Saturday, 11 January 2014

Music of the Soul By Katie Ashley

So .... Jake is a pansy, Abby is perfect, AJ gets a little 'South of the Border' on us, Mia is much tamer than before, Brayden and Lily are still doing the married with kids thing and Rhys is in the background single and adjusting to it all. In other words, it's your typical 'Runaway Train' novel.

Music of the soul, acts as a, what happens next and what is about to happen, novella. It does however, remains true to all the characters, especially Abby and Jake. Married or not, neither one has changed much from the people we initially fell in love with.

While a serious struggle, I am glad for the change or reversal of roles. Usually, this situation dominates rock and roll novels. This one took a different view, while it touched on some rather sensitive topics. There was drama galore, and I feel as if they weren't amended in the correct time period.

It had an air of hurry, without being a race to the finish kind of story. I would have loved to dwell on some issues that were given a couple hours at most, before it was all sorted.

To get both Abby and Jake's POV helped, because it added layers to the story. It at times felt  like you were reading two different stories,  due to the almost seamless transitions. It gave us both of their views on everything, and as such, we didn't miss a beat or finish this book wondering what now where they are concerned.

I could see them making cameo appearances in future novels, but their story is basically complete. It's just for Jake to not be a douche and Abby to continue be her all forgiving angelic self. She was put through quite the ringer in this installment and even though some of the outcomes were extremely predictable, to be on that journey with her was fabulous!

I would have just liked to have gotten some more out of those final scenes. We struggled with her through her issues, it would be nice to have been a complete presence throughout the final process. As I said before, certain areas seemed pressed for time.

This is a quick, easy read, for you to get an update on what happened next with all the main characters, and what is coming up. There is drama, fights, some average sex scenes and a whole lot of cute babies. :)

It's your typical novella with a few twists. It will keep you interested enough to finish, just don't expect the same amount of density as a full novel. I continue to adore the characters and this series. To watch Jake and Abby figure it out, is like a deleted bonus scene all wrapped in one for me. While there are many discrepancies and issues that I would have loved to explore in full, I still think it's a nice, quick, update read.

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