to be. I really wish we could have get his POV in the epilogue also.

While I love these two characters, Ella started to annoy me and therefore eventually Micha. But I guess that's the point. To show the love they have regardless of the maddening circumstances. Still, I couldn't hate them too long because I love their relationship that's full of surrounding drama but completely drama free when they get to just be alone in their own little bubble.

If you liked book 1, then you would like this one also. There was once again that comfort level, as we basically got to see Ella and Micha work out this weird thing they have that they call a relationship.

There were downfalls and a lot of bumps on the road, but it was done with as little drama as is possible, to keep us entertained and not bordering on annoyed.

I am glad that almost all the characters from Book 1 were incorporated in some way, and we once again got a few flashbacks to life with Ella and Micha before she ran away.

Still, there wasn't much depth to this novel and I believe that has to do with the fact that it didn't need to be a 300 page novel but a 150 at most novella could suffice if it could have been written with enough power and edited so that it wasn't rushed nor stretched as while this novel wasn't rushed, it was stretched. I found a lot of scenes and scenarios unnecessary and if edited out of the story, wouldn't make a difference.

I love how the story was kept real and there was no drastic change for anyone. If any change was made, it was done gradually and we wouldn't be surprised by the change when it finally occurred. It's as if were were treated like we were Ella. Nothing to scare us off, moderation and notification was definitely present.

Even though it didn't capture me enough to have me stealing time to get it done, it was a comfortable read and I am always up for some Micha. He has a way to make everything better. The sun could rise and set with this guy and I really hope he gets his HEA. Looking forward to a glimpse or mention in 'The Temptation of Lila and Ethan'

I also loved that there was no need to expound on Micha's musical career. Strange I know, but I liked the realness it presented as this story is all about foundation and building and if we were to skip chapters and find out he made it big, that would have been out of character and deduct from this story that we know and love. Therefore, it was left with just enough promise and not as a cliffhanger or feeling like an unfinished story. It was content and with Lila and Ethan's story in the works, I know I haven't seen the last of these two.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Secret of Ella and Micha By Jessica Sorensen

Either I need to read this book again or I am a bad between the lines reader as I am still unaware of the big 'secret' ... or maybe that's why it's theirs. It's probably suppose to stay that way.

With that being said, I would like to congratulate Ms. Sorensen on a job well done with another successful series. Keep churning them out miss!!!

I was skeptic on picking this one up, and I had it in my kindle for about a month before I finally decided to give it a go and thankfully, I wasn't disappointed.

The cliches were present and the new music was welcome. Plus any book that quotes or uses an Avett Brothers quote, song, lyrics ... hell their name!! Is a book for me :)

Ella May is awesome and uncomplicated while being complicated ... I don't know. It's either that, or the awesomeness that is Micha Scott cancels it all out! That young man could sell me on anything and for that, Ella deserves a medal!

Micha is a boyfriend god and a friend that people would sell their kidneys to have! If I ever got a piece of him, I would lock him up and hide him from the world. Suffice to say, I loved this character. He is up there with the Kellan Kyle and Will Cooper of the fiction boyfriend world.

Even the minor characters were awesome and I am glad to see a book in the works for Lila and Ethan. Something about the good guys in this novel that leaves you falling in love with them all and rooting for the best outcome.

I loved that we got both Micah and Ella's POV as the story would not have been complete without both sides to this awesome story of love and relentless pursuit. Micah is the poster child for determination.

I really wish we could have more flashbacks, as I believe maybe that would have clue us in a little bit more as to what the secret was. But I digress!

Overall, I got a mellow vibe from this book and I was pleased that there wasn't a need to fill the book's dramas with a lot of angst than was already portrayed.

The characters and the story felt real and the connections felt so right that we didn't even need to question the intimacy of their relationship, as it's obvious that no one knows these two better than each other.

The conversations flowed and we got to see the changes in Ella as they happened. It was also comforting to see Micah talk Ella off her many bridges as we got to enjoy the story of the past and present, with comfort and ease.

While this isn't a blow you out of the water story and the cliffhanger is definitely a bearable one, it still held it's own as another really awesome book by Ms. Sorenson with maybe the best set of characters I have read from her so far. I am really glad I finally gave this one a chance and I can't wait to continue on a journey with Ella and Micah because they make it look so easy ;)

Almost By Anne Eliot

I almost missed out on a really good book!

I loved this book, even though it confused me initially. She was speaking with so much sarcasm I was like ... "I don't know if I can do this." I was not following at all until Gray's POV and I kinda got back on track.
Still, I powered through and found a really touching story of right and wrong as well as facing your fears.

