Sunday, 17 August 2014

Blonde Date: An Ivy Years Novella By Sarina Bowen

I've never given much thought to the Katie's or Andy, but this novella placed them on my radar. 'Blonde Date' follows Katie Vickery (blonde Katie/K1) and Andy (Bridger's dorm neighbour) on a sorority mandated date. It turns out there is more to blonde Katie than meets the eyes and Andy is just that. Andy. What you see is what you get.

Though it was just a couple hours spent on Sorority Row; drinking and socializing, there is more to this novella than Katie's need for a date and Andy's dreams coming through.We got background information on both lead characters and Dash, as well as, twists, drama and a little adult entertainment.

'Blonde Date' opened me to the possibility of reading a full length novel about both Katie and Andy. Now that I have gotten the opportunity, I wanna know more about blonde Katie and all the pressures that seem to accompany her world. She is more than bandannas on doors and sorority row.

Andy got his time in the spotlight but it's Andy, so the only difference was being privy to his thoughts. I've never thought of him as a nerd, lacking in self-confidence but I liked when he spazz out and over analyzed Katie's signals. There is something about this novella that doesn't try to place them on a pedestal. It keeps them genuine. Katie is a hottie and Andy isn't a 100 on the hot meter but he is one of the good guys and even them deserve their time in the sun.

Thing is, though I enjoyed date night and exam day, I could see these two going their separate ways and remaining friends. A one night stand and fling? Maybe. But the fact that Katie kept Dash as a constant reminder and Dash revealed his true feelings towards Katie, I can see them getting back together. I don't wanna break Andy's heart, but maybe K1 isn't the girl for him in the long run; though we all gotta have our first :)

Dash's POV was welcomed and helped solidify my original thought that just maybe that spark will ignite again, because Andy and Katie are missing one element that Dash and Katie have in common.

As always, Sarina keeps the sex as PG as possible because they are college kids, who are just learning their crafts, sex included and it was actually quite hilarious to get both their accounts of this sexual experience.

If your looking for a quick read while you transition through novels, or just want something light and fluffy, then look no further. 'Blonde Date' is just the right read. It's short, to the point and has enough elements to keep you interested and leave you wanting more. Your're re-introduced to Dash, Katie and Andy; then your gifted a sneak peek at Graham and Rikker's story. Other than a full length novel on this triangle, what more could you ask for?

***ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.***

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