Friday, 18 January 2013

Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens


So ... I finished reading Thoughtless about 2 days ago, after a 5 day total read, and not because I  was busy, but because it carried so much suspense I was afraid to turn the page!

This book was not what I expected at all and I am completely happy I finally gave it a chance and read it.

At times I wanted to hate Keira ... At times I did ... but all in all I am surprised at what a well written and thoroughly planned story this was, that never strayed from it's characters true personas.

You are introduced to an up and coming band known as the 'Douchebags' (D-bags for short) and the world wind romance and love triangle between their lead singer, Kellen Kyle, the narrator, Keira Allen, and her boyfriend and Kellen's best friend, Denny Harris! (Did that all from memory ... so not like me but I really loved and connected to this book)

Not overly sexed or full of rock, with just the right balance, you can't help but feel for these characters as you follow them down the roads that leads to their mistakes and their solutions.

I must say that whilst being easier if you hate the guy being cheated on, you could find no way to hate Denny! It was impossible!

I loved the structure, characters and story line to this book ... so nice, I might have to read it twice!

I say give ti a read ... it'll change your  mind about a lot of things even if you don't quite understand the theory behind it!


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