Almost seems to be the theme of this story and I must hand it to Ms.Eliot for writing such a sensitive topic in a new light, and the placement and roles of the characters were phenomenal!

I am also pleases that for a high school based novel, there was no sex and yet still we were wrapped up in doing summer activities with these characters and to see a teenager trying for a complete opposite goal from most teens at summer time. There was little to no intimacy and I never noticed. It was good all by itself.

Jess was a great character and her story was an interesting and touching one. Most people don't think about those victims who were almost raped, nor do they think of the fall out from such a traumatic experience.
In this novel, we are given an excellent POV of someone trying to put the pieces together after an almost rape.

I was completely enthralled in the events as they occurred and I loved the placements of her nightmares, and how, where and when she put it all together.

Gray is too perfect. Maybe he made a bad decision on the night of the almost rape itself, but still, he did what he thought was his best and the boy definitely made up for it. He was a dream and totally lived up to Jess's bumper sticker ... BBB ... Boys in Books are Better!!

The cover of this book says ... A love story ... but I would like to think of it as A Life Lesson. Trauma comes in all shapes and sizes and its how we deal with it all that makes the difference. We can definitely take some pointers from this novel as Jess story is one to be shared with the world.

Even though we might not have any almost raped support groups or forums, we have 'Almost' by Anne Eliot and believe me it have some lessons.

I liked her writing style and how she kept it all in high school format without over emphasizing or turning the story into adult filled content.
Justice might not have been served in this one, but peace was found and sometimes peace and love can have a lasting effect.

The minor characters were written well and even though it was a small group of characters, they all played they're parts well. I was never annoyed with a character, and I was definitely happy to see them.

Surprisingly, some of my favourite scenes were when Jess was lying to her parents and how it was written to seem like a director directing an orchestra.

The techie side of this novel was in full effect so the techie in me had fun with that one. Great ideas by ! If they aren't real, you should try and market them. I loved all the products mentioned, especially the bumper stickers. I really hope Ms. Eliot has a road team who gets some made for this awesome novel.

As there was no cliffhanger, I must say I would still read a book 2 for this awesome novel, even a novella! One were we get to see them finish their senior year, and Kika start her freshman year ... wishful thinking I guess!

Still, I believe this was an awesome book that even though it was almost a book about rape, it is up there with the likes of 'What Happens Next' by Colleen Clayton.

I love when a book is beautifully written and you can see the research, time and effort that is placed in the novel. This novel had it in spades, and brought us a book about life, love, decisions and consequences. Sometimes it's best if we face our problems head on and this book helps to show you how.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Safe Word By Teresa Mummert

This was a really good book. I at times thought I had judged it right from the beginning, and at times throughout, I doubted myself, but it turned out in the end I was right. Still, that didn't deduct from how well this book was written and the fact that it kept me craving each page and skipping to see if something bad is coming or when.

There was a scene in the diner when I had to literally get up and take a breather ... it was too much!!

This book reminded me of a cross between Sempre Forever and Crush by Lacey Weatherford. And all this time, I went into it thinking it was like the Bared to you or Stark series.
Please note that there is no BDSM regardless of the title and the use of a safe word in this novel!

The sex scenes weren't over the top kinky, but they were definitely passionate. Or at least they tried to be. It's kind of hard when people walk in on you ;)

The story was taken from Cole/Colton POV and as such we hardly wasted time with make up and wardrobe changes. We went to the meat of the matter at just the right pace. If anything that could have been portrayed better, was the reveal. It never really held much anticipation and it got very confusing. I had to stop read and sort it out in my head.

Still, I loved Cole/Colton's character, from his young days all the way to the guy he is in the present. He is just one of those characters who does bad well and you love to have around regardless of the storm (pun intended) that follows him around.

I didn't get a chance to make a connection with Lily/Rose because ... well idk how to feel about her yet. One minute we are hating her and the next we are seeing a loving side that we should get on board with. I totally understand how they could fall in love, and the trips down memory lane were big contributing factors. Still, I think I loved them together more as kids than grown ups. Maybe if we got more time to love her ... idk!

Speaking of memory lane, this book had quite a few trips and each were entwined wonderfully and at just the right time. I was a little worried about a love triangle developing near the end, but the author killed that ... literally!

There were secrets galore, but they were held until the author felt that it was time for a reveal and only a few were cliche as truths were skillfully revealed. Hence why I am a little apprehensive as to the final reveal. With the creativity within this novel, I guess I just expected more.

