Saturday, 4 October 2014

Stepbrother Dearest by Penelope Ward

If you can look pass the cliche cover and cheesy title, you will find that this novel is just as you expected. Cheesy, cliche and standard YA/NA romance story line and all but with a twist!

I already knew what the ending and major conflicts would look like before they even began but there is something with the delivery that made this novel stand out and made me decide to become a regular reader of this author's work.

Maybe it was Elec's honesty, because I go crazy for the brutally honest ones; or maybe it's Greta's straight forward and persistent personality, as she never held back her wants or feelings. They are both to the point and that makes for an interesting and occasionally shocking story.

This novel isn't a dual POV but it's split into two (2) parts. There is teenage Greta and Elec, then there is adult Greta and Elec, with all the issues and unsaid words from when they were teens. Both parts were interesting and very new adult in their delivery but at some point, part two became a recount of part one (1) but in Elec's POV. Though it was good to have his POV, it shortened the time we spent in the present and eventually became lacking in fresh content as I recollected, word for word, things I read a hour ago. It was just too soon for a revision.

Therefore, by time I got to the HEA, I felt cheated and unsure. Enough time wasn't spent on them as a couple, because they spent 90% of the novel single or with other people.

Still, I was kept entertained, intrigued and guessing throughout, because while I anticipated most of the happenings, there were a few that threw me and it helped that at no point in time I saw them as 17 year old teens. Especially not Elec.

I figured there was a separate story line behind Randy and Elec's constant disagreements but to finally get his history was a unique and shocking one that could have made a wonderful base for a story. It is controversial, unusual and the definition of drama. Unfortunately, it was a recollection and therefore I felt like we were cheated the quality of that particular content.

For what it lacked in present content, it made up with the writing style, background, characters and initial structure. It held alot of fairy tale towards the end but I didn't mind and only wish I could have been apart of the full process to such a heart felt ending.

I don't know if there will be a follow up but I am in love with both Greta and Elec's character and will look out for any potential content in the future.

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