Thursday, 9 October 2014

In Deeper by Kella McKinnon

So it's safe to say that Criss is certifiable and needs to be admitted. The man is crazy. To be honest, Brie is a little crazy too. She just doesn't acknowledge it yet.

The phrase of this novel is: "How many sins can love forgive?" and I feel like this book answered that question and then some. As it relates to the story line, it was a few of what I expected with some of it's own twists. It was cliche riddled and ridiculous in it's representation of the Honduras cartel but it was also quite entertaining to see them reason through all the chaos Criss single-handedly caused. Especially towards the end.

This time, we had purpose and a solid reason to end the past and embrace the future but I can't help but to highlight the fact that the journey was extremely far-fetched and unrealistic. Occasionally, it crossed the line into impossible and ridiculous.

There is gun slinging pregnant women in labour and even more hot and cold from the one and only Cristos Vicario. I actually found myself reenacting the, 'Waking up in Vegas' music video from Katy Perry, a few times. Yes, it had really cheesy moments.

On the plus side, I got to know Cristos this go and found that he shares the same spot as Brielle in my eyes. Just with a touch of crazy! I connected with him more and it was interesting, to say the least, to be in his loony bin of thoughts. The fact that he was MacGyver/Jason Bourne in one didn't go unnoticed either. After all, it was the epitome of all the unrealistic and ridiculously fictional scenes. I actually wished we focused more on the billionaire aspect, because his profile didn't fit with any crime related activities and both of their needs to justify his criminal ways only made them seem naive.

Brielle kept her wit and humour that I came to love from the previous novel and though it didn't last long, she got a backbone for a good two weeks at least. A lot was laid open in this installment but I was over the old and more interested in the present. Funny how these series work sometimes :)

There was a whole lot of drama, action and activities to keep you in the present without needing the escape of the past.

The level of direct conversation remained the same, but this time they were filled with some substance, as we got to know more about Criss, at the expense of Brie's side of the family. We finally met what's remaining of the Dalton's but one was silent and the other did not meet me expectations.

The insightful and relative quotes at the beginning of each chapter served to ease my tension or make me a little apprehensive based on the subject and once again, I went highlighter crazy!

I was more committed and interested in this novel than the previous, as I got comfortable with Criss's crazy and Brie's lack of self control, preservation or esteem when it came to Criss. It became raw and uninhibited. If you remove all the money being tossed around and the wild wild west gun slinging, it was the remnants of an every day relationship, where no matter how bad it gets, you kept going back for more.

I am sad to see Criss go but I can say that I enjoyed this installment more than the last and I hope we can at least get an update novella in the upcoming future. Even Evan's story perhaps? Who knows :)

P.S. Chapter 15 is where all the magic happens! :)

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