Friday, 26 September 2014

Between the Cracks By Helena Hunting

I find that the prequels for this series are always thorough and detailed in their small time frames. For 50 pages, this was a well written summary or the present and future as it relates to Tenley, Hayden, Chris and Sarah's stories. While we didn't venture much into 'Clipped Wings',we got a segue to what happens after Tenley's departure and a preview of those decisions in 'Inked Armour'.

We got an idea of where Tenley is from and her growth since she moved to Chicago. Some of these things aren't obvious though and you would need to take the time to review her reactions and decisions when she return to Arden Hills.

The thing about 'Between the Cracks' though is that it wasn't Tenley and Hayden overload. It wasn't even told in any of their POVs. It was all Chris looking in and showing us a different side to Hayden, Tenley, Sarah and Trey.

It's very short, to the point where I can imagine it being a nuisance if you were reading it before the entire series was released.

It's packed like a 100 page novella with drama and more. It actually has a story line and progression, despite the speed. It's got me pumped and ready to see what becomes of all the characters with the beginning of 'Inked Armour'.

To top it all off, it's currently FREE on Amazon :)

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