Sunday, 21 September 2014

On the Record By K.A. Linde

First, let me start off by saying what a sexy cover this is and I think that even if this story turned out to be crap, atleast the cover was good eye candy. Now on to the story ...

Why must K.A. Linde write these realistic, fairy tales and then drop us like a hot patty at the end? I will admit I had my moments where I wondered where the hell is she going now but just as I am literally standing in the kitchen, unable to go and have a shower because my kindle reads 98%, she drops a bomb and exits until November?! Do you know how far November is?? Sighz.

It's safe to say that I loved it. I'll get angry, disagree and swear off reading another K.A. Linde novel but I never do. I believe she writes some of the most controversial stories and she does it in a way that feels all too real and relateable, while still giving you as happy as an ending, that she can muster out of the mess she creates.

Hayden dominated this novel but it was hard to lose yourself in their love because I kept having the lingering feeling that it wouldn't last. Though he was made to look like a monster at one point, for the most part, he was the perfect replacement and it was good to see that he was human, as he did what anyone else in his position, who was angry and hurting would do. We are jealous and vindictive creatures, so his actions, though harsh, is no surprise. It made me respect the author for being able to comfortably take this step and knowing the outcome.

There were moments when I couldn't understand or tolerate Liz. She annoyed me to no end and had me wondering what every one saw in her but the girl has spirit and drive. Ply her with alcohol and she's your #1! She is strange but relateable. Her reservations came off as a fairy tale but when she broke out of her shell she made me laugh until I snort and she is the only person in this novel who can make you see Brady Maxwell the man and not Brady Maxwell the politician. I really don't think anyone sees him the way she does and his last chapter moments at the end of these novels always take off that edge that his character carries.

There is sex but it's pretty tame and so much was going on that I preferred conversations as oppose to the bedroom actions. The politics was once again done tastefully and reflected someone who understood politics and wasn't just basing a story around the regular affairs. I love a well thought out and executed novel and K.A. Linde didn't disappoint.

'On the record' is split into two parts and you will have to read both to appreciate and understand this novel. I know there will be another Hayden vs Brady battle after this one but I find that the further we go, the more our perceptions of the characters change. This novel is more than Liz and Brady as a couple and I like that everyone is growing and getting their time in the sun.

It took some time and a few good scenes to develop some mystery and intrigue but in the end, it left me yearning for more and jonesing for an ARC for 'For the Record'. This was a brilliantly written and executed political drama and I can't wait for it's conclusion.

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