Friday, 26 September 2014

Clipped Wings By Helena Hunting

I love it when a book meets my expectations and 'Clipped Wings' surely didn't disappoint after my 'Cupcakes and Ink' high. It was perfectly paced, concise and detailed in showcasing the similar struggles and insecurities between Tenley and Hayden. It's very rare that you see the main love interest fighting the same battles and reservations. Their realistic approach of just keeping it a secret made for an interesting and captivating story.

I loved the individualistic elements of this novel. You got to know, appreciate and understand all the characters. I can distinguish everyone and their proclivities and what's better is that I love them all in their roles. No one deviates and I actually like that even in the end there was uncertainty. It wasn't stretched across novels for sales alone, it's a story that needs depth and time and I find that the progression was perfectly timed and the ending left me comforted but wanting.

I know I appreciate a novel for it's content when I rush through the sex. Not that it's bad sex, but I crave the conversations and story line, more than I do the intimacy. I love the moments spent learning about Tenley and Hayden; getting updates on her tattoo and everything else spinning around them as a couple and as individuals.

Tenley piqued my interest as the novel began and immediately drew my interest to the staff of Inked Armor. She started as skittish but bold, then as the novel progressed, you unlock more of her personality. It's like your dating Hayden and Tenley as you spend the time knowing, opening and understanding their relationship, as if it's your own.

I had previously stated that Hayden reminds me of Rule from 'Rule' by Jay Crownover and suggested that he might be better. I was right and wrong. Though there are similarities that glaringly remind me of 'The Marked Men' series, Hayden is much more complicated, dramatic and intricate of a character and the Inked Armor crew take damaged to a next level.

There is sex and more sex for the sex fiends who might be interested in this novel but it's sparse in description and lack the BDSM touch that's present in most romance novels these days. Still, I am wired after reading this novel and I can't wait to get to see what's next after that ending.

I have never read a Helena Hunting novel before this week but I am glad I reached for this series in my book stump. It was well researched, executed and summarized. I was hooked from beginning to end and there was never a dull moment between the Inked Armor and Serendipity crew. Hayden's lack of a filter helped some too :)

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