Saturday, 2 March 2013

Trust in Advertising by Victoria Michaels

Trust in advertising indeed!

Whilst a little overly wordy for me, it kept my attention so all in
all it was a good book and is worth your  time.

I am surprised Ms. Michael's doesn't work in advertising because this
book focused so much on the work aspect than it did the romance.

For a minute, I thought the book was a manual for beginners in advertising.

I didn't really feel the chemistry between the hero and heroine and
actually didn't despite the bad (girl in this case).

She was refreshing and much more exciting than the female protagonist.

I thought the series of events, dialogues, and jokes were stiff like
the male protagonist.

I also believe that everyone's POV was unnecessary.

Regardless of my many peeves with the book, and the lack of passion, I
still don't mind reading this one.

Give it a try!

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