I had a myriad of emotions throughout this novel and I was loving the pace and series of events until the reveal occurred and then things just abruptly came to an end and we were thrown in an epilogue that had too much equations and things to go around so I am looking out for a book 2, because while not a cliffhanger per say ... there is definitely more.

I definitely recommend this one, it had love, drama, action and so much more. It was also beautifully written and no one was trying hard to play cops and robbers. It flowed lovely and we were never the wiser until the opportune minute.

Get yourself a copy, it's worth it!

Submit By Melody Anne

Tame. yes, I re-read my previous review of book 1 and sat for 1 whole minute before I came up with that one word. Tame.

Not that this story wasn't interesting or that it didn't hold my attention, but the surprise, shock value and series of events in no way compared to book 1. There was even a UFC outing scene that I am still trying to wrap my head around. Maybe it's for Rachel, I'm not sure. Will wait to see what role Seth plays in all this.

So the gangs all back. It is obvious that where as we only got a few snippets of Shane and Lia from book 1, there story has gone to sharing the spotlight with Ari and Rafe. Honestly, I would have preferred if we got Ari and Rafe out of the way first then we worked on Lia and Shane but with a promise of 6 books in this series, I guess we just have to sit and wait to see where this all ends up.

Normally, I would call it value for money, but it's mostly just confusing and unfair to co-mingle so many different stories in one, even if it is given from a narrative POV. I am not sure how long the story of Ari and Rafe will continue, but stop unnecessarily drawing out this story line for profit. Write an amazing story and let's be done with it!

Ari lost a lot of what I liked about her in book 1. While she still had fight, strength and determination and surely didn't acquiesce from an apology or sad eyes, she still faltered a lot and seemed to forget her strength and pride. But eventually she found it and I can honestly say I just want this cat and mouse game to end. It's starting to reach and get boring. The shock value is wearing off and the cliffhangers aren't that appealing anymore.

Rafe surprisingly was still a cold-hearted prick, who needed a wake up call and it seems he got it at the end of this one, if only it is scripted to last for a short time.

The characters were petulant, even Rafe, which was so out of character and not charming at all. Rafe behaving like a horny teen with a bartender was unrealistic for this story and quite frankly unnecessary.

Once again, I say I would feel much better if Lia and Shane had their own story, because even though their snippets increased and were entwined in Ari and Rafe's story, there is still so much pieces that needs to be fitted into the puzzle and quite frankly the turn of events after Vegas was surprising, and not in a  good way.

Lia has become annoying in her current pursuits or lack thereof and once again the petulance show as I am not so sure as to why they are having this fight. He did the right thing and apparently she wants to be the devil ... idk!

Rachel was once again mentioned in passing and I wonder if a story is brewing for her. It was also good that Sandra finally got a break, because that woman has had her fill of hospitals for life if you ask me.

The sex scenes didn't improve much, nor did they falter. They kept pace and even introduced new contraptions. (Literally!)

Still, I expect more from this story and it basically fell a notch down from the previous one. There was none of the unexpected, adrenaline pumping situations or conversations that we got a glimpse of last time and on top of that, a few grammatical errors were present.

I still however love this series and will go the author's website to sign up to get and update as to the release of the next book, but I really hope we get back some of that life that this book possessed, as it totally fell short this time around. It never got worse, but it didn't get better either. It sort of struggled to keep a steady pace.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Lying With Temptation By S.M. Donaldson

My mind is panting after reading this book. I have once again found an author who writes in fast forward. I'm like slow down and take it from the top again. Everything is so rushed and therefore seems so unrealistic. It's like watching  a movie in fast forward mode.

The mother full on rants on the ex-girl and the father then literally just spin around and say she's going to bed. Then we are on to the end of the week and visit is over ... like ... ahmm ...zn o.O

There is so much emotions portrayed in this novel, from love, friendship, trust even death and rape and you don't get to savor it because it all happens so fast without much thought. This felt like the shell for a manuscript, waiting to be edited and for some one to proof read. Because with so much lacking, grammatical errors were definitely not welcome!

Linc is a pansy. But you still love him. The only time the boy showed some backbones was when he pummeled dude and I guess that was unbridled rage. Hell, I'd be mad too if I were in the situation!
He is uber understanding to the point where I wanna shout at him that this chick is a wench and he gets the right to at least be pissed.

