Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Brutal Precious By Sara Wolf

I'm ready to sell the rights for this novel to Disney but I guess I don't even have that right ... *_*  Oh well.

I think I was over this series by book 2 but I didn't remember, so I was excited for book 3. Isis was still crazy without explanation and made friends easily. As for Jack, I don't even know where to start with him. He was absent but present and there were times when I wondered why he was even needed in this story, except for the need to have a hero.

Every spy (yes spy),college and high school 90s drama tv show that Disney ever produced is displayed in this novel, with a splash of XXX.

Still, I liked the opening. It was a detailed summary of everyone's decisions and paths following Sophia's death, in a compact Isis playback. After that though, I scrambled to find relevance and meaning within the story line. If I didn't know, now I do. YA is not for me :(

I understand the need for Isis level of maturity, as she wouldn't instantly change by going to college, but by the end of the novel, I still missed the substance and maturity in her character.

Jack's presence wasn't felt in this novel and found that I didn't mind her with Kieran. I barely saw any of his icy demeanor that I came to love and his side of the story was rather uneventful and corny. Honestly, we could have done without his POV and story line. Believe me when I say that I was just as shocked as you were or will be to find out Jack's decision and line of work following Sophia's death.

This story was all over the place and though it had a focus, it slipped passed me completely! It was knowing without understanding. Apart from Isis and Jack, there was a slew of new characters but none memorable. I once again contribute this to the fact that this novel lacked a strong story line and the best parts were the beginning and end summaries. Literally.

I was kept interested enough though to read through most of the story in a couple hours. It remained engaging, thanks to Isis personality and all the past issues that got some light.

This could have made for a good, college based romance, especially coming off the previous novel and the directions everyone went at the beginning. It's a good enough novel but I find that it's too YA for my taste and crazy Isis got annoying eventually.


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