Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Layers By Sigal Ehrlich

This installment is not the most clear.. It has it's down time, as well as, it's intense, upbeat ones. At the end of the day though, it is another product of the billionaire bachelors romance novels. Same issues, series of events, heart aches and make ups. There are a few differences and sequences, but it always concludes as a billionaire bachelor romance.

I am content with the cast, even though half of the time, I am unaware of what they are saying. There is so many innuendos and attempts at levity that it becomes confusing. I find myself re-reading a lot. Even then, I'm still not sure.

I love Hayley's character, as well as, her many banters with Daniel. Their innuendos I understand! She is the glue that keeps the story together. I didn't notice this until the final chapter, where I keep waiting for her POV. She adds sarcasm, comedy, drama and relaxation to the story.

Regardless of Daniel being the usual billionaire bachelor, he was a little more responsive to change and the suits were few. I appreciated that and the other attempts at individuality this novel aimed for. We skimmed his background, but I like the difference with his mother, and would have hoped to get his father's back story also ... but then there'll probably be no book 2 o.O

The sex scenes were mild and to the point. The best friends however, namely Ian, got annoying. Daniel's split personality is also something I would have liked some clarity on. As I said before, this story wavers.
For every good quality in this novel, there is a missing element.

Initially and occasionally, I lost interest or space out, but I always found an angle to recapture my attention. I believe this is your standard billionaire romance, with softer tones and it's own spin of characters and events. There is potential, change and possibilities, but we veer off course frequently.

It's a basic read with enough events to keep you interested to the end, when you can sort through the innuendos, bad paragraph breaks and random conversations. I could find myself reading the next book, irrespective of the ending. It's not great, but it's good enough.


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