Still, his interesting personality gave this story a spin that's not normally in these books, as the MCs didn't have your usual drama or break up. It seems as the problems came, they rallied around each other and became a unit. There was literally no heart ache, just really bad and uneven karma if you ask me.

On that note, I introduce you to Gabby. Very selfish girl if you ask me who keeps messing with the wrong dudes and blame it on liquor. Honestly, the chick could just be a masochist. She is such a glutton for punishment it's unbelievable! Still, I guess she had her ways. It was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. She was shy and timid sober and a total sex fiend who would screw anyone when drunk .. get some morals Gabby!

The other characters played their parts well I guess, but reading a book in fast forward kind of clouds your judgment as to their capabilities and making a bond with anyone in this book. I also found the whole lot of 2 weeks later or 1 month later annoying, because the book is already jumping the gun so can we please slow it all down!!!

I like Anna and Russ together and so I am contemplating over looking this big blunder to read book 2 but I am on the fence. I loved their build up and really hope for a good story there.

Still, the story was written in too fast a mode, the dialogues were barely par and the language at times was rolling on the floor laughing ... "Hello my children" ... really?!?! No one talks like that Mrs. Donaldson!

All in all, I think the story had a good premise, it was just executed poorly and needed someone to see that this story needed to hold the brakes and put it in 1st gear because were all over the place and before you know it, people were dying and all sorts of things were breaking loose!! It seems everything was happening except for a relationship between the two MCs. Eventually they got there, and then the book basically ended.

It was also pretty clear that we were only going to get a brief overview of everything as most of the important things if any, were elaborated upon. I think it is by coincidence that we found out one characters major and that was Gabby. We aren't even gonna broach the subject of the football matches cause we got nada! Not even a huddle!

For a book written from two people's POV, it was very much lacking in substance and depth. A good amount of editing and thought was needed in this novel and sorry, but it showed that is was lacking and for that this book was a disappointment, as I loved the story line and the angle from which the love interest was taken. It was good not to have the usual heart breaks and separation.

Really wanted more from this one!

Btw ... didn't really get an explanation of the title until the literal end of this book and it in no way tied in with this novel. There was never any temptation, just reluctance.

Because of Low By Abbi Glines

Because of Low is one of those series books that even though the first book was totally a major turn off, the book 2 is good enough that your glad you didn't give up on the series. The irony of it all is that I just finished reading Broken Hart by Ella Fox and was gonna brush that series aside. But books like Because of Low makes me second guess myself a little ... but then again, there is only one Abbi Glines and she's a genius at PG-13 romance.

Because of Low started out great for me. The initial introduction was funny and quirky and with the way this summer is scorching I definitely felt the summer heat in this one. However, it maintained a steady level throughout, even though 1% in the book I guessed the climax even before it happened.

I loved Willow. She was a great girl. She got on my nerves sometimes with her abandonment issues and at times I wanted to agree with her that yes she wasn't good enough for Marcus, but in the end I got off my high horse and gave them my blessing :)

Marcus is awesomeness personified and I would love to have some of that in my life!!! Yes, he did jump to conclusions and mess things up, but I can understand being angry and acting out. Otherwise, he was thoughtful, caring, loving and patient. He was almost perfect ;)

I was glad that everyone was still present in this installment, including Jax and Sadie. Even if I didn't care much for their story. It was also good to see the guys and finally see into the friendship that they had, based on the glimpse we got in Breathe.

Cage ... hmmm ... I love his character maybe even a little bit more than Marcus. I am torn as to if he was to get a book whether I would want him to remain as he is or change for the right girl. There is something about him that is just real, raw and passionate. Yeh, the guy is a total tool but he also had this side that even if he only shows it to Low, it's a really good one and I would love to seem him get some peace too.

I believe this was a nice, sweet, summer read that while it wasn't mind blowing, it carried the exact vibe that a book of this genre needed. It was light, fresh and level throughout. Even when things were going down, you saw the hope and and unnecessary tension and angst was never present.

Abbi managed to convey love and passion without cliche conversations and ridiculous over the top sex scenes. It was all done with taste and finesse and you felt the connection as everything built. It wasn't too slow or too fast it held pace.

I'd totally read another book from this series and I am glad that I didn't allow Breathe to turn me away because I would be disappointed not to have stumbled upon the awesome story of Low and Marcus.

P.s. Loved the cover!!!

Broken Hart By Ella Fox

Dear Lord!!! hmmm ... It is safe to say this was really really bad written porn!!!  I mean no one speaks like that during sex!! Some are so corny I was embarrassed for them myself!!! I don't think I have ever read a book and roll my eyes this much. Like who think up these things?!?!

