Sunday, 28 September 2014

Inked Armour By Helena Hunting

I handle this series like a sitcom. I never expect it to end so I just wait for this season's climax and wonder what's gonna happen with the new season. Unfortunately, I think this series has ended o.O

I figure based on the novellas that Chris and Sarah are next but I am so much more invested and interested in Tenley and Hayden as a couple and as individuals. I also felt like while we focused on Hayden, there were a few unanswered questions from Tenley's past. Namely Trey.

Despite that, this novel continued with good dialogue, progression and story line. It held closure and promise but lacked much explosive moments that matches that of a good series closing. It was just like the endings before but without the obvious cliffhanger. Then again, I am hoping I am wrong and another novel is in the works :)

You were shown the different transitions between Hayden and Tenley's relationship and personal life. I found that I preferred Hayden's POV, which remained real, raw and true. His lack of filter and honesty continued to add substance and entertainment value.

Tenley got a little lost as the novel progressed, while we focused on Hayden and his demons and she became his anchor. She was stronger than before but somewhere along the line, the cupcake themed elements began to annoy me as they grew in frequency. I am actually shocked that she did everything with them but open a store.

As other cliches go, I saw a few miles away and already knew the answer to many questions, but it was still interesting to see them play out and I would trade all the detailed sex scenes for more time spent solving Hayden's parents murder or Tenley and Hayden's combined PTSDs.

The characters and story line have developed steadily throughout the series and this time was no different. There different proclivities changed as we progressed and it was good to have the tattoo as a symbolic tool of progression. It was continuously weaved into the story and conversations and in the end, we got to see all the changes that led to the perfectly balanced masterpiece.

This novel was good at closing old wounds and though it didn't bring the high drama and explosive moments that I normally look for with the closure of a series, it kept me intrigued, engaged, entertained and included in the story line from beginning to end.

I only have a novella left to read but I am glad I was in a book slump and unearthed this series on my kindle. It is memorable, well written and riddled with substance and as much reality as is possible. It truly is about ink and armour.

I also don't know where they found that embodiment of everything Hayden for the cover, but he really nailed the point home and I found myself staring at him sometimes too :)

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