Sunday, 17 February 2013

Consequences by Aleatha Romig

Wtf just happened!! (excuse my language)

Who is this man? Is he that brain washed? Who made him? Where is he from? What will happen to the sick bastard?!?!

Aleatha Romig has found a hit!!

It takes a genius to write a story like this!

If ever deserving a 5 star rating, this book does.

You are taken on a journey with Claire and Anthony Rawlings and their friends as well as their life before they met each other.

I always hated this term, but this book really is a mind-fuck! (once again my language)

I am damn near terrified just to read about the man, because that's how freaking scary he is!

After a couple chapters into this 50 chapter book (yes it is long) , I was glad for the quotes that preceded every chapter, so i would know if I was to be afraid or not.

I don't even know what to write about this book as I am left damn near speechless ... like wtf kind of emotional roller coaster was this?

I hate him, I love him, I am afraid of him, I am literally sweating reading some of these chapters!

I thought I would have a long killer review with the vibe I got off this killer book but I am left speechless.

All I can say is, if you are looking for a book with almost every imaginable element, THIS IS IT!

I am about to delve into book two (that it even longer) but I say this to you kids, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK ... !!!

p.s. I really hope someone cops the movie rights to this book, because it is fucking awesome!! (Once again, my language ...)

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