These two went at it like rabbits and honestly, I never even felt their connection. The one thing I give the author props for his Dante's stamina!! It definitely outruns most fictional men. And that, makes the really bad porn scenes seem more realistic sex. (Contradictions all around!!)

Still, we get the most serious relationship conversations while he was pounding into her or just went in waiting to begin. Like who speaks two full paragraph while hard inside your bed buddy??? You having sex or making a speech???

This book is full of so many grammatical errors it's unbelievable!! You don't need an editor to just re-read your work or put it in Microsoft Word or something so you can pick up on some of these obvious errors!!
The characters even forgot what they were doing ... have me shouting ... "You weren't reading, you were watching the T.V.!!"

The dialogue is terrible and nothing like how two friends should or would speak to each other. I am rolling my eyes like crazy once again. And when we aren't subjected to really bad dialogue, the female protagonist just speaks for everyone else.
There are 9 characters in total that are introduced in this novel and we have only ever heard directly from 4!! yes, 4!! because two are the love interest, one is his brother and one is her sister.

I am surprised that you are suppose to have this tight knit loving family and never once do you hear the sisters speak directly. You'd think they were mute.

And if all that wasn't bad enough, throw in the cliches and you have the perfect, awful romance/porn novel.

Sabrina is ... sigh ... I don't even know. She could have been a good character if the story was written better and if she refrain from speaking during sex! When I wasn't rolling my eyes, I was laughing at the silly things she kept saying.

Also, I could have swear that in the final sex scene we were getting a marketing slogan for men and the use of anal plugs ... like hello!! o.O

Dante was angry all the time and I didn't even believe his tortured soul facade. The dude want to get some without putting in the work of  a relationship and blames it on his messed up parents. Like dude seriously? ... get a grip and some morals!!

I don't remember if I saw a 5 star review for this but if there is, you are a liar!!!!!! This shouldn't even get a star!

I am pretty sure there will be a follow up book, maybe more than one and I am certain as to what will happen. It will be about Damien and Brooke and the cliches, sex and bad conversations will roll on!! So it's safe to say I wont be part taking in this festival!!

Good luck with the rest of this series, because book 1 is utter rubbish!!!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Forever Too Far By Abbi Glines

Just to get this out of the way, I just wanna say what a way to hit the 60% mark!!! Surprise Surprise indeed Mrs. Glines :)

I will admit the starting of this novel didn't capture and hold me initially, and I was about to get disappointed. But eventually, the story picked up and then we hit the 60% mark and got all kinds of twisted up into unfinished and upcoming romances in Rosemary. Yes guys! value for money with this one because we get new characters and more than Blaire and Rush's POV.

Rush was totally enamored in this one and it was super cute. Even though he had his douche moments and for a while Nan tried to rule, we saw the shift as it happened and the touching moments between Blaire and Rush were so sweet I felt my teeth rotting!! You couldn't help but love them!!

Blaire was definitely the southern belle that we loved from book 1 and she totally got to be a badass momma to wrap this one up. If I was a guy I'd be blowing my load in my pants too Rush!!  Because Blaire with a gun is just damn hot!!

Except for a major but minor hick up, Blaire and Rush definitely got their HEA and rainbows throughout this novel, even with the obstacles that were thrown at them. But for once, these two got to relax and enjoy the fruits of their very hard labour to make their relationship work despite the problems they face. I loved to see them as a unit!!

We also got mixed into a lot of other stories from this series and even back tracked into Twisted Perfection to get Blaire's POV of her first meeting with Della and what happened after ... only made me love her even more!!!

We met Harlow who is a darling and from the moment she touched into Rosemary I saw Grant's story develop. (Please don't let me down Abbi!!)

Also, I must thank Ms. Glines for stealthily reassuring me as to what happened following Wood's news at the end of Twisted Perfection and then going as far as to give us intimate scenes with the two that only leads me starving for the follow up ... you must be a very busy woman at the moment with so many awesome stories in the work!!!

The sex scenes were ... let's just say you read this book for the summer vibe and flirty scenes. The dirty talk is corny and the sex scenes are better left out, but these great characters make up for it with their messed up lives and problems a mile long.

I adored the scene before the exchanging of vows. It was heartfelt, sentimental and definitely what I expected from this new Rush. It gave a new meaning to their relationship and I felt everything Blaire was feeling then. Thoughtful didn't even come close. And while I love 'I won't give up' by Jason Mraz, I felt Rush's song was fitting and it's good to have an actual reference on itunes .. can't wait to check it out!!

