Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex and ... yes, you guess it, Sex!

Ok, not that I am a Nymhpomaniac or anything but I enjoy reading a good sex novel as much as the other guys, but this was understated with a pinch of overkill!

The book had it's moments, despite my initial shock that between not one, but two authors, the main characters were given their names from the Twilight Series! (yes, down to their last names).
I am pretty sure that if Stephanie Meyer had given us their middle names, it would also be listed in this story.

Whilst this story cool down a little in the end, I failed to get the love connection that shaped the book or follow the change between the two main characters.

Fist and foremost, I never really understood why they couldn't date each other, in their workplace, because afterall, it's just work, and they didn't really strike much fear into me as to what the repercussions would be. All I could see through all three hundred and twenty pages were SEX!

It wasn't even hot, earth shattering sex. It was just ... Sex! ( And I think they talk too much while having it also!)

In the end, they experimented a little from their usual sex scene, but it was a little too unrealistic also, due to the events of that last sexual encounter (c'mon ... she obviously has done this before)!!

I also didn't like the outtakes very much, I normally jump with joy when a book has outtake scenes, because whilst unnecessary for the final publishing of the book, they are usually nice little additions or a teaser if you may!

But these outtakes never even need to be written! (Except for the experiment scene, that was totally unrealistic, so really it could also stay)

I expected a love story with sex. Don't get me wrong, I expected a lot of sex, but not the amount and quality that was had in this book.

Other than the initial risque sex places, the sex was basic (once again, except for the unrealistic outtake scene)

I was disappointed and kept checking the percentage to see how far I had remaining to finish. My friends even started a countdown with me!

While this book had a few good sex scenes initially, I believe that a book written by not one but two authors should have been so much better.

I never read it when it was entitled 'The Office', but nothing anyone say can make me go back to try and like the storyline for this book.

Whilst not a complete epic fail, I've read much better.

Mediocre storyline, plagarism and Sex ... that's this book in 5 words (the only 5 it will get from me)

But, as I always say ... give it a try for yourself!


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