Thursday, 9 October 2014

In Deep by Kella McKinnon

I am a sucker for philosophy and quotes! At the beginning of each chapter, we got little quotes that got me thinking and I will admit to going crazy with my kindle highlighter for a few. This, I believe was one of the best features of this novel.

Though this is a story line that I have read before, I would like to think that this one was different. In the end, Criss didn't change much of his POV, but his theories and train of thought would make any psychologist delirious with joy! Yes, he's got issues. I can't say I connected much with his character but I will say that I wanna know what exactly it is that he's plotting.

Regardless of the cliche themes and progression, Brie was a spark in all that familiarity as she remained realistic and brought a different angle and approach to the usual billionaire romance story line. She questioned everything and became the more relateable of the two.

Initially, I thought that this would be one of those dual POV novels, where one character repeated everything that happened in the previous chapter, but then it turned into snapshots of Cristos's past. It's not a very nice past, but it was my first time being treated to this writing style and I found that most of the mystery, intrigue and questions came with the past recollections, as nothing note worthy happened in the present. Except for a whole lot of angry sex!

Yes, it is a cliffhanger and on top of that, I find myself still trying to figure out the point, climax and overall journey this story will be taking. I thought I had it all figured out but as the novel got closer to the end, I found that I really don't know much about the past or future. I am still trying to figure out the characters, their motivations and decisions. I am totally clueless as to where this novel is going or wants us to follow.

It has a few grammatical errors but it's nothing overwhelming and I find that Brie's personality and reactions allowed you to overlook some of the faults, as you remained interested in the story as it progresses, trying to find the end or point. My biggest concern now is how the author will be able to straighten and present a complete story in one more novel, because even the basics are still murky. The conversations were few and in between and we spent most of the time in both characters heads.

This novel can easily fall in the category of billionaire romance but there is something about Brie that makes it more. She adds a difference with her firm grip on life. There is nothing sexier than a confident and secure woman in love.

Regardless of my love for Brie, there is a story here and I really want to find out what it is. Also, there is the added intrigue of that kiss that we both want so badly :)

Who knew a kiss held so much power?

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