More secrets were revealed and we even got a flavour of the LA life as well as solve some underlying problems throughout this series. It was filled with love, happiness, angst, apprehension and so much more. We got a whole lot more than I expected and I was glad that we got to go through the pregnancy and delivery with Blaire. It was a great ending for Blaire and Rush's story and I have a feeling we will be seeing glimpses of them in upcoming novels from this series but they get to kick back and relax for a well deserved vacation.

I literally got  the title for the book at the end of this one but I totally get it and agree!! Thanks again for a great novel from an awesome series ... sitting by the clock for the follow ups.

Claim Me By J. Kenner

I am squealing with excitement right this minute!! I can't wait to start Complete Me ... to get to that bittersweet ending to a fantastic (actual) trilogy!!

I must say that initially I was a little pissed with the beginning of this book and how it started to over do the sex scenes. I was bored when it began and kept wondering when we would get some of that Nikki and Damien banter that we had in 'Release Me'. But about 60% into the novel, we were re-introduced to the Nikki and Damien we love. While a little late, I was still pleased, as it's definitely 'Better late than Never'

There were laughs, angst, pain, love, friendship, heart ache and so much more, packed in about a month of intense story telling!!! I looked forward to each chapter, even if it was to get over the sex scenes and into the story.

I have to say the sex scenes were much more detailed and erotic in this installment. We even have some heavy fore and role play. Some I didn't mind so much, others I believe were reaching. Still, we got to watch Nikki and Damien's relationship strengthen throughout this installment as games are set aside and we get into the mind of Damien Stark.

Damien is still an enigma in this one and we see his sexual wings spread and boy are they a fine set of wings!! We finally see why this book can be placed in a BDSM category and even though it comes at the cost of sex overload, it's completely worth it when all the walls are broken down and we get to share in the revelations with the characters.

Nikki is definitely stronger in this one and it's thrilling to see her fight for what she wants instead of going back to her old demons or Damien for support. (Awesome press conference Nikki!) Too bad the chick is hopeless in the employment department

Jamie and Ollie were still messing up in this one, but I am glad that they haven't faded and that somewhere along the lines, they are intertwined into this amazing story and play their parts well. I honestly believe there is something there with Ollie's hate towards Damien, so I hope we get to clear that in the future.

It's one thing for a story to start totally centered around a character and end that way, but Claim Me isn't just about Nikki and her love for Damien. We are catapulted into both their past, maybe Damien's a little more and I definitely wouldn't be opposed to a little novella or Epilogue in his POV, as I believe that the series is now turning over more to his life than Nikki's.

This installment definitely had more inner monologues than conversation in comparison to book 1, but we see the secrets unravel in the perfect place and everything lines up for what I can only expect with be a perfect ending.

We were also once again treated to a good ending which once again left us with a lot of questions, but ended on a note that we are comfortable to wait until the next installment is released. I am a little antsy of course, but Damien in Claim Me has definitely taught me patience ;)

I refused to read the look into Complete Me before I pen this review, because I don't want to cloud my judgment in any way to give Claim Me the justice it deserves. But apparently, with the amount of reviews on Goodreads, it seems almost half the following has already read Complete Me. While I am jealous of course, I will bide my time until July 30th arrive to wrap up this amazing trilogy to see where the author takes these characters that we love so much.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Release Me By J. Kenner

Just did a fist pump for J. Kenner!!!

Awesome ass story!!!!

I don't know what is wrong with people and comparing everything to Fifty Shades of Grey and Bared to you. I see the similarities, but it's not like those two series have the market on BDSM, crazy inappropriate sex and abuse. We read about this all the time, but sometimes an author makes their own journey for us to follow and J. Kenner did it with Release me!

Damien Stark is Damien Stark and no other. He is king of his and Nikki universe and we wouldn't have it any other way! Tennis star turn successful entrepreneur is a different and new angle even if he embraces most of the billionaire cliches.

Nikki is a stunning character. Because while she has her vices and problems, she embraces them, own them and use them to fight instead of hide. It took her a while to actually show off her flaws but this girl was never cowering in corners begging people to fight her battles or allowing them to. She was out there doing it and supporting her man through it all.

This was real and raw for me. No one was overly emotional and saying I love you's. Games were being played and we love to go on those journeys. It also helped that the sex scenes didn't span a whole chapter or four continuous pages. Also, the characters weren't tearing each other clothes off every chance the got.
They had some control around each other and I appreciate that. I never understood how someone's brain cells gets fried because a hot guy is breathing on their neck.

