Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Taming the Storm By Samantha Towle

Taming the storm was just that ... tame. While it's a good, flowing story, with an interesting enough cast of characters, I got use to the explosiveness that is Tru and Jake. I felt like this was a softer side to TMS and while I didn't hate it, it didn't blow me out the water either.

As usual, there is an array of song for you to discover and share. I have always turned to this series to give me unforgettable tunes that I can enjoy, long after I have finish reading the story. To this day, I still sing and listen to 'You have started' by Ou est le swimming pool.

Lyla is feisty and a little withdrawn but if you get her angry enough you see another side and let's not talk about how she shocked me when it came to sex. They both make for an an interesting couple but their story felt level with no real dynamics. At times, I think it's because it was such a shock of a prologue, that nothing else in the novel can compare.

I like the way Tom's past was highlighted and that the usual cliche was kept to a minimum. He actually felt untouchable, like a band manager/stranger, in the beginning and we got to take our time and get to know the guy behind the bass. His back story interesting, gruesome and an original one. Still, it remains a far fetched theory when reasoning out his demons. Though I understand, there is still some aspects, that are just really out of sync with his present ideologies and anonymity.

The Tom Carter of TTS is not the one we met and saw throughout this series. He is definitely a changed man and I don't know which one I like better. This Tom was hardly a challenge but his change was interesting. He was funny, intense and much more level headed than I expect.

This novel is broken into two parts; The chase and the sex. The chase was enlightening because we got to watch Tom and Lyla learn about each other and what they were bringing to the table; Everything after was laced with fear, confusion and a ton load of sex! At this point, Tom should just tape his mouth to Lyla's "Virginia" and what is up with him and being fully naked to have sex? o.O

They had some steamy sex scenes and the fact that their both animals in the bedroom helped to heighten the experience. Lyla was never one to shy away and Tom can think of nothing else but sex when Lyla is laid out before him.

The level of drama in this novel is low even though Lyla has zero filter and Tom has slept with almost every woman he has ever met in the past. Her lack of filter made this story humorous and she became the star of this novel. It also helped that this go, it was the woman who was the talent and the man the groupie.

This story had dual POVs but it is sporadic where Tom's take is concerned. I wish we had more time with Tom because a lot of  times I found myself wanting to know his thoughts. The fact that their first sex scene was taken from his POV also, made it different and left us quite entertained. It's almost like reading two different stories depending on who is narrating that chapter.

Some might call it a beautiful end to the series and while I am glad to see every one and to get an update on their lives, I still felt it was incomplete, because we technically went through that event in WTS and I wanted a unique ending focused on Lyla and Tom. The series is over and they only get one novel; It's only fair!

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