Friday, 3 October 2014

Torture to Her Soul By J.M. Darhower

Though not what I expected, it was interested when it began, lost in the middle and indifferent by the end. I still love Ignazio Vitale and always will but I felt like this installment didn't know what to do with the remnants of Naz's actions from book 1. The blow back was too light and we spent more time killing people than we did dealing with the onslaught of emotions that should have followed both their betrayals and actions.

In a completely unexpected and lovely twist, this installment was entirely told in Ignazio's POV, with the exception of a bonus scene at the end. The story line was therefore straight forward and hilarious, as we explored his mind and personality. He remained true to his character and I found that the highlights of this novel was when he was being rude or questioned and believe me, he gets questioned alot!

The mortality rate skyrocketed in this novel, all by the hands of Naz and I will admit, that at times I too feared him and saw the monster beneath, but in the end, I just wanted to fly away to Italy and make a new life with the man. I still can't understand the pull.

Even though it was focused around the ramifications of Naz's love for Karissa, I find that the romance played back seat to the criminal elements. We spent more time deciphering the future and reconciling the past. Questions were answered, but alot was still left unsaid and incomplete. There is an understanding that eliminates the need for a book 3, but I will admit that I am not averse to a novella :)

Karissa's character became a supporting role and Ignazio shined in all his glory. Her presence remained constant and I am sure by the end, alot of people won't be able to understand or accept their relationship but I think the uncertainty and day to day struggle to preserve their love gave it a balance between fiction and every day life.

For the sex nuts, yes, there is sex and a good portion of it, but as I previously stated, I preferred the conversations and happenings to the heavy, sometimes dangerous sex that Naz and Karissa partaked in.

I don't believe this novel contained half as much intrigue, suspense and drama that book 1 hefted on us but it had it's moments and did a good job of tying as much loose ends before the acknowledgement. It's not a fairy tale or drama. It just is.

It's about a man trying to decipher his past to find his future and a girl who is caught between the love for her family and the love of her life. It's basic in it's overall delivery but my love for Naz outweighs that factor and the fact that this book is all Naz, all the time is just an added bonus :)

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