Friday, 11 January 2013

Ordinary World by Elisa Lorello

I like  to take sometime after reading a book, to let everything soak in!

But i think i've soaked enough ... so here goes ...

*sigh* Why Elisa? Why!

I'm not gonna say it wasn't a good book or a good read.

Actually, it was a different view for someone like myself that reads a vast amount of contemporary romance novels but I just felt like this book was too depressing and ended so unfinished!

If this story had ended as book 1 ended, then I would have been just fine.

Ordinary World doesn't seem like a continuation of Andi and Devin at all! It seemed like a totally new book with a sad woman and a too tolerant whilst not obsessed man.

Why isn't Devin - sorry David - allowed to find love and happiness? Why must he spent the rest of his life living in a man's shadow?

As readers, we don't know Sam. So how can I share Andi's pain if I never got a chance to know the character?

The most dialogue we got from Sam and Andi was when she went to NU for the interview from book 1, and it still wasn't fulfilling. There was no character development for Sam.

He just died and we were suppose to live their love through Andi's eyes.

I'm sorry, but I felt more for David than I did for Andi.

I understand that we were suppose to be taken on a journey with Andi as she grieved the lost of her husband and rekindle a fire with David but I just never felt it.

All I wanted the whole time was for Andi to kill herself and David to move on and find an awesome woman who loves him the way he deserved.

She goes around behaving like she is as sad as they come, but really she never really plummeted to sadness like she wanted to be with her beloved. All she really wanted, was to get Sam back like her never died.

Honestly, she didn't even do a good job at letting me want him back in her life.

As for David's literal omission from most of the novel, I think he was grossly unfairly treated and the ending was not one to leave you contented.

If this isn't the conclusion for Andi and David's story, the I hope the best for David but I don't think I wanna read another depressing story about Andi loving her dead ex husband while stringing along a very much alive David. If it is though, I am really sorry for David and hope he realizes he's am idiot who won't ever find true love with that woman.

Regardless, thank you Ms. Lorello, I really loved a different point of view and reading style.

It was refreshing and different and didn't have your usual overwhelming drama. It was clean, concise and a literary genius! You really do have a way with rhetoric and you make me want to improve on my grammar!

I look forward to reading another book from you in the future ... your writing is ... Bellissima! (Hope I got it right)


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