Saturday, 23 August 2014

Lead By Kylie Scott

I was never bored; I was kept entertained, given depth and full character profiles, but I still left this novel feeling lost and incomplete. I was interested, love the flow and the steady progression, but as is usual with this series, the end was abrupt. The meaningful fight comes way too late and then it is resolved faster than it took to develop.

Jimmy and Lena are a feisty pair and I love them as a couple. They brought a nice change, where they let it all out, then work on it, as oppose to pulling teeth to find the problems, then fixing it. Even if he bought his way out the dog house a few times.

Though unrequited, for a period of time, there was never a doubt as to what these characters wanted and how they felt. They were uniquely, awkward but they understand and compliment each other.

Lena is sarcastic, witty and a word I've never used before in a review, brave. She never backs down and when you expect her to run, hide and cry, she puts on her strongest face and puts you in your place. She is even in your face demanding her own demise, as long as it's on her terms.

Jimmy is not what I expected but then again, I read 'Play' and 'Lick' eons ago! There are layers to this man and his thoughts, reasoning and perspective was one to assess. I only wish that we could have gotten it straight from him to really understand how his mind works.

Surprisingly, the music aspect of the novel was low. Other than a Maroon 5 nod in the end, it didn't give much musical moments. It was more comedic and filled with dating advice.

For those who are all about the sex, be forewarned, while it is there, it too is tame. There isn't much steamy or passionate scenes and even then they found things to laugh about.

Riddled with grammatical errors, this novel threw me off a few times as I corrected these errors to understand a conversation. I, for one, don't like to be unaware of the words I use and read, so if I don't know it, I goggle it! We seemed to get a little European and Australian slangs as we went and all that did was brought to my attention that we didn't really have much American culture in this novel. Still, that's fine with me. It didn't deter me from the novel, it just removed the American authenticity.

It was good that the rest of Stage Dive also got to highlight where they currently sat in the relationships we were privy to before but there was also a few unanswered questions and unaccounted characters in the end.

If your looking for something fun, quick and flirty then this is the book for you. It has it's moments when it tugs at you but it's not emotional or overly filled with love. It's mostly clueless fun with a spunky heroine and a clueless lead singer.

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