Sunday, 19 January 2014

Forever with You By Laurelin Paige

I got it all. All the craziness from book 1 that I was promised I got. It's like everything went in hyper overdrive. Still, it wasn't rushed, corny or predictable. This was the perfect blend of emotions, reactions and time. I can truly say we got it all.

I don't know how much time elapsed in this story, but I didn't care. I was hooked to every moment of this story. With so much going on, I had no time to watch the percentage. All the characters have grown, and even though a time frame would be crucial in understanding the growth of the story and characters, I didn't mind, because we got to see the changes as they happened.

Everyone's true nature was brought forward, secrets uncovered, friendships formed and new characters added. While we didn't get to interact as much with Gwen as I would have liked, we caught up with Liesl and that was awesome. The banters and inner monologues of this novel are just as hilarious and interesting as the actual conversations. To top it all off, we got a chapter in Hudson's POV :)

There was never nothing overly intriguing about this story, but it always held an undercurrent of secrets and games. Those were revealed with an opening into Hudson Pierce like never before. It was the most vulnerable I have ever seen his character, and while his secret was quite the betrayal of trust, I liked the openings it provided and the results. The climb to this novels finality was more validating due to that betrayal.

With this new development also came the Alayna that I have wanted from book 1. Now this is an obsessive stalker chick! I loved her witty, sarcastic comments as she went through her own personal demons that she chalked up to karma. It was great following her around and being in her mind. Some parts scared me a little because it felt so familiar.

Even though it was made out to seem like the behavior of obsessive and manipulative individuals, there were many indicators of realistic relationships. The story line connected more as a real life relationship. It was logical, well planned and executed. Her fears were real and her inner and outer responses natural for her predicaments. I believe every moment of her craziness and reservations.

I would have preferred more Hudson and Alayna time, as I can never get enough of them both. I loved their arguments, quiet moments and everything in between. I just love them! To be honest, I don't want this story to end. There is so much more that I want to experience with Hudson and Alayna, as individuals and as a couple. I also feel like there was some relationships that needed a closing of sorts. We never had a one on one with Brian again, and a little more Sophia time would have been nice. She adds a certain fire and realism to the story line.

I believe the base of this story to be an extraordinary one, based on it's issues and solutions. The characters are great and there are many sides to this tale. It has more than one interpretation and is open to so much more than could be crammed into a trilogy. There definitely wasn't a cliched ending and regardless of my yearning for more, I believe that this was the perfect ending for Hudson and Alayna as a couple.

Even though I do have some questions that weren't answered, I can only hope that a novella might be in the works, because I surely haven't gotten enough of Alayna and Hudson. Thankfully, we might get cameos in Gwen's upcoming novel. Now that, I can't wait for :D

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