Friday, 3 January 2014

Storm By Nina Levine

Ok, so I was bored. I was bored to the point that it took me three days to complete this book, and I had to tell myself that I won't let another day pass before I finish reading it. It's not that long of a book, just too boring and cliche of one.

Madison is like a never ending game of 'Angry Birds'. Then, the author tries to find ways to make her seem unique and different. It did no such thing. It just sped up the cliches. I don't know when the story began, or when it ended, as it relates to seasons, years, month, day or time.

At times, I think we were months along, only to find out that just a day had passed. You can imagine my shock o.O

I never felt the rekindled fire of Jason and Madison. I do however, don't dislike them as a couple. They match. Their "tender" moments are few and in between. It's course in language and delivery, but I guess it's their world, so whatever ...

Jason got his own POV in the mix of everything. The purpose is clear. If not for the story line however, I would have forgotten him. At a point, I even thought that he would be replaced. She seems to lust after anything with a penis. After all, the book starts with her giving a random guy oral sex. You'd think that would be the beginning of great things for this book. By the end of the book, I can't even remember how Jason looks. I am borderline, as to if we even got a character description, for any of them.

The issues and courses were way off! Madison made a decision for Crystal, but other than the first day she went home, we have yet to see or have another discussion with her and Crystal. Crystal becomes a fleeting mention. The person who helped change the direction of this story, and we have only been in direct contact with her once. We also began this trip back home with a lot of enemies and issues. Apparently, we aren't privy to this information, because this novel has ended and I still don't know what Brooke and Madison were beefing about. But I guess it doesn't matter, because they are friends now -_-

There isn't much depth to this story or it's characters. It's a wannabe biker novel with a dash of romance. Even though, in my opinion, the romance starts and begins with them just being in relationships. They behave like a rowdy bunch of dogs if you ask me.

People cussing, fighting, shouting instead of talking like human beings. Plus what's up with that mom? Maybe I watch too much 'Sons of Anarchy', but Gemma or Tara (RIP) would take a guy out for the things Marcus be doing. Also, not that it's a requirement, but where are the cool biker names? I don't even know how their bikes look!! x_x

Surprisingly, my favorite character in this book was Blade, and the man was literally introduced in the last two pages. There is something about his presence that scream authority. He also made me stand up and look!

There is so many anomalies, questions and possibilities but I am not certain if I will read another book in this series any time soon. Too much details are missing. It's rather basic and not laced with enough comebacks to overshadow the missing content.

It's not a bad novel, it just lacks interest and enough memorabilia to make you want more. Apparently the brother's story is up next. I can already see who and what it will be about. I'm not impressed nor that interested. Maybe when I get another down time, I will pick it up.

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