Sunday, 10 August 2014

Scare Crow By Julie Hockley

You know what pisses me off? When I spend an entire novel, waiting for those good moments, only to have them when my kindle reads 96%, leaving the ending as my beginning. You know what hurts even more? When I have to admit that it made the story line and progression a tad brilliant and original and fueled my anticipation for a follow up.

I don't know what to do with myself now because I spent a year waiting on the release of this novel, only to have the first 90% filled with things I could care less about. I have never read a novel where the main characters managed to stay apart throughout the entirety of the novel, only to make the biggest ripples in the world of organized crime and when they finally do come together, you ask me to wait another year for the fireworks.

You know what I love though? When I feel like my opinions were heard and taken into consideration; even if they weren't. After reading this novel and my review of 'Crow's Row' (, I felt like Mrs. Hockley, read my review and gave me everything I requested. There was dual POV, former love interest, a clearer understanding of Spider and Carly; more depth, interest and realistic adaptations of the underworld and even Cam seemed more like the leader of all things deemed organized crime. It was perfectly imperfect and I have no idea how she gave me everything I asked for but still kept me longing.

I know which Cameron I like and I hope he's here to stay. He was confident, grounded, cocky, ruthless, calculating and everything I would come to expect of his role. He was the perfect criminal and I love that we got to know him better, which in turn, helped us to decipher the puzzles that are Spider and Carly.

Emmy. Sighz. I don't know what to do with this chick! One minute I am rooting and campaigning for her and the next all I can see is the naive saint, trying to save everyone and slowly killing herself in the process. She however, had her moments and I loved her business acumen. She was her father's child when she needed to broker a deal.

There continued to be ridiculously fake situations and solutions but it's a work of fiction and I have decided to give it some slack. It bothers me but I can live with it.

The characters of  Emily and Cameron were strengthened, especially as individuals. I can imagine that the next book will be filled with tons of upset but I am anticipating the logic for solving all these problems. I wanna see their work as a team.

While you read this novel, you will be annoyed and questioning the relevance of all the business talk. It literally took me finishing this novel and then analyzing it as a whole to understand and appreciate the creative concepts. Some of you might never even agree. There is no sex and romantic fallacies. There is hardcore scheming and puzzle solving, as everyone finds their footing and places, behind the line in the sand.

While I have high hopes for the upcoming the novel, I wouldn't be surprised if many didn't agree or like this one, especially with the wait. It's one of those novels that your either gonna like or dislike. I liked it after I sat with it for a while and though it has it's faults; prospective ends, answered questions and seeing all I wanted from book 1, made me overlook these faults in hope of a superb ending.

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