Sunday, 14 July 2013

Crow's Row By Julie Hockley


You are no boss if your final word doesn't count. You are criminals! Criminals aren't suppose to be answering to other criminals if they are at the top. This is the world of drugs and crime, not a shareholders run company. And this is just the main turn off for me.

I saw no problem with Cam's age and I found a few ideas for smuggling original indeed.(Fish idea) But otherwise, their world of crime was like a cut throat boardroom. If you are THE boss, why do you need permission to piss??

I am a fan of mob drama books and the concept behind this on was ridiculous. I understood and could tolerate the premise, of unrequited love and years of watching, but the crime life was ridiculously uninspiring. There were some suspenseful moments, but for the most part, I kept telling myself that no way in hell is that gonna happen ... and it did! I don't know if this was out of the box thinking (which I am a fan of), but it didn't work for me.

It's like Emmy went on summer vacation at drama school to pay a mob boss mistress, then the final showing was done and life moved on. Not possible at all!!

I still don't know what to make of Carly and Spider because for a set of people who are breaking the rules, they are quite a judgmental pair. Honestly, I don't like them. Even if they mean well.

Cameron is like a football throwing frat boy and not once was I intimidated by him. He blushed and everything in between like a love struck school boy and his chill facade was the most interesting part of him, along with his intelligence.

I liked the prologue and epilogue and think the story would have more depth if it was given from a dual POV. Maybe it would allow us to understand more, even if some scenes and situations are blatantly obvious.

Emily was a bit naive but I liked her. She was straight and to the point and she had character and traits that can be used if put to the test. I figured out how she would end the book and have an idea as to what to expect from book 2, but honestly, if this book was written better there would be no need for the part 2 I assume is on it's way. Please!! I beg you to not make it a quickie were only 6 months has pass, because that would border on even more unrealistic waters.

I liked the 'Kid' and Griff and hope that Griff will be apart of book 2, because I can see him and Emmy being a good team. He also added some character to the novel for the short time we got with him.

Crow's row is like a weak attempt at the world of crime. It wasn't scripted well and even though the writing was good and grammatical errors were few to none, it still felt like a different story, trying to be a crime romance. I didn't even really feel the romance and thought Griff might replace Cam at one point.

Good ideas and a relatively good set of characters were present, but the author needed to do some research and get us a plot that was more real, raw and depicting the world of underground crime. This felt like two college chicks discussing what they think might happen in that world, but with more bunnies and rainbows.

There wasn't even any substantial killing  or passion. There was a group of criminals that acted like a board of directors, a perpetually angry right hand man, a crazy unpredictable accountant who I am still not sure about, a too good to be bad CEO of a board of criminals and his witty and naive 'girlfriend', along with a mammoth of a teenager and a few guards and discussions. This might be the most tame mob romance novel ever, but I still wanna read book 2, because I wanna see if Emmy grows up from her naivety, if Cam will finally figure out how to run a crime syndicate, and to see if I can finally get a solid angle on these characters.

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