Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Sometimes Never by Cheryl McIntyre

So ....

This one started out a little to soft for me .... totally not what I was expecting from the synopsis.

I stuck with it though, because I saw that it deal with serious issues and I normally don't mind a book that shows teens triumphing through there struggles.

I loved Hope's obsession with candy and the relationships she formed.

I find Mason to not be at all what I expected from the synopsis.

Instead of getting your usual bad boy with commitment issues, you got a big softie who supposedly have a problem with fighting (which only happened once btw ...)

I loved the character development and how Hope's issue was documented through the novel.

It was also a welcome change with regards to living in a foster home and I love how even with a vast family, everyone was given their fair share of spotlight within this model.

I also adored the relationship between Mason and his mom and how he was able to talk with her about most things.

While this book didn't get my juices flowing, it was a nice read on an Ash Wednesday, with a purpose, message and real life situations, even with a few unrealistic twists.

Give it a try!

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