Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Raw By Belle Aurora

So, this book took me a while to complete. That however, is no fault of the book. Once I settled down, I couldn't stop. It's not complex or confusing, because you have both POVs, but it is quite interesting and holds your attention. It's unconventional. One of the main characters grossly detest labels and I can see it within this novel. There is no one category for it.

Lexi and her "stalker" will definitely change your perception of the word. Then again, he was never one for labels. I never understand their decisions or actions, but I some how understand them as persons o.O
Just as you see a light, it's shadowed by death. This book gives it's own spin on real life events, and how tragedies play out all the time. There is no fairy tale. If not for the last POV of this book, I would give it 5 stars and call it Life!

I am fascinated and in love with Lexi's damaged stalker. To be honest, the guy could stalk me every damn day! He is broody, cocky, mischievous and plain 'ol hilarious! I never once feared his character, but I did fall in love with him as each chapter passed.

The way he handled life and business was precise, crazy and calculated. Some people would think that this story is pretty basic, vague and not much climax is present. Especially for the lifestyle and histories. I would agree. But somewhere within all those missing elements, is a strong interest. You just can't help but to find out more about all the characters as they go in and out of this story. Even Happy gets a section :)

The sex initially seemed like another Dom/Sub novel. It eventually became standard and at times frightening. There is never one wavelength to this story. You are all over the place emotionally, physically and mentally. At times, when I think I have it figured out, it turns out that I was wrong.

I am however, grateful that we got the back history before this story ended. So abruptly and unfair I might add. The amount of years passed in the epilogue, just adds to the constant complications of this story, as well as, the loon that is Twitch.

The fact that this story is set in Australia is a plus. A break from the US scene never hurts anyone. I would have however, liked to see the inner workings of his criminal network. It's quite impressive and too well oiled of a machine. It's like the police in Australia don't pay much attention to business men with offices, houses and desk like Tony Montana.

This is a story about  a set of people who at one point in their lives all call the streets home. It's filled with lies, secrets, trauma, death and love. I love all the characters and feel it when we lose one. My mouth fell a couple times in shock from the events of this story. Twitch's personality, demeanor and presence is a force to be reckoned with. This is a new take on damaged self-made billionaire and we even get an Aussie twist ;)


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