Thursday, 30 January 2014

Plan B By S.J.D. Peterson

I got interested in this book when it ended. Not that it was a bad book, but the issues and controversy that a novel of this nature and issues, normally carry, weren't mentioned until the end. I especially loved the view of Lance's father. It added another parental view that's minimally portrayed in M/M romances. I wouldn't call this novel boring, but it's wasn't very entertaining for me either. I preferred them outside of college, so I was more interested in them three years later, than when they attended school together.

I wanted to go through the repercussions of Lance coming out, especially with Danny by his side. Danny is animated and I can't blame Lance, because I at times also forgot that he was a man. He is witty, sarcastic, hot as hell and put most women to shame! I've never read about guys who dress in drag, but Danny made me appreciate that group.

In a contest of personality, Danny would win. Maybe it's because this novel is taken from his POV, but I just love him. His spunk, rhetoric's, clothing choices. Even his viewing pleasures ;)  Unfortunately, there wasn't a good balance and so we weren't given enough insight into Lance. We finally got into his life, literally at the end of the novel. Throughout this novel, there was a  lack of confrontation and struggle. I don't even know when they fell in love. I was still sitting waiting on the inevitable confrontations. If not for that final college argument between Danny and Lance, I would not have known that any one noticed them. They know how to do DL very well. 

Bo and Katie were great additions to this story, both as buffers and rocks. I would have loved some more time with them, so I could appreciate their union some more also. Bo seems crazier than I suspected and I love Katie's fire. All their personalities could have made a stellar novel! 

I am also disappointed that we didn't get to dive into Danny's world as much as I would have liked. We just scratched the surface. We rarely get the POV of the openly gay guy, so I wanted more. With Danny's personality, looks and vices, he would have been the perfect guide in the world of drag. His birthday was the one night we really got to see Danny in his element, and that ended just as quickly as it began.

Danny and Lance barely interacted with the other characters both physically and conversationally. Other than Bo, Katie and Danny's parents we don't receive much conversation. Bran was a great addition but his time was also cut short. 

The sex scenes were timid and we only get one full penetration scene, but it was symbolic. While not what I waited for, the emotions behind the scene was satisfactory. It was actually when, I started to really get into the novel. It made me more curious than before.

As an overall read, I think it's a nice way to pass an afternoon. I do however, believe that it needed some depth, conversation and change of scenes. It needed a certain level of confrontation or drama to take it to that next level. Unfortunately, just as we got it, the story ended. 

I would love to get at least a novella showing life after Lance came out and all the challenges they endure throughout that time period. As I said, we ended just as they actually became a couple.

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