Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Take Me By J. Kenner

This is a really short novella, that I think was suppose to show Nikki and Damien's wedding week. I assume, it was also suppose to double as an introduction to Ethan Black. It didn't really live up to it's promises. Nikki said hi to Mr. Black, literally, and we got to read the first chapter of 'Wanted'. Where the wedding was concerned, I don't think one issue was fully settled. There were extremely detailed moments, but I've forgotten the whole affair already.

Don't expect a continuation or closure to past and present topics. We even opened a new can of worms with Sofia and we didn't even get a conclusion. It is literally about six days following Nikki, as she continues to harm herself and try to put together her wedding.

It's not life after a murder acquittal, which I find, would be very interesting. I was confounded though as to all the paparazzi. I never understood the paparazzi that followed Damien Stark, as a businessman/child star/former tennis pro. His actual significance far under weighs the media attention he gets. Also, we spent the time opening a lot of new questions, that we don't get the answer for.

Since 'Complete Me', this "trilogy" has taken a down turn. It seems to be lagging. As to what it is waiting for, I am not sure, as it seems this novella should have closed out Nikki and Damien's chapter of this story.

On the bright side, we caught up with almost all of the previous characters. As to what they are doing now, and will be doing, only J. Kenner knows.

Overall, this novella isn't boring or hard to read, but it doesn't go any where or do anything for the characters or the previous and upcoming novels and novellas.

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