Adored Claire's friends, even if they were a little messed up. They grew on you. And imperfections are always appreciated if they give a good story.

I also liked Claire's form of demons as its not your usual musings. She was real, raw and fiery! She didn't hold her tongue and her confidence was through the roof. She hardly falter and when she did, she knew how to pick herself up and start again.

The continuous banter between Damien and Claire was lovely. It's what eventually got me enthralled in this book from the start. I began reading and laughing and before I know it, I have gone through 5 chapters in 5 minutes.

We got so much in the span of at least 3 weeks to a month than we get in some books that spans a year or more and that is commendable!

I am glad that the ending, while in the form of a cliffhanger, it didn't see them fighting or have us asking too many questions. It made us want to power on because they seem like a really strong unit and we have more to look forward to than babies and marriages.

If ever there was a series that reminds me of Iron Man, this was it. (Maybe it's the name). Still, this is a great story about pain, loss, loving yourself and different forms of control. It was good to finally highlight some of the dangers of BDSM as well as to see a female who had a different view to pain that opened up so many possibilities.

I say give this one a try, it will give you that release from drab REAL trilogies (shot at Bared to you) that you are looking for. Claire's attitude and Damien's presence will keep you entertained and begging for more.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Weekends Required By Sydney Landon

Rolling my eyes really hard right now!!

Dear Lord who writes these books?!?! I was totally loving the premise of this one and then I began reading and it's as if I just knew it would be basic like the clothes Claire wears and were I ever right!!!

Now I can't pin point the moment these two made a discovery of anything. One minute we are all mulling over possibilities and the next Jason is muttering oaths and sex and kissing be happening. Cut us some slack here and put some thought and structure into these stories.

I find this to be your typical Mills and Boons romance and for that, I was not thrilled. There was no depth. There was no making your way up from a foundation. If every woman could literally let their hair down and that could make a man mad and next thing you know ya'll popping out babies, then by all means the world would be over populated!!

I got Claire as a character, honestly I do, and I believe with a little more work she could have been an amazing character! I also loved the foundation of her story in regards to her family background. I thought that even the death of her loved ones while being an every day occurrence, the POV it was directed from was a good one. It really strengthened that theme of control that this novel was portraying.

I have no clue what Jason's deal was. Once again, I got the basics. It's like we get the general idea of everything and then that's where it all ends. We were all up in Claire's family, but not even a meet and greet of Jason's family throughout this entire 400 page novel. Which I am starting to wonder if it was 400 pages, or  that's an error on Goodreads part. It wasn't that I was so captured, it's that I find it hard to believe that we went through 400 pages for a cliched and rushed ending that built on nothing at all and didn't even seem to span as much as even 6 months.

I found Suzy's character annoying and the narrator POV for this novel felt too impersonal and maybe that's what hindered me from connecting with these characters. I also believe that Jason's POV was almost unnecessary when you thought about it, because once again, not much was conveyed that couldn't have been told from Claire's POV or what was eventually told from her POV.

In all, I got to say it was a fair starting but I hated the ending and the flow and dialogues were sub-par. Some conversations were unnecessary and some situations in the end were so easily resolved after stifling the characters for years that it just all became unrealistic and disappointing.

Also, no one seemed to have notice that a year passed and she was still *spoiler alert* pregnant*spoiler alert* but then again, when you rushing and ending I guess all of that doesn't really matter does it?

Still, love a good premise, and this was one. The delivery was poor and I don't think I wanna try another one in this series, but hurricane season is coming up and I might just need a basic book so maybe I will cop another in the series. No promises though!

Friday, 7 June 2013

Beautiful Broken Rules By Kimberly Lauren

I been wanting to read this story for a while but I kept on getting side tracked, until early this morning I just got it on my kindle and here I am, finished, confused, annoyed and satisfied if that even makes any sense.

So the synopsis got a few things right, but this story was way off what I expected. I expected  a lot more sex and a lot more mistakes, maybe a few mind blowing scenes or something! But the biggest and probably only mistake I saw was when Jax loved and wanted Em and instead of having a relationship, they spent so much time fielding each other. I would have prefer a different climax as the premise for this one made no sense. It's like being hungry, staring at a lasagna and refusing to eat from it because it looks too good! (I don't even know if that makes sense)

I must say those scenes were annoying for me and had me wondering why unnecessary drama is been created when the fix is a simple I want you back!

