Saturday, 25 January 2014

Unbearable By Shantel Tessier

So this is a lengthy one. Fortunately, you don't notice it as much when you are reading.

This book has spurts of intensity. The momentum doesn't always last, but when you are in the moments, they are intense and captivating. Maybe it was reading it over a period of days, but it felt like I was reading in real time. The novel starts off somber, as Sam grieves the death of her mother from book 1. Half way through the book, I forgot that her mother was even dead. You feel entwined in Slade and Samantha's relationship, to the point where you feel like you are living it.

Naturally, there are a few unrealistic happenings, but overall, their's seem like a true, stead fast, realistic relationship. Their fights are real. Their problems, while sometimes feeling a tad over dramatized, are that of every day re;relationships. I love though that it's not all rainbows and sunshine. Especially where Samantha and her friends are concerned.

I love the complexity to the story. You would think that everything would be rushed, and everyone happily paired, but that's not the case. The story even comes with it's own brand of mysteries. The last secret revealed in this novel is one I bounced around for a while. Still, I like that I wasn't sure. Even being a romance novel, it has it's other layers, depths and unrelated issues that drive this story down it's own path, away from the usual cliche of a romance novel.

The sex scenes have their moments, like everything else in this book. Once again, Sam and Slade work through things like a real couple, and we get to see them grow and come into their relationship.

Samantha has always been an interesting character to me. I love her small fierceness and her girly attitude. She is the epitome of girly girl and I love it. I never doubt a characters personality, they have all been clear from the beginning. I also love the sentimental values and time spent to detail important moments of this story. When necessary, we even took a stroll down memory land with Samantha and Slade.

This novel allows up to develop with Sam and Slade as a couple, as oppose to individuals first. I have no problem with this strategy. I can't see them as anything other than Sam and Slade. This time though, we got to know more about Slade, his family, friends and work. We have always focused more on Samantha and her past, but this time we get to see Slade in the past and to even see the loyalty within his friendship with Josh.

The introduction of Tate is a tentative one. He brings an air of violence that I am not use to from this novel. The thing is, the man has yet to even have a sensible confrontation or fight in front of us. I am not certain of his character and where he will go, but I am glad for some clarity at the end of this novel. It brings back the focus to Sam and Slade, as they traverse their relationship and the changes. I do know however, that his character is not one this circle is used to, and I can't wait to get a peak at his book.

This story takes place over a period of approximately five months, but it will feel like 2 years tops! There is layers upon layers of events and enough content to spark your interest chapter to chapter. You keep on guessing until  the very end.

We can always count on Samantha and Slade to not have the mid novel dramatic break ups and they never disappoint. This is one feature of this story that makes me come back for more.

You get all you loved from 'Undescribable' with even more memories to take you to 'Uncontrollable'. The possibilities that await are endless, and I can't wait to see how Sam and Slade's story will conclude. There might not be major fireworks, but there will be a lighting show for sure.

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