Sunday, 21 September 2014

Collin By Sandi Lynn

'Collin' was an easy going story with a host of serious issues and the most fleeting and fairy tale solutions. My ongoing issue with Sandi Lynn novels, is how she always take serious issues and spend as little time on them then throw money at the problem and give us a happy ending.

Hailey, despite her faults, was treated like that crazy stalker chick from 'Forever Black' and Amelia moved from self righteous, to brave, to annoying and then right back to self righteous.

The first 30% of the story was told so fast and I just wanted to slow it down. It was nice there for a while, as I guess and spell who would steal his heart and that pizza girl freaked me out while making me die with laughter (it really does sound better abbreviated).

Anyhoo ... Collin is the fun, alcoholic of the family, even if no one wants to acknowledge it, but the boy is two shots away from being Ellery's dad. I am sure he would have liver failure if he got his heart broken again. Yes, his story isn't told to completion in this novel and I look forward to the repercussions in the upcoming novel.

Though I am glad for the diversity in using another love interest, even if breaks from the keep it all in the family thing they usually have going, Amelia takes some getting used to. I don't understand or connect with any of the characters at the end of this novel because it feels like I was being read a statement instead of partaking in a story. Maybe it's the tone, progression or modern day Saints that was portrayed, but I didn't believe or connect with the characters and their different stories. Connor, Ellery and Julia included. I even forgot about Peyton, Henry and James. They were so faded and uninteresting.

We even lost a main character in this novel and it didn't impact me the way it should have. It wasn't sad, reflective or contemplative. It just happened and we moved on. As for Amelia and her host of issues, I think it needed the same amount of time and dedication that this death warranted, in order to make an impact within the story.

You might read my review and think that I hate this novel but I didn't. I quite enjoyed it and read it in one day with little breaks. I think if you are looking for a quick, easy read with not much complexity, then this is it.

It not only gives you updates from the past but it shows everyone's future and allows you to reconnect with all the characters that we loved from this series. The focus was broader than Collin and Amelia, so though they got lost as a couple and individuals, I still had a good time keeping up with the Black's and their host of friends and acquaintances.

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