Friday, 31 January 2014

Weak for Him By Lyra Parish

I have read love triangle books before. There are times when I am rooting for the guy a girl picks and there are times when I am rooting for the one she decides to do without. After all, we each connect in our own ways.

I am not saying that I couldn't get into Finn being her happy ever after, but currently, I don't know about anyone else, but I felt as if she connected with Luke more than she fought with Finn. It started to feel like a first come, first serve kind of thing. I don't feel the love, attraction or connection. It all boils down to her seeing him first.

I won't dispute that this book could easily be read in one sitting. If I didn't start reading it so late, I probably would have completed it in one day also. It definitely held my interest and had me wanting to find out the results of Jennifer's decisions. I was stuck between shock at her action and rooting for Luke. On second thought, maybe he is better off without her.

A lot of the concepts in this book and "The Elite's" contract left me confused. I am not certain if it really is legally binding, because I don't know of prostitution being legal in the US. I could be wrong. Separate and apart though, this book left out the angst and suspense the blurb promised. Where's the money, bright lights and amazing sex? o.O

I had to re-read to check that she really lost hr virginity. Reminded me of 'Smitten' by Lacey Weatherford. But at least she promised teen fiction. This was suppose to be all sexy and raunchy, or at least so I thought o.O

The amount of time elapsing throughout this book, did not match the feelings or situations that rose. Like who is Nancy and why were we never introduced to her properly? What was that with Abbi in the basement? How does Jen really feel about her parents and Finn about his ex wife? Those are just some of the main questions that carry an impact on the story line.

I don't believe the right emotions came across and the only person I truly saw her connecting with was Luke. I craved her one on one moments with Luke and even those could have used some polishing at times

My mouth fell to the ground a couple of times reading this novel, because I was appalled at Jennifer and Finn's behavior. It's safe to say they aren't conventional in the least. There are also some really unrealistic set ups. Like really Lyra, she was a minute late! Plus how did Finn get into Luke's house without being heard or without Luke throwing him out? Sighz ... I hate things done just because. I like a set up and a build up.

I believe that Finn and Jennifer could be friends alone. At the end of this novel, I don't believe them as a couple. I also don't believe that this story had a resolution, as promised in the blurb, because while I thought about it, I doubt it's that easy to walk away into happy ever after. The ending also brought more questions which I can only conclude ranks it as a cliffhanger. Jen herself had questions before the close of the novel.

While it didn't do much for me, I liked the epilogue. It filled in some cracks right till the end, without going into too much details. Still, it didn't let me connect any more with the character that is Finn.

I would read book two in this series, but at this point, I'm reading only for Luke. As sappy as he is, he's the only male character I connected with in this book. Honestly, I love him more than Jennifer.

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