Sunday, 3 August 2014

Hudson By Laurelin Paige

Is it possible that a companion novel can hold more feelings than the original body of work? Yes, it can and 'Hudson' is the perfect example. If not for me reading another companion novel late last month, I would probably say it's because I read this story before and I loved it. However, this was like a fresh tale to me and I completely suppressed Alayna's side of the story, as I focused on Hudson and what made him into the man we saw in the trilogy.

The quote at the beginning of this novel was apt for the focus and I find that I loved going between the before and after to piece together the puzzle that is Hudson Pierce. I felt like I was revisiting all the characters and seeing them through new eyes.

Sorry to disappoint, but I think we spent more time on the Hudson/Celia dynamic, than we did the Alayna/Hudson aspects, but we had already explored those from the 'Fixed' trilogy so it was good to see a different side in the mix.

There were new twist and scenes that were never exposed before, that made this story whole; while shining a light on Alayna in Hudson's eyes. All her flaws were lauded and I forgot she was battling her own issues.

Hudson laid himself bare in this novel and I had a great time dissecting. He was cold, calculated and an addict in his own right but I always had a soft spot for the crazies and Hudson is the King of that hill! I have never thought much about people with disassociation of emotions but this novel has made me take a stop and look. Though it was entertaining to see him do his "experiments", it also showed how lost he was and the underlying issues that eventually made way to the perfect Hudson. He held some of his old qualities while he finalized the biggest experiment of his life ... himself.

Playing a big part in his past and eventually his future, Celia is a character that sways you. You want to hate her but she is so well taught that you don't know what to do or feel. She makes me wanna threaten her with death too but then I remember the Celia in the beginning chapters and remind myself that she too is a product of Hudson's illness.

This story is a twisted tale that held all the right notes and moves. It was more than the characters themselves and gave us a more in depth look at the Pierce/Werner clan and what was ahead for this insane group of friends and families.

Jack continues to amuse me as a character and Chandler was just as absent. I am selfish enough to admit that this story answered all my questions but I still want more; I wanna see Hudson handle temptation and Alayna off the wagon because there is something about this couple and how they strive within drama.

The story line doesn't only visit the past and present but the future as well. We got some answers as to what happened after their wedding day and I for one was grateful for the update. As I said before, I can't get enough of these two.

Naturally, there are elements from this story that reviews previous scenes from the trilogy but the best thing about this book is that coming from a different POV makes everything seem like a new story. It never got repetitive and I was never bored. If anything, I wanted to read the trilogy again and I assume that's the aim of a companion.

I will admit that you might get a different opinion if you start reading this exactly after the 'Fixed' trilogy but I can assure you that you will get variety and a fresh story line for you to invest in. I loved this story and I am extremely happy that two of my favourite characters were brought back to life with the right balance of past, present and future. I shouldn't but I still wanna ask for more :)

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