Anyways, loved the characters and the chill vibe they created. All of them were great and I loved that even with the possibility of so much going wrong, there wasn't much angst or drama. It was a chill story with a great group of main and supporting characters.

I loved Emerson and Em!!!! She is a great character. I love how she has that rouge-ish vibe about her and I love her narrative. She was rough but smooth at the same time and this girl possessed none of the traits of your usual female narrator. I won't lie, she could be a perfect girl for any guy! I love her confidence and how even when she was broken, she was still the Em we all came to love.

The girl might have had a reputation, but it was only mentioned in passing  and conversations. It's like the story began they day she unconsciously became a reformed slut. Still, I love her in every way. I love how lost to logic she was when her birthday came around and she tried to express her feelings to Jax. I was also surprised as to his response and delivery and very much shocked at her melt down and decisions made following the confrontation. I never pegged her as that kind and we almost lost the Em we love there!

Speaking of which, I loved Jaxon. He was a great and complicated character and I was glad to finally get into his head when the epilogue came around. I believe there was so much more to him and I only wish that we could go deeper into who he is, but seeing as how the book was narrated by Emerson, we got just the right tone for an Emerson narrated novel. A Jaxon POV wouldn't be bad. A little novella maybe *wink*

Loved Jace and would love to see him with a novel of his own. I loved how he and Emerson met and the role he played throughout the novel. Must say he is one of my favorite character, right behind Em and maybe Jaxon :)

Nice chill story about trust, loss and understanding. It might not be deep, provocative or heart wrenching, but it definitely held it's own in it's league and I loved the angle the story was conducted from and that the female protagonist stayed true to herself. It could have used a little bit more depth or wow factors, but it definitely isn't a bad one either!

Entwined with You By Sylvia Day

I can honestly say that I love this series. I love the progression and the way that we are gently floated from one situation to another. It is done with finesse and precision but the downside is, that natural beauty that this story possess seems to have you wanting more and the time between the more is brutal and starting to wear on me.

I am thoroughly confused as to if I want more or if I would just like for Eva and Gideon to get a break and just have their HEA already!

I was terribly disappointed with the results of the Nathan situation from Reflected in you, as I believe that is a huge cloud that will forever hang over them and will change everything from here on out.

Jealousy, possession, love and all the emotions in the world can sometimes be unable to over power guilt and uncertainty. And those will forever be with this couple as this story takes some very dangerous twists and turns. I believe too many enemies are being made and Eva and Gideon are reckless in their undying, over powering love that they will slip and fall if they aren't careful.

The series once again carried a lovely set of characters and I love them all for the part that they all play so well. You are seeing changes in a way you are hardly ever afforded in a book and I appreciate that. Still, even with the changes and progresses being made, the original characters keep their tenacity and appeal that brought us to them in the first place.

Eva was still the right mix of everything and I love her fierceness and loyalty that she exude throughout the series. She has always found a way to be this confident and assertive character while still being insecure at all times. It's a delicate balance that she handles well and I love seeing her character go through the days and motions.

Gideon was back and better than ever! Gideon in love is the best of all the sides portrayed so far, and even though it is frighteningly intense, I love it anyways and hope to one day find a love like that. Frightening but sure.

Carey was also still around messing up as usual and Gideon's ex's seem to be festering like sores. All in all, it was a good one with even more issues and emotions to process. Even infidelity is being highlighted.

There were a few heart warming and emotional ringers in this one and the *spoiler alert* prenuptial scene *spoiler alert* was definitely one. I loved the terms and how it was unexpected and beautifully done. I couldn't have asked for a better scene to embark on that journey.

Still, there were too (emphasis on the too) many unfinished situations which left me with too much answers and no time frame as to when they will be answered. I can't even count on one hand all the things that are happening and not one was any closer to being solved at the end of this novel. Even a hint of something would have been good. At least say winter 2013 or something!!

First we waited four months in between book 1 and 2 then that was doubled with an 8 months wait for book 3 am I to find a pattern here and say 16 months will be the release time for book 4? I surely hope not. While I would like to see this beautiful story come to a close, before it is drawn out to ridiculousness, it seems the author has other plans  in mind and plan for a book 4 and 5. While I think it's thoughtless and wrong to ruin a beautiful story by milking it and trying to make a cash cow from it, if you decide to do it, then shorten the wait before fans loose interest and faith in the HEA we are all so desperately searching for.

Another beautifully written novel in the crossfire series and  I can only hope the next two will be as filling and maybe we can stop there before this series turns into a soap opera and make us all lose interest!