Sunday, 10 February 2013

Rush by Maya Banks

So ....

After reading a good book, sometimes I get a little carried away and so I try to remain calm before I give my opinion ... kind of let it all sink in! (if you know what I mean)

Anyways ... 

Here we meet Mia Crestwell and Gabe Hamilton ... a dominant billionaire and a fierce kitten!

Sometimes reviews can be helpful, and other times it really is a bad representation of the book.

Before every book I read, I normally read some mix reviews, both bad and good to see what I am getting myself into.

Now I find the reviews on this book to be both good and bad. However, here's my take ...

This book was a conundrum of emotions.

I assure you this is NOT another fifty shades of grey, first off, Mia is a badass while Anastassia is a nerd and a little mousy if you ask me (p.s. I have nothing against Fifty Shades of Grey, I even bought the paperbacks),   and the only thing I see these two books have in common, is a dominant billionaire (thats it!).

Gabe, whilst intense, seems to be more of a newbie to the world of BDSM, if being compared to other erotica especially Fifty Shades. He does have his kinks, but he is not all out domineering when it comes to sex as some dominants I have read about before.

This book is refreshing, exciting and has very mild drama in spite of the storyline and series of events.

Mia shows you how to be a submissive with a voice and throughout the book, that span less than a full year, shows you how to make lemonade when life hands you lemons.

She was never over bearing or tripping over herself in love, and when Gabe realized his love for her, he didn't soften like a cat until the very end, and that I must say was a welcome change.

I love the strength they both portrayed and how they balanced out each other strengths and weaknesses.

Whilst this was a different read with an all too familiar story line, it was well written with few editing errors and mistakes.

However, I didn't like how one minute we were in Mia's POV and mid chapter we switched to Gabe, it confused me a tad and had me re-reading to transition smoothly

Overall though, this was a good read with the right balances to the story. 

I am rarely a fan of third party narrative stories, but I didn't seem to mind this one.

I also really enjoyed the preview to 'Fever' at the end of this book as I really wanna delve into the life of Jace and Ash.

I shall patiently wait on the release of the next two books in the trilogy but I can say my skin is itching to finish this good read!

Enjoy Guys!

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