Saturday, 12 January 2013

Vain by Fisher Amelie

Fisher Amelie is a rock star!

Sophie Price is misunderstood (even by herself)

Ian is ........... a fairy tale

Ok! So I was completely shocked at the story line for this book.

I figure we would see some time she spent in Uganda, but I never expected the entire book to be centralized around it.

Therefore, I never really got to see Sophie as vain so to speak.

She was just a very entitled girl who rules a posse of other entitled idiots (minus Spence :) )

So ... we follow Sophie as she tries to endure her court sentence of 6 months hard labour in an orphanage in Uganda.

I must say though, no one does it with style like Sophie ... the girls makes working in an orphanage seems like working in a pre-school and she makes me want to do it. (minus the high powered weapon carrying thieves and the LRA soldiers)

We are shown a side of the world we are all to familiar with, but don't take as serious.

Don't let the cover fool you. This is a deep, educational, witty and political novel that has you wanting to pawn everything to help children in positions that are way worse than ours.

It makes you understand and appreciate what you have and realize what people have to fight with everyday just to see the sun rise and set.

I was taken on a journey that opened my eyes and make me realize there is more to life.

This book is different from what I normally read and expected, but it was a good change that I embraced and had the pleasure of reading.

I say give it a try and see for yourself ... it's actually not so vain!



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