Saturday, 16 August 2014

For Fallon By Soraya Naomi

I have come to realize that I once again fall in the minority of people who aren't that fond of a novel, while everyone else showers it with praises.

'For Fallon' does nothing for me as a complete body of work and didn't really grab my interest until the 60% mark. It was just another Mafia romance, even though they play by a few different rules.

Fallon is one of the most annoying heroines I've ever met and I was not her biggest fan from beginning to end. I kept thinking, especially in the end, that Luca can do better and I would even trade the copywriter for the stripper any day.  For those who have read this book, it's not in regards to her final decision and more on her overall decisions. She is quite dumb for an intelligent lady and while her reactions might be a more realistic one, I still can't relate, understand or empathize with her character.

If you read my reviews, you will know that I like them bad and a little crazy. Though Luca isn't the crazy type, he has these bad undertones that makes him come to life! Which in turn made me preferred his POV, though Fallon's had their place.

The events of this novel leave much to be desired with most of the action and intrigue coming literally in the last 3%. I despise unnecessary cliffhangers but I feel like this story needed that break to transition into the next story line. I just wish this first installment had excited us a little more.

Relationships, with the exception or Luca and Fallon's, don't get much elaboration. They stay on a need to know basis and offer up no more. I still admired the friendship between Adriano and Luca and how they work as a team. That scene with Alex and subsequently, Camilla and Fallon, wasn't ruthless but it was calculated and showed them working together while using as little force and bloodshed as possible.

There was no one focus and so I am uncertain as to the point of it all. There is the Mafia element that's only highlighted when it's Luca's POV, because he has to do something with his days; then there is the Danny element that started it all and rounds out with the romance, that just happened until there was none left.

Mafia element aside, the rest would make for a good story line but we never met the catalyst for the story line, even when he was a door away; and not being the biggest supporter of their relationship from the beginning, left me hoping that 'For Luca' will see Luca with a new woman. Honestly, Fallon is not the one.

The sex is to the point and there is no domination. No games, circles or questions. Just good old sex! The story line adapted this principle occasionally and saw us cutting to the chase, sometimes without giving us strong enough character development to move forward. Apart from Luca, when he's confused, betrayed and hurt, not much stood out for me.

Don't take this to mean that I am saying this story tanked, because I am sure I will want to read book 2, but it just wasn't a memorable or impactful story. It can easily be filed away under general, with the other generic Italian Mafia romances, without much diversity. It was flat and commercial, so I am hoping for a better book 2.

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